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Having their own economy, it is difficult to do without mechanical “assistants”. even a low.power uniform tractor is able to facilitate many work, and in the most non.standard way: for example, by installing a pump on a power to select power, you can quickly pump up water from a well or, conversely, drain the ditches or caisson. It is not surprising that often in the villages you can see the most crazy structures, which, following the example of the Varhammer orcs, gather literally from what was superfluous at hand.

However, today we will not deal with how to assemble a single tractor, but what can and should be bought in stores in 2022.

How the rating of the best motoblocks was compiled

First of all, we note that we do not pursue advertising goals. All the units proposed for your consideration were selected impartially, on the principle. “as for themselves”. Criterias of choice:

  • The opinion of the owners of the devices was taken into account primarily. We thought that this is the right path when getting an answer to the question: “What a good one.like tractor, and near which it is better to go in the store past?””. practices of faith are more than verbal sellers. But there is another side of the coin. according to the owners’ reviews, only quite common and popular gasoline and diesel motoblocks had a chance to get into the rating of the best, and high.quality innovations could go unnoticed. What we did? Cm. The next point.
  • The study of technical characteristics made it possible to identify monoblocks already available in the market of agricultural equipment in but which are still not used by citizens. In such cases, we monitored such products of the company, which already have reviews and extracted the result on the described model. T.e., practically, they evaluated the renome that the company earned earlier. In addition, reviews on foreign sites were analyzed.
  • Functionality and price. assessment of this duet of parameters made it possible to exclude motoblocks from the top, which “do not fit” into modern realities, namely a model with a cost comparable to the price of a new car, but with a completely ordinary functional set.
  • Accessibility of acquisition. it makes no sense to describe one.time tractor that cannot be bought in our country. For such products, there are foreign catalogs.

For the convenience of classification, motoblocks can be divided into the following groups:

  • Light motoblocks have motors with a capacity of not more than 4-5 horsepower, most often motor transmission and at the same time clutch-this is a wedge-rephilated transmission. The main purpose is working with milling cutters, an additional hitch is connected by a second belt if there are several streams on the leading pulley. They will not even pull a large load in the form of a plow with weighting agents, they will overheat on heavy ground. Such a single tractor is a good choice for a small farm where the equipment is needed more serious than the cultivator, but hard work in large volumes is not supposed.
  • The average motoblocks are already more powerful and harder. In this class, you can find not only models with a multi.stage transmission and reverse, but also diesel models that let them and more expensive, but with frequent use are more profitable in fuel consumption. Motor gear is more often straight. and this makes it possible to connect an active hitch to the power shaft.
  • Heavy motoblocks fully justify their name-their mass exceeds 150 kilograms (or even rolls over for 3 centners, like the Profi PR 1040E and its classmates), so they can pull the plow, carry loaded carts with a capacity of 10-13 without additional weighting. l.With. They cope with this load. Given the dimensions and weight of such devices, a differential appears in the transmission. to expand such a technique on one wheel as light walk.behind. Often you can also find a reduced gear in the gearbox.

The best (according to experts and buyers) of the 2022 motoblock models. in our ranking.

Types of motoblocks and their brief description

All models of motoblocks are evaluated by manufacturers and customers by their weight, engine power and performance. Distinguish:

  • Light options. with a capacity of not more than 4 liters. With., with land cultivation to a depth of 20 cm, weighing 20-30 kg, which makes them suitable for plowing small garden and garden plots;
  • Medium models. here power. up to 6 liters. With., The depth of processing does not exceed 40 cm, the weight of the case is from 40 to 60 kg, therefore, such motoblocks are used to clean snow, root crops, plowing large land plots;
  • heavy. up to 13 liters. With., with a depth of plowing up to 90 cm and weighing 100 kg, such models are considered universal.

Reference: There is a separation of the type of fuel consumed. Gasoline motoblocks are cheaper, although the gas station is significantly increasing the performance of the unit and can save on fuel, so the higher price of diesel motoblocks quickly pays off.

