What Is The Built-In Retractable Trimmer For?

What Is The Built-In Retractable Trimmer For?

An electric razor is a choice in favor of comfort and softness. Unlike a conventional machine, it makes the daily ritual quick and enjoyable, without causing irritation to the skin. A high-quality device will serve faithfully for many years, the main thing is to choose the model that is optimal for you. And fit into the budget.

We already talked in detail about how to choose an electric shaver for a man and even made a complete list of the best electric razors. However, the most important parameter that affects the choice of model is the price. Therefore, we decided to make a separate list of the best inexpensive razors.

Today’s article will talk about the characteristics and features of six popular electric shavers from different brands worth up to 3000 rubles. Based on the information received, you can easily make a choice that will not disappoint!

Rating TOP-6 of the best budget electric shavers for 2020

Razor Battery operation Built-in trimmer Wet shave
Moser travel shaver 45 minutes No No Get price
Philips S1100 / 04 network only operation No No Get price
Philips S1310 / 04 35 minutes No No Get price
Panasonic ES-RW30-S520 21 minutes Yes Yes Get price
Remington Wettech AQ7 60 min No Yes Get price
Braun Series 1 130 S-1 network only operation Yes No Get price

Moser Travel shaver. Convenient and compact

A portable electric shaver with a weight of 295 g is a device that is useful for long-distance business trips or vacations abroad. The device is able to function both from the network and from the battery. The battery charge is enough for 45 minutes of non-stop operation, if there is a socket, the device can be charged and at the same time used for a hygienic procedure.

The mesh design guarantees minimal trauma, because the blades do not touch the skin directly. Which is very important for people with sensitive skin. And the rubberized coating of the SoftTouch case with a non-slip surface makes shaving convenient and quick. The movable head moves freely in the right direction, providing an excellent result even in a problem area.

In addition, the compactness and the ability to work from the built-in battery make the model a welcome acquisition for everyone who often travels.

  • Food. From a network and the accumulator;
  • Battery life. Up to 45 minutes;
  • Charging time. Up to 8 hours;
  • Battery type. Ni-Mh;
  • Complete set. A brush for cleaning, a charging cord, a case and a cover;
  • Number of heads. 1;
  • Repetition of facial contours. Yes;
  • Type of shave. Dry shave;
  • Cleaning. Rinsing under water;
  • Assistive devices. Not available.
    Small size and light weight; combined power system; the device repeats all the bends of the face.
    No trimmer and styler; just one shaving head, which negatively affects the quality and speed of shaving.

Philips S1100 / 04. A clean shave and nothing more

An inexpensive and fairly simple electric razor from a well-known brand has a rotary (rotational) system. The service life of the device is longer than that of grid counterparts, and it also provides a more effective result.

The device is complemented by three standard heads that repeat the shape of the face, moving in four directions, repeating the contours of the face. Closecut Blade System delivers performance even on the chin and neck. An important feature of the Philips S1100 / 04 is the fact that the blades are sharpened during shaving on their own.

  • Food. From a network;
  • Complete set. A cap for protection and a brush;
  • Number of heads. 3;
  • Repetition of facial contours. Yes;
  • Type of shave. Dry shave;
  • Cleaning. With a brush, do not wash under running water;
  • Assistive devices. No.
    The presence of three shaving heads; repetition of facial contours; ergonomic design; self-sharpening blades; surge protection.
    Works only from the network; no shaping aids.

Philips S1100 / 04. Ideal for those who are looking for a budget device without frills (it does not have a trimmer and styler). At the same time, the model pleases with durability and high-quality, safe operation.

Philips S1310 / 04. Comfortable, dry shave and powerful battery

This is an improved analogue of previous household appliances. The accessory is characterized by a rotor system, has three movable heads with self-sharpening blades. Repeated bending of the face ensures a clean shave in every area. The rubberized coating prevents the model from slipping out of your hands.

Unlike its predecessor, the Philips S1310 / 04 electric shaver functions not from the network, but exclusively from the built-in battery.

An eight-hour charge lasts for 8-11 procedures (35 minutes of battery life).

The device is equipped with a visual indication demonstrating the degree of charging and discharging the battery.

