What is Better Dewalt Or Makita

The modern market for construction power tools offers a very large selection, both in terms of the brands presented and in terms of specific models. But which brand is better, only experienced professionals know. And this is a big problem. A beginner who made the wrong choice can lose not only his money, but also something much more. Since poor-quality construction or repair work in some cases leads not only to injuries and financial losses, but also to deaths. And so that this does not happen, the tool used in such robots must be of the best quality.

What is Better Dewalt Or Makita

For example, you can compare Boch and Makita for the brands of rotary hammers, grinders and screwdrivers they sell.

Punch Boch or Makita, which is better?

In this market segment, you can compare the models BOSCH 2-24D and Makita HR2470.

Maximum drilling diameter (mm)

Rotation speed (max rpm)

As you can see from the table, the difference between the models is very small. However, for the sake of fairness, it should be noted that in the BOSCH 2-24D, a chiseling function is better developed. In contrast, we can say that the Makita HR2470 is equipped with special carbon readouts that increase the service life, and this model is also easier and faster. What is more important for the professional to use, since it is important during long work and will save in the future. Therefore, in this example, the last mark wins between bosch or makita.

Boch or Makita angle grinder, which is better?

Moving on to the next pair, this time compare the Bosch GWS 850CE and Makita GA5030.

Bosch GWS 850CE

Disc size (max mm)

In this comparison, the GWS 850CE looks like a clear leader because of its greater power, but there are a lot of complaints about it. In particular, to a too hard switch, as well as to the factory lubrication of the gearbox. The latter applies only to the Russian assembly. In addition, professionals blame for the lack of a complete set of this model.

Regarding the model Makita GA5030, it has a clear advantage is a small weight, due to the small size of the tool. Thanks to this, the hands are not so tired. Otherwise, these angle grinders are almost identical in terms of performance and functionality. Therefore, choosing only between them is difficult to point out the unique advantage of a particular model. However, if you take the approach, the choice again is inclined in favor of Makita, because of the supremacy of simplicity and convenience over purely technical characteristics.

Makita or Boch screwdriver, which is better?

When comparing screwdrivers of these brands, perhaps you should not resort to the previously selected method, because if you compare, you need tools that are near. And in this case, they are difficult to pick up, except that the Bosch GSR 10.8-2-Li and Makita DF330DWLE models. But these are tools of old models and their technical characteristics are already outdated. Therefore, comparing screwdrivers it will be better to generalize the pros and cons of Boch or Makita.

Features of the Boch brand:

Germany. Assembly, as a rule, Malaysian;

Basically three year warranty (one year in makita);

The best performance characteristics and, as a consequence, more weight.

Makita brand features:

Japan. The assembly is usually Chinese;

Affordable (compared to Boch).

As you can see the difference between the brands in their approach. For Bosch, this is German precision, reliability and power. Makita is characterized by convenience, economy in terms of price and excellent equipment. In other words, the former are guided by the instrument itself, and the latter by the one who will use it. That allows you to give a clear answer to who is better. Namely:

If the tool is needed for a beginner and not for frequent use, then Makita should be chosen.

While professional builders are better off choosing Bosch, a 3-year Polish warranty and reliability are more important when using power tools permanently.