What Good Tiller Is Better To Take

What is Tiller?

Ten years ago, people did not ask themselves the question of which tiller is better, they bought primitive motor-cultivators so that they could quickly cultivate the soil. And the price was satisfying. At the end of the spring work, the cultivator was placed in the pantry until the next use.

Tiller scheme for any soil.

In recent years, farmers, in order not to stop work all year round, have acquired Tilleri, which greatly facilitate agricultural work and are used by farmers all over the world. So what are the Tilleries? Its main function is the same as that of the cultivator. tillage (plow, loosen, huddle, remove weeds).

But the tiller is powerful, heavy, has a gearbox that allows it to work at high loads. It is these qualities (heaviness and power) that cause inconvenience when cultivating soft soil: the mechanism falls through under its own weight. the tiller is more suitable for working in dense ground.

Drawing for a simple tiller.

By combining many functions in one mechanism, he is able to take care of the garden and the plot, replacing all the equipment, thereby allowing the owners to save money.

It works on different soils, has several speeds.

Using various devices, it is used as a generator, water pump, mini-tractor, for transportation of goods. A variety of additional equipment can be installed on it. This is a lawn mower, potato digger, hay mower, snow thrower. Install a grass shredder, scarifier, trailed trolley, aerator, also a reagent and sand spreader, a sweeping brush, etc.

DIY winch scheme for plowing.

A wide range of equipment plunges potential buyers into confusion. To figure out which tiller is better and choose, you need to have an idea of ​​what is the peculiarity of each of them.

Depending on the model of the tiller, the variety of accessories included in the kit varies. Therefore, in order to choose a suitable unit, it is necessary to determine the tasks facing the tiller and consider the capabilities of the selected model.

Average tillers

Holder diagram with control knob.

Their weight is 40-60 kg, power is up to 5.5 horsepower, cutter grip is from 40 to 80 cm. This increases productivity by 1.5 times. The size of the cultivated land dictates which tiller with what power and grip is needed. For a plot of up to 0.2 hectares, a capacity of 3.5 liters is sufficient. C. And 60 cm working width. For 0.6 hectares. power 4 liters. C. And width 80 cm, for 1 hectare. 5-6 liters. C. And 90 cm respectively.

The design of medium-sized units does not differ much from the design of light units. Transmission of rotation according to the same principle: from the engine to the cutter. But stronger chains and belts are used, which transmit considerable power. With a large diameter cutter, they loosen the ground deeper. And due to the considerable mass, the devices of the middle class milling the soil perfectly and, after some training, are easy to operate. These tillers usually have 2 forward and reverse gears at their disposal. Power train allows you to work with additional devices.

The possibilities of tillers of this class are expanded by the presence of a frame that allows you to attach various attached equipment: a cultivator, a harrow, a hiller, weed and duckfoot shares, and even a plow, which is hung from the back using a special hitch. Of course, not every middle class tiller can handle this kind of work, here we need heavier devices (60-70 kg), having a stronger gearbox and increased strength drive belts.

Diagram of a homemade tiller.

Such a resource is possessed by the models Solo-504, Viking-VH600, the power train of which allows working with additional equipment at a reduced working shaft speed. The model BL-450 of the Italian company Benassi ITALIANO-6 is good. It has no analogues: there are 4 forward gears and 2 backward.

To work with the plow, you need metal wheels equipped with lugs. Metal ingots are attached to the wheels and in front for counterweight, increasing the weight of the tiller to 120-150 kg. Such an aggregate plows with a depth of 10-12 cm due to low ground clearance, but it can process an area of ​​land of impressive size.

Apparatus of the middle class, when using attachments, can plow, huddle, cultivate. They successfully dig up potatoes, carrots and beets, destroy weeds. Owners of large areas should choose tillers heavier than 60 kg. Their construction is more durable and the engine power is over 6 horsepower. This is already a class of heavy tilers.

Choosing the best tiller. Heavy Tillery

Diagram of a homemade harrow for a tiller.

