What is the Grease in a Makita Hammer

A professional or home craftsman should take care of the tool that he uses in his activities. The duration of equipment operation directly depends on this. Power tools need high-quality lubrication. This will protect the components and mechanisms from wear. Work in this case will be much more productive.

Therefore, the lubrication for the punch is extremely important. It must be selected in accordance with the characteristics of the model of equipment. A lubricant with specific technical features is developed for each brand. The various additives included in the composition provide the most diverse qualities of such products. Therefore, it must be selected in accordance with the operating conditions of the punch.

History of the development of technology

Than 150 years have passed since the moment when, in the distant 1851, the first manual punch began to be used in work. It was made for the needs of the mining industry and did not have the variety of modes that modern models now have. However, even then he significantly improved the work of workers. It is not without reason that the presented type of instrument was widely used by masters of various specializations.

Since then, the tool has undergone significant design changes. One thing remains unchanged. The need for proper care. The punch device is quite complex. Some of its parts can wear out quickly.

What is the Grease in a Makita Hammer

To prevent this from happening, the punch lubricant must have a number of qualities. With the development of the presented power tool, its additional materials were improved. To understand how to choose a lubricant, it is necessary to consider the design features of the equipment.

Rotary hammer device

A mechanism that is capable of producing the desired effect on the material may be electromagnetic or pneumatic. The rotary hammer has two main characteristics. These include engine power and impact power.

The higher the indicator in Watts and Joules, the more powerful the instrument. The electromagnetic and pneumatic type of equipment has a different device. Therefore, what kind of lubricant is used for the punch of each variety, the principle of operation of their mechanisms will answer.

The electromagnetic type of tool consists of a coil, core and drill. These are the elements that need lubrication. The pneumatic mechanism has a cylinder and a piston, a drill and a hammer. They significantly affect the weight of the punch.

Basic lubrication properties

Grease for Makita, Hitachi and many other manufacturers punch performs the functions required from it. Initially, it flows around the necessary parts of the mechanism, preventing the friction of their surfaces against one another. In this case, accordingly, their wear is reduced.

Such substances may have additional additives that prevent corrosion. The second equally important characteristic is the washing function. During the operation of the equipment, small particles of material and dust can get into the tool. They settle on the mechanism and lead to its failure.

The grease collects this dirt and debris and keeps them in suspension. When there is too much pollution in it, the substance will need to be changed. There are mineral, synthetic and semi-synthetic lubricants. The most inexpensive substances are made on the basis of oil. These are mineral varieties. They quickly lose their properties and require frequent replacement.

Synthetic lubricants are expensive, but their quality is the highest. They do not need to be changed often, they provide the highest quality protection of the mechanism from wear.

Semi-synthetic oils, average in cost. They have better qualities than mineral varieties. But they do not reach the synthetic materials a bit.

What parts is the lubricant suitable for?

Each lubricant has its own characteristics. They must be taken into account. Therefore, we choose the lubricant for the punch consciously. For each type of component of the mechanism, their own type of substance is selected.

Gear lubricant cannot be used for drill. Therefore, before purchasing lubricants, it is necessary to carefully study the manufacturer’s instructions. It clearly indicates that of the nodes and mechanisms requires processing, how often it is necessary to do.

Also here, the manufacturer must indicate which substances are allowed to care for the tool. If it is not possible to find the product recommended by the manufacturer, it is necessary to be guided by the rules for changing the oil that are common to all on different mechanisms of the punch.


Liquid oils may be used for the gearbox. They are poured in quantities specified by the manufacturer. There are special holes in the case. Through them, oil is poured inside. The covers close, tightly isolating the liquid. The most popular today is the grease for the Makita, Bosch rotary hammer.

For the gearbox, it is important that the consistency of such products is liquid. Some models use creamy greases. But this is rather the exception.

Liquid oil leaves a thin but durable trace of the substance on the gearbox parts. It is also called film. Too liquid substances will not be able to maintain the solidity of the coating. A thick substance creates an overly dense film. It inhibits the movement of the gearbox.

The most popular products of this type today are Makita P-08361, Bosch 1615430005.

Tool drill

During operation, the drill is subjected to significant mechanical influences. Pressure and heating can quickly disable nozzles and their seat. In order to avoid increased overheating, special substances are applied to the drill.

