What Gas Is Needed For The Mac Allister

Buying high-quality and productive Italian lawn mowers and Oleo-Mac lawn mowers, the owners can be sure that a neatly trimmed lawn will rightfully become an excellent visiting card of your country house or summer house. With this functional, trouble-free technique, each owner will be able to feel not just a technical worker mechanically performing a lawn mowing, but a real landscape designer.

What Gas Is Needed For The Mac Allister

Brand Description

Oleo-Mac is a popular brand of the Italian company Emak, celebrating its centenary in 2019. The Oleo-Mac brand has been known on the market for over 40 years. The main activities are the production of equipment for industry, forestry and agriculture, gardening and construction equipment. Aggregates and tools of the brand are used in private households and professionally.

Like most prominent brands, the company is in constant development, introducing innovations in production. The key to the success of Oleo-Mac products is environmental friendliness and safety, a high level of service, exemplary quality and reliability, the development and stable introduction of new technologies. Any tool from the Oleo-Mac lineup will undoubtedly become a reliable assistant on the personal plot, in the design of the lawn and park, and in creating a magnificent design.

Lawn Mowers Oleo-Mac

Models are divided into gasoline and electric, each of the subgroups is represented by a large number of versions. Oleo-Mac lawn mowers have a number of undeniable advantages:

  • Equipped with easy-to-start Emak performance engines and Briggs technology motorsStratton.
  • The compact, well-thought-out design of the Oleo-Mac lawn mower, the body material is steel, durable plastic or aluminum.
  • High productivity. Mowers are able to mow not only grass, but also bushes, dense weeds.
  • Strict compliance with environmental requirements when operating the Oleo-Mac lawnmowers, equipped with the function of additional exhaust gas purification.
  • The presence of self-propelled models in the Oleo-Mac line of lawn mowers.
  • Grass height adjustment is carried out centrally or on each wheel.
  • The ergonomic handle is comfortable when operating the mower.
  • Equipped with a volumetric grass catcher allows you to process a large area without stopping.

Gas mowers

Models have a power of 4 hp up to 6 hp, designed for processing large areas from 10 acres. Equipped with reliable four-stroke engines. Thanks to the rational design of the combined grass catcher with a plastic top and a fabric bottom, its capacity is used as efficiently as possible, without the formation of air jams.

Lawnmower Oleo-Mack G 44 PK COMFORT PLUS

Non-self-propelled vehicle power 4 hp, equipped with an Emak engine. The cutting height is adjustable 28-75 mm, the cutting width is 41 cm. The grass catcher is 60 l, the mulching function is not provided. Version G 44 PB COMFORT PLUS equipped with Briggs engine4.5 hp Stratton

Lawn Mowers Oleo-Mac G48 Series

The G 48 series is represented by several models that differ in their installed engines, the grass catcher is large. 70 liters. Cutting parameters: cutting height within 28-75 mm on each wheel in 4 positions, working width 48 cm.

  • G 48 PK COMFORT PLUS. Emak K500 engine with 4 hp overhead valves, rear grass discharge, mulching is not provided; non-self-propelled; recommended area up to 14 acres.
  • G 48 PB COMFORT PLUS. Briggs engineStratton.
  • G 48 TC COMFORT PLUS. Engine EMAK K 600 OHV; 18 acres; self-propelled.
  • G 48 TBQ COMFORT PLUS. Briggs engineStratton 550 E with 4.5 hp; 18 acres; wheels 180/180 mm; mulching optional; speed 3.6 km / h.
  • G 48 TC AllRoad4. Oleo-Mac K650 engine; self-propelled model; 4in1 functionality: lateral and rear discharge, mulching; wide rear wheels 180/290 mm; recommended area is 14-18 acres.
  • G 48 TK ALLROAD PLUS 4. Engine EMAK K 650 OHV with a power of 6 hp; 4v1 haircut system; large rear wheels 200/280 mm; area of ​​18 acres; speed 3.6 km / h.

