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Gasoline for chainsaw: what to pour?

Since a two-stroke engine is used on chainsaws, where it is structurally impossible to install an oil pump, you cannot pour pure gasoline into a chainsaw! A fuel mixture of gasoline and oil is poured into the chainsaws. The proportions for different saws are set by the manufacturer, the specific number is indicated in the operating instructions.

The question is often asked: gasoline for a chainsaw. what to pour? I will try to answer in more detail.

Gasoline for chainsaw

For domestic chainsaws (Ural, Druzhba, etc.), AI-80 gasoline is used. Oils can be used domestically, such as M8-B (or early marking AS-8.10), M-12 TP, M-12TPU, MGD-14M. It is also possible to use oils from foreign manufacturers. In any case, the proportions when mixing oil and gasoline should be 1/25, that is, one hundred grams per two and a half liters of gasoline.
For modern chainsaws from foreign manufacturers, the proportions are usually equal to 1/40 (100 grams per 4 liters of AI-92), 1/50 (100 grams per 5 liters of AI-92). Use AI-92 gasoline. You can often see that the AI-95 brand will be indicated in the instructions. but given our quality of this gasoline, the octane number of which is catching up with additives, I would not recommend using the 95th if you are not sure of its quality.

about mixing proportions:

To measure the required amount of oil, you can use a syringe, a measuring bottle, a special dispenser or, for example, a bottle with a dispenser from Stihl.
Oils from different manufacturers in different colors. As you can see in the picture above, HP calm oil (mineral water) is red, more expensive synthetic ones are green. Husqvarna oil can be green or blue.


[important] Tips:
It is better to overfill than underfill! If it says 1/50, then when you pour 25 grams per liter, terrible will not happen, since coking in this case is unlikely. But if you add 15 grams per liter, it is quite possible that this will not be enough.
Do not store the ready-made fuel mixture for more than a month (preferably less), as it loses its octane number (gasoline “runs out”).
Run out the entire tank or drain before the season to avoid loss of gasoline quality and wear of rubber and plastic seals.
Never use oils for mopeds. they are designed for lower rpm [/ important]

Octane number

This is where the fun begins. Can I refuel my chainsaw 95 with gasoline? In all operating instructions for chainsaws, manufacturers indicate in bold type: “Do not use gasoline with an octane rating higher than 92 for preparing the fuel mixture.” It is understandable, but apparently not for everyone. Once from time to time, they bring chainsaws with a burnt-out cylinder to service centers!

Let’s figure out which gasoline is worth pouring into a chainsaw and which is not! For all two-stroke saw engines, you need to use 92 gasoline, it is for it that the tool is designed.

Filling 95 gasoline, the engine will begin to detonate (push of the piston in the opposite direction), something like a micro blow, which will occur at almost every revolution of the crankshaft.

About 98 gasoline, I think everything is clear, the effect will be even stronger, and it will already be mini strikes.

Storage advice

The mixture must be prepared in the amount that is necessary for the implementation of a small amount of work, since with long-term storage of the solution, its quality characteristics deteriorate. The prepared mixture must be spent within several days.

A fuel mixture that has been stored for about a month will reduce engine performance. Resinous substances are formed in the nodes, and carbon deposits appear, the piston rings lose their mobility. The longest shelf life of the mixture is no more than 2 weeks. During this period, the solution will not lose its quality. If the air temperature is more than 25ÂșC, then the shelf life of the product is reduced to 10 days.

Some experts allow the use of an expired mixture to save money. To do this, it can be spent gradually, gradually mixing it into a fresh solution in a volume of no more than 10% of the total amount of the mixture. The finished gasoline-oil mixture must be filtered.

If you follow all of the above recommendations, then you can ensure the reliable operation of the chainsaw. Also, when performing work, you need to observe safety precautions, since the chainsaw works using a chain rotating at high speeds and if the rules of operation are violated, it can pose a danger to the worker himself and the people around him.