Their weight reaches 100 kg. The models “Neva. 2K” and “Salyut” are widely known. They are made with engines of Russian and American manufacturers. These devices have 4 forward gears and 2 reverse gears, work with a cultivator, a plow, and can pull loads up to 500 kg.

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Using this technique, you can plow and cultivate, plant and dig out potatoes, carry out inter-row loosening. The pump, generator, broom, snowplow and mower, woodworking attachment are driven by PTO pulleys. It is very convenient for life in the village, because connection with a trailer is possible.

Such versatility puts it in a row of professional tillers, the device of which is significantly different from amateur units. Engine power. from 6.0 HP And more. The entire oil lubrication system is made of high quality materials, which increases the engine life.

The power of the engine is transmitted to the working shaft by means of a gear transmission, which changes its rotation speed. Therefore, the tiller in 1st gear is very powerful and easily pulls the plow. In 2nd gear, he deepens the cutter by 20-30 cm and digs up the soil. In 3rd gear, it loosens the topsoil and comb out weeds. In addition, there are 2 PTO shafts on the gearbox. The upper shaft is used for connection with a sprayer, pump, circular, etc. The lower one is aggregated with a trailer.

Tiller diagram from a motorcycle.

The cutter gearbox is wide and spherical as it contains a gear train. The cutter is mounted on a 6-sided shaft, which allows it to work for a very long time. The tiller half shaft turns one wheel relative to the other. It helps a lot when turning.

On non-professional tillers, during operation, the clutch lever must be constantly pressed, the hand is constantly tense and very tired. Here, the work of the engine begins with the fact that the lever is released. The upper red lever is used for stopping, which is pressed against the handle during operation. Very convenient: to stop, you just need to remove your palm from the handle, the lever will lift and stop the engine.

Of course, a multifunctional tiller is more expensive than usual, but the cost of an hour of work is lower. Given its capabilities and self-sufficiency, the funds spent will quickly return.


Four classes of tilers are recognized. They depend on engine power and weight. There are ultralight and light, medium (cultivators) and heavy (tillery).

Ultralight. They are distinguished by a small mass (9-12 kg), a weak engine (0.9-1.2 horsepower), the presence of one gear, the cutter captures up to 25 cm It is difficult to say which cultivator is better, because there are no fundamental differences between cultivators from different manufacturers, the shape of the knives and the speed of the cutter are the same for everyone, so they perform the same actions: they loosen the top layer of soil and comb out weeds from the soil to the surface on the beds and in flower beds.

Scheme of a tiller-cultivator: 1. cultivator; 2. roller; 3. axle extension.

Lungs. Their weight is 20-30 kg, the power is 2.5-3.5 horsepower, the cutter captures up to 40 cm.Their design is simple, but there are some differences: the drive belt is stretched for some on a stationary engine, for others on a movable engine. The belt tension can be determined by pressing the clutch lever. Where there is no tension roller, the engine will “crawl” on the stand. The power of such a tiller is weaker, and it vibrates strongly, which is not very pleasant.

Gearbox designs are different. The most unsuccessful option is a non-separable gearbox, in which the body consists of 2 welded halves. It cannot be repaired. Collapsible gearboxes, although they are more expensive, allow, thanks to the replacement of dustproof elements, to extend the life of both the gearbox separately and the entire cultivator by 3-4 times. 2 halves of such a gearbox are connected along the perimeter either by bolts or by a removable bracket.

Distinguish between chain and worm gear in the gearbox. With a worm gear, it is advisable to choose the cultivator where the collapsible gear housing is made by precision casting, and not by stamping. For carrying cultivators, a front handle is provided, it also replaces the reverse gear (just lift the cultivator by the handle and turn). The lack of a handle guarantees a burn from a hot engine.

With the help of light motorized cultivators, you can dig up the soil. It is also possible, thanks to the trailed hiller, to cut furrows and huddle the plants. These are all functions of light motor cultivators. Pay attention to the speed of the cutter. For digging a garden, the optimal speed is 100-130 per minute. Shallow loosening and weed control. at high speeds. It is necessary to choose a cultivator to perform the necessary operations.

Which tiller to choose?

