What is the difference between a lawn mower and a gasoline grass trimmer

Many problems with the brushcutter arise due to improperly prepared fuel mixture. In two-stroke engines, the lubrication is done with a special oil (not conventional motor oil!) mixed with gasoline. If the oil is not mixed with gasoline, the lawnmower will fail quickly. Oil/gasoline are mixed in the proportion specified in the instructions of the grass trimmer. Usually it’s 1:40 or 1:50.

The question often arises: the proportion of 1:50 is how much oil and gasoline?

What’s the difference between the devices?

The devices under consideration are characterized by specific differences. The difference concerns the purpose, power, productivity and other indicators.

Appointment of the instruments

All of the devices under consideration are designed to process vegetation on the plot. The tools are even similar in appearance. However, the technical indicators have a number of differences. Grass trimmer helps you cut small bushes and standard lawns. They can even mow hard-to-reach places, such as near trees or flowerbeds. The machine works well on uneven ground.

The brushcutter is well suited to cutting dense grass on property. This device is even suitable for young trees. The machine is suitable for large areas. Its operating time is up to 8 hours. Achieving perfect lawn texture with this machine is very challenging.


For brushcutters are characterized by higher power due to the presence of a gasoline engine. It is available as a two- and four-stroke version. This allows the device to work for a long time and cover large areas.

Grass trimmers also come in gasoline models. However, the most commonly used models are those that run on battery or electricity. That is why they are characterized by low power. The plus side of these devices is considered to be less noise. It is impossible to use them more than 2 hours. When using the electric model you will need access to a power outlet. The wire can also get in the way. This would not allow them to cover large areas.


Trimmers usually use batteries or electric power. This causes a reduction in their performance. In addition, prolonged work with such devices is simply contraindicated. Lawn mowers are considered to be more powerful and productive.

Cutting systems

When choosing a particular design, it is worth paying attention to the cutting tools. For example, low-power devices are supplemented with a fishing line or cord. If you need stronger equipment, it is worth using models with discs in the form of a milling machine or metal nozzles.

In addition, the cutting cord can have a certain thickness within the range of 1.2 to 4 millimeters. Each type of equipment is supplied with a certain thickness of line. Do not exceed the recommended parameters, otherwise there is a risk of premature wear of the sleeves.

Ease of use

Lawn mowers are heavier than grass trimmers. This affects how easy it is to use and maneuver. The more powerful the engine in the machine, the heavier it is. This is reflected in the operation of the device.

Using a heavy tool for a long time can be difficult. Arms and back fatigue. Often there are unpleasant feelings. In such a case, it will most likely not be possible to work large areas. Grass trimmers are lighter, so they can be used even by older people.

Availability of additional nozzles

Attachments make the product more functional and versatile. Mowers are usually equipped with the following types of attachments

  • Pole pruner. it can be used to cut branches at different heights. This mowing head can even reach shoots located 3 meters above the ground. The product is small in size, making it easy to use.
  • Blower. used to pick up debris and fallen leaves from the lawn.
  • Brush cutter. includes several knives up to 1,5 meters long. In the principle of operation, the device resembles a scissor. It is used for trimming bushes and crowning trees.
  • Edge trimmer. needed in hard-to-reach areas and for smoothing lawn edges.
  • A fishing line nozzle. designed for horizontal surfaces.
  • Cultivator. used in small soil areas. An implement for loosening areas around trees or digging up flowerbeds.

The trimmer may come with the following attachments:

  • Three-blade cutter. is a metal disc, supplemented with several knives. Old grass and small growth are treated with it.
  • Knife with a sharp spike. used for work with dense grass. It can even be used for dry weeds.
  • Circular saw blade. is used to create a smooth lawn.

Some devices are supplemented with grippers, which are used to lay mowed plants. At the same time, the attachment makes the tool heavier. That is why a person gets tired quickly during work.

