What Is The Most Interesting Saw Part

The most powerful chainsaw in the world: TOP 4

What Is The Most Interesting Saw Part

When choosing a chainsaw, many wonder what is the most powerful chainsaw currently available on the market? Every year, manufacturers are trying to improve their line of models for professional use. For this reason, it is difficult to single out any one model, but it is safe to say that several models deserve the title of the most powerful chainsaw in the world at the moment:

  • Stihl MS 880;
  • Stihl MS 660;
  • Husqvarna 395XP;
  • Husqvarna 3120XP.

Stihl MS 880 review

By far, the most powerful STIHL MS 880 MAGNUM professional chainsaw still has an excellent power to weight ratio for a large saw that is surprisingly agile thanks to STIHL technology.

Ideal for cutting and sawing large-diameter trees, this saw is precisely balanced with excellent handling and reliability. And with a staggering 23% increase in engine power. This is a model for professionals. For the most difficult tasks and extreme conditions. An incredible ratio of power, weight and a new muffler is now available.

With a light, clean HD2 filter and controlled flow oil pump. Ideal for frequent use when working with large wood. One of the most powerful chainsaws available in today’s market. The decompression valve will easily provide a quick start of the chainsaw. The fuel cap opens without tools for safe and easy refueling.

First of all, consider the engine of this monster. Here we can observe the first surprise: the engine power is 6.4 kW, and the displacement is 121.6 cubic meters. Of course, there are other giants of this type with even greater key indicators, but usually this is only the weight of the models, but not the numbers of the engines.

Nevertheless, engines of this kind are not typical of the market. The heavy and powerful STIHL MS 880 Magnum gasoline engine is heavy and 10.1 kg. In the case of this tool, we can observe an equivalent ratio of power and weight, a very powerful engine with a heavy weight. Many other tools have higher weight and less powerful engines, such as the Remington RM5118R Rodeo. Compared to Remington and many other tools, this model has an almost perfect power to weight ratio.

The next interesting thing is the variety of tire lengths available. The STIHL MS 880 chainsaw offers a really very wide range of tires available from 17 to 59 inches. Only the STIHL MS 661 C-M boasts a good range of bars, but not as good a range as the STIHL MS 880. The variety of possible tasks is staggering. These “monsters” can deal with real giant trees in a matter of minutes. The capacity of the fuel tank is 1.3 liters, and this is not surprising. A powerful engine with a large displacement should have such a fuel tank. Operators may forget to add gasoline for several hours. The next important indicator is the reservoir capacity. 0.7 liters.

Stihl MS 660 review

Stihl has devoted more than 80 years to the research and development of high-performance outdoor power plants that are affordable and durable. The STIHL chain saw line is especially popular as it meets the needs of both home users and professional chain saw operators.

The STIHL MS 660 chain saw is a professional chain saw that is suitable for heavy use in hard to reach places. However, for the layman, who occasionally has to perform heavy tasks, the STIHL MS 660 is an excellent choice because it is more efficient than other chainsaws.

This model not only cuts through massive wood, but also does it quickly. Therefore, it is great for hard work. With a power-to-weight ratio of 1.4 kg / kW, it has a high engine power (output power of 5.2 kW), while being relatively light (7.3 kg without bar / chain).

Other notable aspects of the STIHL MS 660 include an anti-vibration system and a shock absorber called the ElastoStart. The STIHL MS 660 also has a semi-automatic decompression valve that provides easy starting. The Ematic Series lubrication system guarantees high fuel economy by reducing oil consumption in bars by up to 50%.

The STIHL MS 660 is a great buy for professional users and (very) complex homework. Other features include a long-term filter system using HD.2 to provide longer runtimes between maintenance, the ElastoStartTM handle and the high-performance adjustable oil filter.

Husqvarna 395XP review

A very powerful saw from a new generation of large professional saws. 395xp is designed with the wishes of professionals in mind. Designed for the most difficult working conditions. The 395XP is unique due to its sturdy handle design, more aggressive clutch and wider clutch cover for better dispersion of wood chips. This saw also has power and balance, and a long tire. You can buy a powerful chainsaw from an authorized dealer.

Advantages of this model

  1. The centrifugal air purification system removes large particles of dust and debris before it enters the air filter.
  2. Adjustable oil pump.
  3. Allows you to control oil consumption depending on the application and weather conditions.
  4. High-speed air filter.
  5. Facilitates cleaning and replacing the air filter.
  6. The rugged case withstands high rotational speeds and tough professional use, ensuring a long service life.

