What is an impact screwdriver for?

What is an impact screwdriver for??

A rotary screwdriver is a very necessary and useful tool in the arsenal of any mechanic. In our time, it is even difficult to imagine how our grandfathers in the old days did without this, in all respects, a wonderful instrument. We will not go far for examples of the effectiveness of this tool. we will take the most common in practice.

So, we are faced with the task: to unscrew the steel bolt from the aluminum crankcase (a very difficult case, since the steel-aluminum pair stick together tightly relative to each other). What is the best way to do this? If it is known in advance that the bolt is badly corroded and unscrewing it with an ordinary wrench will be oh, how difficult it is.

Everything is correct. Such a bolt can only be unscrewed by a blow applied to the bolt in the radial direction or good warm-up. We sweep aside the heating of the bolt immediately, since the area of ​​the bolt head is small and it will be simply unrealistic to warm up the entire body of the bolt, but the necessary blow will be provided by the same impact screwdriver.

First, let’s see what this tool is, so to speak with our own eyes. The complete set of this tool includes: a metal case, six bits for a different slot, an adapter from a square to an internal hexagon. The price of this model of an impact screwdriver is very affordable, of the order: 400 rubles, the quality is quite consistent with the price and level of equipment.

Impact screwdriver

The great advantage of this model is that its shank has a standard square for a socket head, due to which it is possible to install various nozzles, extension cords, bits, etc. on the screwdriver. This functionality undoubtedly makes this tool almost indispensable.

impact screwdriver shank square

Shank accepts a standard socket.

Using an adapter, you can use a smaller square for small heads or bits.

adapter for smaller square for impact screwdriver shank

impact screwdriver

With two adapters, sockets for the smallest square or bit can be used.

impact screwdriver

impact screwdriver

For work in hard-to-reach places, an extension can be installed on the shank.

Impact screwdriver shank extension

How to use an impact screwdriver?

This model of impact screwdriver has two modes of operation: right rotation (letter on the case R) and left rotation (letter on the case L), before starting work, take the screwdriver with both hands, press the shank inside and switch it to the mode of operation we need.

switching between operating modes of an impact screwdriver

switching between operating modes of an impact screwdriver

After choosing the desired mode, we put the nozzle we need on the shank, put on or insert the nozzle onto the fasteners that need to be unscrewed, we firmly grip the screwdriver case with our hand and with the other hand we apply a not strong but very sharp blow with a hammer on top of the screwdriver case.

how to use an impact screwdriver We disassemble the QJ 1E40QMB engine of the Stels ATV 50183 ATV

Such a bolt that had stuck tightly did not manage to resist the impact screwdriver.

We disassemble the QJ 1E40QMB engine of the Stels ATV 50184 ATV

Screwdriver Jonnesway SL 9.11mm

Impact screwdriver Jonnesway SL 9.11mm is a versatile tool designed to work in both domestic and harsh industrial environments. The tool has a good value for money. The screwdriver has a long service life and excellent performance. Professionals often resort to the Jonnesway model, as it meets all their expectations.

  • Operating principle
  • Impact screwdriver FORCE
  • Impact screwdriver Stayer
  • Impact screwdriver Toopex
  • Screwdriver Jonnesway SL 9.11mm
  • Conclusion


Very often we have to unscrew rusted bolts or screws. An ordinary screwdriver is practically useless in such cases. Even if you try to unscrew it with a simple screwdriver, you are guaranteed to knock off the sting and render it unusable. In this case, an “unusual” screwdriver, namely an impact screwdriver, is in a hurry to help us. We will talk about her.

In appearance, you can immediately distinguish an impact screwdriver from a conventional one. The shock has a reinforced steel body, and is several times larger than its “brother”. The kit usually comes with 2 or 4 bits (cross and flat). Bits are inserted in the same way as in a regular screwdriver.

An impact screwdriver has a torsion switch (reversible), usually it is still unscrewed, but if you need to tighten any part tightly, the reverse will be very useful.

Impact screwdriver Toopex

TOPEX is a Polish company for the production of construction tools. This is one of the few companies that produces more than one and a half thousand products in the category of “hand tools”. Most of the tools (a screwdriver is no exception) are intended for amateur use, and it is highly discouraged to use tools of this brand at a professional level.