How to dilute gasoline for a chainsaw?

Before pouring fuel into the tank, it is necessary to prepare a gasoline mixture.

The ratio of oil to gasoline for a chainsaw is regulated in strict proportions. as a rule, they are indicated in the instruction manual.

In the event that you do not know how much oil to pour into gasoline for a domestic chainsaw, it is recommended to use a ratio of 1:15. 1:20. That is, use 50-70 ml of oil for 1 liter of gasoline.

As for imported equipment, the proportions are completely different. For example, how to dilute gasoline with 2 kW Husqvarna chainsaw oil? To do this, we look at the instructions and see that the manufacturer recommends using a ratio of 1:50, i.e. for 1 liter of gasoline, no more than 20 ml of oil is used. If there is no passport (lost, torn, etc.).

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e), use the Internet or contact a service center. so you will find out exactly how much oil you need to fill in gasoline for a chainsaw. An increased amount of oil threatens with increased carbon deposits and cylinder clogging, which will lead to fracture of the piston rings and a decrease in compression, besides, it is expensive.

If the amount of oil for chainsaws in the mixture is low, this will lead to overheating of the engine and a sharp decrease in its resource.

If you don’t know how much oil to pour into a Chinese chainsaw, and you don’t have a passport at hand, then this proportion is about 1:25, that is, 40 ml of oil per 1 liter of gasoline. In general, the amount of oil directly depends on the layout. the tighter all units are installed, the less oil is needed.

Before preparing a gasoline mixture for a chainsaw, you must first pour gasoline into the canister, and only then add oil, not otherwise. Otherwise, the more viscous oil will stick to the sides and bottom of the canister and dissolve worse, which will disrupt the correct proportions of gasoline and chainsaw oil.

How much gasoline is stored

During long-term storage, gasoline evaporates (regardless of the brand), a sediment falls at the bottom, it loses its properties, in other words, it deteriorates. It is worth knowing that it is not the gasoline itself that ignites, but its vapors. Therefore, if there is a canister of gasoline in the garage since last year, then think whether it is worth it? Better leave it to light the BBQ fire.

The use of “stale” gasoline for a chainsaw entails many problems:

  • difficult start;
  • decrease in maximum power;
  • increased wear of the engine parts of the chainsaw.
gasoline, stihl

It is worth remembering that the prepared fuel mixture (gasoline with oil) is stored for no more than a month, after this time it should be disposed of. Using old mixture increases wear on the engine parts of the chainsaw. do not forget about it!

Which gasoline for a chainsaw is better and why: expert advice

Everywhere and everywhere they write and discuss issues related to the choice of oil for a chainsaw, someone recommends only the original, and someone “everything is fine” and on a regular Lukoil 2T! They also raise a lot of questions about mixing gasoline with oil. the process of preparing a fuel mixture for a chainsaw has any more or less human resource. But, no one ever raises the importance of the issue of using gasoline in a chainsaw! Why? After all, all technicians and engineers know how the use of high-octane gasoline affects engines designed to operate on low-octane ones! Chainsaw is no exception!

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Summing up

In order for a chainsaw to serve for many years, never fill it with old gasoline, and you do not need to use grade 95 and even more than 98 gasoline to prepare the fuel mixture, only 92. Also, do not forget about the purity of gasoline. no odens!

I hope that now you are not wondering which gasoline for a chainsaw is suitable and which is not very.

Most common circuit problems

How to adjust the oil supply to the chainsaw chain?

If the oil supply to the chain is incorrectly adjusted, the chain may overheat (insufficient supply) or increased oil consumption and contamination of the wood with oil (too large supply). Therefore, adjusting the oil supply to the chainsaw chain is a very important process, since both the consumption of the oil itself and the long-term operation of the chainsaw itself depend on it.

How oil is supplied to the chainsaw chain depends on the position of the oil pump plunger adjustment screw. In the factory setting, the screw is set in the middle position. To reduce the oil supply, you need to turn it out to the “-” mark, to increase. to the “”.