Refer to the tool manual for the type of grease used for the hammer drill for this department. The manufacturer indicates a list of products suitable for lubricating the drill.

They also prevent dirt and dust from getting onto work surfaces. Each time before installing the drill cartridge, it must be treated with a special material. The grooves of the nozzle are lubricated, but not very abundantly. The efficiency of the work and its final result depend on the correctness of this action.

At the same time, professional craftsmen advise not to save on the quality of the lubricant. Otherwise, the tool may overheat and require repair.


In addition to the drill, the cartridge must be lubricated. First, it is cleaned of old oil and dirt. Then, in the amount indicated by the manufacturer, it is applied to the surface. Replaceable nozzles for drills need a similar procedure no less than a drill and a drill.

Before each installation, the shank is handled accordingly. Studying which grease for the hammer drill and its cartridge is more suitable, it is necessary to consider all offers from the manufacturer. If there are none, you should give preference to trusted manufacturers.

They will reliably protect the cartridge from premature wear. The additives included in the composition of the substance reliably absorb dirt, dust and prevent the destruction of working surfaces.

How to choose tool oil?

Experts advise you to purchase lubricant from well-known manufacturers. They have proven themselves in the market. The quality of such products is confirmed by the years of conscientious work of the equipment.

Grease for Bosch, Makita, Hitachi, etc. Hammer drills is available with a wide variety of oils for equipment components. By conducting scientific developments, such manufacturers are constantly improving the quality of their products. They fully comply with modern requirements.

Experts note that such products can improve the quality of work even of fairly mediocre equipment. The viscosity grade of the oil should be correctly determined. The quality of the work performed by the equipment and its durability also depend on this.

Foreign greases

As mentioned above, many foreign companies produce good oils for various electrical equipment. Hitachi, Metabo, Makita and Bosch rotary hammer greases are widely known to consumers around the world. They are distinguished by a wide range of products with a narrow specialization. This allows you to choose the best oil option for each mechanism.

Also, the companies listed above are constantly developing new, improved properties of their lubricants. This allows you to remain permanent leaders. For professional equipment that is subjected to significant loads, these materials are simply essential.

Also one of the well-known, high-quality lubricants is the products of the German company Lubcon. This brand produces synthetic oils for rotary hammers. These products are environmentally friendly and have the best features. The products of this German company are used with especially strong tool loads.

High-quality domestic products

Today, the Russian and foreign markets are increasingly gaining oil for domestic-made power tools. Punch Lubricant “Interskol”, “Bison” not only has a low cost, but also fully meets modern requirements. A wide range and constant laboratory control allow manufacturers to maintain a leading position.

Deliveries of products are made both to neighboring countries and to Europe. These are high-quality, modern products. A wide range of products will allow you to choose the grease that best meets the requirements of technology.

Key recommendations for changing grease

Professionals, in whose work it is often necessary to use a hammer drill, are advised to change the oil in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. However, it is necessary to take into account the frequency of use of the equipment, as well as the operating conditions.

If there is increased dust, you will need to replace more often. Also note that you should not mix lubricants from different manufacturers. The additives included in the composition can be very different and conflict with each other. In this case, the reaction can be unpredictable.

If the warranty has not yet expired, it is best to entrust the oil change to a service center. This will be the key to quality work. Do-it-yourself lubrication of the punch is possible. But you need to understand this technology in great detail.

How to change the oil?

If the warranty has already expired and there is a desire to independently change the oil, you must refer to the manufacturer’s instructions. It indicates the compartment where grease for the punch is poured.

The inside is washed with a special solution or kerosene. In addition to the gearbox, interchangeable couplings and drill other elements of the tool do not need lubrication.

A small amount of oil is applied to these areas. Grease should not be too much or too little. In both cases, the result will be unsatisfactory. Further assembly is carried out in the reverse order.

Lubricant for the punch is extremely important. By choosing and replacing the oil correctly, you can significantly extend the life of the equipment. Without proper maintenance, the power tool presented quickly fails. Due to the complexity of the design and high loads, this equipment is in dire need of the use of lubricants. Pick them up very carefully. Indeed, thanks to the additives contained in the oil, its viscosity, various qualities of such substances are provided.