What grass trimmer to choose. Advantages of

On the market gasoline grass trimmers are represented by a wide range of. However, given the cost of equipment of this class, you do not want to make mistakes with the choice. After analyzing a number of different models, our editorial board has made a rating of the best gasoline trimmers for dacha and garden work, based on the experience of users. Practice shows that the opinion that “quality costs a lot of money” is just a myth. Modern production technologies and the experience of our engineers make it possible to design and manufacture excellent tools in all price categories. Everyone can therefore choose a good multi-purpose trimmer for seasonal use, depending on his or her needs.

A limited budget will not be an obstacle to the purchase of good equipment. The top 12 best trimmers included 3 models, which are characterized by: affordable price, reliable quality, maintainability, proven brand. over, customers can choose between powerful and efficient or lightweight and maneuverable versions. This category of garden tools is intended for domestic use in the country or outdoors. this fact should be taken into account when buying.

Huter GET-1000S

This is one of the best electric trimmers at a low price. Thanks to the powerful single-kilowatt motor and air cooling system, the tool can work for a long time without overheating. The handle is collapsible, which greatly facilitates the transportation of electric mowers, and the curved boom allows you to accurately cut the grass around beds, trees, fences or beds. The model is relatively light and maneuverable, equipped with protection against accidental start, complete with a shoulder strap. Grass trimmer is popular thanks to the right combination of technical features and ergonomics.


This inexpensive and good electric grass trimmer has become popular among users thanks to its good features and very affordable price. Owners praise its comfortable handle, adjustable boom length and low weight (2.5 kg). Unit with a 500-watt motor. a budget option for home use on small garden plots of 6-8 acres. According to customer reviews, the model is durable, not prone to overheating, if you periodically clean the cracks in the protective casing.

High speeds ensure quality processing of the site, but thick weeds the grass trimmer can also skip. For processing dense thickets, it’s better to use reinforced line for trimmer. There are almost no technical disadvantages, except for high noise, but the lower location of the electric motor places the burden on the hands of the operator. Also, this design is not designed for mowing wet grass because of the possibility of moisture entering the motor.

  • low weight;
  • boom length adjustment;
  • low price;
  • Robust motor;
  • high rpm and good mowing width;
  • has a forced shutdown sensor in case of overheating.

Denzel TE-1200 (96611)

According to user reviews, the TE-1200 electric grass trimmer is designed for intensive use in domestic conditions. It is resistant to overloads and does not warm up even after 2-3 hours of continuous operation. And this inexpensive electric trimmer works with a fishing line and blades, so it is easy to cut thin and thick grass, bushes, brushwood, young trees.

the upper position of the motor helps to distribute a considerable weight of the tool through the shoulder belt, facilitating the work. Good and assembled. after prolonged use, all fasteners and parts are firmly in place. Users also praised the moderate vibration, which is not boring. For easy storage and transportation, the boom can be disassembled and the grass trimmer can be compactly stored in a box or bag. Model TE-1200 consistently enters various reviews and ratings of the best, as the most affordable and durable.

  • suitable for cutting of thick weeds and bushes
  • moderate vibration when working;
  • elaborate ergonomics;
  • quality of parts and assembly;
  • collapsible boom;
  • robust and powerful motor does not tend to overheat;
  • adjustable bevel width.

Bosch EasyGrassCut 26

Electric grass trimmer from Bosch has proven itself perfectly. German quality, reliable, not prone to overheating engine, excellent ergonomics. The unit is low-powered, so it is suitable for cutting small, thin grass. for lawn care, areas around paths, trees, flowers or shrubs. Small dimensions allow to use it in places where there is not enough space for a large grass trimmer or lawnmower on wheels. With moderate loads, the tool will serve the owner for many years. This is an excellent model for those looking for the best electric trimmer for grass to 300 watts. But when buying, you should pay attention to the availability of services. the downside of “brand name” grasshopper in the originality and price of parts, including the line reel.

  • Semi-automatic line feed;
  • very comfortable grip with the left or right hand;
  • Lightweight and not noisy;
  • there is protection against accidental start.

Rating of gasoline trimmers for dacha

Gasoline trimmers for grass. devices in which the main driving element is an internal combustion engine. It has the advantage that it is more powerful and self-contained, making it ideal for unplugged work.

In case of low fuel consumption it is easy to refill, contrary to battery models, which need a long time to recharge.