Husqvarna 3120XP review

3120xp is the largest Husqvarna chainsaw in the range and one of the most powerful chainsaws in the world. This chainsaw is ideal for professional use. Powerful 118 cc engine See Mass 8.4 HP This chainsaw is equipped with a 28-inch tire and a wider chain of 0.04. A chainsaw can be equipped with a larger tire up to 42 inches long. A chainsaw can also be converted to run a 3/8 “chain, if necessary.


  1. Powerful 118cc two stroke engine. Anti-vibration steel springs provide low vibration to the front and rear handles.
  2. Air injection provides longer air filter life and longer intervals between cleaning the air filter.
  3. Durable heavy duty air filter. Quick removal, snap-on air filter for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  4. Lock cylinder cover for easy access to the air filter and spark plug.

Forged crankshaft with three pieces for maximum strength. Chrome cylinder liner for durability. Inertial activated chain brake. Side lever for easy chain tension. Starter and engine were designed to reduce resistance by 40%. Button depressor for easy starting. Adjustable oil pump to increase oil consumption when cutting hardwood. Clear color markings for better felling accuracy. There is a 2-year commercial warranty and a 5-year internal warranty.

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12 best chainsaws STIHL. Rating 2018 (top 12)

The tool from the pioneer in the production of chainsaws Andreas Stihl is characterized by high quality, performance and excellent ergonomics. The range includes domestic and professional models with different tire lengths, engine power and additional options. They differ only in the duration of a continuous working cycle, increasing from simple saws to real saw horses.

Best STIHL household chainsaw

A household series is a tool for performing small-scale work: thin out tree plantings, cut old or overgrown branches. By the power of a chainsaw, saw boards, timber, prepare wood material for the construction of farm buildings in the garden or farm.

The tool is equipped with a gasoline engine of 30

60cm³ capacity 1.3

3.5l.S). It has compact dimensions, light weight and good balance.

Stihl MS 170. The smallest model

A small, compact and lightweight household chainsaw, equipped with a gasoline two-stroke engine, will allow most of the cleaning of green spaces from dried branches, thinned shrubs and thickened woods.

The launch is carried out by using one lever, which is important for amateur beginners. Confident start-up is facilitated by an easy-start system at any time of the year.


    Lightweight compact model in its class.

High-quality manufacturing and assembly.


    Price for a household model.

It does not start the first time in frosty weather.

Stihl MS 181 C-BE. Optimal for the garden

A good option for a sufficiently powerful and inexpensive chainsaw to care for the garden and cottage area. In addition to cutting small and medium-sized trees, it will help to prepare firewood, take part in the preparation of wooden semi-finished products in the manufacture of small architectural forms from wood.

Equipped with an effective device for a comfortable start. A quick chain saw replacement system is provided.


    An excellent combination of price, power and other characteristics.

Light weight, compact size.

Plates trees up to 30 cm.


A little expensive to buy and use only in the garden.

Stihl MS 211 C-BE with Picco Duro. Green Model

An excellent unit for felling small and medium trees with a low level of vibration. Sustainability is facilitated by equipping the chainsaw with a robust low profile Picco Duro chain.

It features a reduced consumption of the fuel mixture and a significant reduction in harmful emissions. An air filter with an efficient intake air purification system is used.


    Profitability, low consumption of gasoline.

It does not fade and does not pollute the air. It is easy to breathe next to a working saw.

Powerful and light.


    According to its characteristics, it is better to use on a logging site.

It rings, sometimes it cuts the ear.

Stihl MS 250 C-BE. For the farm

Leader in the combination of functional characteristics for household series saws. A powerful engine has been installed that helps to solve most of the tasks in the farm: thin out the shoots, remove old and overgrown branches, cut dead wood and medium-sized trees.

It will help in the construction of buildings made of wood, procuring the necessary semi-finished products. Simple to operate and reliable model.


    The combination of power and reliability.

Convenient to use.

An indispensable assistant on the farm.


    Without skill, it’s hard to get cold.

Noisy at high frequencies.

Stihl MS 271. Multifunction chainsaw

It is in demand among private owners of suburban, village houses and cottages. It easily cuts medium trees, cuts wet wood, helps in construction work, and harvests firewood.


    A good combination of weight and power.

Low vibration on handles.

An inertial brake is provided.


    Bias towards environmental friendliness due to reliability.

Undeveloped parts service.

Stihl MS 310. The most powerful and versatile model

Powerful reliable chainsaw, made in a classic design. By its characteristics, it came close to the tools of a professional series. It allows harvesting firewood, felling wood in conditions of moderate neglect and windbreak.

An excellent assistant in the construction of wooden log cabins. It is in demand among private owners, farms and in public utilities.


    Powerful universal unit.

Lightweight and compact.

It is convenient in the woods and during construction work.


    Expensive for private use.

Noisy at full load.

Execution options


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