  • Food. Wireless;
  • Battery life. Up to 35 minutes;
  • Charging time. Up to 8 hours;
  • Battery type. Li-Ion;
  • Complete set. A brush for cleaning, a protective cap;
  • Number of heads. 3;
  • Repetition of facial contours. Yes;
  • Type of shave. Dry shave;
  • Cleaning. With a brush from a complete set;
  • Assistive devices. No.
    Battery life for half an hour; three shaving heads with different directions of movement; battery charge indication; comfortable rubberized coating.
    Lack of trimmer; The device works only in wireless mode.

Panasonic ES-RW30-S520. Comfortable shave without irritation

The dual-mesh electric shaver does not cause irritation even on sensitive skin. Its sharp blades are covered with a thin metal mesh, which provides a non-contact option for shaving. The floating head follows the contours of the face, making the procedure safe and effective. If desired, it can be fixed in the optimal position for you.

The Panasonic ES-RW30-S520 is suitable for both dry and wet shaving. This not only allows you to choose between quick and thorough care, but also allows you to rinse the blades with water for better cleaning.

The electric razor is powered by a battery and has a convenient charge indicator.

Among the features of the device, it is worth highlighting lightness and protection against accidental switching on.

Unlike many budget devices, the Panasonic ES-RW30-S520 is equipped with a built-in trimmer. A device for shaping and trimming the contours of the beard. With it, you can even cut off the hair at the temples, if there is no time to go to the hairdresser.

  • Food. From the battery;
  • Battery life. Up to 21 minutes;
  • Charging time. 8 hours;
  • Battery type. Ni-Mh;
  • Complete set. A brush for cleaning;
  • Number of heads. 2;
  • Repetition of facial contours. Yes;
  • Type of shaving. Dry and wet shaving;
  • Cleaning. Rinsing under water or using a brush;
  • Assistive devices. Trimmer.

Than the trimmer is better than other devices

If the beard is still ripening in the thoughts or on the face, the doubt arises whether a trimmer is needed.

Often models of electric shavers have a built-in trimmer. But it can be used only for small tasks: trimming a mustache, tanks or the edge of a haircut. Serious care for the beard will not work due to a too small blade and an extremely inconvenient location for such a procedure.

The fundamental difference between these tools in functionality. The electric shaver is designed for smooth shaving at zero, the knives cut the hairs near the skin itself. The trimmer is designed to shorten the hair without close contact with the skin. It is impossible to get hurt, as the minimum hair length always remains.

It is much more convenient when the trimmer has the function of a mesh razor. She does not need to process large areas, as with a complete shave. She will do a great job of detail where a clean shave is needed for contrast. Such a versatile device is available, for example, in the Philips lineup: a beard and bristle trimmer with a double mesh razor.

By changing the trimmer nozzles, it is easy to care for your face and body

Sometimes they cost a hair clipper. At first glance, the difference is small. For lovers of weekly stubble, it is quite enough to walk it through their vegetation. Other beard species require a trimmer for a number of reasons:

  • The main difference between the devices is the pitch of the teeth. In the 0.4–1.0 mm trimmer, very precise cuts can be made. In the machine, the pitch is 3-4 mm.
  • The trimmer is more compact and lighter. Considering that the majority of bearded men reverently care for their beauty in person, it is important that the position is comfortable in the hand. Hands strain less, it is easy to make precise movements for a neat result. The clipper is more bulky, about twice as heavy, it is difficult to maneuver it during delicate work.
  • Trimmers are more often cordless; they charge longer than cars. Often used in a damp bath, where access to the machine is undesirable.
  • The trimmer has a lot more features. With it, you can cut the hair on the head, remove hairs in the nose and ears, on the body and in the intimate area. For this, special combs are simply installed. All subtle shapes, patterns, and mowing lines are cut with a trimmer.
  • The vibration level of the trimmer is lower; much less noise is produced during operation.

What to look for to choose the perfect trimmer

What is a trimmer? It would seem nothing special, a facial device. However, not all so simple. In order for the purchase to live up to expectations, you need to determine the requirements “on the shore”: what do you want to get from the device.

Supply system

Someone’s life is connected with moving, someone practically does not leave the house. Based on this, you can choose the optimal type of power trimmer.