Varieties of trimmers/mowers

Let’s go from simple to more complex, and the simplest are low-power electric trimmers for grass, which can be conditionally divided into two subgroups:

As a rule, the power of such trimmers ranges from 350-450 W to 1-1,2 kW. There are more powerful models up to 2 kW, but, as a rule, if a person needs to process large areas, he buys a gasoline brushcutter, so electric analogues with a capacity of 1.5-2.2 kW is less common. Appointment of low-powered electric trimmers care for hard-to-reach areas of adjacent territories. These are zones around trees, bushes, along fences, where it is not convenient to work with a lawnmower.

Often low-powered electric grass trimmers mowers are equipped with a spool with a fishing line, a cord of nylon. Its two ends protrude from the closed spool housing to the outside. they are the cutting elements. Rarely, and only on more powerful models, it is possible to install steel blades instead of nylon cord. The disadvantages of the line as a cutting element are its high wear and tear. It is designed only for mowing lawn grass and not too thick stems of weeds. Caught on a thicker branch of the bush or on the corner of the curb, the line is immediately cut off.

As for the battery models, their only difference and advantage is the ability to work independently in places where there is no regular power supply. But do not forget that one battery charge is enough for 30-120 minutes, depending on its capacity and engine power. But no harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

Gasoline grass trimmers or brush cutters are equipped with internal combustion engines with a working volume of up to 46-48 cm 3 and a capacity of 1.2 3 horsepower. grass trimmers benzo fully autonomous, which is their great advantage, but they can not be used in enclosed spaces (winter gardens, greenhouses), as a result of their work produces exhaust. They are characterized by high performance, can be equipped both with a fishing line (nylon cord) and steel blades or discs for mowing thick bushes and even young woody growth.

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Rating gasoline trimmers

If you are deciding what is the best choice of gasoline trimmer for grass, then you should consider several models. For example, the equipment brand PATRIOT PT 545 has a hardened shaft, a blade for grass, coil and circular saw blade. The power of the device is 2.5 liters. с., or 1.86 kW.

It is powered by a two-stroke engine and weighs 7.8 kg. An alternative is the Makita EM2500U (EM 2500 U), which has a capacity of 0.73 kW or 1 L. с. Cutting tools are a knife and fishing line. The machine weighs 4.5 kg. If you need a mower trimmer for grass, then you can consider the model Kalibr BK-2600 00000062429, which has a capacity of 3.5 hp. с. It has a two-stroke motor and weighs 8 kg.

Another example would be the gasoline trimmer for grass brand PATRIOT PT 433 11 250108500, capacity of which is 1.32 kW. Weighs 8 kg of equipment, and uses a knife and fishing line in the work. Thinking about the question of what is the best choice of gasoline grass trimmer, you can pay attention to the characteristics of the Husqvarna 128 R 9527157-58. This model has a power of 0.82 kW. Weighs only 5 kg. Cutting width is 45 cm.

So, the two devices perform the same function. landscaping. And the difference between brushcutter and trimmer for grass is in their technical capabilities, design features and the direct purpose of.

The lawnmower is a more powerful machine. It is usually petrol-powered. This device can be in continuous operation for quite a long time, which is especially important when you need to treat large areas. Lawn mower not only copes with thin grass, but also with weeds, shrubs and climbing trees.

But where it is necessary to correct hard-to-reach areas, such as spaces between closely planted shrubs, it is preferable to tool the trimmer. Such a tool will evenly cut the soft grass in a small area and make a clear lawn edge. Keep in mind that long continuous work on such devices does not affect in the best way, and if you need to mow a lot of grass, you should do it in several stages.

Grass trimmers mostly use battery power or electric power. The cutting part of a lawn trimmer is traditionally a fishing line. The handle of this type of units is usually closed, D-shaped. Meanwhile, the brushcutter has it similar to a bicycle handlebar. so it is easier to manage a more weighty, compared to the trimmer, the tool. On this equipment, the cutting element, in addition to the fishing line, can be a knife or disc.

What is the difference between a brushcutter and a trimmer yet? The first machine is louder, but the second makes much less noise. Generally speaking, the grass trimmer is more suitable for home use. A lawnmower is an indispensable tool in the hands of those who are professionally engaged in the processing of various territories.

