What is the part of the part of the part. Handle for a mechanical lawn mower and a shield for mowing

The device of the lawn mower

Lawn mowed. a tool for mowing grass, which simplifies the care of the site. The device carefully cuts the grass at the same distance from the surface of the earth. This is a significant plus compared to trimmers. Using the tool, you can quickly and without much effort give the territory a neat, well.groomed look. Using a manual braid for grass, it will definitely not be possible to achieve such an effect.

The range of lawn mowers is very wide. Manufacturers produce tools with different technical characteristics, power indicators. Models differ in the type of nutrition, size, weight, cost. Before buying a mitch for the lawn, you should familiarize yourself with its device and constructive features. This will not only simplify the choice, but also facilitate the maintenance and repair of garden equipment.

How a wheelbanger works?

The lawn mower is a cart with one or two axes on which a block with cutting elements is installed. The device is driven by human effort or motor. The engine can rotate not only the cutting mechanism, but also the wheels. Lawn mowers are divided into several categories depending on the device and the principle of operation:

The simplest are mechanical tools. The lawn mower is driven by the physical effort of the user. Such units do not differ in high power, suitable for small areas with soft grass. manufacturing and convenient in operation are gasoline and electric mowers. They are acted by appropriate motors. Devices consist of these parts:

  • platform. trolley with wheels;
  • engine;
  • cutting mechanism;
  • the handle on which the controls are located;
  • grass collector;
  • Wheel chassis.

Not all models are equipped with a grass collector. But the container for collecting cut grass greatly simplifies the operation of the tool, because after the mowing it will not be necessary to collect vegetation throughout the area, just shake a plastic container or a fabric bag.

Lawn mower. Types and types. Work and device. Peculiarities

The lawn mower is a motorized machine designed to cut the lawn. The device allows you to cut grass at the same height, so that the beveled area looks neat and neatly.

Types of lawn mowers on the principle of mowing grass

The assortment is very extensive, but all cars can be divided into groups depending on the principle of operation applied. These devices are equipped with a power unit that trigger a mechanism with knives, which directly and mow plant stalks.

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The most relevant are three types of mowers:

Rotor lawn mower

Is the most common, since the mechanism used for its operation is characterized by cheapness. The device is equipped with a knife made in the form of a disk that is mounted on a rotating shaft. Through high speeds, its pointed edge simply cuts the stalks of plants. Due to the speed of rotation, the braid is able to cut the grass even with non.resistant knives, but does it less high quality. This is accompanied by passes of individual stalks. Such knives are quite simply removed and can be hidden with a hand file, a sharpener on a corner grinder or sandpaper. If necessary, they can be bought at a perfectly acceptable price, in comparison with the equipment of other types.

Cylindrical lawn mower

Less common, but it has an advantage in very high.quality mowing of grass. Its working part is a cylinder surrounded by horizontally located knives. Rotating, they cut grass. A cylindrical mower is used if necessary to maintain large lawns. It provides a wider capture when passing, but in the case of loss of severity of the cutting edges requires a large time for sharpening time.

General features of the device of gasoline and electric lawn mowers

It was noted that there are several varieties of lawn mowers. They differ by engine type and can be gasoline or electric. The first option consists of a tank where fuel is poured, piston system and air filter. The design is also supplemented with a carburetor, starter and a system that supplies fuel and hens.

The volume of the tank is limited to a temporary resource that allows the lawn mower to work without stopping. Then the equipment requires a break to cool. Electric models are arranged differently, so their work needs to be stopped every 15-30 minutes.

Electric options are equipped with a wire for connecting to a network. When used on a large area, an extension cord is additionally used to move the mowing around the entire perimeter.

There are also battery models. Their device has a block of batteries that must be charged. The battery capacity affects the instrument time. There are also miter-robots. In addition to the main details, equipped with special sensors. This allows them to navigate the ground and cope with grass without human participation.

