What Gasoline Trimmer Works

A beautiful and neat lawn is the dream of any owner of their own home or cottage. However, in order to implement the plan, you need to work hard. A specially created technique will greatly facilitate human efforts. The trimmer for giving is especially allocated in this regard. The variety of the assortment of these devices baffles the future buyer. Until he understands what each representative of such garden assistants can do.

What is a garden trimmer

In fact, this technique was the result of the mechanization of an ordinary hand braid. The device operates according to the following principle: cutting parts rotating at high speed cut off excess vegetation. Mowing weeds, tall grass, burdocks and even a small shrub fall under mowing.

What Gasoline Trimmer Works

In order to optimize the operation of the device, in addition to steel plates or disks like a circular saw, fishing line nozzle (cord). At speeds from 6,000 to 11,000 per minute, it becomes a tightly stretched string that can easily cut even branches of shrubs.

In addition, the fishing line is good in that it does not break from a sudden contact with the ground or small pebbles and does not injure the user.

Usually in the standard configuration two nozzles are quite enough, although in expensive models their number can reach up to twelve. Many trimmers even have a special nozzle that helps throw snow (enough to clear the area in front of the gate). This is not important, but the ability to place the nozzles at different heights. Like what type of drive the device is capable of working on.

Classification by engine type

The following types of grass trimmers are distinguished:

To understand which of them deserves the title of “best”, you should analyze the information about the pros and cons of each such device.

Work on gasoline

Another name for this trimmer is a motorcycle or a brushcutter. Typically, this reliable tool runs on a two- or four-stroke engine, has a large number of interchangeable nozzles. The fuel in the push-pull model is a mixture of oil and gasoline (another name is “motorcycle” mixture). Four-stroke version consumes AI-92 gasoline. The device will cope with hard grass and bushes without any problems.

Trimmer Shindaiwa C300

Typically, the typical power of such devices is 0.5-3.5 kW. This makes it possible to process large areas.

The following advantages are distinguished:

  • Excellent maneuverability;
  • Autonomy in work;
  • High power rates;
  • A large number of additional nozzles.

But not about Bosch and without cons:

  • The user breathes exhaust fumes;
  • Can not mow wet grass (harms equipment);
  • High fuel costs;
  • Heavy weight;
  • Loud noise during work (you have to insert ear plugs);
  • Difficulty in maintenance.

Electrical appliances

These trimmers are powered through 220 volts. In addition to this practically safe indicator, manufacturers can be praised for various modifications of devices and ease of operation.

It is easy to work with such devices even in a fruit garden.

Bosch ART 37 Electric Grass Trimmer

  • Excellent maneuverability in work;
  • Ease of use even for the elderly;
  • Light weight (starts from one and a half kilograms);
  • Profitable price.

However, upon closer acquaintance, uncomfortable moments pop up.

  1. Such a device will have low power, which means that vegetation can be cut only in well-groomed areas.
  2. Work radius limits length of cable (so, first of all, you should pay attention to this technical information).
  3. The device quickly overheats.
  4. Not every dacha has electricity.

Battery Options

The very name of the device implies greater autonomy than previous models. A direct consequence will be maneuverability in work. This defines a wide range of actions. From processing low grass to cutting lawns, flower beds and paths.

A similar device can cut grass in hard-to-reach places, where a bulky lawn mower cannot reach.

Bosch EasyGrassCut cordless trimmer

Battery life will determine battery life. This also affects power. For example, with a 1.3 Ah battery, the device can develop a power of 0.15 kW, at a cost of 14.4 volts. The most important minus is that on one battery charge it will be possible to work no more than 20-10 minutes, and then wait for a full charge for several hours. However, if you have the appropriate adapter, it is quite possible to connect the device to the cigarette lighter and continue to work.

What brands of this gardening equipment can I recommend? Among the well-known names are Bosch, MAKITA, Hitachi, Husqvarna, Stihl (but here is the corresponding price). Options are available from Echo, PATRIOT, Stiga and Champion. There is also a domestic example. The “Caliber” device, operating at 1.5 kW.

Nuances of engine location

There are some features that you need to know about the location of the engine in the device.

Lower engine option

Top Motor Option

So, on which particular unit to choose? If you need power. Then, no doubt, there is nothing better than a gasoline model, ease of operation will provide an electric option, and complete mobility. Battery technology.

Before buying, you need to pay attention to the usability of the equipment by a specific user.