What is the difference between the same.based tractor from the cultivator

The same.based tractor most often has larger dimensions, although it looks like a cultivator. However, this is not the only difference:

  • The cultivator, moving due to the rotation of the milling, loosen the upper layer of the soil, and its attachment equipment is designed to weed and hilling the earth between the rows of beds, plantings;
  • The same.based tractor is a self.propelled drive unit, where movement is possible forward and backward, and there is much more options for the canopy, which allows the technique of universality (from working with soil to cleaning snow, garbage and their export outside the site).

MTZ-09N (Belarus)

Minsk Tractor Plant was founded in 1946. He produces tractors, motorized equipment and attachments. Belarus brand technique has become a cult and is a standard for farmers. Motoblocks are not the main direction of production for the MTZ, the first model went off the conveyor only in 1985, and the Belarus MTZ-09N model has been released since 1992.

A Japanese four.stroke gasoline engine Honda GX 270, with a capacity of 9 liters, is installed on the walk.behind tractor.With. This engine is often used in the production of garden and construction equipment. A protective arc is installed from below and in front of the engine. The motor is launched manually, but you can optically install an electric steamer. The volume of the fuel tank. 5.3 liters.

Model MTZ-09N. This is a machine with a 2×2 wheel formula. Before the mass distribution of motor blocks, it was called “Unoa Tractor”. The unit was developed for use with an active rotary cultivator, so its center of gravity is shifted forward. Gearbox with four speeds forward and two back. The installed differential provides the movement of the wheels with different angular speeds for comfortable movement along the crossed terrain and when turning. Car weight 176 kg.

To transmit torque from the engine to attaching equipment, a power selection shaft is installed. Rotational speed. 1200 rpm. The attachment equipment is connected from the back to the trailer, and the front is connected to the VOM. MTZ. This is a good one.axle tractor because it aggregates agricultural and communal equipment: plow, cultivator, snowman, trailer, etc. D. The unit is calmly used for plowing plowing, and its multifunctionality is not inferior to mini.tractors.

Motoblock rating for your cottage: 13 best models

To simplify the cultivation of land plots, their owners use motoblocks. This is a universal machine with which you can plow the ground, remove weed grass, cultivate, harvest and even remove snow. All this is possible only if you choose the right equipment. We will analyze the main selection criteria and get acquainted with the best motoblocks of 2022.

Rating of the best motoblocks

When choosing a tool, they must take into account the conditions in which he has to work. This is important, but there are other points that need to be taken into account. We list them.

Type of motorcycle

It is customary to separate the motoblocks by their mass. It determines the capabilities of the equipment. Distinguish three types of technology.

  • Light. These are units weighing up to 30 kg. They are low-power, engines-no more than 4-5 liters. With. This is enough to immerse the cutter into the soil no deeper than 20 cm. Good for processing the garden. They loosen the soil mixture for planting, remove weeds. They will not pull the plow, even if you put a weighting agent.
  • Average. tsnika weighing up to 60 kg, motors about 6 liters. With. Immersion of cutters. up to 40 cm. These units are suitable for processing plots of 10 acres and more. They are able to raise ripe root crops, dig the rhizomes of weed grass, remove snow and transport goods. True, all this is only if there is a suitable attachment equipment.
  • Heavy. Its weight is more than 100 kg, such a technique is equipped with powerful gasoline and diesel four.stroke engines. These are real mini-tractors that can deepen the tool-hnee in the ground up to 90 cm. Due to this, they are used on virgin and heavy clay soils. They can be efficiently loosened, digging, hill. The technique can be equipped with hinged mechanisms of any purpose and complexity.

Unit 113 Союзы и предлоги: although though in spite of | Английский среднего уровня | OK English


The performance of the unit depends on it. Low-power equipment up to 4-5 liters. With. Buy for processing small gardens. Motobobes of greater power are chosen for large areas, for harvesting and plowing dense soil mixtures.

The possibility of placing a canopy

Its presence means that motorcycle equipment can be equipped with additional devices: a cigarette light, a branch of branches, a plow, a cart for cargo, a dump for snow, a mowing, a shovel, etc.