The general details of which any modern lawn mower consists of: include:

  • Engine. It is placed vertically. Its principle of operation is similar to a car engine.
  • Dec. This is a frame of equipment that serves as the basis for installing other elements. The higher the deck, the better the grass is sucked. Classified according to the material from which. Aluminum is considered the most reliable for the deck. Steel has a high risk of corrosion, and the plastic wear out quickly.
  • Grass collector. It is necessary to collect mowed grass. The larger the mower, the more she has a grass collector. Can be made of plastic or synthetics. The first option is hard, it is better cleaned and more conveniently unloaded, but it can skip small grass. Synthetic grass collector is soft. He does not miss small blades of grass, but it is more difficult to clean it.
  • Cutting elements. These include knives or fishing lines. Placed parallel to the surface for mowing. The shape and system of fasteners of cutting parts is individual. depends on the manufacturer and model.
  • Wheels. Classified by size, landing and tread shape. Budget options are equipped with ordinary plastic wheels. In more expensive lawn mowers, they are rubberized and have a larger diameter. often there are equipment with 4 wheels.
  • Levers and handles. Necessary to control the mower. Well, if the lever is comfortably placed in the hand and complemented by soft inserts.
  • Bumper. It protects the elements of the lawn mower from obstacles. It also allows you to conveniently transfer the equipment.

Some models may have additional functions. For their implementation, the braid is supplied with other elements.

Grass collector

The grass mowed and left on the lawn turns the site into a non.aesthetic one, and in addition, drying, it will require cleaning the lawn with rakes, for example. If you do not have time to remove weeds before the rain, the grass rotates and leads to the appearance of prophesh on the lawn. Therefore, it will be more correct if the electric mower is equipped with a grass collector.

Structurally, they are divided into:

The capacity of the grass collector provides for openings for air circulation. Herbackers are located in the rear of the electrical device. Their device should be such that it allows you to easily extract the capacity for cleaning.

The larger the volume of the grass collector, the less often it will have to be cleaned, which means that less time will be spent.

This part performs weeds, so it should be reliable. The knife should be made of high.quality special steel. The lawn mower can be equipped with one or more knives, which depends on the model.

You can not mow areas on which there are stones so as not to break the knife and not disable the device.

Having removed the knife from the electric municipal mower, it can be replaced with new or sharpened. To do this, you will have to remove the old one, for which the mitch is prepared. disconnected from power. Further, the blade is fixed so that it does not turn.

The blade is attached with one bolt in the center or two. To unscrew them, you need a end or a unit key. It is better not to use pliers so as not to “lick” the face.

If you can’t remove the bolt, because it has been seized, you can use the liquid key WD-40.

The main malfunctions

There are not many of them, but it is necessary to determine them and correctly eliminate them:

  • Does not cut weeds. It may mean that the knives were dull and broke. It is recommended to buy a new knife for each season and, moreover, only the one that is necessary for a specific model. If the knife is swept away, it is carefully removed for sharpening. If there is no sharpening experience, the operation is more correct to entrust to the specialists. Having sharpened the knife on both sides of 30 degrees, it is installed in its former place, without violating the balancing. Otherwise, vibration and noise arise, leading to the destruction of bearings. Check the balancing, putting the knife on the screwdriver. If one of the parties is heavier, it will be necessary to cost metal on this side;
  • The device moves with difficulty on the lawn. Perhaps they mow too high weeds and you need to adjust the heights of the bevel. It is also worth checking if whether the wheels or rink rotate (freely rotate). They can be clogged with garbage or grass. It is necessary to inspect and clean the details;
  • The motor overheats. The reason can be hidden in a blocked air intake, t.e. Air flow is reduced. It is necessary to clean the air intake grilles from accumulated grass;
  • Electric device does not work at all (does not show signs of life). If such a breakdown is detected, start by checking the knives, turning off the device and, if they are clogged with grass, then clean them, rotating the cylinder in the opposite direction, while it begins to rotate freely.

If everything is in order with the knives, check the drive belts for gap. Perhaps they stretched out, broke, worn out, or just jumped off the pulley.

To check this, remove the lid from the belts, weaken the mounts of the mounts and bring the pulleys closer to each other. small and large.

A new belt is put on a smaller diameter pulley, then it is gradually “wound up” on a large, smoothly rotating the last.

After installing both pulleys in place, pull the belts and tighten the screws.