  1. Rechargeable. Almost every trimmer has a built-in battery. As a rule, it takes 8–10 hours to fully charge, but then you can use it for 30–40 minutes continuously. For one haircut is enough. In professional models, serious manufacturers, for example, Braun, install two batteries for stable operation. Even in difficult conditions, the device charges only 1 hour for battery life for 50 minutes. There are professional models that can withstand 80 minutes after an hour of charging. And models with fast charging: 5 minutes of charging a lithium-ion battery will provide 3 minutes of work. To correct this time is quite enough. It is worth paying attention to whether the trimmer has an LED. An indicator of the status of charging the battery. You might think that this is an insignificant detail. But it’s convenient to see the battery status in order to charge on time.
  2. Networked. There are a minority of such models, it is inconvenient to use. The plus is that you do not need to change the batteries. If you dwell on this option, it is important that the power cord is at least 1.8 m. It is desirable that it can rotate.
  3. Mixed. Combines battery and network, for which a special adapter is provided. If the battery runs out while cutting, you can not wait to charge.
  4. From batteries. Simple finger-type fit. Often these are compact models weighing about 150 grams. It is undesirable to use them in a damp bath or on wet hair.
  5. From the cigarette lighter in the car. The range of such models is narrow, for those who like to travel by car, an excellent option is to maintain order on the face.

It works only from the network


The selected beard shape determines which type of trimmer is best to choose.

  • For the beard. Models are equipped with only 1-2 nozzles. Combs for setting the length of the hair. Suitable for lovers of light unshaven, and carriers of a full or hipster beard. Hair grows in different directions, therefore, for proper formation with a trimmer with a large number of length modes, a smooth transition is built from short hairs from sides to long at the bottom.
  • For mustache and beard. In these models, for greater versatility, two integrated trimmers are included. In addition to the main, full-size, there is another pull-out. The comb of the retractable trimmer is narrow, more durable, does not bend. This is a great tool to give the vegetation above the upper lip an accurate, stylish look. Such a trimmer is supported, for example, by Van Dyke or goatee, which requires an ideal mustache and contour, but does not require many length modes.
  • Universal. Combines trimmer and electric shaver. A great option when the style includes a combination of a beard with clean shaven areas. With such a device, vegetation care throughout the body is provided. It has a larger number of devices, for example: a razor for contours, a nozzle for nose and ears, a nozzle for thin cutting and modeling. This is the choice of young, daring, willing to change experimenters.

A special tank for cut hair makes shaving easier

Number of haircut levels

The minimum length of the haircut ranges from 0.2-1.0 mm, the maximum 20-25 mm. If a hair length of up to 10 mm is required, models with one nozzle are chosen. If you need more, choose models with a setting of up to 20 mm. The number of cutting levels can reach 40. Here, such a parameter as the length step is important. In models Braun, Panasonic, Philips set 0.5 mm for a length of 1 to 10 mm. In combs for cutting long hair up to 20 mm, the pitch can be 2 mm. The desired value is easily set with one hand using a high-precision scale or a disk switch on the case. There are models in which the Ion-control function is included for ultra-precise installation. Electronic adjustment of the length of the haircut. In cheap models, fixed length nozzles are added to the main trimmer, as in a clipper, which creates inconvenience when working.

The desired cutting length is easily set with one hand

Blade material

The sharpness of the knives depends on how quickly and accurately the desired result is obtained. They are made:

  • From stainless steel;
  • From titanium alloy;
  • With ceramic coating on the blade.

Even using the same source material, manufacturers achieve features in the knives for their products.

  • Panasonic uses special stainless steel blades, which are sharpened using a special technology at an angle of 45 0. The sharp front edges of the knives carefully and accurately cope even with thick and hard bristles, without violating the accuracy of the lines.
  • Braun equips its models with ultra-sharp stainless steel blades with a promise of unlimited service life.
  • Philips puts titanium or steel self-sharpening knives. Steel blades lightly touch each other during cutting, thus sharpening occurs. They are always very sharp, cutting is quick and accurate.
  • Babyliss applies stainless steel. A trademark feature is a patented floating head. It changes direction at an angle of 33 0, fits snugly on the skin and follows the curves of the face exactly. The haircut comes out neat, but such a head is placed only in expensive models.
  • Rowenta uses stainless steel or titanium alloy knives. Titanium is three times stronger than steel. An additional plus. They are not lubricated with oil.
  • Remington, Supra install self-sharpening titanium alloy knives.


Depending on which beard you are wearing or preparing to wear, equipment is selected. With the right selection, a clear contour of the beard and mustache is easily modeled. Changing the nozzles, you can cut the hair on the head and take care of the body.