Lawn Mowers Oleo-Mac G53 Series

The machines provide a grass cut height of 28-75 mm, while mowing they cover a strip of 51 cm. Equipped with even more powerful engines than the G48 series, with automatic engine protection in case of a dangerous decrease in oil level. Designed for processing the territory of 16-20 acres. Grass catcher 70 l, travel speed 3.6 km / h. Version G 53 TK ALLROAD EXA4 with 5 hp equipped with a new system of central adjustment of the height of the haircut, a grass catcher with a fill indicator.

The Oleo-Mac MAX 53 TBX ALLROAD ALUMINUM gas mower stands out in a subgroup in a die-cast aluminum housing. A model considered professional: Briggs engine 6 hp Stratton 675 EXi OHV, 80 l grass catcher; ergonomic adjustable three-position control handle; 20-24 acres; lateral discharge and mulching.

Electric lawn mowers Oleo-Mac

Versions with an electric motor have power from 0.9 kW to 1.8 kW. In each subgroup of capacities there are cars with conventional electric motors and Oleo-Mac lawn mowers with brushless motors made in Austria. Marking (P) requiring minimal maintenance.

A knife or fishing line is used as a cutting tool. The powerful Oleo-Mac electric lawn mowers can mow even small shrubs. When working in areas with uneven terrain, you can choose a more stable self-propelled model with wide wheels.

Certain disadvantages of electric models can be considered less power than gasoline counterparts, and limited mobility due to mains power. However, significant advantages are environmental friendliness, easy maintenance, less noise during operation, low weight, good mowing quality. Therefore, electric mowers are used mainly for semi-professional and domestic purposes. The Home Plus class.

The cut grass is crushed very finely, due to which its volume is significantly reduced, which makes it possible to fill the grass catcher as much as possible and make rare stops to remove grass from it. A series of Oleo-Mak lawnmowers “Comfort Plus” is accented on baboutergonomics and functionality, designed to work in large areas.

Lawnmower Oleo-Mack K35

A 0.9 kW petrol lawn mower captures a 33 cm strip, it is recommended to use in areas up to 5 acres. The Oleo-Mac K35P version is equipped with a 1.1 kW brushless motor, provides grass mowing in three heights of 20/36/52 mm.

Lawnmower Oleo-Mack K40P

Equipped with a more powerful 1.3 kW engine, captures a strip of 38 cm, the height of the grass mowing is adjustable 28/44/60 mm.

Model G44PE

Non-self-propelled model with a power of 1.5 kW captures a strip of 41 cm, the height of the cut of grass is regulated by a lever within 28-75 mm. The body of the machine is steel. Ergonomic lawn mower Oleo-Mac G 44 PE Comfort plus, having similar technical characteristics, successfully works on an area of ​​8 acres.

Lawnmower Oleo-Mac G48TE

A 1.8 kW self-propelled machine captures 46 cm. The height of the mowing of the lawn is adjustable in 5 positions 28-75 mm. The engine is equipped with an automatic thermal switch. The grass catcher is quite voluminous. 60 liters. Designed for territories up to 10 acres.

The 1.6 kW G48PE version is self-propelled.

Lawn mowers Oleo-Mac

For mowing grass in hard-to-reach areas. Near paths, borders, fences, next to flower beds, the correct solution is to use trimmers. Lawn mowers Oleo-Mac. The best option both in terms of effective results and comfortable tireless work.

Lawn mowing Oleo-Mac BC 22

The power of the tool is 1.09 hp, when mowing, the braid captures a 42 cm strip. A design feature is a convenient shoulder strap, a direct bar with bicycle handles. The mass of the tool is 4.8 kg. The Oleo-Mac BC 430 TL is a bit more powerful. Equipped with a 2.5 hp engine

The Oleo-Mac BC 24T lawn mower is a premium class, featuring a 1.2 hp two-stroke engine and a 0.4 liter fuel tank. The lawn mowers are equipped with a high-tech mowing head LoadGo, and the three-bladed knife is able to mow the thickest grass and young forest.