Check the belt tension (the deflection should not exceed 4 mm), put the lid in the same place;

  • Electric shit. During operation, the cord turning and turning around, moves along the lawn, so in the end its internal conductors break. Therefore, it should be checked for a cliff, when detected, the wire must be replaced, after turning off the gas mowing and removing the circuit breaker lid.

To disconnect the cord, you need a hexagon of 1 mm, which is inserted into the holes for the conductors, weakening the clamps. Having taken out and checking the wire for the presence of a cliff, they set it or a new one, observing polarity;

  • The switch is out of order. It is better to diagnose it in the service center. In the same place, if necessary, it is replaced;
  • There is no power supply.

The simplest reason may be an electric mower that was not included in the outlet. If other devices included in the same circuit do not work, you should check the machines on the shield or fuses.

Lawn mower. Types and types. Work and device. Peculiarities

The lawn mower is a motorized machine designed to cut the lawn. The device allows you to cut grass at the same height, so that the beveled area looks neat and neatly.

The most relevant are three types of mowers:

Rotor lawn mower

Is the most common, since the mechanism used for its operation is characterized by cheapness. The device is equipped with a knife made in the form of a disk that is mounted on a rotating shaft. Through high speeds, its pointed edge simply cuts the stalks of plants. Due to the speed of rotation, the braid is able to cut the grass even with non.resistant knives, but does it less high quality. This is accompanied by passes of individual stalks. Such knives are quite simply removed and can be hidden with a hand file, a sharpener on a corner grinder or sandpaper. If necessary, they can be bought at a perfectly acceptable price, in comparison with the equipment of other types.

Cylindrical lawn mower

Less common, but it has an advantage in very high.quality mowing of grass. Its working part is a cylinder surrounded by horizontally located knives. Rotating, they cut grass. A cylindrical mower is used if necessary to maintain large lawns. It provides a wider capture when passing, but in the case of loss of severity of the cutting edges requires a large time for sharpening time.

Often, such devices perform several functions at once, for example, they can be equipped with a nozzle with a Scarifier, which allows aeration of the surface of the soil. Such a machine not only cuts grass well, but also allows you to compare anthills, which is especially true if the lawn is located close to the reservoir. A cylindrical mower is equipped with a whole set of horizontal knives, the number of which can reach 12 pieces. They cut neatly and evenly, so such devices are often chosen when caring for a lawn for playing Golf. With their help, it is easier to provide a homogeneous surface for rolling the ball.


Better known as haying. Its working blades are represented by two line of segments that work in a similar way as the cereal harvesting harvester or hair cutting machine knives. Such lawnmands have the widest capture of mowing. The principle of cutting the grass is absolutely similar, which during the work with hand scissors. Thanks to this, the cut is neat, and the grass after mowing is quickly restored. This is especially true if the stems mowed from the lawn are dried to obtain hay.

The lawn mower working on this principle is an excellent choice only if it is necessary to maintain a large area. It should be borne in mind that the design used in it does not imply the presence of a prefabricated container. Thus, mowed grass will have to be collected by hand with a rake or using a garden vacuum cleaner. Such machines are the most effective if necessary to adjust a very neglected lawn, which is overgrown with weeds. These devices have recently lost popularity, as multi.sized motoblocks with a similar segmented nozzle have become widespread.

The main types of lawn mowers

In addition to the difference on the principle of operation of the mowing mechanism, braids differ among themselves and in the actual device. They are the following types:


  • Wheel lawn mowers.
  • Ryders.
  • Minitors.
  • Air pillow.
  • Robotized lawn mowers.

Trimmers for grass

Trammer for grass, or lawn mower, the lightest and budget lawn mower, which allows not only to care for the lawn, but also to mow grass on complex reliefs. Such a device is quite possible to cope with high weeds. The lawn mower operates on the rotary type. It can be equipped with steel knives that effectively cut thick stems. Almost such a mower repeats the shape of an ordinary hand braid for grass, but with a rotating knife, which changes the technique of performing work.

The use of such a braid is accompanied by a maximum load, but still such devices are good at the places where more dimensional machines simply will not pass. The main drawback of such equipment is that all the mowed grass will remain on the lawn, and it will have to be assembled with a rake or blown away by a garden vacuum cleaner.

