What Grass Can You Mow With A Lawn Mower?

Anyone who has a lawn or a grassland planted knows how quickly the grass grows there. You can take care of lawn grass in different ways: either use a hand scythe or use a modern lawn mower. A lawn mower.

There are 2 types of electric lawn care tools:

Between these devices there is a big difference, both in application and in the principle of operation of each of them. The lawn mower is a special mechanism in the form of a trolley, which has 2 or 4 wheels, and is also equipped with knives for mowing grass and a bag for collecting it. The trimmer is a device that is simple in design and outwardly similar to a conventional manual scythe.

Electric lawn mower has 2 types of knife block:

The rotary knife consists of 2 pointed edges and is located in a round case. The grass cut with its help is produced due to the intensive rotation of the knife around its axis, which allows mowing the grass very quickly and cleanly. In this case, the air flow created by the rotation of the knife blades, or carries away the cut grass in a special container for it, or throws the grass to the side.

What Grass Can You Mow With A Lawn Mower?

The drum knife, in turn, is mounted on a wheelbase and, rotating together with the movement of the trolley itself, cuts the grass, throws it back, behind the lawn mower.

To select the desired height at which the lawn grass will be cut, most models of lawn mowers have a lever that allows you to set this height. Also, some “progressive” lawn mowers have in their arsenal a mechanism for chopping grass. This grass, after mowing the lawn, is used as fertilizer for various plants or is used in weed control.

Electric lawn mowers are divided into manual and self-propelled by the method of movement. Manual lawn mowers are driven by the user’s effort, and self-propelled mowers without human effort. Small wheels rotate by means of a drive are installed on a certain type of powerful models of lawnmowers.

The trimmer device (lawn mowers) is very simple. The main element of its design is the engine, which has 2 layout options:

With the upper position of the engine driving the cutting unit, the use of a trimmer is most convenient and preferable, because the center of gravity is located directly at the handle of the device and allows you to mow the lawn without extra effort. With the lower position of the engine, an imbalance in weight occurs between the handle of the device and its cutting part, so when using the trimmer for a long time, a person will constantly try to make additional efforts to keep it at the right distance from the ground. As a result of this, rapid fatigue of the arms and back occurs. Trimmers with an engine located on the handle itself are usually more powerful than with a lower engine.

Now we should go on to compare electric lawn mowers and trimmers, as well as to clarify their positive and negative qualities. There are no strong differences in the qualities of the 2 considered devices for mowing grass. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages, and their use in a given situation depends on many factors. For example, one of the drawbacks of an electric lawn mower is the inability to use several types of knives, but only one. But the electric trimmer can boast of its versatility in this regard. As a cutting tool in the trimmer can be used kapron fishing line or a special knife made of strong steel with 2 or 3 blades. If you need to cut soft grass, then a fishing line is suitable here, and for mowing stronger plants (a small shrub, dry grass), you need to use a knife. But it is worth noting that models with a powerful engine installed at the top of the trimmer can have this option.

Does an electric lawn mower do great with huge grassy areas ranging from 150 to 650 m? With good care and frequent sharpening of knives, the lawn mower can provide clean cutting of grass with high quality. At the same time, the performance of the lawn mower is very high. But still there is a drawback in it. This is a slight maneuverability. Where there is a flat and spacious area, the mower feels confident, but if there are bumps, shrubs and various berry plants on the site, it will not perform properly. But the trimmer, on the contrary, will help to cut grass in difficult places: near trees, shrubs, humps and other objects on the lawn site.

An electric trimmer has many advantages and positive properties, but it also has a drawback. It has a limited radius of action in large areas. In other words, you will have to use the trimmer at certain intervals in time, since wearing it in your hands for a long time is a rather tedious task. Therefore, trimmers and choose for lawns no more than 3 acres. Although here, progress comes to the aid of summer residents: some electric mowers have small wheels that facilitate the movement of the trimmer and allow unloading the user’s hands. This is very useful and need an option.

Using an electric tool for mowing grass on a site, sometimes it’s inconvenient to constantly unwind and rewind the wires, sometimes even “build up” them with special extension cords, so there are cordless lawn mowers and trimmers that allow them to become more mobile, independent of wires and sockets, without decreasing their performance.

Several recommendations for choosing an electric mower are suggested. Electric lawn mowers have a gradation of engines in power:

  • Up to 650 W. Drum mowers are suitable for mowing soft lawn cover;
  • From 850 to 2000 W. Rotary mowers, which can mow grass of any density and stiffness.

Electric trimmers have a large interval in engine power. It all depends on the location of the drive itself:

  • From 350 to 700 W with the lower mount;
  • From 500 to 1600 W at the top mount.

Naturally, the choice of trimmer, as in the case of an electric lawn mower, depends on the size of the grass plot and its complexity in terms of vegetation. For ordinary lawn grass, an electric mower with an engine power of up to 700 W (cut width up to 30 cm) is also suitable. A lawn with shrubs and weeds will require the presence of an engine in the trimmer no less than 1200 watts (cut width from 30 cm). The grass mowing width of various models of lawn mowers is in the range from 30 to 60 cm.

Without useful options and modifications, a simple lawn mower can help little, therefore, when choosing it, you should know some tricks:

  • The presence of a folding handle-bar, with which it is convenient to make folding the mower and its transportation;
  • The presence of a knife that serves to grind mowed grass (in relation to a rotary type lawn mower);
  • The presence of a metal case in which the motor and block of knives are located;
  • The availability of the option of mowing the extreme sections of the lawn and the auto-feed line.