What is a vibrating sander for?. Model Bosch GSS 23 AE

The grinder. what kind of a beast?

The grinder is designed to simplify and accelerate the monotonous work of grinding various surfaces. Those who at least once faced with the choice of this tool know what difficulties await the inexperienced buyer in the store! That is why we will advise you which type to choose!

The simplest and most affordable option is a vibratory sander. The tool has a flat, rectangular base plate that is mounted on an anchor. The anchor, in turn, transmits circular motion from the motor to the platform, due to what the soleplate vibrates. The harder you press on the tool, the more you oscillate.

With this type you can sand any flat surface, regardless of material. Thanks to the quick and easy change of sandpaper sheets, you can carry out as a rough treatment, and fine, finishing sanding. The vibrating type is most often bought for household purposes. removing layers of old paint, cleaning of rust, soot and dirt.

The pluses of such a tool are its cost, simple design, durability. Disadvantages. your hands get tired quickly from vibration, especially from unused experience. Noise level is high enough, speed is low. If you have to deal with more complex surfaces, a lot of work will have to be done manually.

Обзор Виброшлифмашина Bosch GSS 23 A

Power of different models ranges from 160 to 600 W. for home it will be enough and 200-300 W. The more power, the heavier will be the tool, so it’s better to stop at the average value. The smaller the size of the soleplate, the easier it is to work in confined spaces, but on the other hand, it takes much longer to work areas with a flat surface.

Delta sanders differ from HSSM primarily in the shape and size of the soleplate, which resembles the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet. delta, hence the name. The size of the sole plate is small, allowing the tool to get into hard-to-reach places, such as corners. DSHM also differs and small weight, which gives them a definite advantage over other types of. Consumables for these grinders need to be attached to the soleplate with Velcro, so you can not do without special sandpaper.

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Working principle is the same as for the vibratory type. But power of DWM rarely exceeds 300 W. This type is also available with additional attachments to work with various complex surfaces. Tool’s oscillation amplitude is up to 2 mm, that is why it is better to treat surfaces with this type of tools in the very last place, after rough treatment.


Casing and ergonomics. The housing of this grinder is made of durable black and yellow plastic that makes it difficult to lose, even in constant repair and frequent moves. Handle with elliptical shape and anti-slip rubber pads is precisely above the center of gravity of the tool.

Design Features. Aluminum base plate for good heat transfer. It has a size of 108×115 mm and is capable of securing the abrasive sheet with Velcro and spring steel clips.

All current-carrying parts and bearings are safely protected from dust. There is a small cylindrical dust bag, which can be replaced with a hose from a construction vacuum cleaner.

Bag connection or vacuum cleaner.

The 2.5 meter long cable is reinforced with extra thickening to prevent breakage.

Features and functions. The machine is equipped with a sturdy American 230 W motor for continuous use with minimum interruptions. Vibration frequency of 14,000 cycles per minute with an amplitude of 1.6 mm is not adjustable, but suitable for sanding most hard materials.

Supplied with. The tool is sold with a dust container and peorized plate.

  • Comfortable design.
  • Reliability.
  • Small size and weight.
  • High frequency oscillation.
  • Universal abrasive attachment.
  • Vibration damping system.

Bosch PBS 75 AE

Two-hand sander with 750 W power. Suitable for most types of wood surfaces, for example log walls or solid timbers. Belt width of 75 mm. Equipped with infinitely variable speed control of the main shaft. Approximate weight 5.6 kg.

  • High capacity allows large areas to be covered in a short period of time.
  • Removable front handle. Thanks to this, you can sand the wooden floor at the junction with the wall.
  • Convenient belt changeover reduces the time it takes to get the machine ready for work.
  • Strong dust extraction, because it collects nearly all the dust generated in the course of sanding. The bag can be easily removed for cleaning.
  • Smooth start system for the sanding belt.
  • Plastic storage case. Easy to transport.
  • Comparatively large weight. Continuous work on vertical surfaces causes fatigue.
  • Short power lead reduces freedom of movement. Requires the use of an extension cord in addition.
  • Weak locking of the wheel that controls the speed. during grinding, you must constantly monitor its position.
  • High noise level.