Good to know

Procurement of fuel must be carried out counting on 3 refueling. After all, storing a large amount of fuel can negatively affect the operation of the chainsaw. The mixture can behave in different ways, as it will be influenced by many factors. As a result, your household unit may receive serious damage, which will entail financial costs.

Sometimes even the capacity can affect the quality of the liquid. Plastic and glass react with gasoline, which can create a flash fire hazard.

It is important to remember that in case of a chainsaw breakdown due to a poor-quality or incorrect mixture, it will not be possible to repair the unit under warranty.

The finished liquid cannot be stored for more than a month, because the oxidation process takes place. After working with the chainsaw, you need to use up the remaining fuel, turn off the engine and remove the remaining fuel mixture.

What gasoline should be poured into a chainsaw

Hello! Glad to see you again, dear readers and subscribers of Andrey Noak’s Blog. Everyone who has a chainsaw at home already knows exactly what kind of gasoline and how to fill it. But for those who just want to buy such a unit, the article will seem entertaining.

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The chainsaw is one of the most convenient and versatile household appliances. Prepare a fuel mixture before use. But for the unit to work correctly, you must follow all the manufacturer’s recommendations. Each model is individual, so what kind of gasoline to fill in the chainsaw?

Fuel consumption

One of the most important questions that arises from the owners of the saw tool, because everyone wants to know what he can count on.

The volume of almost all tanks is approximately 500 ml. If the power of the chainsaw is 2 kW, then the consumption of the fuel mixture will be approximately 1.2 liters per hour of operation. To put it simply, such a tool will be able to work at maximum speed for half an hour without interruption. If the chainsaw is not as powerful, then it will have a smaller tank volume. So the user can independently control the fuel consumption.

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Over time, the user will learn to service his tool without any help. The main task will be to preserve the economic unit in good working order, using high-quality fuel mixtures. Observe safety rules when preparing flammable liquids. This will help to preserve the instrument, as well as not harm yourself and the environment.

Making the mixture: important proportions

When using a two-stroke engine, clean fuel is purchased separately and mixed with oil, often in proportions of 1:50. It is structurally impossible to install an oil pump in such an engine, therefore, pouring pure gasoline into the chainsaw is strictly prohibited! The proportions, quantity and some brands are indicated by the manufacturer in the instruction manual.

Important points in the cooking process:

  • Domestic chainsaws work with oil M8-V, M-12TPU, M8-V, TP, MGD-14M. In some cases, you can use foreign options;
  • Proportions: 2.5 liters of FI-80 gasoline per 100 grams of oil;
  • Foreign models are distinguished by minimal fuel consumption. They work on foreign oils, and their proportions become 1:40 or 1:50.

Under the brand

For modern brands, for example, Husqvarna, Partner, Makita, Echo, Stihl, AI-92 gasoline is suitable. Today, just a colossal number of people complain about the premature failure of chainsaws due to poor gasoline. Therefore, some experts recommend pouring AI-95 into such chainsaws. At the same time, a good AI-95 can “burn the piston”, and again, a certain number of people found a compromise and mix AI-95 with AI-92. In general, it all depends on the quality of gasoline and ultimately it’s up to you.

For domestic instruments, Ural, Druzhba, it is recommended to take AI-80 gasoline. It is very important that fuel consumption is kept to a minimum.

Fuel mixture

To properly prepare fuel, you will need a list of additional tools:

  • Plastic or metal container for diluting the substance;
  • Measuring bottle for gasoline;
  • Dispenser;
  • Syringe;
  • Chainsaw watering can.

Some manufacturers, such as Stihl, immediately make measuring containers for more convenient measurement of the fuel mixture.

Different manufacturers produce oils in different shades. HP makes a red liquid. Green oil is a premium synthetic segment. For your Husqvarna chainsaw, you need to use the correct brand of oil. It is high cost, good quality, and is green or blue.