Trammers for grass can be battery, electric or equipped with a gasoline engine. It is very difficult to take care of a large area with such a device, since the load on the hands, shoulders and back is created. Without having experience and dexterity, you can get muscle stretching or crepe on the second day after mowing.


Such machines are more manufacturing. They are equipped with wheels, which significantly reduces the load when using such equipment. The device can work on the principle of rotor, cylindrical knives or segments. Almost all devices of this type have a prefabricated bag where mowed grass accumulates. Therefore, after performing the work, the lawn remains clean. Wheel machines are equipped with an electric or gasoline engine. They are in the form of a frame with a motor and rotor, which must be pushed, or equipped with a self.propelled mechanism. In the latter case, it is the easiest to work. It is enough to direct the car, and it will move independently.

Wheel mowels on the most popular. With their help they serve home lawns, as well as rather large sites. This equipment is maneuverability, although it is naturally inferior in this criterion to the trimmer. It is more economical in terms of fuel consumption to use cars on a wheel frame, but if the plot is large or has a slope, then a self.propelled mechanism is better.


The lawn mower of this type is used to maintain large sites. It is a self.propelled machine equipped with a seat and a full.fledged steering wheel of control. This allows a person to ride it, and not walk from behind. Ryders are equipped with a gasoline engine and allow you to maintain very large areas measured by hectares. Such mowers are always made of steel. They have a large operational resource. As a mowing mechanism, they use a rotor. The cost of riders is an order of magnitude higher than previous types of mowers, so they are not used to care for home lawn. This equipment requires a full parking space in the garage, which does not speak in its favor.

Mini tractor

It is an enlarged rider that provides for the rotor removal mechanism or the possibility of lifting it for the possibility of normal movement on complex surfaces. This is a more multifunctional machine that allows you to attach to it a small trailer for transporting grass, as well as garden equipment. This is a workhorse that will help to give a lift fertilizer, soil, etc. required to care for the lawn. Often a mini.tractor can be equipped with brushes to sweep garden paths. Sometimes there are mini.tractors with cylindrical knives. There are cars with a segment mower, which is fixed from the back on the side and joins the power shaft. The tractor can be equipped with a gasoline or diesel engine. The diesel option is more powerful and economical.


Equipped with special knives, which additionally perform the function of the propeller. As a result, as a result of their rotation, the machine lifts up, looking up from the ground. Such devices are distinguished by remarkable maneuverability, they are not equipped with wheels, so various obstacles pass well. These are almost always gasoline devices, but there are also electrical. When using such machines, it is impossible to establish the height of the mowing. Air pillow mower is the most convenient for mowing on the slopes and tubercles, where wheeled vehicles will practically not advance. The only drawback of its use is that under the influence of air traction, mowed grass is scattered throughout the lawn.


The robotic mower is the most interesting and at the same time a convenient device, since it mophes the grass on its own. She works on the same principle as a robot vacuum. The action of such machines is thought out to the smallest detail. Before starting the device, it is necessary to manually lay a special cable, which will limit the boundaries of the site. The mower does not stop by the set borders. She remembers the places where she has already traveled, so she will not consume her resource. These are electrical devices that independently get to the place of their recharging. They are equipped with a rain sensor, as well as cameras. Thanks to this, having launched the mitch, you can be sure that the robot will drain the grass inside a given perimeter. Unfortunately, a robotic lawn mower is very expensive, so it’s a rarity.

Self.propelled devices

The devices include those that, along with the mowing function, have the ability to move independently. Such lawnmands are already related to professional devices and allow you to process large areas. They can be battery, electric and gasoline.

Name Manufacturer country Type of lawn mower Speasing width, see Weight, kg
Ryobi 4-in-1 RLM46175S China Gasoline 46 34.5
Einhell GE-PM 48 S HW BS China Gasoline 48 36
Daewoo DLM 5100SV China Gasoline fifty 36
GreenWorks 2502107 China Battery 51 27
GreenWorks GD40LM45 China Battery 45 21
GreenWorks 2501007 China Battery 46 27
Makita Elm4613 China Electric 46 27

In addition to the above manual lawnmands, there is also a whole class of self.propelled garden equipment. These are the so.called riders. lawn mowers with a seat.