Lawn mowing Oleo-Mac Sparta 25

The trimmer is equipped with a 1.1 hp internal combustion engine. When mowing, it captures 38 cm. For soft grass, use a fishing line, for a more rigid shoot. A blade knife. The model has an ergonomic shoulder strap and a comfortable bicycle handle. Vibration is reduced due to a special system.

The Sparta 25 TR version features a curved barbell.

Lawn mowing Oleo-Mac Sparta 38

This model is referred to as advanced trimmers: power 1.3 kW, working width 42 cm, cutting line tool and blade knife, spacious fuel tank 0.87 l. Lawn mowing Oleo-Mac Sparta 38 belongs to the class HEAVY DUTY, designed for heavy use.

The Oleo-Mac Sparta 44 lawnmower model features a more powerful 1.6 kW engine. The Oleo-Mac 741 petrol trimmer is characterized by greater performance. 2.1 horsepower The Oleo-Mac 746T is designed for professional use.

Electric and cordless trimmers Oleo-Mac

For the convenience and comfort of users, the company has developed a line of units with electric motors that replicate the functionality of the Oleo-Mac lawn mowers, they are mainly used in private estates. The family of these models is less numerous than gasoline lawn mowers.

Electric trimmer Oleo-Mac TR 61E

For domestic purposes, an indispensable tool. At a power of 0.6 kW an electric braid with a D-shaped bar provides a working width of 37 cm. It works quietly, weighs only 3.2 kg.

Excellent garden trimmers are the versions TR 92E with a power of 0.9 kW and TR 111E with a power of 1.1 kW, which also belong to the class of Home Plus technology. The TR 111E electric scythe is distinguished by the presence of an automatic shutdown system when the engine overheats, only a fishing line is used as a cutting tool, it weighs only 3.5 kg.

Battery Trimmer Oleo-Mac BC 200 Li-Ion

A very light tool. 2.8 kg, provides a mowing width of 30 cm. The spit bar is straight, collapsible, the engine has a top position, and the battery recharges for 1.5 hours. This model is very convenient to work in small areas, in places with limited access. Near flower beds, malls.

Riders and tractors lawn mowers Oleo-Mac

For large areas, they successfully use the powerful Oleo-Mac gasoline lawn mowers, on which the operator, while sitting, controls the rider. The price of such units is an order of magnitude higher than conventional lawn mowers, but for processing large areas as an effective professional equipment is justified.

The range of riders is represented by several machines: the Oleo-Mak 98L / 14.5 KH lawn mower with a power of 14.5 hp, the OM 92/16 KN with a power of 11 hp The family of riders also has very productive units. Oleo-Mac lawn mowers of the Apache 92 Evo series, equipped with gasoline engines with a power of 20 and 23 hp

Tractor lawn mower Oleo-Mac Mistral 72 / 12.5 KN

The productive rider is equipped with the Yemak gasoline engine with a capacity of 12.5 hp. With a blade knife, cuts grass and small shoots with a working width of 72 cm. The cutting height of 30-80 mm is adjusted synchronously. The speed of the mini-tractor is 8.6 km / h forward and 3.2 km / h back. It is characterized by advanced functionality. In addition to mowing grass, it collects the cut mass, grinds and discharges. The presence of a large grass catcher with a capacity of 180 liters allows you to work for a long time without stopping.

Operation and Maintenance Recommendations

Machines with electric motors are certainly the most advantageous option for users, since they do not require special maintenance of electric motors.

Oleo-Mac lawn mowers and lawn mowers require careful maintenance: oil and fuel levels should be checked systematically. All machines need to be cleaned after work, to timely sharpen knives, to clean the air filter. Lubricate wheel bearings, test drive belt functionality, clean the gearbox,

Each Oleo-Mac trimmer and lawn mower is equipped with factory instructions that give clear recommendations to the owners of the equipment. Depending on the type of engine installed, the appropriate brand of gasoline and engine oil is used. It is more advisable to use only recommended original oils, this will significantly extend the service life of the units.