Output. Bosch PBS 75 AE 0.603.2A1.120 sander offers higher productivity compared to other models in the same class. This makes it a good choice for the businessman providing paid services and interested in getting the job done quickly. High enough price to make it impractical to buy a machine for domestic use only.

Metabo BAE 75

Manual sander designed for all types of wood. Power rating of 1 kW. Grinding belt width is 75 mm as standard. The machine is equipped with electronic speed control of the main shaft and maintains a constant belt speed. Weight 4.7 kg.

  • Excellent equipment, including 6-point wrench, lengthwise stop, dust collector adapters, additional handle.
  • Comfortable working thanks to smart ergonomics. No need for fatigue, even over extended periods of sanding.
  • Low noise level enhances the possibilities of using the machine.
  • Includes apparatus for converting the machine into a stationary sander.
  • Long power cord that does not lose its elasticity.
  • Heavyweight. Long periods of grinding on vertical surfaces leads to fatigue, which in turn reduces productivity.
  • Unfortunate center of gravity at the top. This is a common cause of the machine collapsing and the formation of unsightly notches on the ground surface.
  • Hard to turn the knob, which regulates the speed of the main shaft. This makes it difficult to set the desired parameter.

Conclusion. A budget model that is suitable for both home and commercial use. Good maintainability is an asset in the latter case. The Metabo BAE 75 600375000 is distinguished from other draw frames by its intelligent ergonomics, making it a machine for people without much experience.

The Makita 9403

1200 Watt sander with large dust bag. Belt width 100 mm. Supplied with an additional knob. Belt speed up to 500 m/min. The weight is 5.7 kg.

Drum sander

This type of machine is designed for floor treatments: smoothing and smoothing is easily done with a drum sander. The tool is considered versatile and does not need to be rebuilt for a specific room or type of wood.

The machine is designed for such operations as

  • removal of the old paint coating;
  • Elimination of differences between individual fixed planks and plates of wood;
  • Sanding and polishing the floor in preparation for flooring or painting.

Structurally it consists of a frame housing in which the motor, transmission units and the roller drum are installed. The abrasive, an abrasive paper of the required grit size, is fixed on it. Its belt moves with automatically adjusted speed (up to ten meters per minute).

Turning the drum evenly removes the surface layer by the size of the contact spot.

The machine is controlled by a handle. it is long, for a human height. The controls are located on it, as well as the power cable (for maximum distance from the spindle).

In order to clean the floor and the air around the layout is often supplemented by a ventilation system and a bag to collect chips, shavings and dust.

How is a vibrating sander designed. vibration at the service of man!

In conventional vibrating grinders, the sole plate often has a rectangular shape. First, for this shape does not need to produce separate sheets of abrasive, perfectly ordinary sandpaper is suitable. The abrasive is fastened in several ways. either with clamps or with Velcro. In the second case, it will still be necessary to find a special paper with an appropriate surface for “sticking” to the sole of the grinder.

Note, as a rule, in the box with the grinder always comes several sheets of sandpaper, which is matched to the size of the soleplate and has a certain pattern of holes. Don’t hurry to throw out or use them, let them be a model for making needed plates for your own work. If you put a new sheet of sandpaper on such a layout, you can mark the location of the holes and make the same ones with a hole punch! They are needed to collect dust with a vacuum cleaner. by the way, if you bought the model without a vacuum cleaner, then you do not need to fill the holes, although on the sandpaper, which will go to the kit, and on the sole, the corresponding holes will be. However, they are of no use without the vacuum cleaner, they are there for beauty’s sake.

The principle of operation of any vibrating grinder type is quite simple. the motor movement through a special anchor, offset from the center of the platform is transferred to the soleplate. The anchor makes high-speed circular movements, which creates the vibration. The stronger the pressure on the platform, the more the device should vibrate. That’s the whole principle of the vibratory machines. apart from that, they only differ in various add-ons that make the work more comfortable.