Such a device resembles a mini-tractor and is able to cope with very large lawns. By the type of management, they are as follows:

The steering is more common. Only large professional technology is equipped with levers. Also, these devices differ in the type of transmission, which is on:

All such equipment is equipped only with gasoline engines. The width of the cutting node for riders can reach 120 cm. Here are some of these models.

Name Transmission Engine power, kW Speasing width, see Weight, kg
Mtd Smart minirider 60 SDE semi.automatic 3.7 60 111
McCullock M 105-77 x Mechanical 6.2 77 143
Stiga Combi 1066 H Hydrostatic 2.6 66 130
Honda HF 1211 He Hydrostatic 6.6 71 177
Husqvarna Mz 28 T (ZTH series) Hydrostatic 15.7 132 349

As can be seen from the presented review, the choice of motorcycles that can put the lawn in order is very large. And any rating of the best models with both gasoline and electric engine will be very subjective. If we talk about reliability, the first place should be given to the Swedish company Husqvarna. And which model should be purchased. it depends only on the size of both the lawn and the wallet.

How Does A Lawn Mower Work? — Lawn Equipment Repair Tips

DIY electric

In order to make an electric type on your own, you can use the engine from some unnecessary device. Engines that are equipped with household appliances can quickly burn out. Even vacuum cleaners are equipped with weak motors. For the most comfortable operation of a home.made lawn mower, it is advisable to take a motor with a capacity of at least one kilowatt.

The blade can be cut out of a durable steel alloy. You can also use a round disc, imprisoning it in advance.

The handle of the device can be used from the old stroller or trolley. The use of a cart or stroller as a frame of equipment greatly facilitates the production of equipment, but all the constituent structures must be quite strong enough. You can also make a pen of pipes using welding.

The cord, through which it will be supplied with power supply, is recommended to lengthen. The wheels in this case should not be too massive.

Mechanical lawnmands differ in different parameters:

  • By type of design: manual (drum) and spindle;
  • by the presence or absence of a bag for collecting cut grass;
  • contact and contactless lawn mowers;
  • If possible, regulate the slice of grass.

As you can see, there are many differences. However, dealing with such parameters is not difficult. Let’s look at each of them in turn.

Manual (drum) lawn mowers. a universal tool that is suitable for any landscape. There is a drum in the design of such lawnmands. it contains knives for the cut of grass.

There are always devices for adjusting the work in these lawnmands. In addition, drum models work perfectly at any speed of movement, which means they are suitable for both quick and unhurried work.

Spindle lawn mowers are designed to work on even surfaces. With the help of them, you can achieve a good result, the main thing is to know the correct work technique (longitudinal and transverse cutting of grass). As a result, the lawns are flat and beautiful.

Spindle braids are contact and contactless. In the contact mechanism, the knives interact with each other with a cut of grass, in contactless. no. The latter allow you to achieve a better result, but also more picky for the technology of cutting grass. you need to work with a certain speed and effort.

Lawn mowers are also characterized by the presence or absence of a special bag or net into which cut grass falls. On some lawnmands, the fastening is not provided, on others, such bags can be attached both and separated. There is no difference in work efficiency. it all depends only on how important the final result is important to a person. In principle, for small areas, you can use braids with a bag. so the result will be more pleasant to the eye.

Finally, mechanical lawn mowers differ in functionality in terms of adjusting the cut of grass. Such an opportunity is in most of the tools, but the difference lies within the limits of the following adjustment: not all mechanical lawn mowers will be able to work with too low or too high grass.

In addition, not all mechanical lawn mowers can work at a too fast or too slow pace. All this can become an obstacle when working with the tool, which means when buying you need to pay attention to what limits everything is regulated.

The principles of the electric motor

A similar engine can be as single.phase, which works from a regular network, and three.phase, in need of additional electricity. By connecting an electric motor, you must always remember about personal safety. For an engine operating on one phase, protection of the RCD must be installed, and the three.phase motor must have the appropriate capacitors.