We offer you to watch a report on the operation and maintenance of Oleo-Mac lawnmowers:

Major malfunctions

Most often, owners have to deal with malfunctions in the engine of a lawn mower or lawn mowers Oleo-Mac: the engine does not start, does not gain enough power. In such cases, it is recommended to check the availability of fuel, test the condition of the spark plug, clean or replace the air filter.

As experience shows, at least 80% of breakdowns and various malfunctions in the operation of the equipment are due to the fact that the owners did not carefully read and understand the operating instructions or did not familiarize themselves with the documentation at all, relying on their own technical knowledge.

To learn more about the features of the operation and maintenance of the brand’s garden tools, please follow the links.

  • Lawnmower Oleo-Mac Sparta 25: Download instruction manual
  • Lawnmower engine Oleo-Mac K500, K600, K650, K700, K800 OHV: download file.


Lawn Mower Oleo-Mac G 44 PE

Gasoline Lawn Mower Oleo-Mac G53TBX Allroad


“The lawnmower Oleo-poppy 48 rk comfort plus bought by accident, did not intend to take this brand in the beginning. But the result was unexpectedly good.

Advantages: it works quietly at the maximum power, does not drown out the nearby person. It can even mow grass 12-15 cm. Economical. I have enough of a full tank for 8 acres with an average height of grass. I am tall, easily adjusted the handle. During the operation. For the fourth year, the characteristics have not changed.

Disadvantages: the grass catcher does not completely fill up. Somewhere around 2/3 of the volume only, after that it starts throwing grass away. Sometimes it cannot start immediately on a cold start. So overall a great model. ”


“Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 has been in my seventh year. Now, it probably costs 1.5-2 times more expensive than I bought. Works great. Modern design, solid thing. A bit noisy, and that’s the way it is. ”

Brand popularity is wide. The UK, France, Russia, Ukraine, Poland. In these countries, MacAllister electrical equipment and tools are very popular and in demand.

They are used both for professional and domestic purposes. Today, under the Makalister brand, about 30 models of electric tools and electrical equipment are produced.

The list of Mac Alistair brand products:

  • Circular saws;
  • Grinding machines;
  • Screwdrivers;
  • Perforators;
  • Jigsaws;
  • Electric drill;
  • Trimmers;
  • Lawn mowers;
  • Building hair dryers;
  • Milling cutters;
  • Garden vacuum cleaners;
  • Tilleries, cultivators;
  • Brush cutters;
  • Gardening scissors;
  • Shredders;
  • Snow blowers.

The brand is focused on the EU countries, because the quality of the equipment is really high. All models are distinguished by reliable assembly, high quality materials and spare parts, functionality, fairly quiet operation and good warranty service.

Lineup and types of equipment

Among gardening equipment, farmers are the undoubted favorites of lawn mowers and trimmers. Their signature feature is a recognizable color gamut and a convenient handle that is securely fixed by the operator’s hand. Mac Allister trimmers fall into three categories: gasoline, electric, and battery. Makalister mowers are represented by gasoline, mechanical and electric models.

Macallister trimmers

  • Macallister MGTP300P (300 W);
  • Macallister MGTP430 (430 W);
  • Macallister GT3038 (1000 W);
  • Macallister BC2339 (1000 watts).
  • Macallister MBCP25-2 (1 hp);
  • Macallister MBCP32-2 (1.36 hp);
  • Macallister MBCP42-2 (1.7 h.P.).
  • Makalister YT7418-01 (battery capacity 2Ah, charging time 60 minutes).