The downside of gasoline trimmers is large size, design complexity, increased weight and the need to purchase fuel.

Models with such motors are recommended to choose when you need a combination of two parameters. autonomy and high power, as well as the need for continuous operation.

Here are the top 5 best trimmers for dacha, working on gasoline.

Echo SRM-22GES

Simple and powerful gasoline grass trimmer, designed for cutting the grass with a fishing line or knife.

Distinguished by the presence of protection against vibration, which increases the comfort of work, easy engine start and a hand pump that allows you to pump fuel during operation.

In this model, the developers solved the problem of “kickback”, because the engine has an easy start system, and the engine is unpretentious and has a long service life.

  • mowing width, m. 0,40;
  • Speed of rotation, rpm. up to 6500;
  • Noise level. 91 dB;
  • engine, displacement/power. 21 cc. cm/0.91 l. s (750 W);
  • fuel tank, l. 0,45;
  • T-handle design
  • Weight, kg 4.8
  • country of manufacture. China;
  • Size. 1,78×0,65×0,45 m
  • year of manufacture. 2011.

Gasoline grass trimmer comes standard with a 3-millimeter line, goggles, knife and shoulder strap.

  • Convenient hook on shoulder strap.
  • Easy start.
  • No vibration.
  • Low weight.
  • No smoke during operation.
  • Relatively low noise level.
  • Rich equipment.
  • Easy cutting of grass of any thickness.
  • One tank lasts for two hours of use.
  • Relatively low fuel consumption.
  • Short boom length.
  • No throttle stop button in depressed position.
  • Not convenient for people with a high stature.
  • High price for original accessories.
  • Grass is constantly wound between the reel and the line and needs to be cleaned off.

Grass trimmer Echo SRM-22GES. not a bad option for all occasions, notable for its low weight, high quality build, good equipment and easy start-up.

Despite being made in China, the technique has earned many positive reviews and is deservedly in fifth place in our rating among gasoline versions.

Oleo-Mac Sparta 25

high performance and quality grass trimmer. Thanks to the well-thought-out connection of the motor and the working shaft, the developers managed to significantly reduce vibration and thereby increase productivity.

To hold the device uses a special belt, which is securely fixed to the shoulder and allows you to accurately manage the process.

The new model also has a primer for filling the fuel tank and a system that makes starting the engine easier.

  • cutting width, m. 0,40;
  • Rotation speed, rpm. up to 8000;
  • noise level. 97 dB;
  • engine, displacement/power. 25cc. cm/1.1 l. с;
  • fuel tank, l. 0,75;
  • adjustable, T-shaped handle;
  • weight, kg. 6,2;
  • the country of manufacture is China;
  • dimensions. 1,82×0,215×0,285 m;
  • Year of manufacture. 2011.

Standard equipment includes a knife and 2.4 mm line for trimmer to cut, as well as a shoulder strap. Also features branch guard that prevents branches from shooting sideways.

grass, trimmer, choose, advantages


  • First start.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • High build quality.
  • Relatively low weight.
  • Chops even thick weeds.
  • High quality plastic.
  • Includes knife and line for trimmer, necessary for work.
  • Comfortable handle.
  • Vibration can be felt during operation.
  • Difficulty starting when working in cold conditions.
  • No canister for preparation of the necessary mixture is included.
  • Requires periodic maintenance.
  • High cost for spare parts.

Which Trailer Is The BEST Choice? Let’s Weigh The Pros & Cons!

The Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 gasoline grass trimmer is a user-friendly and reliable unit with a strong engine and the ability to cut even thick weeds.

The device has a good design, relatively light weight and, in general, does not have major drawbacks.

In our rating, this model takes the fourth place.

PATRIOT PT 553 (11)

Reliable and versatile trimmer for grass with a gasoline engine, comfortable handle and the ability to work large areas.

With its help you can clean up the grass in a large area, including near the trunks of trees, as well as tidy up the paths in the territory of the household.

The presence of a bicycle handle contributes to the precise driving of the device, and the 3-blade knife guarantees the rapid removal of grass and even small bushes.

  • cutting width, m. 0,44;
  • Speed of rotation, rpm. up to 8000;
  • Noise level. 97 dB;
  • engine, volume / power. 52 cc. cm/3 l. s (2200 W);
  • fuel tank, l. 1,1;
  • Adjustable, T-shaped tiller;
  • weight, kg. 6,2
  • country of manufacture. China;
  • dimensions. 1,82×0,215×0,285 m;
  • year of manufacture. 2020.