For a home lawn mower, you can also use a drill with revolutions up to three thousand. When collecting the structure, it is necessary to choose the right hay of the haymaking to its crook. The battery or electric drill mounted on the basis of or platform will fulfill its tasks, and the grass will be doused.

In the process, one should not forget about the intervals of work, since you need to give the motor time to relax in order to avoid overheating. Such a tool will easily clean the territory of the grass and give the lawn an attractive look. The platform on which the engine is installed should be of optimal size so that you can mow grass near the wall.

Step.by.step assembly instructions

Depending on the source materials for electrogazoniacs, such stages will differ. One of the most common options is the assembly of a mower from an old washing machine. It will be useful to consider step.by.step instructions precisely to create such an apparatus.

Actions should take place in the following sequence:

  • Making a frame or spar for an engine of the future structure. It must be made from a metal or steel sheet of 500 by 500 millimeters.
  • In the central part of the sheet, the hole for the shaft of the electric engine should be drilled.
  • From below the metal sheet (spar) is welded corners around the perimeter. And they can also be fixed with bolts.
  • Then you need to install wheels. They can be made independently from plywood or wood, or removed from old devices. They are placed on the shaft (metal axis).
  • After that, the motor needs to be fixed on the platform. To do this, it should either be welded on pre.mounted metal corners, or drill holes for existing holes in the motor itself, and then fasten with bolts.
  • Then you need to install a handle to control the design.
  • A protective casing for control is mounted under the platform.
  • A metal knife is installed (homemade or ready). It is attached to the shaft of the electric motor.
  • To protect the motor from the grass, it is necessary to mount a tin can on its val.

All mechanical parts are collected. Then you need to proceed to the electrical design of the design.

The grass collection container must be installed at the very end. It is made in the form of a box or bag.

Coating knives with a casing is mandatory, as this will increase safety during operation. Such protection should be done for the motor in order to avoid garbage and its durability, as well as resistance.

How the bases of different lawn mowers are arranged

Most lawnmands move on wheels. rubber or plastic.

Most often there are non.self.propelled wheeled devices that need to be pushed manually. This requires some effort, but the speed of mowing can be adjusted independently.

Self.propelled braids use engine power not only to rotate knives, but also to move the device forward. You just need to start the motor, and then the mower will go by herself. The operator can only follow the unit and set the direction of movement.

Ryders and garden tractors stand apart. This is already a full.fledged four.wheeled transport, the driver of which is driving in a normal seat, and does not weave behind a mowing behind, like Lander behind a plow. In addition, not only the lawn mower, but also other agricultural inventory can be connected to the power shaft of the power of the garden tractor. For a large lawn. the most, but in a modest courtyard with such a beast there is nothing to do.

The exact opposite of the riders is trimmers for the grass. They don’t have wheels at all, it’s just manual electro- or motorcycles. To handle the trimmer skillfully, you need a certain skill. But they cost relatively little, and in terms of universality they surpass any analogues. After all, a trimmer can be chopped by any weeds, cut the bushes and even trim the crowns of trees.

Exotic option. Air pillow lawn mowers. In such devices, the knives operate and as propellers that hold the devices in the air. Quite convenient and easy to maneuver, but very poorly common devices.

Finally, one cannot help but mention mit-robots. These are automatic devices that work similarly to robots and percussion. Modern robokoski are able to go around obstacles and generally take care of the lawn completely independently. Comfortable, but expensive and not yet perfect technology.

How are the engines of lawn mowers

Lawn mowers can work on the muscular strength of a person, electricity or gasoline.

Hand braids are the simplest, reliable and affordable. That’s just the performance of such devices is low. In addition, pushing the machine itself and set in motion knives, the mower should independently, but here we need remarkable endurance. Especially when to put in order a large and hilly area.

Network electric lawners are connected to a household electrical network using a cable. They can be very powerful devices, almost do not require care and are great for most lawns of small and medium sizes. One trouble: without a wire, a network braid will not work, so for work, most likely, you will need a good extension cord. And it can cost like half of the device itself.

The main drawback of network braids are deprived of battery models. They work on rechargeable batteries, due to which they are spared the life support system in the form of a compulsory electrical wire. Although, of course, the effectiveness and accessibility of this type of record is clearly not beaten, but the advantages clearly outweigh any disadvantages.

