What is the Difference from Trimmer

An electric scythe or trimmer is an affordable and effective solution to lawn care problems where it is easy to extend an extension cord. For devices such as electric braids, the ranking of the best is based on technical specifications, cost, design features and ease of use.

What is the Difference from Trimmer

What is the difference between a lawn mow and a trimmer

Trimmer from the trimmer differ in the purpose, the functions performed and the adaptability to loads.

Trimmer. A technique for mowing grass and low bushes. Often it is lighter and more compact than lawn mowers, characterized by low power and productivity. It is equipped with a reel or bobbin with fishing line for cutting grass. Outwardly, it has one handle for holding. The difference between the lawnmower and the trimmer is also that the latter is not suitable for continuous operation.

Lawn mowing. A more powerful device, adapted for grass, hard vegetation, shrubs, thin tree branches. It is completed with fishing line and a disk for mowing. In most cases, it is larger, more powerful and heavier than the trimmer, able to operate at full power up to 8 hours a day and is equipped with two handles.

Features of the brushcutter

Gasoline braids and trimmers in some cases have more powerful power units, which allows them to better cope with heavy loads: hard grass, weeds, bushes, young shoots. The range of engine power varies from 600 to 3000 watts.

Suitable for landscaping large plots, non-electrified sites, heavily overgrown and abandoned territories. Some models are equipped with a cutting knife for shrubs and tree branches.

Features of electric braids

Electric braids and trimmers have less weight, low noise during operation and low vibration on the handle. In the management of electrical equipment is simple and intuitive even for beginners.

The disadvantages of the electric braid are low productivity, low power of the electric motor (from 300 to 1300 W), the need to constantly pull the extension cable along with it.

The best models

Lawn mowers

Among the electric lawn mowers, the following models are considered the best:

  1. The FIT ET-1200 is one of the most powerful and cheapest lawn mowers on the market. Made in Canada, without Chinese parts.
  2. Stihl FSE 71 is a lightweight, high-quality and almost silent electric scythe with an American-made cutting head. It works well in hard grass and small shrubs despite its low power. Disadvantages. There is no belt in the kit, and without it hands get tired quickly.
  3. The ET-1500V caliber is a powerful model that easily copes with hard work, but requires breaks in work every 20-30 minutes. The cutting knife is the most effective, but when working with it, an excessively high vibration on the handles is felt.


Of the trimmers, the following models are considered the best:

  1. Bosch ART 26SL. The lightest and most compact device, German quality.
  2. Makita UR 3000 is Japan’s most reliable and reliable machine.
  3. Monferme 21327M. The most stylish French-made trimmer, the most convenient to use.
  4. Dde EB 1200 RD. The most reliable, technological and ergonomic electric braid. With your own hands, it is easily disassembled and assembled again.
  5. Huter GET 1500 SL is an inexpensive and powerful model made with German quality.
  6. Stavr TE-1700R is a powerful domestic trimmer, characterized by low cost and adaptability to Russian operating conditions.

Even women, elderly people and teenagers can mow with their own hands.