It would seem that this is not a car, so why even think about power? It’s simple: when working with long, densely growing plants or thick stems, it becomes difficult for the motor to spin the shaft. If its power is not enough, the grass trimmer will constantly lose speed, overheat and shut down. As a rule, such problems are peculiar to electric devices. petrol ones with power, as we have noted, everything is fine.

What is the power of a lawn trimmer??

For regular lawn care 300-400 W will be enough. By regular, we mean timely mowing, and by lawn, we mean the lawn grass, not weeds. For these applications, the unpretentious GARDENA SmallCut Plus 350/23 in the price of 3000 is best

Universal variant. from 400 to 800 watts. This would be enough to remove small weeds and trim overgrown lawns. As an option. BLACKDECKER GL8033, which at a low price of about 6000 has a 800-watt motor (upper arrangement), two spools (for standard line and heavy-duty line, which is in the kit).

For tough jobs, more than 800 Watts. Such models will cope with dense thickets and are relevant, for example, if you rarely go to the cottage. Want hardcore? Get the 950-watt Bosch AFS 23-37, capable of working with both lines and a blade.

If we talk about gasoline trimmers, there everything is even easier. as a rule, the power even of the basic models is quite high. However.

Up to 1.5 liters. с Suitable for home gardeners and small-area owners. Can mow, as a rule, only with a fishing line and require a break after an hour or an hour and a half.

1,5. 2,5 л. с Versatile option for lawns, meadow grass, weeds. Such models can cope even with large areas, rest does not require 3-4 hours.

Over 2.5 liters. с Professional models. Makes light work of tackling heavy thickets or cutting hay. Can work both with a fishing line and a knife.

Grass trimmer power: what it depends on?

the trimmer line or the trimmer blade is spun to high revolutions, which cuts the grass and weed stems. The thicker the grass, the thicker the stems. The higher the load on the cutting tool. And, therefore, on the engine.

If the power of the engine is not enough, its rpm under load will drop, and the quality of cooling will drop dramatically (it is usually air) and overheating will occur. The best case scenario is that a lockout occurs and the machine shuts down. But powerful motors will have no problem running at the same speed, so they can easily cope with dense thickets.

There is another important point. The low-power models will work with lines only, but not with blades. But there will also be restrictions with thinning lines: thick ones are not good enough, because they put extra strain on the engine.

How To Choose Best Weed Eater

General brushcutter selection criteria

You can choose between a 2-cycle engine or a 4-cycle engine?

The vast majority of brushcutters are equipped with a 2-stroke engine that provides sufficient power and performance. Its advantages are its relatively low weight and dimensions in comparison with a 4-stroke. However, 2-stroke engines are designed to put oil and gasoline in the same tank, so it’s important to get the proportions right. If you add too much oil the engine will fume, and if you add too little oil the piston group will wear out sooner.

With 4-stroke engines, everything is much simpler. oil and gasoline are poured into different tanks, so it’s impossible to make a mistake with the dosage. Also, a 4-stroke uses less fuel for the same power than a 2-stroke. It’s worth mentioning though that if you mow infrequently, you won’t feel much of a difference in fuel consumption. Very few brushcutters are equipped with a 4-stroke engine. Plus such devices are quite expensive. If you are not confused by the price, but you need power and performance, then you can take the Makita EM4351UH with a 4-stroke engine rated at 2 liters.с.

What power to take the device?

For gasoline trimmers, the capacity ranges from 0.85 to 6.1 liters. с. Of course, devices with high power are very rare, they are heavy and used mostly for mowing. In most cases, such a lawn mower is not needed at home.

For mowing grass in the garden and vegetable garden, a 1. 2 liter power unit is enough. с Most models in our brushcutter rating have this power. They can work both with a fishing line and a circular blade. Also, note that low-power grass trimmers weigh a little, so they can work for quite a long time.

The correct brushcutter power also affects how thick a brushcutter line can be used with your brushcutter. Here are averages of the thickness of the fishing line versus the power of the machine:

  • 1.3 to 1.6 mm. suitable for brushcutters with 0.85 to 1 l. с.
  • 2 to 2,4 mm. good for models with 1 to 1,3 l. с.
  • From 2.7 to 4 mm. suitable for trimmers with a capacity of 1.5. 6 l.с.