Impact screwdrivers TOPEX х6

A set of TM TOPEX impact screwdrivers of six different screwdrivers will help you to unscrew any necessary bolt. High quality CrV steel protects your screwdriver from shattering, thus preserving and extending its lifespan. The hardened magnetic tip greatly simplifies the work of the tool. This type of screwdriver is intended for domestic use, but it has also proven itself well in heavy industry.

Impact screwdriver FORCE

FORCE impact screwdrivers are widely used not only by ordinary users, but also by professionals who need an effective impact screwdriver for every day. One of the famous models on the Russian market. FORCE 5064. And consider it.

FORCE 5064

High quality impact screwdriver, renowned for its ability to withstand very heavy loads. Such loads include the work of a tool in heavy industrial plants, service stations, car maintenance, etc. But even in daily use it is not replaceable.

If you want to purchase a tool that will last more than one year and at the same time will be simple and effective. FORCE 5064 is exactly what you need.

Taking a look at the photo of an impact screwdriver, you can visually assess its power.

Operating principle

The principle of operation of an impact screwdriver is very simple. during a blow, the bit turns in the required direction, and not at all by much (by 1-3 mm), but these millimeters are quite enough to knock down a stuck bolt. Then you can use a regular screwdriver. The main purpose is the initial phase of unscrewing, when it is impossible to do it manually.

How to use an impact screwdriver? Having previously set the reverse on the screwdriver, carefully place the bit on the stuck bolt, and start hitting with a hammer until the bolt moves off the dead center. If the household has a screwdriver, then it can easily replace the impact screwdriver. As you can see, the impact screwdriver works simply and effectively.

Each tool usually comes with a manual, an impact screwdriver is no exception. But often such instructions are written in a foreign language. In this case, you can download the instructions for the impact screwdriver on the network, there are plenty of them here.

Impact screwdriver Stayer

Stаyer 2565-H6

An impact screwdriver for mounting and dismounting threaded connections does an excellent job with the tasks and surpasses many analogues. Hardened chrome vanadium steel impact bits are capable of very good loosening of stuck bolts for a long time.

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The screwdriver kit includes 4 x 36mm bits and 2 x 75mm bits. The price is higher relative to the Chinese counterpart, but the quality is worth it.

The choice of impact screwdrivers on the market is endless, so everyone will choose the right tool for themselves. Here is a list of the most popular and demanded screwdrivers, but in fact it is much more. When choosing an impact screwdriver, pay attention to brands, even if they are a little more expensive, they will exceed all your expectations. And among the cheap options there are decent ones, but there are very few of them. Therefore, do not spare money on construction tools, because the miser pays twice.

watch the video about impact screwdrivers

Electronic Indicating Instruments

The modern version of the voltage indicator is an electronic screwdriver with a display, sound and light indicator.

In fact, it is a full-fledged multifunctional voltage indicator, the “little brother” of the multimeter.

The presence of an electric current in the circuit is indicated by a phase indicator light and an audible buzzer.

The voltage value is displayed on the LCD screen.

This instrument is capable of working with AC and DC networks, which makes it suitable for testing networks of vehicles powered by batteries.

As a rule, this option is not common among professional electricians due to the high cost.


Inside the universal indicator screwdrivers there is a microcircuit that will expand the capabilities of the tool.

There is a slider on the body. a switch by means of which the operating mode is selected:

The presence of voltage is signaled by a built-in light.

The presence of voltage is indicated by a light bulb. The mode is characterized by low sensitivity

Non-contact inspection with high sensitivity

The presence of current is signaled by both the light indication and the sound signal.

This mode will allow you to find current-carrying wires even under a layer of plaster.

Such indicator multifunctional screwdrivers are very convenient to use, and most importantly, they are effective.

It should be remembered that the presence of additional elements in the device increases the cost of the tool.

In addition, batteries are used for power supply and must be changed frequently.

With display

In simple indicator screwdrivers equipped with displays, no batteries are used, and the presence of voltage on a phase is indicated by an icon appearing on the LCD screen.

Works by reading the electrostatic field.

Typically, these tools are compact and the body is made of plastic.

Indicator screwdriver types and selection

The indicator screwdriver has several varieties that perform both standard and additional functions, you can learn all the details from this article.

A huge number of household appliances provide comfort in the house, but the use of several powerful consumers at the same time leads to an excessive load on the wiring.

This is fraught with, at least, minor breakdowns, which can be eliminated on their own without resorting to the help of an electrician.

To correctly determine the phase and zero, protecting yourself from electric shock, as well as to correctly connect electrical appliances and troubleshoot the electrical network, an indicator screwdriver is used.

