What is the best single-axle tractor Khoper?. Diesel motoblocs Khoper MT

Review of power tillers Khoper 1000. Description, features, reviews

About the brand “Khoper

“Khoper”. it is a brand of power tillers and garden equipment, which appeared in 2010. During the existence of the brand the power tillers of this brand have become recognizable and popular in Russia. It is noteworthy that the equipment is assembled at Russian production facilities in Perm, Voronezh and other cities.

Both domestic and foreign spare parts are used. All models of power tillers are equipped with Chinese gasoline or diesel engines Lifan, R180, WM 168 FB.

diesel engines on “Khoper” power tillers are equipped with water or air cooling system (more powerful and heavy models are cooled by liquid, less powerful. by blowing). Gasoline engines have air type cooling. Produced power tillers and power tillers have a number of qualities, such as durability, endurance, reliable assembly.

Features and advantages of “Khoper” power tillers

  • compactness;
  • opportunity to choose a model from light to heavy weight;
  • functionality;
  • equipment with plough and cutters (not all, only some positions);
  • combination with attachments from other manufacturers (“Oka”, “Neva”, “Kaskad”, “Mole” and others);
  • some models are equipped with a headlight;
  • In most models of power tillers Khoper a cast-iron cylinder liner is installed. it extends the engine life;
  • ability to work non-stop for 4-6 hours;
  • recognizability of external design, attractive design of all model range representatives, convenient location of key elements (fuel tank, engine, oil-filler neck).

Khoper” single axle tractor of the diesel category

All mentioned power tillers are equipped with water-cooled, four-stroke single-cylinder diesel engines. Engine without protective shroud.

Khoper” gasoline category power tillers

  • Khoper 1100 9B (9 hp.с.);
  • Khoper 1100 9BS (9 l.с.);
  • Hopper 1100 9B MQ (9 l.с.);
  • Hopper 1000 U (6,5 l.с);
  • Khoper 1000U 5D (5 liters).с.);
  • Khoper 900 (6.5 l.с.);
  • Khoper 900 MQ (7 l.с.).

Equipped with gasoline four-stroke engines Lifan, air cooling. Engine location. without protective shroud.

Overview of attachments

Attachments greatly expand the capabilities of any power tiller, and the Khoper is no exception. Below. a more detailed review of the attachments suitable for working with any power tillers “Hoper.

They are also suitable for attachments on “Neva”, “Kaskad”, “Salyut”, “Ugra”, “Oka”, “MTZ”, “Belarus” and other domestic brands of power tillers. Khoper” can be aggregated with the majority of Chinese attachments, because all of them are made according to the standard “for Russian” attachment.

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With power tiller “Hopper” can be used rotary, segment, finger mowers from manufacturers such as Volodar, Yarilo, MTZ, Belarus, as well as mowers made in China, Poland, Germany. The most budget and popular option among farmers. “Zarya” rotary mower.


The adapter is one of the most popular devices for power tillers, especially for heavy. Exactly the adapter turns a usual agricultural machine into a universal means of transportation. It is recommended to use adapters with the following parameters: for heavy power tillers with carrying capacity up to 1000 kg, for light and medium power tillers. up to 500 kg. Any manufacturer (provided that universal hitch is available).

A trailer with a seat, homemade or off-the-shelf, can also perform the function of an adapter. Tipping trailers are recommended only for heavy power tillers weighing more than 100-120 kg.

Cutter. design and assembly

Cutter. an important operating element for a power tiller. Cultivate the soil with the tiller. Cutter assembly process is described in the manual for your power tiller. You can also familiarize yourself with the correct position of the tillers in the assembly by looking at the diagram below. The principle of assembling a tiller is the same for most tillers. One-piece tiller with direct connection to PTO sold already assembled.


All single-axle tractor “Hopper” are equipped with pneumatic wheels, wide and relief. Convenient wheels ideally suited to the weight and dimensions of your power tiller are one of the advantages of the Hooper. Standard wheel sizes: 4.00-8, 6.00-12. If you want, you can install wheels of a larger size than on your model of power tiller, if the technological design allows it.

Shovel blades

You can buy trailing shoes of different diameters either separately or in sets. special sets of implements. These kits usually include a pair of tines, ridgers, plow, half-axle extensions and fasteners.