Note that a thin trimmer line, for example 1.6mm, cannot be attached to a 2 L brushcutter. с.When deciding which brushcutter to buy: It will be quickly consumed and you won’t get the results you need.

Mowing width

The cutting width is determined by the size of the blade deck, which limits the reach of the line or the blade. The wider the cutting width, the faster you can mow overgrown areas. This throw can be from 35 to 55 cm. Some mowers have a bigger mowing width just because the deck is farther away and smaller in size. This is not always a good thing, because the smaller the deck, the more likely it is that grass and debris will fly into the operator. The optimal cutting width is 40 to 45 cm. For larger areas, choose a machine with a cutting width of 55 cm.

Extra settings

When deciding which brushcutter to buy pay attention to additional features:

  • Overheat protection. When the critical temperature is reached, the engine is shut down to avoid a breakdown. The function is convenient when mowing in the warm time of the day (we recommend doing it in the morning or evening when it is not so hot).
  • Adjustable handles. While most brushcutters have adjustable bars, some models do not. This parameter should be clarified directly from the seller. Handlebar adjustment makes it possible to adjust the brushcutter to your height.
  • Semi-automatic line feed. During mowing, the line for the trimmer gradually wears out when it comes into contact with grass and hard objects. To pull it out of the spool to the desired length on some models, simply push the bobbin to the ground. This way it is not necessary to turn the device off and bend down to pull the line for trimming.

Rating of the best models of electric trimmers

Budget segment (up to 5000)

Portable electric trimmer for grass, equipped with a motor rated at 280 watts, located at the bottom of the device. Plastic deck and housing, adjustable handle, D-shaped handle. Knife rotates at 12500 rpm and mowing width is 26 cm. Comes with a 1.6 mm trimmer line.

Budget model, the highest quality of inexpensive models. Provides comfortable vertical mowing. Grass trimmer has a D-shaped adjustable handle. Additional handle is also adjustable. Power of the device is 600 W, it is notable for high productivity, mowing almost any kind of vegetation. Its average price is 2890

The most reliable model of the budget. The engine of this tool rotates around the axis by 180 degrees, which allows convenient processing of complex and small areas (edges of lawns, flower beds). Cutting head end made of metal, for strength and durability. The line feed is semi-automatic. The shaft and auxiliary handle are adjustable. This device weighs only 2.6 kg, and the motor power is 450 watts. Average price. 3050

  • safety goggles and a shoulder strap are included;
  • protection system against accidental start;
  • low weight;
  • Reliability and quality of materials of construction;
  • Power cord can be secured.

Another budget model of the popular German manufacturer, the main advantage of which is its lightness and compactness. Has good features: small weight, only 1.8 kg. (comfortable for women), very low noise level, low power consumption. The power of the device is low. 280 watts, but this figure is enough to cut thick undergrowth and perennials. Average cost. 2 370

Reliable device from an American company, capable of easily coping with any kind of weeds and small bushes. The motor has a power of 1 230 W., which enables high performance, and is protected against overloading. The machine weighs 4.8 kg and is equipped with a soft start/brake unit, as well as a small and large hood. The average price is 4400

  • the set includes a disk and a fishing line for the trimmer;
  • Adjustable additional handle;
  • high-quality assembly;
  • sturdy and ergonomic design;
  • safe.

Mid-range segment (5 to 10 thousand)

Inexpensive model from a German company, showing high power. 1500 watts. Equipped with shock absorber against stones and other obstacles. safety is also ensured by a safety guard and an accidental start safety device. Handle is adjustable and includes shoulder strap. The average price of this model is 5,700

This portable device equipped with an electric motor is capable of cutting grass up to 30 cm in width. blade speed is 7500 rpm. From other models, the device is different in the presence of an integrated lithium-ion battery, the capacity of 2.6 Ah, providing a voltage of 36 V. So after charging, you can operate the device without plugging in for 50 minutes. Deck and body are made of plastic, handle is adjustable, the rod is straight. Handle is comfortable, D-shaped. Machine weight 2.3 kg.

This model works on a standard line, intended for cutting of the grass and young bushes on open areas and hard-to-reach places: along paths, walls of buildings, around trees. Plastic body is equipped with a 1,63 l electric motor.с. (1200 W), a straight, split boom, D-shaped, height-adjustable handle, shoulder strap and 2 mm filament reel (working width 38 cm, blade 25.5 cm). Serves line trimmer in semi-automatic mode. Top-mounted motor.