The main thing is to correctly calculate the proportions of the mixture. Excess oil can form carbon deposits on pistons and spark plugs. Excessive gasoline can cause engine damage or piston seizure. Each manufacturer gives its own proportions to models of different power.

To mix the components, you will need the aforementioned additional accessories. Also on sale you can find special canisters with two holes for oil and gasoline. Everything is very simple here, pour in the ingredients, tighten the lid tightly and mix by tilting the container. Glass and plastic bottles can be used.

The fuel mixture must be free from water or dust.

Helpful hints:

  • Sometimes it is better to pour a little oil than to regret it. If you give a little more oil than indicated in the instructions, then nothing terrible will happen. The formation of carbon deposits is possible in cases of a large amount of oil and if the indicated proportions are not observed;
  • It is better to store the finished mixture for a month and no more, because for some reason it will lose its quality;
  • Correct shutdown. It is imperative to use or drain the contents of the tank, this way you can extend the work of rubber and plastic seals;
  • You should not use oil intended for mopeds for your chainsaw, because it is designed for low revs.

The correct operation of your equipment is entirely up to you. First, do not disdain the manufacturers’ pointers or, in extreme cases, the instructions on the oil packaging. This will help avoid unpleasant situations. The neighbor does not always know what is the best way to do it. The cheapness of oil and gasoline is not an indicator of high quality, because a breakdown of a tool can be much more expensive (about 80% of the cost of a chainsaw) than the money saved on the fuel mixture.

The proportions of the mixture for refueling Stihl chainsaws

The specific proportions must be indicated by the manufacturer in the instructions for use. Quite often it is written in them that it is necessary to fill in AI-95 gasoline. But the octane number in domestically produced fuel in most cases is catching up with various additives, which significantly reduces its quality. Therefore, for refueling modern Stihl chainsaws, it is recommended to use AI-92 gasoline.

Oils are selected specialized for a 2-stroke engine, corresponding to the power class of the chainsaw. the best option would be mixtures of the Stihl brand of the same name. They are red (mineral) and green (synthetic).

The fuel mixture of gasoline and oil is prepared in strict observance of the manufacturer’s recommendations. For Stihl chainsaws, the proportions are usually 1:50, that is, for 1 liter of AI-92 gasoline, you need to add 20 grams of oil.

You can measure the amount of oil by any means. with a syringe or some kind of volumetric glassware. But the most convenient to use are the dispenser bottles in which Stihl oils are produced.

How to prepare the mixture?

In order for the equipment to serve for a long time and properly cope with its functions, you need to know exactly how much oil you need to add to gasoline for the Stihl chainsaw. Previously, we found out that it is better to use a lubricant product from the manufacturer Stihl and unleaded AI92 or AI95 gasoline as components. Leaded fuel grades adversely affect the operation of the unit and disable it. With such components, 20 ml of oil is added to the mixture per liter of gasoline. Any violation of the proportions leads to the appearance of carbon deposits on the spark plugs and pistons, as well as the formation of scoring. The oils used can be green, blue or red.

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Their presence is easily determined by the color of the mixture. To dilute fuel, often complete with equipment, a special canister is attached. These containers have graduated marks and two holes. The user only needs to fill the tank with the components of the mixture to the required marks, close the lids and mix. Some people use plastic bottles and syringes to measure oil for this purpose. In this case, it is necessary to ensure that foreign particles or water do not get into the container, all this will worsen the operation of the engine.

Choice of oil for chain lubrication

In addition to the engine, for which all the proportions of oil and gasoline for the Stihl chainsaw have already been found out, there is another important part, consisting of many moving links. the chain. For its lubrication, not motor oil, but chain oil is used. It has completely different properties and is cheaper.

For a new tool, only oils from the manufacturer are used, which are recommended in the instructions. Otherwise, if the saw breaks down, it will be removed from the warranty service due to non-observance of the operating conditions. It should be noted that the oils from the manufacturer are of really high quality. After the end of the warranty period, you can use any engine oil, making it change twice a year.