Power selection shaft

VOM, it is also a power selection shaft, is used in cases when it is necessary to direct part of the engine power to the attachment mechanism. This is required only to solve complex problems: grinding branches, snow cleaning, lawn haircuts, t.P.

Type of ICE

Four- and two-stroke engines are placed on motor vehicles. The former is much more powerful, they can work on gasoline or diesel fuel. Gasoline. cheaper, lighter and less moody. But diesel engines are more powerful, they process complex areas better and consume less fuel.

To quickly buy a high.quality unoic tractor, we recommend contacting the list of trusted manufacturers:

But the tasks they perform can differ so much that it is worth reading the rating of the best motoblocks from these companies to see their purpose and features. If you want to figure out everything yourself and choose each parameter separately, then the material is below just for this.

The principle of operation and the device of the walk.behind tractor

The same.based tractor is a compact garden technique that can be compared with a mini tractor. It has two wheels, and sometimes equipped with the third, for stability. It is often used to process large areas where human efforts are not enough or it is expensive in time.

The garden unit is capable of:

Grind the blocks of soil;

Dig and plant root crops;

Prepare the ground.

At another time, this technique is used to cut lawns, snow cleaning, grinding garbage, in the form of a tractor on a small trailer.

The principle of operation is to transmit torque from engine to chassis. Additionally, it is possible to launch rotating mechanisms on the attached nozzle. Control is carried out by handles on which there are gas levers, adhesion and speed switching.

The composition of the walk.behind tractor includes:

Engine (gasoline or diesel);

Torque transfer node;

Hitch for connecting devices;

Devices of this category are attributed to light garden technique, which is able to loosen and cultivate already processed soil. The potential of light motoblocks does not imply work with large territories, but they are quite suitable for cultivating small areas (for 10 acres). They do not have high power, their functionality is often limited. But their price will pleasantly surprise even the most economical buyers. Light weight, in comparison with medium.sized products, will make it easier to manage a walk.behind tractor and treat small land plots.

5th place. Huter MK-7500

The rating opens the uniform tractor of good quality from Huter, developing sufficient traction, which will allow even heavy soil to treat. MK-7500 is designed for plowing the garden or the cultivation of soil before planting agricultural crops, providing depth of processing up to 25 cm. The technique is suitable for plots up to 15-17 ha, cutters can capture soil fragments of 1 m wide. The handle can be adjusted in accordance with the growth of the owner, it has all control elements. adhesion and gas levers.

MK-7500 uses a powerful and economical 4-clock 1 cylinder internal combustion engine, which operates on AI-92 gasoline. The power of the motor. 7.5 l. With., volume. 208 cubic meter. cm. The device is equipped with a belt gear and a chain gearbox. The transmission provides for 2 front and 1 back speed.

The reverse regime is optimal for maneuverability in narrow areas. The frame of the walk.behind tractor is made of steel, therefore it does not deform over time. 6 mills (diameter 30 cm) can simultaneously operate on the axis, which will quickly get rid of high grass and rhizomes. A capacious gas tank contains up to 3.6 liters, which will make it possible to use a cultivator for a long time without the need to refuel.

Starter in MK-7500 manual, protection against low amounts of oil is provided. The unoic tractor moves on pneumatic wheels, there are soil.bearing, which provides reliable contact with the soil. So that the soil does not fly around, the developer equipped the wheels with protective shields. MK-7500 involves the installation of attachments and attracts compact dimensions, as well as maneuverability. Product weight. 79.2 kg. Users in reviews note a rich set of model.

  • Sufficient power;
  • Economical fuel consumption;
  • Simplicity of care;
  • Quick launch;
  • The possibility of regulating the position of the council;
  • There is a protective shield on the case;
  • Convenient reverse regime;
  • Capacious gas tank;
  • Reliable bracket for fixing attachments;
  • The ability to increase the number of milling cutters to 8;
  • Convenience of management;
  • Large wheels;
  • Affordable price.