Finally, gasoline law mmores are arranged in much the same way as ordinary cars. Only the motorized motors are weaker and smaller. Devices of this class are characterized by the highest efficiency, power and complete autonomy. You can mow with a gasoline mower at least a whole field. it would be fuel. Unfortunately, devices with internal combustion engines are quite expensive, they require maintenance and exhaust gases air, frankly, do not ozone. For large lawns, gasoline braids are perfect, but it is better to look after a small courtyard with an electric model.

Making the frame

The frame is made from thick plywood or metal. So that the home.made design is safe and less often needs to be repaired, a protective casing is also needed. The best material for its manufacture will be metal.

The size of this part depends on the length of the knife. But, rarely, when the maximum width is made more than 60 cm. Taking a sheet of metal with a thickness of at least 3 mm, cut a square 50×50 cm (or 60x60cm). The hole for the engine must be made in the center (at the intersection of the diagonals of the square).

The flange engine is mounted from below directly to a home.made frame. To reliably fix the motor with ears, additional mounts will be required, which must be welded to the frame.

The metal frame is more reliable and less susceptible to deformations. But, if there is no metal, you can make it from plywood or boards.

The casing is necessary to prevent the crash of weeds and other garbage. The simplest option would be to use a canine as it as it. If you want to make a casing, you can more aesthetic appearance. High casing will be protection for the electrical mechanism.

We collect the lawn mower

The assembly will require the following tools:

The finished casing is put on the shaft, then the sharpened knife is installed, fixing the entire mechanism with a bolt. When this is done, the wheels are attached to the frame, for which corners with pre.drilled holes should be welded to it.

The wheel size is selected so that the knife over the soil passes at a height of 5-7 cm. With a lower location, there is a high probability of its contact with the ground, and with a higher. crushing weeds (not a haircut).


The wheels provide convenience when working, allowing the mowing it is easy to move. It has already been said that the most optimal option for choosing wheels is a baby stroller. But, the wheels from the vacuum cleaner, a large children’s machine are also suitable. In extreme cases, they are cut out of wood.

The diameter of the wheels for a homemade electric mowel is selected based on the fact that the distance between the earth and the knife is 5-6 cm. The height is such optimal in terms of aesthetics and the quality of the trim of the lawn. With a higher cut of grass, the latter is “broken” and the lawn becomes uneven. If you reduce this value, it is dangerous to work due to the irregularity of the Earth.

There is no consensus about the required number of wheels. It can be 2.3 or 4 wheels.

Two wheels of structures give maneuverability, allow you to cut grass even in hard.to.reach places. And finding their same diameter is easier than 3 or 4.

In the latter case, it is possible to very accurately set the distance to the ground of the knives. In a three.wheeled device, the steam steam is located from the side of the handle so that the design is easy to raise in front and make a turn, pressing on the handle.

It is more difficult to work with small wheels, why it is recommended to choose more than their diameter.


The main difference between manual battery models from gasoline and electrical counterparts is that the energy supply for work is limited by the battery capacity, and energy consumption directly depends on the thickness and height of the grass.

Therefore, braids with the battery cope well with the trimming of well.groomed lawn grass, because such work does not require high engine power, which means that the charge will be spent as economically as possible and it will be enough for a haircut of a large territory.

Also, these braids can be used to cut well.groomed lawn grass, but only a small height.

In this mode, energy consumption will be noticeably greater, but with one or two sets of spare batteries it will be possible to cut a lawn with an area of ​​several hundred parts (one hundredth is 100 m2). over, the higher the voltage of the battery and the larger its capacity, the larger the area the device will be able to process from one charge of the energy source.

Pitchcols of this type can even be used for mowing relatively high grass (10-15 cm), however, in this case, energy consumption will be ten times more than when trimming, so even several sets of batteries will be enough for cutting only a small section.

Therefore, if there is no way to mow such grass with a gasoline or electric lawn mower, you can use the battery model, only the processing area will directly depend on the number of charged energy sources.

After all, if there is an opportunity to recharge them in place, then even the smallest and weakest electric mower will be much more effective.