  • Mac allister MEB1335N;
  • Mac allister MET1638N;
  • Mac allister M2E1233RN;
  • Mac allister mlm 1600;
  • Mac allister met1638n;
  • Mac allister mlm 1300.
  • Mac Allister 125 CC;
  • Mac Allister DYM1526CQN;
  • Mac Allister BS 575iS;
  • Mac allister dym1778n;
  • Mac allister dym1564qn.
  • Mac allister GSS15F-2.

Top models of the brand mac allister

  • Self-propelled;
  • Spacious grass catcher (60 liters);
  • Strong steel case, not subject to corrosion;
  • Large work area. Up to 800 sq.M;
  • Honda powerful engine (GCV160).

In this top model, there is an indicator of the filling of the grass bag, so the owner will always know when it is necessary to eliminate the mowed grass.

The mower operates in two modes of ejection of grass: side and rear. There is also a useful mulching function.

Instruction manual, maintenance of gasoline and electric lawnmowers and trimmers

For safe operation of the garden tool (both the trimmer and the mower), the following rules must be observed:

  • When working with electrical equipment, make sure that the wire and the plug are intact, and that the moisture insulation is normal;
  • Gasoline garden equipment should be stored with an empty gas tank, if there is old gasoline in the gas tank (filled more than 30 days ago), drain it and pour fresh fuel before starting work;
  • Mandatory item. The presence of protective shoes and clothing, a plastic mask and headphones to protect the trimmer or lawn mower from noise;
  • As consumables it is allowed to use only identical spare parts or components from the manufacturer or recommended by the manufacturer or specified in the instructions for the product;
  • Lawn mowers and trimmers are designed to work with garden grass, weeds, and a brush cutter or other equipment is used for denser vegetation.

Oil and fuel

As for any equipment with a two-stroke engine, before filling the garden equipment, the Mac Alistair is poured in an already mixed form. For two-stroke engines, type 2T oil is used, and for four-stroke engines. Seasonally universal, for example, 10W-30.

Possible malfunctions of gasoline and electric lawn mowers

Malfunction Cause How to fix it?
1. The power drop of the unit. Perhaps low fuel, running out of oil. Replenish fuel and lubricants.
2. Grass is cut poorly and unevenly. Wet grass or a dull knife, grass fibers wound around the knife. Work with dry grass (mow in the evening), monitor the condition of the knife, clean it in a timely manner.
3. The mower emits extraneous noise, such as knocking, popping Low oil, clogged fuel filter, poor quality fuel Monitor the condition of the fuel filter; only select fuel and lubricants recommended by the manufacturer
4. The device does not turn on. Out of gas or the fuel mixture does not reach the carburetor due to poor fuel quality, clogged fuel filter. Clean or replace the fuel filter.

review of the work of the mower

Model lawn mowers garden Makalister MLMP1300.

Of gardening equipment Makalister

Vladimir, 41 years old, Rostov Region:

“I have an electric lawnmower just like in the above. I can note the following that even when the grass is slightly wet, the cut is even, and when it dries, then all the blades of grass are all in one. This model gives a very good cut, I am satisfied!

From the makalister technique, we still have an angle grinder. We used it in the construction of the house and it still works, the disk has not even become dull. After the purchase, he tinkered with the assembly, began to mount the grass catcher incorrectly, and then he figured it out.

Advantages of the lawn mower: electric, environmentally friendly and not noisy, which is a big plus for giving!

Disadvantages: not identified. ”

Ilya, 32 years old, Poltava:

“Not satisfied with the quality of this technique. I had a jigsaw. It broke in the first week of use without the possibility of recovery. Well, maybe marriage, I admit it, but the impressions were unpleasant. “

Arkady, Kazan:

“I have been using the macallister MBCP32-2 gas trimmer for several years on my site. Sufficient power, simple, not particularly heavy. Convenient to hold, convenient to operate. In a word, a decent machine makes me very happy and helps in the season. But there is a nuance! My lawn is small, for large lawns take mowers, I strongly advise you not to save. You won’t be greeted with a trimmer if the plot is large. ”