For power tillers “Hopper” weighing up to 100 kg. it is recommended to use classic one-hoe plough “Mole” or other models. from Chinese, Russian, Byelorussian producers. For power tillers weighing more than 120 kg. Two tine ploughs, reversible plough, plough with ploughshare can be installed. Manufacturers: Mole, MTZ and others.

Snow blower and dozer blade

Standard size of the blade, suitable for “Hopper” power tiller: from 1 to 1,5 meters. Shovels can be ordinary metal or with rubber cover on bottom edge. Primarily used for snow removal. Producers: TM Yarilo, TM Solnyshko, TM Volodar, MTZ, Belarus and others.

Potato digger and potato planter

Types of potato harvesters: universal “Mole” with a classical attachment; screen, friction. For power tillers “Khoper” you can use any type of potato diggers, both under the PTO, and conventional, with bolt attachment.

Types of potato planters: belt, chain, and others. Models: APK-3, CS: GO-02P, KSM-2b, CS: GO-02.

Instructions for use, maintenance

Study the manual for your power tiller, this document will help you as an owner understand how to operate your machine to its fullest potential and safely for your health. Keep children and teenagers away from your power tiller. Wear protective gloves when assembling and operating the cutter.

Who makes Khoper power tiller?

The country of manufacturer of the Hoper power tiller is a whole intrigue. Some websites show models of this brand as Russian, others show them as Chinese. It’s simple. parts and components are made in China, while the assembly is done in Russia.

Main office of the company is located in Voronezh. The company specializes in the sale of gasoline and power tools, garden and park special equipment and attachments. In 2010 we launched our own production under the SD-Master and Hooper brands. Also in Voronezh, there is a service center, where they repair power tillers and consult on various issues, whether it is the assembly of the cutter or the possibility of towing.

Single-axle tractor is used for various works on the site

Moto-cultivator Khoper is an analogue of the Russian cultivators “Oka”, produced by LLC Kaluga Engine (Kadvi), and the Ukrainian machines Zirka. They can also be found on the market under this brand name. In the photo it is easy to mix up the products of these three manufacturers, so pay attention to the markings.

Customer feedback shows that Chinese analogues are not inferior to Russian analogues in reliability and cost noticeably cheaper.

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Series of power tillers

To date, the manufacturer offers several series of motor blocks for tillage:

  • Khoper 900. series of motor blocks with gasoline engines. The maximum speed of these machines is 8 km / h, the working depth is 15-30 cm and width. up to 120 cm. Models of this series are quite compact and weigh relatively little (75-90 kg).
  • Hopper 1000. this series is a more advanced and new version of the 900 series models. Such machines can work on areas up to 70 hectares. Almost all modifications have gasoline engines Lifan.
  • Khoper 1050. these power tillers are even more advanced than the previous ones and allow to work on areas up to 90 hectares. But the price of these models is practically the same as of the 1000 series.
  • Hopper 1100. this series is one of the most powerful. One can see both diesel and gasoline versions. The Lifan engines installed in these units are distinguished by their great endurance and long service life.
  • Hopper MT. this series is a diesel motor blocks. They are classified as a professional type, have high power and sufficiently impressive dimensions.

Gasoline models of power tillers Khoper

Hopper 900 MQ

Equipped with gasoline 4-cylinder single-cylinder Lifan engine. Starts with a kick starter. It has 3 speeds (2 forward, 1 reverse) and reaches a working speed of up to 7 km/h. High durability, quality binding nodes and a casing of the power tiller allow to work quickly and productively on different types of ground.


Khoper 1000 U

Similar to the previous model, but more advanced. The steering mechanism is more clever, maneuverability is improved by wide wheels with powerful tread. Also has a larger number of gears. Engine is gasoline four-stroke, manufactured by Lifan.

Technical characteristics:

Hopper 1050 C

Another multifunctional model with a gasoline four-stroke air-cooled engine. With a set of necessary attachments will be an indispensable assistant in your area.


Hopper 1100

The most powerful gasoline-powered model in the manufacturer’s lineup. Has three modifications. 9B, 9BS, 9B MQ, which differ in some design features and equipment. All 3 models support virtually all known attachments.

Equipped with a 4-stroke gasoline engine. Manual or electric starter (depending on model). Have 3 gears, 2 forward and 1 reverse. Powerful, economical, low vibration and low noise.

Technical characteristics:

Hopper 1100 9B

The most popular model of the Hopper 1100 series with a gasoline engine. The starter can be manual or electric. Has 3 gears, supports most types of attachments.

