What is the best angle grinder for the house. Speed and power indicators

What is the best angle grinder: a review of the most high-quality and reliable models

What are the angle grinder? angle grinder are divided into two types: household and professional.

A domestic appliance is cheaper and designed for short-term use for a maximum of 60 minutes. To perform complex works, grinders of this type are not used, but for dacha and home use. it is an ideal option.

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To say what is the best angle grinder and will work reliably and for a long time, it is impossible to uniquely. It depends on what kind of work the tool is purchased for. If for very simple, for example, dacha. you can take a household angle grinder with a minimal set of options. If you are aimed at solving a variety of tasks, and thus long-term use of equipment, it is better to buy a professional model.

The design of professional and domestic manual equipment practically has no differences. The angle grinder consists of three main elements:

  • Case. There is a motor inside the housing. The body in most gasoline or electric grinders of well-known brands has an ergonomic design, so that the tool was the most convenient to use.
  • rotating spindle. It is designed to fix the tool bits angle grinder. disc elements with different diameters.
  • Toothed gear. This is the element that connects the spindle and motor and enables the rotation.
best, angle, grinder, house, speed

Dimensions and weight of angular grinding equipment vary. It can be quite lightweight weighing just over 1 kg or quite heavy weighing 4 kg or more.

How to choose a cordless angle grinder

To choose a good cordless angle grinder, you need to consider not only the generally accepted technical characteristics, but also specific ones:

Power Tool Speed Controller with Right Angle Grinder

  • Diameter of the disc. it determines the maximum cutting depth and is the basic parameter for selecting any angle grinder, even a chain grinder.
  • Disc speed. Professional models accelerate from 8500-900 rpm to 11,000, which is comparable to the capabilities of mains. Domestic tools are less productive. up to 8,000 rpm, therefore, cutting speed and overall efficiency is lower.
  • Battery capacity is the tool’s operating time. Experts recommend taking models from 4 A / h, but for infrequent use or when working on wood, plastic suitable and smaller parameters.
  • Battery voltage. power of the angle grinder. For a professional-class device, 18V is enough, the general characteristics will allow you to carry out a large amount of work. When buying a household tool, it is better to take more powerful. from 20V.

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Types of grinders

Depending on the purpose there are 3 large groups of angle grinder:

  • Domestic: as a rule, their power does not exceed 1100 W, and the disc diameter is 125 mm. The main difference between these devices is that they can not work for a long time, because for home use it is not required. Every 15 minutes the angle grinder will have to give a break for 10 minutes, on average, it can work for about 20 hours a week;
  • Semi-professional: these models are a kind of intermediate option. They are not yet suitable for use for a full working day, but they already have characteristics that almost reach the maximum values. Their power ranges from 1500 to 2000 watts, and the maximum disc diameter can even be equal to 230 mm. These angle grinders are quite capable of working 2-3 days a week;
  • Professional: models in this group are intended for those who tie their life to repair and construction. Power over 2000 watts and the ability to install a disc diameter up to 230 mm make them a real boon: look out for these grinders can also people with golden hands, who love to beautify the house with their hands on a permanent basis.

What is the best angle grinder to buy

To understand which angle grinder is better to buy for home, novice masters begin to compare the parameters, and appearance of the tool, which is not quite right. Experts recommend to pay attention to technical features such as power, number of revolutions and disc diameter, they determine the purpose of the angle grinder. It’s also worth taking a closer look at the manufacturer’s warranty, the dimensions of the device, and reading the recommendations for use. By neglecting them, the buyer risks shortening the life of the grinder, disrupting the warranty period. The rating offers a look at the angle grinder, which became the leaders in the top categories:

  • MilitaryAG600 stands out against the grinders with a disc up to 125 mm. It is very powerful, has a metal protective cover, a long power cord and the option of easy start, which provides a smooth start.
  • Vortex angle grinder-150/1300 will be great for cutting materials of medium.
  • HammerUSM 2400 D is suitable for long-term work, it has full protection against dust, overheating.
  • BortBWS-905-R is considered a universal device, suitable for home or garage needs.
  • The BoschGWS 18-125 V-LI is the right choice when mains power is not available. angle grinder has two powerful batteries.
best, angle, grinder, house, speed

Each tool presented in the rating, deserves separate attention, because it has its own advantages and disadvantages. TOP 2021 has identified the leaders due to objective evaluations by experts, testing and feedback from buyers themselves.

Top cordless grinders

Cordless sander is a niche tool because of its high price and limited time of use. At the same time, they are indispensable in areas where a mains connection is impossible for one reason or another. Our rating of cordless bolt cutters by reliability and value for money includes a small number of models on the market in 2021-2022.

Model angle grinder Disc diameter (mm) RPM angle grinder (rpm) Fitting diameter (mm) Soft-start angle grinder Steady speed of the angle grinder under load Weight of angle grinder (kg) The average price of the angle grinder in Russia (.)
Metabo WB 18 LTX BL 125 Quick 125 9 000 22.2 Yes No 2.6 15 099
Makita DGA504RME 125 8 500 22.2 No No 2.5 34 235
Makita DGA 506Z 125 8 500 22.2 Yes No 2.6 17 360

Metabo WB 18 LTX BL 125 Quick

Cordless model is ideal for outdoor use. It has all the functions inherent in professional tools: soft start, spindle lock, protection against accidental start-up.

  • The disc diameter of the angle grinder is 125 mm, which makes it suitable for the majority of commercially available accessories.
  • This model is good with a spindle lock, which allows you to quickly change the cutting element.
  • The slim body of the device provides a comfortable grip and work in hard-to-reach places.

Makita DGA504RME

The best cordless angle grinder for professional applications, helped by its brushless motor: it offers high productivity and conserves battery life.

  • The sander is well-equipped: the power tool comes with a charger, side handle, two batteries, case for transportation and storage.
  • Diameter of disc. 125 mm.
  • The top-rated grinder has a rubberized base that prevents the device from slipping in your hand.
best, angle, grinder, house, speed

Makita DGA 506Z

Closes the ranking of the cordless brushless sander from the Japanese manufacturer. The model is lightweight, compact and relatively inexpensive.