  • The nozzle is a comb for a beard with a hair length of 1-10 mm.
  • Nozzle. Comb for hair 11–20 mm long. It is used for professional beards and hair styles on the head. If you do the haircut yourself, it is convenient to straighten the hair even on the back of the head and the area behind the ears.
  • Nozzle. A comb for hair on the body. With her, gentle body care is provided, including in intimate places.
  • Nozzle for nose and ears. Easily and painlessly removes hairs from these areas.
  • Detailed trimmer for precise trim. Great for whiskers and long hair.

Trimmer is different

In addition to nozzles, the kit may include:

  • Interchangeable blades;
  • Stand for trimmer and accessories;
  • Razor for contours;
  • Cleaning brush;
  • Knife block lubrication oil;
  • Case.

Additional functions

The trimmer can not only shorten hair. Manufacturers are expanding the capabilities of a small appliance.

  • Vacuum hair collection system. A wonderful feature with which the bathtub and sink are not threatened by blockages. Trimmed hairs are collected in a special tank, which is then easily removed and cleaned. In addition, you can trim the beard just before going out in formal dress to maintain a flawless look. Especially recommended for beards with short hair lengths.
  • Automatic adjustment to any voltage. A useful feature for those who travel a lot. In any country, the trimmer automatically adjusts to the output voltage in the range of 100–240 V.
  • Laser guidance. A narrow beam shows a clear line along which trimming is needed. With it, it is easier to achieve clear symmetry when shaving clean areas on the face. It helps to maintain the beard style, in which it is especially important to observe the contour. For example, goatee or islet.
  • Memory. The trimmer remembers the last selected haircut length. When the device turns on again after being turned off, it is automatically installed in the last preset position.
  • Backlight. Even the smallest hairs will not remain missed.
  • Wet haircut without nozzles using foam, as when shaving with a machine. It is very convenient both at home and on the road.

Great tool for maintaining symmetry

If you want to look stylish. Do not regret spending money once on a model of a proven brand with an average price of 3.5–4 thousand rubles. You have to use the trimmer often, and in addition to the long-lasting service, you will appreciate the ergonomic design with a rubberized grip zone. When the device lies comfortably in the hand and vibrates less, it is easy to control, achieving maximum accuracy and flexibility in movements without risk of dislocating the joint.

Professional models cost from 8 thousand rubles. The main difference from households is a longer battery life. They are bought if the standard time is not enough.

Reviews of satisfied bearded men



Artyom P




Home Salon: easy, fast, stylish

The result is the same as after the salon, but obtained independently at home? It is quite real. Trimming is easy.

    With a trimmer without nozzles, the edging on the neck is outlined so that the beard does not pass into the vegetation on the chest. The contour is lower, middle or upper. Then immediately clean the remaining neck so that the extra hair does not interfere with shaving.

Aligning the lower contour of the neck

Trimmer movements are directed from top to bottom

The trimmer is placed on the entire plane of the knife

The trimmer can be moved in any direction.

The more carefully the details are worked out, the closer the home haircut will be to the professional.

Minimal effort for cleanliness

When buying a trimmer pay attention to how to clean it. Keeping the device clean is no less important than the face; you need to do this after each use. Then the tool remains in excellent shape, which helps maintain the perfect condition of the beard and maintain the required level of hygiene.

There are models in which the cutting head is removed and washed under a stream of water. For subsequent installation, it is important to ensure that the knives are dry.

Fixed blades are cleaned with a special brush, which comes complete with a trimmer. If the instructions for the model indicate that the knives need to be lubricated periodically, special oil (included in the package) is spotted in 2. 3 places. Then, to evenly distribute the lubricant, the switch position is changed several times. There are models in which the blades are equipped with a special reservoir. A swab for automatic lubrication. Then it is recommended to periodically replenish the tank.

The most comfortable waterproof trimmers. On their case there are special openings, thanks to which the device is cleaned simply by rinsing under a stream of water. You can use them even under a shower, but only with the power cord disconnected.

Enough rinsing under running water

In the hairdressing salon, different people are trimmed with one trimmer, so for sterilization it is placed in a special device. At home, such a measure is not applied, because the knives do not touch the skin, and even the slightest injury is excluded.

When a man grows a beard, he suggests that completely different care for his appearance will begin. Care is more difficult than the previous smooth shave. With building contours, maintaining symmetry and constant shape maintenance. If you approach the selection of a trimmer for the house meticulously, cutting a beard instead of spending time and nerves will turn into a pleasant procedure.