Technical characteristics:

Moto-blocks “Khoper”: varieties and models, instructions for use

Working on the garden or household chores, you can spend a lot of effort. To facilitate such work are small-sized toilers. power tillers “Hopper”. Diesel and gasoline units help in plowing the land, planting crops, harvesting.

What is it?

Moto-blocks “Hoper”. this is a technique that can make the life of its owner much easier. The manufacturer carries out its assembly in Voronezh and Perm. When creating machines, not only domestic, but also foreign parts are used.

The main characteristics of machinery are their affordable price, ease of use, reliability of equipment. That is why these mini-tractors are in demand among the population.

The price of the unit is influenced by the complexity of its design and power.

The description of the “Khoper” motobloks testifies to such characteristics:

  • compactness;
  • a wide range of models;
  • functionality;
  • Completion with milling machines and plows;
  • The possibility of augmentation with attachments;
  • equipped with headlights;
  • Long engine life;
  • continuous operation for six hours;
  • the attractiveness of the external design.

The main functions that can perform this technique:

  • Loosening the soil after plowing;
  • Root crop dip;
  • Mowing grass and low shrubs
  • transporting small loads;
  • performing cleaning of the territory;
  • digging up ripe vegetables.

Types and models

Moto-blocks “Hopper” can have a diesel or gasoline engine. Diesel models rarely run out of steam or have problems. Technics on this engine is quite in demand among buyers, thanks to the fact that diesel fuel is inexpensive. These motors have high performance capabilities if all the rules are followed according to the manual.

Gasoline-powered mini-tractors have proven themselves in the work. Although diesel fuel is cheaper, the gasoline geared unit still has the advantage of low weight. This feature contributes to the ease of operation.

In addition to the “Hopper 900PRO”, there are several other popular and in-demand models to date.

  • “Hopper 900 MQ 7” has a built-in four-stroke single-cylinder engine. The machine is started with the kickstarter. The single-axle tractor has three speeds with a working speed of up to seven kilometers per hour. The machine is characterized by productive and fast work on different types of soils, thanks to the high strength, quality of assemblies and casing. The engine of the walking tractor has a capacity of 7 liters. с. The technique weighs 75 kilograms and contributes to the plowing of soils to a depth of 30 centimeters.
  • “Hopper 1100 9DS” is distinguished by a diesel engine, which is air-cooled. The machine is characterized by convenience, small size, high functionality and low fuel consumption. “Khoper 1100 9DS” has an engine of 9 liters. с. and can till the ground up to 30 cm in depth. With a weight of 78 kilograms, the machine is able to cover an area of 135 centimeters during cultivation.
  • “Hopper 1000 U 7B”. This version of the power tiller is equipped with a four-stroke gasoline engine with a capacity of 7 liters. с. The machine is designed for tillage of areas up to one hectare. The “Khoper 1000 U 7B” has a manual gearbox with three forward and one reverse speed. That is why the machine can easily cope with tasks in hard-to-reach places. Thanks to the maneuverability of the steering wheel, the mini-tractor is easy to control. The installation of reflective tread allows you to work in off-road conditions. The machine is equipped with wide wings, which are able to protect the machine from dust and dirt. the single-axle tractor of this type is able to adjust the depth of the plunge into the ground, so this type of machines is quite functional. The consumer chooses this model, guided by the economy of fuel consumption, engine power, convenience of steering.

But do not forget that the “Hopper 1000 U 7B” does not work with heavy loads.

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  • “Khoper 1050” is a multifunctional model that has a gasoline four-stroke engine. The machine is characterized by the power of 6,5 hp. с. and a plowing depth of 30 centimeters. A single-axis tractor has the ability to capture the width at cultivation of 105 centimeters.

Reviews of owners

A large number of reviews on the forums, which are devoted to power tillers Khoper, agree in the opinion that the equipment is reliable and with proper operation and regular technical maintenance can serve for many years. However, sometimes there are malfunctions in the form of jamming the muffler button. We suggest to read the reviews of the owners:


“single axle tractor Khoper MT 100 e was bought 2 years ago and so far no disadvantages. Pleased that the car practically drives itself, only occasionally requires directional adjustments. In the beginning it was hard to get used to the steering, but after a while I got accustomed to it. An important plus, I think the headlight, which is very helpful in the dark. Worried about how much it might cost to repair the unit, but so far it does not break down and the costs go only for oil and fuel.”