4th place. Huter MK-7000

The rating of the best motor blocks for the home could not do without another high.quality and cheap model from Huter used to carry out a large spectra work in summer cottages and in the garden. MK-7000 is characterized by high performance, strength and reliability, which will extend the use of the working conditions. The gearbox body is made of durable aluminum. A convenient handle will make it possible to simplify the user’s work, all controls are at hand.

MK-7000 is equipped with a gasoline 4-stroke 1-cylinder internal combustion engine with a volume of 208 cubic meters. see and capacity 7 l. With. When working, the same.based tractor is almost noisy, which eliminates the need to use protective headphones. The gearbox is mechanical, 2 front and 1 back speed are provided. The design uses belt drive, the removal of the pulley is adapted to domestic mounting equipment.

The work of the cutter can be adjusted in width (60-100 cm), the depth of immersion in the soil. 30 cm. In this regard, MK-7000 can be used on open ground, as well as for cultivation of land in a greenhouse. The uniform tractor is equipped with a 3.6.liter gas tank, so you can process areas with an area of ​​2000 square meters. m without refueling, fuel consumption is economical (AI-92). Starter manual, in the configuration there are all the necessary tools for assembly and care for the cultivator.

MK-7000 is equipped with large pneumatic wheels with an aggressive tread that provides proper maneuverability in any soil. The indicator of the amount of oil will help not to miss the moment when its level drops to a critical mark. The piston group has a chrome coating, which increases its reliability. The metal shield provides the protection of the case from damage when processing the site. The folding handle will facilitate the storage process. The total weight of the product. 72 kg, dimensions. 780x440x720 mm. According to reviews, MK-7000 is quite simple in assembly and unpretentious in leaving. The disadvantage users note the inconvenient location of the speed lever.

  • High maneuverability;
  • Compact dimensions;
  • The possibility of fixing the depth of plowing;
  • Operation safety;
  • Ease of controls;
  • Wide equipment;
  • The milling cutter covers up to 1 m in width;
  • High power;
  • Economical consumption of gasoline;
  • Ease of starting;
  • There is a reverse regime;
  • The ability to work in uneven areas;
  • Made of high.quality materials;
  • Low degree of noise.

3rd place. Steher GT-300

A review of high.quality and reliable motoblocks goes to an interesting model from Steher, which is intended for cultivation, sowing cultures, care for lawns and beds. Thanks to this, the model will be the optimal choice for operation in summer cottages and adjoining plots.

Steher GT-300 is based on an air-cooled engine with a power of 5.15 kW (7 liters. With.) and a volume of 212 cubic meters. cm, as well as a gear-chain gearbox and high-quality power selection shaft. This increases productivity and ensures the universality of application. The device is equipped with a 3.6.liter gas tank with a volume of 3.6 liters, which guarantees a long time. GT-300 has a working width of 60-85 cm, taking into account the type of cutter and penetrates the soil to a depth of 35 cm. The cutters themselves are made of strong steel, only 6 of them. Crusting belt, 2 front and 1 back speeds make it possible to easily control the device. It is possible to work with mounting equipment.

This category includes devices that are able to work on more extensive land plots with an area of ​​up to 1.5 hectares. Their mass is slightly higher than 100 kg, and the power is 8 liters. With. Such cultivators have a width of the passage 1 time more, but higher and the weight of the unit. The optimal compromise between the price, power characteristics, as well as the functionality make motor blocks of the middle class an excellent purchase for a wide circle of buyers.

5th place. Huter MK-8000

In an inexpensive, but good single.moving tractor for a summer residence and a village from the already mentioned Huter, which is more suitable for loosening heavy, but previously processed soil than for virgin lands. MK-8000 guarantees effective results while working in farm and personal plots, makes it possible to work on a row and limited territory. The cultivator comes in a semi.divided state and is accompanied by an understandable guide for the assembly and preparation for use.

MK-8000 operates on the basis of a 1-cylinder 4-clock engine Lifan 170f with an air cooling system with a power of 8 liters. With. It is intended for intense loads. The motor is equipped with an authorized rotation frequency, which will make it possible to simplify the user’s work. The effectiveness of the cultivator is ensured by a reliable transmission, which includes disk clutch and gear gearbox.