This tool should be kept in every home, because it is easy for them to determine the working phase and zero (by elimination).

In the arsenal of an electrician, such a screwdriver occupies a key place.

Most of the repairs of electrical appliances, equipment and the elimination of faults in the electrical network begin with it.

What is an indicator screwdriver for?

The main purpose of the indicator screwdriver is to check the presence or absence of an active phase in the mains.

Due to this, the process of setting up equipment, repairing electrical circuits and their laying are greatly facilitated.

Using the tool, you can determine the location of the phase and neutral wire breakage yourself, without resorting to the services of an electrician.

The indicator screwdriver ensures safety when working with electricity by detecting the presence of current in the circuit.

It is often indispensable for electrical installation, especially if work is carried out with old wiring, where the phase and neutral wires cannot be visually distinguished (aluminum wires in Khrushchev, for example).

You will also need this tool if you need to replace or install sockets and switches in an existing electrical network.

Interestingly, the indicator can determine the position of the switch (on or off), which allows you to install it on the correct side.

Using modern models with a display in everyday life, you can perform the simplest dialing function of the power supply, which allows you to find out the current voltage, its other parameters.

Still, for a full-fledged work, a normal tester is needed.

Model with neon lamp

A neon tester screwdriver is the simplest probe.

The disadvantage of this contact-type tool is a fairly high voltage indication threshold. from 60V.

Used to determine the phase in the AC circuit.

Not suitable for finding wire breaks.

An indicator screwdriver such as UNO is popular in everyday life. a single-pole voltage indicator, the operating range of which is limited by the upper mark of 500V.

Used when connecting electricity meters, fuses, switches, etc.

The principle of operation of a screwdriver with a neon light is its glow when the tip contacts a current-carrying conductor.

Electricity passes through a resistance resistor and closes on a person with a second contact located at the end.

Simply put, the lamp will light up if you touch the sting to the phase wire, and touch the end contact with your finger, thereby closing the circuit.

With LED

The principle of operation of the indicator with LED does not differ from the options with neon lamps.

But this tool is good because it works great with power grids with a voltage of less than 60V.

The LED indicator screwdriver device includes a self-contained power supply and a bipolar transistor, making this tool multifunctional in all its simplicity.

Allows you to determine the presence of a phase by both contact and non-contact methods, check the integrity of wires and fuses.

Types of indicator screwdrivers

Voltage indicators, made in the form of an ordinary screwdriver, have a general principle of operation, but may differ in the form of execution, functionality and device.

There are contact and non-contact.

The indicator in various models can be both a sound signal, a small LED, and even a digital screen.

What is an impact screwdriver for??

Each technical tool has its own functional purpose. An impact swivel screwdriver is used to loosen the fasteners. Improved models with installed reverse, not only unscrew the screws, but also tighten the screws. The manual mechanism is used in locksmith work, the automotive industry. The shock-rotary design is successfully used at home during the repair of sanitary equipment. Impact steel screwdriver is effective for disassembling motor motors.

How to disassemble an impact screwdriver?

A simple device is not difficult to assemble and disassemble. The flat impact screwdriver can be easily decomposed into parts and stored unassembled in a special case with a set of nozzles. Algorithm for parsing impact-rotary screwdriver:

  • pull the bit out of the handle with a twisting motion;
  • pry the ring with a screwdriver or knife and carefully remove;
  • a movable device in the form of a V-shaped groove remains on the handle;
  • inside the movable device there is a spring and balls that can be easily removed.

DIY impact screwdriver

Many craftsmen use household appliances that have served their service life for the manufacture of the necessary items and tools. Do-it-yourself impact screwdriver from a starter. manufacturing algorithm step by step:

  • Equipment necessary for work: angle grinder (angle grinder), locksmith vice, lathe, through cutter, welding, drilling device with a drill with a diameter of 5 mm, tap with M6 thread, core, screw M6, boring cutter, old starter from the machine, wrench with a square, a metal tube equal in diameter to the bendix, 2 springs, iron balls, a metal washer, a hammer, scotch tape, a bottle of hammer paint, gloves, glasses.
  • Clamp the anchor.
  • Squeeze out the stem.
  • Wear safety glasses.
  • Saw off the splined part from the bendix angle grinder with cutting disc.
  • Cut the square angle grinder from the wrench.
  • On a lathe with a boring cutter, make a step on a round metal blank to install the slots from the bendix.
  • To secure the stem, clamp the main part in a vice.
  • Using a drilling machine, make a hole with a diameter of 5 mm for the screw.
  • Clamp the part in a vice.
  • Check screw tightness.
  • Tighten the stem in a vice.
  • angle grinder make a middle groove.
  • Install the spline into the base.
  • Clamp in a vice.
  • Weld the parts together.
  • Tap the seam with a hammer to remove slag.
  • Clamp the part into a three-jaw lathe chuck.
  • Remove welding marks with a straight cutter.
  • Clamp the stem with the fitted square in a vice.
  • Weld parts.
  • Remove unevenness in the seam.
  • Weld a thick washer flush against the splines.
  • Grind on the machine.
  • Collect all the parts.
  • Glue the square and the spline part with masking tape.
  • Paint with hammer paint.
  • Once dry, install a ball with a spring to fix the attachments.
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How to use an impact screwdriver?

For any repair and technical work, safety precautions must be observed. There are guidelines on how to use the impact screwdriver correctly when loosening the screw. In order for the purchased tool to serve for a long time, you need to read the operating instructions and follow all the tips.

  • Prepare tools: impact screwdriver, bit set, hammer.
  • Wear gloves to prevent injury and contamination.
  • Check a new screwdriver for grease, with a dry mechanism. grease with MC1000 grease.
  • Insert the desired size of the bit into the connector piece.
  • Clean the screw head of dust and dirt.
  • Place the tip of the screwdriver in the screw thread perpendicular, at right angles.
  • Hit the heel of the screwdriver with a small hammer blow.
  • Repeat several times so that the clip moves along its axis.
  • With the free movement of the self-tapping screw, unscrew the screw with a screwdriver.

Impact screwdriver working principle

A simple mechanical tool is easy to use. It is necessary to find out how an impact screwdriver works, what is the mechanism of action. The use of the unit does not require special knowledge and skills. Anyone can use the device. The tool is installed at a right angle with a sting in the thread of the screw or bolt. With a gentle, precise movement, strike with a hammer on the outer base of the screwdriver. Upon impact, the thread on the nut turns 1-2 mm towards its axis. Apply several shock-rotary movements to unscrew the stuck mount.

What is an impact screwdriver?

This tool is adapted for a certain type of work. A power screwdriver is a general technical mechanical device, which is correctly called an impact screwdriver. It is used both in industry and at home for household repairs. The range and functionality of such tools is regularly expanded.

Impact screwdriver bits

Complete with the tool, depending on the model and brand of the manufacturer, it is offered from 2 to 20 bits of different formats. Impact rotary screwdriver is equipped with two types of attachments: Phillips and flat. The composition from which the nozzle is made is of great importance during operation. Bits made of nickel and chrome have increased durability and long service life. Nozzles created from low-quality raw materials, when applied, deform and break. The cost of a hand tool depends on the material, number of bits, manufacturer.

Impact screwdriver types

This tool, depending on the configuration, can be presented both with a set of replaceable bits, and in the form of a conventional screwdriver.

Impact screwdrivers can also be divided into several types depending on the technical characteristics and functionality.

Impact slotted screwdriver

This type of tool is usually presented in a large size. This is due to the fact that they are usually needed when working with large parts.

Impact screwdriver bit

Nowadays, many screwdrivers come with a set of interchangeable bits. As a rule, manufacturers put in from 2 to 20 different bits for a given tool.

The material from which the attachments are made is very important. Since an impact screwdriver involves the use of brute force, using poor-quality bits often leads to breakage and deformation of the bits. Bits made of nickel and chromium are characterized by increased durability.

What is an impact screwdriver

An impact screwdriver is a tool that differs from conventional screwdrivers primarily in its more durable material. Sometimes such a tool is also called a power screwdriver. As a rule, such screwdrivers are equipped with a reversible mechanism. “Reversible screwdriver”.

The modern impact screwdriver features a steel body, flat end and anti-slip rubber grips.

Impact rotary screwdriver

This type of tool has a special rotating mechanism inside. This allows you to use a screwdriver not only to break off the hardware, but also to tighten it. The advantages include ease of use and accuracy during work.

How to use an impact screwdriver

Many models come with an instruction manual (user manual). However, cheaper models do not have such a guide. Since this tool is not basic to use, many consumers have a question about how to use it correctly.