What is the difference between a lawnmower and a grass trimmer

Lawn mowers from grass trimmers differ in purpose, functions performed and adaptability to the load.

grass trimmer is a technique for mowing grass and low bushes. It is often lighter and more compact than a brushcutter and has low power and output. Comes with a spool or bobbin with a fishing line for cutting grass. Externally different in that it has a single handle for holding. The difference between the lawnmower and the trimmer also lies in the fact that the latter is not adapted for long-term work.

lawnmower is a more powerful device, adapted to grass, tough vegetation, bushes, thin tree branches. Complete with a fishing line and a disc for mowing. In most cases, it is larger, more powerful and heavy trimmer for the grass, capable of working at full power up to 8 hours a day and is equipped with two handles.

What’s better lawn mower or electric mower

In order to understand what is better, lawn mower or electric mower, consider the pros and cons of the tools and highlight the differences.

  • Using. Electric grass trimmer is suitable for trimming the lawn with soft grass and cutting weeds in the cottage or household plot. Grass trimmer with a more powerful gasoline engine is more versatile, and is suitable for both soft lawns and for the removal of hard grass, dead wood, weeds, shrubs and young growth of trees with a thin trunk.
  • Autonomy. The lawnmower operates with a two-stroke diesel engine that runs on a mixture of petrol and oil, and turns on by hand starter. Electric grass trimmer is powered, and to run it, you need constant access to power. So if you’ll be working in a place where there is no network at all, or the area is large and pulling many meters of wire from the outlet makes no sense, choose a gasoline model.
  • Weight. Due to the design features, a lawnmower, even with an empty tank, will weigh almost twice as much as an electric tool. Since you have to keep the grass trimmer in the canopy all the time while working, this factor plays a role, especially for girls, teenagers and the elderly.
  • Getting ready to work. The electric mower requires no preparation, just plug it in and push the button. This variant is especially suitable for people who have never mowed grass before. First of all, a gasoline-powered machine with a 2-cycle engine needs initial running-in (how to do this is described in detail in the instruction manual). Secondly, it must be refueled every 40-60 minutes with a gasoline mixture, which must be prepared in advance by mixing in a special canister of gasoline and motor oil in the correct proportion.
  • Convenient operation. The electric weed trimmer is quieter than a gasoline trimmer and produces no exhaust emissions. But it is worth noting that models powered by electricity, often have a lower position of the engine, this makes working with them in rainy or wet weather unsafe. Also, the electric motor must not overheat, for this must be carefully monitored and do not overstress the trimmer for grass, otherwise it will quickly break.
  • Service and storage. Electric lawn mowers are less demanding in maintenance. You just need to clean the cutting elements from grass residue, blow out the cooling hole and lubricate the lower gearbox. It is necessary to make some fuss with petrol power tools: regular check of spark plugs, cleaning of fuel filter, learning to prepare a quality petrol or change oil on time (if grass trimmer is equipped with a 4-stroke motor). Gasoline requires the use of a gasoline-powered trimmer for indoor storage because of the smell of gasoline.
  • Price. The indisputable advantage of the electric grass trimmer is its relatively low cost, unlike its gasoline counterpart.
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Based on the above advantages and disadvantages, we can conclude what the difference between gasoline and electric tools. Otherwise, it all depends on what your trimmer goals are.

Lawn mower features

Gasoline grass mowers and grass trimmers in some cases have more powerful power units, which allows them to better cope with heavy loads: hard grass, weeds, thickets of bushes, young sprouts. Engine power range varies from 600 W to 3000 W.

Able to improve large areas, non-electrified areas, overgrown and abandoned territories. Some models are equipped with a cutting blade for bushes and woody branches.

Features of electric mowers

Electric mowers and electric trimmers have less weight, low noise level when working and low vibration on the handle. Electric appliances are simple and intuitive to operate, even for beginners.

Are Battery Lawn Mowers and Grass Trimmers Worth It?


Disadvantages of electric grass trimmers are low productivity, low power of the electric motor (from 300 to 1300 watts), the need to constantly pull an extension cord.