There are 2 front and 1 rear gear. Soil processing width MK-8000. 1 m, and the immersion depth is 30 cm (can be adjusted using a coupon). The uniform tractor contains a gas tank with a capacity of 3.6 liters, which will allow you to use equipment without refueling for a long time (AI-92 gasoline).

You can work with the cultivator for a long time, since vibration is almost not felt and the hands do not get tired of work. Reliable steel mills are rather sharp, grass and rhizomes are not wound, pneumatic wheels provide cross.country ability on any soil. With an insufficient amount of oil, the protective mechanism is triggered, which ensures the durability of the engine. For convenient transportation, the MK-8000 is easily versed, in view of which it can be transported even in the trunk of a passenger car. The total weight of the product. 88.2 kg, noise. About 80 dB.

  • Productive motor with severe thrust;
  • Soft wheels with good maneuverability;
  • Does not vibrate during work;
  • Protection with a shortage of oil;
  • Simplicity and reliability in operation;
  • There is a reverse regime;
  • Protective wings on wheels;
  • Set of brackets and blades for milling plants in the kit;
  • Imprisoned blades of milling;
  • Compact dimensions;
  • Comfortable handles;
  • Ease of controls;
  • Light start.

4th place. Patriot Ural 440107581

You can choose the best budgetary one.based tractor for a summer cottage in the assortment of Patriot, whose products are famous for high quality and reliability. The device makes it possible to achieve proper performance in suburban and garden areas, allowing you to quickly dig in the soil. The cultivator is intended to work in territories up to 1 ha. The design of the frame facilitates the movement of the product and protects the engine, muffler and fuel tank. The launch button, gas and drive handles are located on the steering wheel (its slope is adjustable).

The power of the 4-stroke engine of the device is 7.8 liters. With., volume. 220 cubic meters. see, which provides fast and easy work. To supply clean air to the engine, an airfilter is installed, which has an oil filling. This will increase the life of a walk.behind tractor when used in dusty conditions.

The cultivator is equipped with curved cutters with reliable blades (4 cm width), providing smooth depth in the soil by 30 cm. For the operation of the device, gasoline is used in a gas tank with a capacity of 3.5 liters. A characteristic feature of the Ural 440107581 will be a mechanical gearbox that provides 4 front and 2 rear speeds.

In order to protect the user, mudguards made of metal are provided. The manufacturer provided for a special mount for connecting the attachment equipment, which expands the possibilities of using.

Thanks to long curved handles with practical inserts, their slipping from the palm of their palm is excluded. The configuration includes hardened cutters, large Extreme wheels with a deep protector and a coupon. The total weight of the model. 105 kg. The cultivator has a cast.iron whole.liter gearbox that increases the service life. Ural 440107581. A reliable and popular unoic tractor, equally suitable for both the elderly and young.

Unit 95 Relative Clauses: extra information, часть 1 (урок 4)

  • Universality;
  • Proper clutch with soil;
  • Convenience of management;
  • 6 speed modes;
  • Reliable wheels;
  • Ergonomic steering wheel with adjustments;
  • Ease of engine starting;
  • High power;
  • Economical consumption of gasoline and oil;
  • Sufficient processing width. 90 cm;
  • A gearbox from cast iron.

3rd place. Champion BC1193

According to the results of the comparative test of motoblocks, a universal instrument from the Chinese brand is located 3rd place. BC1193 is intended for large SPECTRA agricultural work in private garden and house plots, as well as on the farm and garden and park economy. The device is distinguished by increased performance, ease of operation and reliability of assembly. Control levers are located on the handle, their height can be adjusted taking into account the growth of the user.

BC1193 is equipped with an effective 4-stroke engine of 270 cubic meters. cm and with a capacity of 6.62 kW (9 l. With.). Thanks to the air.cooal system and protection against overload, the unoic tractor is distinguished by endurance and immunity to weather conditions. The greatest depth of soil processing reaches 30 cm, loosening width is 80-110 cm. Thanks to the mechanical gearbox with 2 front and 1 rear speeds, you will quickly cope with the tasks.