Included: tool kit, shroud, disk, spool with a fishing line, belt. Blade speed: 7000 rpm. Net weight of the complete grass trimmer is 4 kg 700 g.

Portable grass trimmer with an electric motor, runs from the mains, can clean up 600 m at a time.kv. areas. Uses 40 cm wide trimmer line for grass (semi-automatic feed), for young shrubs. knife (makes 5.5 thousand revolutions per minute). Collapsible boom, straight, bicycle handle, height-adjustable. The motor is located at the top of the structure, consumes 1200 watts of power. Provides an easy start, anti-vibration system, shoulder strap. Weight of the product. 5 kg 500 g.

  • engine;
  • appearance;
  • reliable;
  • smooth start;
  • compact unit for transportation;
  • The possibility of obtaining an extended warranty;
  • productive;
  • value for money;
  • no hands get tired after long use;
  • small weight.

The product of the popular Japanese company, featuring ergonomics, safety and convenience. With the declared characteristics has a capacity of 1000 watts, copes with a tough vegetation. Its weight is 4.3 kg, with a well-balanced weight distribution, comfortable shoulder strap, height-adjustable handle, which creates a comfortable working environment. Its average price is 5,400

Expensive segment (over 10 thousand)

Cordless model of the portable type with a cutting width of 28 cm, the upper position of the engine is equipped only with a fishing line. Deck and body are made of plastic, the boom is straight, there is a D-shaped, soft, height-adjustable handle. The battery is of Li-Ion type, voltage 36 V, works on a single charge for 20 minutes. Noise level 86 dB, allows the operator to work without headphones. Weight of the machine is 2.5 kg. The control organ, the on/off button, is located on the handle, which provides a quick and comfortable start of the grass trimmer.

How to evaluate the quality and reliability?

Evaluating the quality of manufacture is not difficult, because it is enough to see how well-made trimmer electric for the grass. If it has something loose or needs to be repaired immediately after purchase, then no quality is out of the question.

It is much more difficult to assess which device is more reliable, because this parameter is subjective, because in different conditions, the same model can work to failure for both a month or 10 years.

Therefore, about ¾ of the reliability depends on the correct use of electric grass trimmers, because even the highest quality grass trimmer will quickly break down if it is constantly overloaded, and do not observe the mode of operation and cooling.

Thus, in determining reliability, we evaluate:

  • quality and cost of materials from which the electric grass trimmer is made;
  • The ratio of positive to negative reviews;
  • Analysis of each negative feedback, allowing you to determine the cause of breakage or dissatisfaction of the owner of such equipment.

Additional recommendations

When choosing a gasoline trimmer you should pay attention to a number of other parameters.

  • Type of motor/drive unit. This is the main point, which determines the cost and characteristics of the grass trimmer. 4-stroke engine is used in professional models, which have a higher cost and weight. For most cases, a 2-stroke engine is enough, but for it you need to prepare a mixture of gasoline and oil in the correct proportion. As for the drive, the mechanism with a metal cable is less efficient than a device with a straight shaft.
  • Tank capacity. The greater this parameter, the less often you have to refill the fuel during operation. But here you need to consider the power and “voracity” of the engine, as well as the increased overall weight.
  • Cutting part. Vegetation is cut with special paddle blades or a fishing line. The latter has a shorter life, but the trimmer line is safer. As for the blades, they are better able to cope with thick vegetation and even thin trees.
  • Filter. This element requires periodic inspection and cleaning. It is very important that it is easily accessible for changes. Some models have reusable filter elements that just need to be washed and dried periodically.
  • Type of suspension. In frequent use, it is better to give preference to trimmers with backpack suspension. That way the strain on your back can be greatly reduced.
  • Cover. It is desirable that the housing is strong and flexible, as well as having metal plates on both sides.
  • Fuel tank fixation. Metal fasteners are more reliable in comparison with plastic construction
  • Mowing head housing. We recommend models with a metal element, because it protects better from stones and has a longer service life.

The above rating allows you to quickly pick up a gasoline trimmer for home or cottage and save time on searching for a suitable tool.

grass, trimmer, choose, advantages

The list contains only the best models from the price-quality point of view, which deserve mostly positive feedback from users.

But if you want, you can always choose a machine “for you” using the recommendations given in the article.