What is the difference between lawn mower and grass trimmer, what is better to choose

Lawn. the face of the owners of the plot, so it can not help but enjoy the tendency to keep it in a neat appearance. All the more so that today a lot of assistants have been invented for this purpose. There are so many that sometimes the future user is lost in the guesswork: what is the difference between the majority of similar devices in terms of functionality? In our article, we will consider what the difference between a lawn mower and a grass trimmer, and what their purpose is.

What is the difference between the two devices

To understand how different these types of devices are, it is necessary to monitor the following points:

Appointment of devices

The mission of both devices is the same. they are created for landscaping green areas. Similar devices and purely externally. However, the technical capabilities with which they will perform the task are different.

  • grass trimmer is a device that cuts small bushes and grass. It does its job particularly well in difficult places (on uneven and sloping areas, near walls and curbs, along lawns and fences).
  • lawnmower is needed for the treatment of dense vegetation, bushes and even young trees. The big lawns are perfectly serviced, but you should not expect a lawn with a perfect texture. Its working capacity is up to 8 hours a day.

The difference between the units is also manifested in the cutting elements of the device: while in the brushcutter there are both blades-discs and cord, the grass trimmers are most often equipped with just a fishing line.

Another difference lies in the appearance of the handles. the brushcutter has more of a bicycle type, and the trimmer has a closed.

Power and performance

Of these two devices, the lawn mower has more power, which is provided by the gasoline engine (found in two- and four-stroke versions). That is why the device has another name. gasoline mower. This addition allows the device to stay in action for a long time and cope with the treatment of large areas. The working volume of the brushcutter engine is 46-48 cm3, which gives a capacity of 1.2. 3 horsepower.

These devices cannot be used in enclosed spaces, such as greenhouses and winter gardens. the ban is associated with the mandatory formation of exhaust.

The trimmer, on the other hand, most often uses electric or battery power. This reduces its power and performance, but also makes less noise. Long non-stop operation (more than two hours) is simply contraindicated for this device. Trimmer power ranges from 350-450 watts to 1-1.2 kW. There are more powerful models. up to 2 kW, but usually a person will prefer to buy a petrol brushcutter.

Ease of use

What is easier. a grass trimmer or lawnmower? In terms of weight, the ride-on mower is considerably heavier than the grass trimmer. even to the touch. The weight of the device will directly depend on how powerful the motor in it is. Of course, this indicator will also affect the time of work with the device. It is very difficult to maintain the ability to work, for a long time dragging the device on his shoulders weighing at least 7 kilograms. So it is advisable to choose a lighter model.

Garden trimmer elektrichesky for grass is characterized by a light weight, which rarely exceeds the value of 3.2 kg (more often found even less). This makes it possible for women and the elderly to use it.

Extra tips

Additional accessories help to extend the functionality of the device. over, they help to declare its versatility. and, in both cases.

Let’s start with the brushcutter. this device has a lot of fairly popular attachments.

  • Pole pruner, which is used to cut limbs and branches, even at a height of three meters. The attachment is a bar and a half meter long, on which a chain with a guide bar is attached. The weight of such a set is quite small. it allows you to work with it for a long time.
  • A blower comes in handy for knocking down autumn leaves in trees, cleaning the area from debris (even sand). Attached quite a powerful compressor will accelerate the air masses up to 60 m/s. The construction itself (boom with compressor) is relatively light, weighing barely more than two and a half kilograms.
  • The brushcutting head is a pair of blades half a meter long each. They cooperate on the scissor principle, giving a stroke width of 2 to 4 cm. This tool can be used to crown trees or cut bushes and hedges.
  • Edge trimmer is similar to a standard brushcutter attachment with a fishing line, but its boom is more curved. This design feature makes it possible to level lawn edges and treat hard-to-reach areas.
  • Corded mower. it is a standard attachment with a working width of up to 25 cm. It is used to cultivate horizontal surfaces. Weighs only 2.3 kg with bar and handle. And over the working surface is a special shield. it will protect from flying mowed vegetation, among which there may be knots.
  • Cultivator can help in the treatment of small soil areas in the garden. Usually drum blades or toothed blades are used here. With their help, it is real to loosen the soil around trees, to dig over flower beds and the vegetable garden, to dip beds with potatoes, onions and carrots.
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Among the unusual attachments of the gasoline grass mower are a water pump for feeding water from the well and a roller brush for sweeping paths or the lawn. It depends on the model.