Consumer reviews of Stihl saws are mostly positive. It is lightweight and affordable. There are some complaints about the low power of the instrument. But for occasional use at home, it is quite suitable. And if you use the correct proportions of oil and gasoline for your Stihl chainsaw, it will last for many years.

What gasoline to pour into a chainsaw?

According to experts, you should use unleaded gasoline obtained by adding lead-free additives, the octane number of which exceeds 90. For foreign models, it is required to fill in gasoline of higher grades and use branded oils from tool manufacturers. The AI-92 grade fuel is considered perfect. How to dilute gasoline for the Stihl 180 chainsaw? In this case, oils are meant in a mixture of 1:40. AI-95 fuel is also quite suitable for it, but according to professionals it is better not to use it for chainsaws.

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The fact is that it is made on the basis of AI-92 with the use of certain additives that change the quality of the fuel. These components are deposited on the inner parts of the tool and, when the critical mass is reached, begin to flake off, disrupting the operation of the mechanism. The best option is to follow the instructions that come with the selected model. It is recommended to use fresh gasoline, because during long-term storage in containers, octane properties are lost.

Chainsaw Stihl what gasoline

Chainsaw Stihl what gasoline

Correct proportions

Most often, when preparing fuel for saw operation, proportions of 1:50 and 1:40 are used. This means that for 50 or 40 parts of gasoline, one part of oil is added. Calculations are made as follows: 1 l = 1000 ml, 1000/50 = 20 ml or 1000/40 = 25 ml, that is, in the first case, pour 20 ml into each liter of gasoline, and in the second. 25 ml of oil. If there are no instructions and you do not know the proportions for preparing the mixture, then use the following recommendations:

  • Tool and oil from the same brand. For example, for a Stihl chainsaw, the ratio of gasoline to Stihl oil will be the same as indicated on the container with oil, usually 1:50.
  • The substances used for the mixture have different brands. a ratio of 1:40 is chosen.
  • There is only one brand, but there is no information on the ratios of substances in the oil. they dilute 1:40.
  • In the absence of any data on saw and oil, dilute the mixture in a ratio of 1:40. The only thing to be sure is that the oil is designed for two-stroke engines.

To run a new saw in the first three refueling of the fuel tank, add 20% more oil. In this case, instead of a 1:50 ratio, it will be 1:42, and the 1:40 ratio turns into 1:33. A liter of gasoline will require 24 or 33 ml of oil, respectively. No other running-in measures are carried out with the new saw. Manufacturers advise to work only at the highest speed at all times. After running in the tool, use the usual proportions of 1:50 or 1:40. In some cases, the manufacturer of the equipment indicates other ratios, for example, 1:25 or 1:32, they must be observed.

Important Tips

In order for a Stihl chainsaw to work productively for many years, you must adhere to the following recommendations:

  • Gasoline must be fresh, not from a month old canister.
  • It is forbidden to use oils for 4-stroke engines. It will not completely burn out, which will lead to the formation of carbon deposits and a quick failure of the cylinder-piston group (CPG).
  • In a 2-stroke engine, the oil should burn without residues, therefore it is more expedient to use “synthetics”, which is characterized by the formation of less combustion residues and smoke.
  • When diluting the mixture, it is better to add more than the recommended volume of oil, but within reasonable limits. 5 grams of excess per 1 liter of gasoline will not lead to coking. Larger amounts can cause carbon deposits and damage to the CPG. If you pour 5 grams less than indicated, this is fraught with overheating of the piston and cylinder.
  • Do not use a prepared mixture of a month ago.
  • It is forbidden to use oils for mopeds. they are not intended for a chainsaw, as they are designed for a lower number of revolutions.
  • After the season, the mixture must be completely consumed or drained to avoid loss of gasoline properties, as well as wear of seals.