When determining which tiller is the best, the country of origin is given great importance. The equipment presented to date can be conditionally divided into groups: manufactured in the countries of the former CIS, manufactured in China, manufactured by foreign firms.

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Domestic units are inferior to equipment from developed countries in terms of convenience and ergonomics, but the advantages of technical characteristics, versatility, and acceptable cost often outweigh the scales in their favor. Therefore, they are the most demanded among consumers.

Tillers with the transmission of torque to additional devices using a belt are more popular. This feature is present in the models Salyut-5, Favorit, MB-1 Oka, MB-2 Neva, MKM-3 Lander (Plowman), Kaskad. Such a device makes the repair extremely easy: most often it is enough to replace the belt. The reliability of these tillers is provided by imported engines and a gearbox designed by Soviet engineers.

Well-known Chinese units: Crosser, Hunter, Champion, Greenfield, Kipor, Weima, Celina, Sugarden, Zirka, Centaur. are most often analogs of our Favorite, Salut or Neva, or a copy of European models. They are quite cheap due to their low cost. This is achieved by simplifying the technology for manufacturing components and using cheap labor. But such a price reduction affects product quality: reliability and service life are reduced.

Imported tillers: Viking, Pubert, BCS, Craftsman, Grillo, Efco, MTD, Husqvarna, Eurosystems. are much more expensive than domestic ones, although they perform the same functions. Additional attachments (also expensive) will significantly increase costs. Giving preference to imported equipment, you should inquire about the location of the service center, so that warranty repairs do not take much time.

Therefore, when buying, do not forget that even the most multifunctional and expensive unit has not only advantages, but also disadvantages that must be carefully weighed before making a decision. It is better to do this: we examine several tillers and choose the option that suits you in terms of functionality, quality and cost.


It occupies the position of the most powerful tiller on a gasoline engine. Experienced owners have noticed that this model is similar to the MB NEVA, which allows you to connect additional equipment from a Russian manufacturer.

The cost

Many people are trying to save money on a motor cultivator, however, it is worth remembering that this device is bought for more than one year. Therefore, you should be very careful about his choice. It is best to buy a cultivator in the middle price category of tillers in Russia, this will help the reliable rating compiled in the article.

You shouldn’t save on buying this device

Tiller selection

The choice of a tiller should directly depend on the individual preferences of each customer.

In any case, before buying it is advised:

After such actions, you can choose the most suitable in terms of parameters and cost.

What are the best and most reliable tillers

Auto mechanic specializing in agricultural machinery

In modern conditions, it is difficult to imagine agricultural work without special equipment. Motor-cultivators, or, as they are also called, tillers, are very popular. universal agromachines for cultivating the soil in the plots and even for clearing snow.

When forming their rating, various parameters are taken into account, such as power, reliability, weight, cost.

This article presents the current rating of the best selling tillers in the Russian Federation and tips for choosing the most suitable.


A heavy-duty device designed to operate in poor conditions. Has a powerful diesel engine. The device weighs more than 100 kilograms, which allows the treatment of a hard kidney.

The advantages of the device include:

  • The presence of three wheels, which ensures balance of balance.
  • Endurance.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Headlights.

No flaws were found.


Below is an overview of which is the best lightweight tiller.

Types of tilers

First of all, it is necessary to clarify what this unit is.

tiller is a multifunctional device that facilitates work on the land. Nowadays, such a device, an irreplaceable thing that performs all functions with high quality.

Many manufacturers offer a variety of models of different classes that are not inferior in quality and functionality. However, do not forget that such devices are also divided into varieties depending on various technical parameters, manufacturers and weight.

Types of tillers depending on the mass:

  • Lightweight with motors no more than 5 horsepower, the main job of which is considered to be working with cutters. Not suitable for heavy soils.
  • Medium. more powerful than light, but at the same time heavier in weight.
  • Heavy with a mass of more than 150 kilograms, so they can easily pull even a plow or transport small carts, which makes them irreplaceable. Which tiller is better for driving with a trolley, you can clarify when buying or view in the characteristics.

Here’s how to choose a tiller:

Hyundai T 2000E

Ideal for light work. This device is a pleasure to work with. The design is comfortable. The model itself is designed specifically for the processing of land plots, so cultivating the land with this tiller is the best option.