The main cord head of the grass trimmer is represented by the body, the line and the spool, on which it is wound. Its centrifugal forces turn it into a high-power cutting tool. Especially suitable for spring or summer work, when soft vegetation is easy to cut. In addition to the cord, the grass trimmer has other attachments.

  • A three-blade burr is a metal disc with three blades. Capable of mowing old growth and small brushwood. Cutting is executed on the razor principle. When working with this accessory, mowing should be done from left to right, controlling the height of the cut.
  • The blade with eight sharpened prongs allows you to cope with dense thickets of grass of different size, not only young growth, but also dry weed stems. Take care not to “dig into” the ground with this attachment, otherwise the blades will dull quickly.
  • A carbide-tipped saw blade can be attached to the trimmer. The circular saw blade is made of hardened steel and is entirely filled with up to 80 teeth. Some manufacturers make holes in it, which reduces the weight of the attachment. Just this disc is able to leave an even carpet of lawn after itself.
  • Some devices have a unique attachment. grippers, which allow you to lay mowed grass in swaths. However, the design will only increase the weight of the grass trimmer, and instead of facilitating the work will give the operator fatigue.

In all of the considered types of trimmers, the use of additional attachments will significantly increase the capabilities of the device. But such opportunities are not presented, of course, by every manufacturer.

What to choose

In order to choose the right tool, it is necessary to prioritize the needs of the purchase of equipment. The main aspects will be:

Owners of plots of up to ten acres are best to buy a simple grass trimmer, which will help keep track of the grass in hard-to-reach places. The same rule applies to lawns with uneven terrain. But if we are talking about the processing of large areas (20-30 acres) and a struggle with wild vegetation is planned, you can not do without a brushcutter, which will please the power and freedom of movement.

Working safely with both types of equipment

Regardless of the final verdict in favor of a particular type of device, it is necessary to follow simple tips that will make working with the device safer.

  • Do not work on wet grass. excessive moisture will lead to serious damage.
  • Do not overload the device. be sure to arrange the manufacturer’s recommended rest.
  • You should use only good quality and tested fuel (for brushcutters) and stable power sources (for grass trimmers).
  • Only the cutting elements recommended by the manufacturer should be used.
  • It is important for trimmers to have 2 to 3 skeins of cord spools in reserve at all times.
  • Keep your power tool clean. remove grass before it dries out.
  • All work should be performed in closed clothing and shoes. this will prevent injuries.
  • Wear headphones, gloves, and safety glasses if using a high-powered brushcutter. Usually all of these things come with.

Lawn mower or grass trimmer: choose a tool for mowing

Grass trimmers are designed for short work on mowing lawns in hard-to-reach places and are suitable for soft lawns. As a rule, these are structurally simple, low-power devices equipped with an electric motor. There are cordless models and models with a gasoline engine.

Lawn mowers, or as they are also called, brushcutters are designed for more serious continuous mowing of grass over large areas. Unlike trimmers, they can work on hard grass, vines, shrubs and even fell small trees.

lawnmower. a tool that uses a gasoline engine. The design includes a boom and a lower cutting part. It is considered a serious device and often has a high cost. The boom varies in type. Can be curved or straight. Also the length and shape of its handle is different.

Help. Short boom increases strain on mower‘s back and arms. Working with the tool becomes uncomfortable, and the owner quickly gets tired.

  • Mobility. Working on gasoline implies the absence of wires. There is no need to connect the device to the power grid. Independence of the equipment makes it convenient, it is possible to process the lawn in any area of the plot.
  • Power. Can even handle heavy undergrowth.
  • Performance. You can treat a large area for a long time.

Among the disadvantages it is worth noting the significant weight of the equipment. This negatively affects the convenience of using the lawnmower. Needs constant refueling, and the exhaust fumes from the fuel are harmful and smell unpleasant. It is worth remembering that this type creates a lot of noise.