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“We have not regretted the purchase of the Khoper 900 power tiller not once, as with it it became much easier and faster to plow our small plot. Our machine was bought three years ago and during that time only the mute button has broken. The model is very economical and spends only 20 liters of gasoline for 10 acres, even though we fill up with 92. as stated in the datasheet. If someone thinks it is too much, and that it is possible to reduce consumption, then the only thing left is to plow by hand.”


“Bought the Hopper 900 MQ 2 years ago. Among the advantages I would single out the reliable and powerful engine that never let me down and the economical fuel consumption. But the disadvantages revealed in the form of quickly erased tread on the wheels. That’s why I had to replace them with other ones. It is weak in heavy soil, so I have to pass sections several times.”


“I’m basically happy with my purchase of the Hooper 1000U 5D. In the beginning it was hard to get used to the steering, but I got used to it after a while. It cope with the light soils perfectly, but with the hard ones I was disappointed, because it was hard to plow. Had to go back and forth a few times, but I can say the rear gear works! Worked for 2 years without problems, but then the silencing button broke and the engine became much louder.”

If you haven’t decided which model is right for you and you have some questions, you can ask here. If you already own a Khoper power tiller, then leave your reviews on our website.

What is better to buy. “Agat” or “Oka” single axle tractor

Overall dimensions:

  • Length. 1510 mm;
  • width. 620 mm;
  • height. 1335 mm;
  • track width. 260-540 mm;
  • ground clearance. 120 mm.
  • Weight of the equipment is 82 kg.

Other parameters:

  • Working depth up to 250 mm;
  • Working width. 350, 600, 800 mm;
  • Travel speed. 2,8-7,8 km/h;
  • Maximum weight of transported cargo. 500 kg.

Advantages of “Agat” power tillers

  • Center of gravity is specially lowered to increase machine stability.
  • Adjustment of a steering wheel in several planes.
  • Excellent noise and vibration isolation.
  • Lower weight.
  • Aggregation with different equipment.
  • Two forward speeds and one reverse speed.
  • PTO.
  • Compact dimensions.
  • Maneuverability.
  • economy.

Grigory, 52 years old:

I have not the first Oka, I had both Ugra and Neva. Changed them after 5-7 years of operation. The power tillers are not bad, but the equipment is improving and I would like to choose the optimum unit for my needs. I’m happy with Oka, I have an electric start, it helps in winter. Each of the listed power tillers had its pros and cons, sometimes one leads to another. Here, by the example of Oka: weight is considerable. it is rather difficult to control, but it goes deep into the ground on 28 cm. The Ugre needed weights.

Осенняя вспашка дизельным мотоблоком “ХОПЕР “/Autumn plowing with a diesel motor-block.

Alexander, 33 years:

I am using my Oka for the fifth season. During this time I had to change pulleys more than once, oil seals on the gearbox and box, once even changed the chain, burst. But it is little things in life compared to the benefits that brings the machine. The engine Lifan, 6.5 horses, 28 hundred square meters serves at once. Some of the equipment I bought, some of it. made by myself. No complaints, there are wishes: comrades designers. well, think of how to reduce the noise level, your lauded muffler can not cope!

1984 Peterbilt 362 single axle cabover

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The product line of motor blocks Khoper is wide enough and allows you to choose the model that best suits a particular user.

Technical specifications

Hopper 900. basic series of motor blocks, designed for small areas. Wide fenders protect the equipment from dirt. High working comfort and good maneuverability is provided by the handle with improved design. The model has a mechanical chain gear, belt clutch and 4-speed gearbox (3 speeds forward, 1 speed reverse).

The characteristics of the Hoper 900:

  • length. 1300 mm;
  • width. 550 mm;
  • height. 1100 mm;
  • working depth. 150-300 mm;
  • the width of processing. 800-1200 mm
  • weight. 85 kg.


Hopper 900 is equipped with a 4-stroke gasoline engine Lifan 168F-2 (China) with the following characteristics:

  • displacement. 196 cc.see.;
  • rated power. 4,8 (6,5) kW (l.с.);
  • Maximum torque of 11 Nm;
  • Number of cylinders. 1.

The engine is characterized by ease of maintenance and minimum noise level.

Fuel consumption

Fuel consumption. 1,5-1,6 l/h. The fuel tank capacity is 3.6 liters.