Perhaps the closest “competitor” to vibrating grinders are eccentric. They work on a completely different principle. the grinding is due to the rotation of the circular platform with the abrasive. In addition to rotation, this type of tools also reciprocates, which greatly enhances the quality of work. The main disadvantage of this type. high cost compared to the same vibrating. If you have not decided which one will suit you better, vibratory sander or eccentric, keep in mind that the latter is the choice of professionals, so if you are looking for a tool for home, and the seller in the store in every way describes the benefits of the eccentric tool, then give in to the bright colors of description is not necessary. The tool in a domestic environment simply will not pay for itself!

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Rating of vibratory grinders up to 250 watts

In the rating of flat grinders, models of low power up to 250 watts are in high demand. These devices are inexpensive and allow you to perform simple household works related to repair and restoration of furniture at home and in the country house.


Vibrating machine with 230 W power and an amplitude of 1.6 mm supports the attachment of the abrasive both with Velcro and with clips. Has a comfortable handle with rubber pads. Provides a dust collector with the ability to connect a vacuum cleaner.

Lijadora Orbital GSS 23 AE

What grinder is better to choose. an eccentric or a vibratory grinder

Buy a vibratory sander or eccentric for home, depends on the objectives. Both devices allow you to remove old paintwork, treat automobile bodies, polish furniture, doors and other workpieces.

In this case, the flat models are often used for rough sanding wide surfaces. The degree of accuracy of polishing depends largely on the abrasive installed on the sole. But in general, machines with a rectangular platform provide careless rough cleaning. With their help it is convenient to remove old coatings, in order to achieve perfect smoothness later with other devices.

Sanders with a rounded head provide a finer polish. They are more often used for finishing work, when you need not just to sand the material, but to make it as smooth as possible.

Better eccentric sander or vibratory. also depends on the characteristics of the workpiece to be polished. Flat sanding models with a flat rectangular sole are well suited for finishing shelves, stairs, window frames and door frames.

If the surface is curved or has decorative elements, it is more convenient to use an orbital sander for polishing. Rounded bottom allows easy processing of radiuses and small irregular-shaped parts.

The scope of application of flat sanders is generally narrower than that of orbital sanders

If you need a grinder for professional use, it is better to buy models of both types at the same time. In this case, the device can be used alternately. for rough sanding and finishing sanding.

Purpose of the vibrating grinder

Flat grinder, as they are often called sanders, is designed for processing dry surfaces of various materials. Technical characteristics allow the use of a vibrating tool for various operations:

With the grinder can be processed materials:

The grinder is also used to remove corrosion spots, paint materials, renovation of wooden surfaces.

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How to use the machine properly?

It is very important to take care of effective dust extraction during work. If there is no possibility to connect an external vacuum cleaner, and the model has a built-in dust extraction function, you must ensure that the holes on the grinder fully coincide with the holes on the soleplate. Failure to do so drastically reduces the effectiveness of dust extraction, which can result in a situation where even a powerful vacuum cleaner won’t help.

The mode of operation must be chosen correctly, depending on the material to be processed, the characteristics of the surface. For example, do not use the machine at high engine rpm when working on plastic or lacquered surfaces. Do not apply excessive pressure to the power tool while it is operating. The cause of insufficient performance may be wear of the consumables or a lack of power of the model. Heavy pressure on the tool will not improve performance in these cases.

Regular maintenance is essential for the tool to provide many years of reliable service and to do a good job. This is especially important if the machine is used frequently. Always pay attention to any changes in the work. For example, if you hear unusual noises, the bearings are clogged with dust and must be cleaned with a hard brush.

The base of the machine needs to be replaced over time. Replacement time will depend on how often the tool is used. If you use the machine a lot, you may need to replace it within six months, and if you use it occasionally, the soleplate can last for several years. A sign that the sole has failed is if the abrasive wheel comes off when the eccentric is rotated.

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Careful use of the tool will prolong the service life of the Velcro sole. When installing the abrasive wheel, care must be taken to ensure that it completely covers the velcro and does not move out of place, even by a few millimeters. Otherwise, the edges of the Velcro begin to wear away and will no longer perform their function. There is no way to fix such a problem, you have to replace the platter completely.