In addition to the impact screwdriver itself, a hammer is also required in the work. User manual step by step:

  • remove, if possible, dirt and obvious rust from the working surface, it is advisable to use special products (WD-40 or gasoline);
  • choose a suitable screwdriver or bit for hardware (if the tool allows you to change nozzles);
  • if the tool is equipped with a reversing mechanism, select the desired mode;
  • install the tool into the thread of the problematic fastener;
  • gently knock with a hammer on the flat end of the screwdriver;
  • follow the hardware. as soon as the fasteners start to move, remove the impact screwdriver and continue unscrewing with a regular screwdriver or screwdriver. “How to choose a screwdriver”.

Impact screwdriver overview

Below are some models of both domestic and foreign manufacturers, with a brief description of the technical characteristics.

How to use an impact screwdriver?

Everything is very simple! Take this screwdriver in your hands and take a hammer with it, or something else that you will use to hit the impact of a rotary screwdriver.

When you collect all the necessary substances, attach an impact screwdriver to the screw that you need to unscrew, and after you have applied it, make one blow of the force that you think will be needed to unscrew this screw and not deform the surface.

After one or more blows have been made, put this screwdriver aside and then completely unscrew this screw that you previously unscrewed with a rotary screwdriver.

To tighten the screw you need, do the same operation but only in the reverse order, that is: First, tighten the screw until it starts spinning with a little effort, and then take the screwdriver in your hands and blow it with a hammer to tighten this screw until stop.

Do not turn the screw in need of a blow, using an ordinary screwdriver to the very stop, because if the screw is screwed in all the way with an ordinary screwdriver, then when hit by a shock-rotating screwdriver, the screw can damage the car body, thereby tightening more tightly!

What is an impact screwdriver and how to use it?

Impact screwdriver. this is how it is called among the people, and its full name sounds like this: “Impact rotary screwdriver”. Recently, we have already very often begun to ask questions about this unit, someone asks: How should it be used? For someone, its purpose is interesting, but for someone you just need to find out how much it costs and what types of it there are. Let’s get down to parsing these questions.

How much does an impact screwdriver cost?

And if you are a service station worker and you need the screwdriver to be more convenient, and the screws can be removed faster with it, then your price range starts from 600 and ends at 3700 rubles.

The entire price range is only approximate, and in most cases it happens that service station workers use an impact screwdriver purchased for 200 rubles, and the owners of their cars use a screwdriver whose price reaches 2,100 rubles and above!

How to use an impact driver to release seized screws

What is the impact screwdriver for??

It is needed to loosen the tightening, as well as to tightly tighten the nuts that are required by design, for example, the screws that fasten the door lock on the car body must be tightened only with a shock screwdriver, otherwise, when tightening these screws with a conventional screwdriver, during operation car (On bumps, potholes, etc.), these screws will loosen and eventually they will completely turn out.

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The photo just above shows the lock and the same screws that need to be tightened with an impact screwdriver (The screws are indicated by arrows). The photo was taken using the example of a VAZ 2109 car!

What types of impact screwdrivers are?

The most basic type of screwdriver is produced in the form of an ordinary beard, how to use it was written a little higher, and the greatest value of this screwdriver lies in its price, which is not much, not a little, 300-900 rubles.

The next type is a screwdriver in the form of an ordinary screwdriver, that is, outwardly it is no different, but inside it has a special mechanism that helps in necessary situations to use it as an impact screwdriver, and in unnecessary situations just like a regular screwdriver. Its price range fluctuates slightly higher and sometimes even reaches 3000 thousand rubles, and starts from about 800 rubles apiece.

Additional video clip:
You can study in more detail how to use a shock-rotary screwdriver in an interesting video clip, which is posted just below:

Comparative characteristics of impact screwdrivers.

You should start with one of the most common tools that belong to the FORCE brand. Impact tools of this brand can be used not only by private users, but also by all professionals who need an effective screwdriver every day. As an example, the most common model of this brand is FORCE 5064. a tool that is of excellent high quality and is able to endure the highest loads. These include the operation of a screwdriver in heavy industrial plants, service stations. The shelf life of this tool is quite long, and during the operation itself, the screwdriver will show itself in the best possible way.

Nevertheless, the result will be more than unpredictable, since these tools will cope with the dismantling and installation of all threaded connections, and there are practically no analogues in terms of productivity. The set includes hardened impact bits, which are made of chrome vanadium steel. For a long time, these tools will cope with all the necessary fixing faults. The kit can include 2 bits with a diameter of 75 mm, and 4 bits with a diameter of 36 mm.