Technical data

Hopper 900 MQ is a series of power tillers designed to handle all types of ground, including virgin. The metal bracket on the body of the equipment makes its transportation as convenient as possible. The protective guard blocks the processed soil from falling out on the operator, making the work more comfortable and safe. The Hopper 900 MQ has compact dimensions and high build quality. The model is equipped with a gearbox with 3 gears (2 forward and 1 reverse). Type of gearbox. chain, clutch. belt. The maximum speed is 7 km/h. Also comes with standard cutters.

Characteristics of the motorblock:

  • length. 800 mm;
  • width. 450 mm;
  • height. 650 mm;
  • tillage depth. 150-300 mm;
  • tillage width. 700-900 mm;
  • weight. 75 kg.


Hopper 900 MQ is equipped with a 4-stroke gasoline engine model Lifan 177F (China) with a long service life. Start type. manual.

Fuel consumption

Fuel consumption is 1.6-1.7 l/h. Fuel tank capacity. 3.6 l.


Series Hopper 1000U is largely similar to the model Hopper 900, but differs by higher maneuverability, due to the presence of the slewing mechanism on the handle, and an additional gear. The single-axle tractor is equipped with tires with a more aggressive tread that improves its cross-country ability on difficult terrains with sticky soil. Hopper 1000U is suitable for working the land up to 70 acres. This series belongs to the class of professional machines. The model has 3 forward and 1 reverse gear. Gearbox is chain, clutch is reduction clutch.


Hopper 1000U is complete with a 4-stroke gasoline engine Lifan 168 F-2 (China) with air cooling.

Fuel consumption

Fuel consumption is 394 g/kWh (1.5-1.6 l/hour). Fuel tank holds 3.6 litres of fuel.

Technical characteristics

Hopper 1050 C is a small productive single-axle tractor, which will be an excellent option for owners of the small and medium-sized area. The coulter bar allows individual depth adjustment and the pivoting tiller arm makes operation very easy. Large rubber wheels and a set of cultivation tools are included. The model is equipped with a 3-speed transmission with 2 forward and 1 reverse gear. Belt clutch.


The Hopper 1050 C is equipped with a Lifan 168MT four-stroke gasoline engine with manual start.

Fuel consumption

Fuel consumption. 1.5-1.6 l/h. The fuel tank holds 3.6 liters of fuel.

Hopper 1100

The Khoper 1100 series is the most powerful in the gasoline power tillers line of the brand. It consists of 3 models: Khoper 1100 9B, Khoper 1100 9BS and Khoper 1100 9B MQ. These modifications have slight differences in design and equipment. The power units of this series are universal as they are compatible with virtually any attachment. Type of starter installed. electric or manual (depending on the modification). The equipment has a reliable gearbox with 2 forward and 1 reverse speed. The Hopper 1100 models are used on plots with a large area.

The engine

Hopper 1100 is equipped with a 4-stroke air-cooled gasoline engine Lifan 177F (China). The machine is an analogue of the Honda GX270 engine. Among the differences of Lifan 177F is a high efficiency and low noise level. Thanks to the availability of the fuel tap, the engine blocks with this unit can be carried freely without fear of fuel leaks.

The characteristics of the engine Lifan 177F:

  • displacement. 270 cc.see;
  • rated power. 6.8 (9) kW (hp.с.);
  • Max torque 15,5 Nm;
  • number of cylinders. 1.

Fuel consumption

Fuel consumption. 395 g/kWh (about 2.1-2.3 l/hour). Fuel tank capacity. 6 l.


“Bought my Hopper 900 three years ago, in the spring.

Advantages: you can afford to buy without much budget squeeze, relatively not expensive, saves energy, plows in its own way from the heart, very simple operation, assembly, tuning, etc.д.

Weaknesses: belts wear out (a problem with all power tillers with belts). Did one replacement so far.

Think carefully before buying a single axle tractor, it doesn’t matter what model. But know that it is needed in a few cases: when the area is large, if there are few workers in the family, if the soil dries out in varying degrees, a single-axle tractor will be difficult to use, you need to wait until the whole garden will dry out. I am satisfied with Khoper, I recommend it. We are not economical on fuel, that’s why we choose the gasoline version.


“I use a diesel Hopper 5d series 1000. Why diesel?? Because I’ve long been accustomed to this kind of technology being trouble-free. Yes, it has 5 horsepower, but on a plot of 6 acres and did not need more.

Advantages: small, compact, maneuverable, fast!

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