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The main advantage is a high-quality motor and a large width of cutters. all at a low cost.

No flaws were found with this model.

Cutter width

When choosing a tiller, the width of the cutter must also be taken into account so that it is not wider than the aisle between rows.

What Good Tiller Is Better To Take

Rating of the best tillers 2019

8. KADVI Vanguard AMB-1

The top 10 tillers are continued by the Russian-made unit, which took the eighth place. The device is equipped with a Lifan 168F-2 four-stroke engine, which is characterized by efficiency, reliability, and a low level of harmful substances in exhaust gases. the tiller is suitable for working with various attachments, for example, a trailer or a snow blower.

The wheel of the tiller can be adjusted “for yourself” for more comfortable work. Protection against flying out earth and dirt is provided by a special casing. Another feature of this model is large wheels with aggressive tread, providing high cross-country ability.

Power6.5 HP.
Engine capacity196 cc
Plowing width70 cm
Plowing depth30 cm
Fuel tank capacity3.6 l
Weight65 kg

10. Cascade MB61-22-02-01

The tenth place of our top tillers is occupied by a Russian-made model. a middle-class unit with a four-stroke gasoline engine. the tiller allows the use of additional equipment, which significantly expands its capabilities. Reinforced gearbox and powerful Honda GX200 engine to handle large areas.

Tiller wheels have a wide tread for better flotation and traction on all types of terrain. The handles are made of material that prevents hand slippage. The gearbox has 4 speeds. 2 forward and 2 reverse.

Weight105 kg
Power6.5 HP.
Engine capacity196 cc
Fuel tank capacity3.1 l
Plowing depth32 cm
Plowing width61 cm

Top 10 best tillers of 2019

Nowadays, a large number of auxiliary tools and equipment have been created for summer residents, among which tillers and cultivators are especially popular. Most often, it is the tillers that are chosen, since these multifunctional units can be used with various attachments, for example, a harrow, a milling cutter, a plow, a trailer, and a snow plow. Cultivators are designed for only one purpose. tillage (see also: rating of the best cultivators of this year).

The tiller is a multifunctional unit that makes it possible to significantly facilitate and speed up many works on the site. Such an apparatus in the household will become an indispensable assistant. And in order for a tiller to efficiently and efficiently perform its functions, you need to choose it. Dozens of manufacturers offer a large number of models and it is sometimes very difficult to choose a worthy unit among them, especially for an ordinary buyer.

Celina MB-600

The seventh place in our ranking of the 10 best tillers is occupied by the model produced. Celina MB-600. The unit is equipped with a swivel steering wheel, two forward and two reverse gears, large diameter wheels with deep treads for better cross-country ability.

In general, the model is quite simple, has a simple design, and is optimal for both tillage and for working with attachments. Ranked sixth due to quality assembly and reliable components.

Power6.5 HP.
Weight97 kg
Fuel tank capacity3.6 l
Engine capacity196 cc
Plowing width72-113
Plowing depth30 cm

9. OKA MB-1D1M14

The tiller is equipped with a four-stroke resource-intensive Robin Subaru engine with an inclined cylinder arrangement and an overhead valve drive. Comfortable handles provide confident control of the unit. The tiller can work with a snow blower, trailer, plow, potato planter, mower and other attachments. Equipped with a four-speed gearbox (two forward and two reverse).

Large wheels and a special tread pattern increase the tiller’s flotation and the quality of the work performed. Today OKA MB-1D1M14 is considered one of the best Russian-made tillers.

Power7 HP.
Weight100 Kg
Engine capacity169 cc
Tank capacity3.6 l
Plowing depth30 cm
Plowing width57/72

Huter GMC-9.0

Model produced under a German brand. The unit is perfect for almost any work on the site thanks to the ability to use attachments. It is worth noting the width of plowing. it is 105 cm, which significantly speeds up the implementation of land cultivation.

The tiller is equipped with a gearbox with 1 speed reverse and 2 speeds forward. Large fuel tank extends the cycle without interruption for refueling.