Another good acquisition is the TOPEX tool, which is produced in Poland. If a motorist needs a screwdriver for home purposes and private use, then this particular device will be an excellent investment in the synthesis of quality and price. The cost price is quite cheap in comparison with other impact screwdrivers. This is due to the fact that this screwdriver is not suitable for heavy and constant work in enterprises, etc.

The set of percussion instruments of this brand will include 6 screwdrivers, which are made of high-strength quality steel CrV. This will help protect the work surface from all sorts of damage, thereby extending its lifespan. Due to the fact that this device has a magnetic tip, there will be a significant simplification of work with this tool.

What is an impact screwdriver and how does it work?

  • What is an impact screwdriver and how does it work?
  • 1. The principle of the impact screwdriver.
  • 2. Comparative characteristics of impact screwdrivers.
  • 3. Features of the work.

Quite often, a household needs to use some tools to fix or repair a particular appliance. One such tool is an impact screwdriver. Every housekeeper should be aware of how this device works to avoid further confusion. This device is intended for unscrewing rusted bolts or self-tapping screws. An ordinary screwdriver will not work for this action. This is directly related to the fact that an attempt to unscrew this kind of bolt or self-tapping screw of an ordinary screwdriver can be perpetuated by knocking down the sting.

An impact screwdriver has certain differences from a regular screwdriver. So, this tool has a reinforced metal case, which, in terms of its technical parameters and dimensions, exceeds the traditional screwdriver case. Impact screwdriver kits often come with two or four bits, which appear to be a cross-head and flat-head. The bits must be installed in accordance with the principle by which they are installed in an ordinary screwdriver. The impact screwdriver tool has a torsion switch, in official terminology, the name of which is “reverse”.

How the impact screwdriver works.

Before you start using the percussion tool for its intended purpose, you must prematurely install the reverse on it, after which the bit itself can be combined with the stuck rusty fasteners and start hitting with a hammer. This must be done up to the moment when the bolt moves out of its mounting dead center.

Difference between Drill Drivers & Impact Drivers

If, when carrying out this procedure, there is a screwdriver in the master’s arsenal, then he will be able to fully replace the impact screwdriver. It is important to note that the rotary impact tool can not only unscrew the fastener, but also install it in a new place. However, after using this kind of screwdriver for unscrewing, it will be possible to remove the fasteners only with it, since other tools will not work.

Features of the work.

In order for the unscrewing procedure to be as simple as possible, you need to wipe the rusted fasteners in advance with a rag, which should be pre-moistened with brake fluid. After that, the impact screwdriver tool must be installed on the head of the hardware. It will be ideal if you install the screwdriver perpendicularly. After that, you need to hit with a hammer on the end of the tool. The success of the work performed will directly depend on how firmly the motorist holds the tool in his hand. In order to exclude any possibility of sliding your palm along the handle of the screwdriver, you should wear a glove, which will also protect your hand to a certain extent from possible damage.

Due to how the fastener rotates slightly around its axis, you should hit it with a hammer several more times, after which the tool needs to be switched to the twisting mode, applying a few more necessary blows. This is what will allow the motorist to achieve maximum results and remove rust from the threads, after which further work on unscrewing will be done with particular ease. After all that has been done, the fasteners will have to be shifted from their previous place and their removal will be possible with a regular screwdriver.

Sometimes it happens that even after all the above procedures have been completed, the hardware will not be affected and the fasteners will not be removed. Therefore, it must again be treated with brake fluid and left in this state for several tens of minutes. This kind of “bath” will facilitate faster dismantling. If, after that, the removal of the fasteners is impossible, then you need to resort to categorical measures. break the fasteners. In order for such work to be comfortable and effective, you need to choose a hammer that is suitable for an impact screwdriver. In addition, you will need the same impact screwdriver, rags and brake fluid.

Professionals can make a screwdriver with their own hands, since for this you only need a rotor from an electric motor, or rather its sleeve and shaft. After that, a piece of steel pipe is put on the sleeve, which will act as a handle. The opposite end must be reinforced with a nut that will prevent the handle from breaking under tension. After that, all the details need to be well welded.

The impact screwdriver works more than efficiently. That is why, in order to remove fasteners from the old place, you will not need to use additional devices. When choosing an impact screwdriver, you need to pay attention to the manufacturer and to the cost price, which should definitely not be very cheap. It is preferable to purchase an expensive tool in cases where the work will be constant and in severe operating conditions.

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