What kind of gasoline to fill into the single-axle tractor Neva

Technical characteristics

Neva MB-2. it is a classic single-axle tractor of the middle class, made according to the traditional scheme, the characteristics of which are similar to its competitors. Let’s consider them in more detail.

  • Transport track: standard. 32 cm, with half-axle extensions. 56.7 cm;
  • The number of cutters. from 4 to 8;
  • Cutter diameter. 360 mm;
  • the depth of plowing.200-320 mm;
  • working width. 800-1250 mm;
  • Minimum turning radius. 1100 mm;
  • weight. 89-98 kg.

Speed of movement at maximum engine power (the second value when shifting the belt):

General advantages and characteristics of Neva MB-2 series power tillers are clearly demonstrated on

The various modifications of the Neva MB-2 series power tillers mainly differ in the installed power unit, all other differences are minimal. Let’s look at the specifications of all the motors available on the MB-2.

  • DM1-K:
  • maximum power. 6,2-7,5 liters.с.;
  • displacement. 317 cc. see
  • petrol tank volume. 3 l;
  • fuel consumption. 1-1,6 l/h.
  • BriggsStratton:
  • maximum power. 6.0-7.5 hp.с.;
  • displacement. 206-215 cc. cm;
  • petrol tank volume. 3,8-4,6 l;
  • maximum fuel consumption. 1-1.6 l/h.
  • Robin Subaru:
  • maximum capacity. 6,0-7,0 liters.с.;
  • displacement. 169-211 cc. sm;
  • gasoline tank volume. 3.6 l;
  • fuel consumption. 1-1,6 l/h.
  • Honda:
  • max power. 5,6 l.с.;
  • displacement. 196 cc. cm;
  • petrol tank volume. 3,8 l
  • Fuel consumption. 1-1.6 L/hour.


  • Yamaha MX200:
  • maximal power. 6,5 l.с.;
  • displacement. 192 cubic. see;
  • Gas tank volume. 3.6 liters;
  • fuel consumption. 1-1,6 l/h.

What are the advantages of converting the engine for the new type of fuel??

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Any equipment owner won’t hesitate to answer the question “What kind of gasoline is better. 80 or 92??”. AI-92 gasoline is much cleaner and better than 80 or 76. After a successful and high-quality engine rebuild of your motor-block for a new type of fuel there will be such advantages of the unit operation

  • Long service life of important parts and systems of the power tiller;
  • the need to change filters and oil seals as often as before will disappear;
  • At the same time as reducing fuel consumption the performance of your power tiller is increased.
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These undeniable advantages are worth it, not to put off the procedure of switching your power tiller to the new fuel for a long time.

Another way by which you can transfer the engine of your “Agro” or “Cascade” type motoblock to АI-92, is to re-adjust the initial ignition torque.

The process is as follows:

  • emptying the fuel tank;
  • turn on the engine, giving the opportunity to use up the rest of gasoline in the carburetor;
  • dismantle the tip of the spark plug;
  • Unscrew the bolt ties that hold the fan protection;
  • remove the casing itself;
  • loosen the flywheel coupling;
  • take out the ratchet and accompanying nuts and bolts;
  • unscrew the center stud, which holds the flywheel, and pull it out of the housing;
  • determine where the setting mark for the ignition, applied in the factory, is localized;
  • take a screwdriver and slowly twist magneto fasteners;
  • carefully move the latter 2 mm to the left side (counterclockwise);
  • proceed to assembling the engine block, in the sequence reversing the disassembly.

In the process of reassembly, take into account that:

  • a key has been installed on the crankshaft;
  • the flywheel wrench was tightened with a force not exceeding 16 kg/sec and covered with a check washer on top;
  • a new spark plug type A17B was put instead of the old one.

After this engine can safely run on fuel AI-92.

  • milling the cylinder head, thereby affecting the size of the combustion chamber;
  • shift the angle of ignition, so that the process of ignition of the combustible mixture is not carried out immediately when the exhaust valve is opened;
  • put additional gaskets on the cylinder head;
  • lower the octane number of 92 fuel.

In principle, having considered these two methods of engine rebuilding, it is possible to answer the question if it is possible to use 92 gasoline instead of 80. Certainly not, it is fraught with valve burn-out and also the cylinder head will break down because of incorrect ignition.

What petrol is better to fill a single axle tractor??

Moto-blocks: what gasoline to fill, and whether there are diesel units? Fuel recommendations are in the owner’s manual of your power tiller. Use gasoline with the octane number indicated therein. For most models use gasoline AI-92.

What kind of gasoline is necessary for the motor-block Neva??

Type of fuel: gasoline without impurities. AI92, AI-95.

Is it necessary to dilute gasoline in a single axle tractor??

If you are the owner of the first option, it is necessary to pour gasoline with oil. Because the four-stroke engine is powered by pure gasoline. It is important to note that diesel motoblocs a priori do not need fuel dilution. As all diesel engines are only four-stroke

Is it possible to fill up with 92 instead of 80 gasoline in a single-axle tractor??

Even beginners in gardening know that 92 gasoline is of much higher quality than cheaper analogues. But is it possible to fill a single-axle tractor with 92 gasoline instead of 80?? Every expert will answer “no” with confidence. The cheaper motor blocks do not start after changing the brand of gasoline at all.

How to change from 80 to 92 in a single axle tractor?

How to change the engine of a motor-block from 80 to 92 petrol?

  • Completely drain the old fuel from the gas tank.
  • Start the engine (so that the rest of the petrol in the fuel system is completely exhausted).
  • Remove the spark plug socket.
  • You unscrew the bolts that fasten the fan cover and remove it.
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What kind of petrol do you need for your cultivator??

Use gasoline with the octane rating indicated on it. Most models use gasoline AI-92.

What gasoline to fill a single-axle tractor Neva MB 2?

The engine is filled with gasoline: DS-1 gasoline grade A-76, DS-2 A-95. You need to pay special attention to this. Fuel tank capacity of 2 cm.9 l, fuel consumption 2.8 l/h at maximum machine load.

How to fill a single-axle tractor with petrol?

It is necessary to mix petrol and oil in correct proportions. The most often used is 1 part oil to 40 parts gasoline or 1 part oil to 50 parts oil. Read also How to properly install the coulter on a single-axle tractor? Mixture is made in an empty canister beforehand.

What will happen if you fill up with 98 instead of 92??

That is, if your engine is designed for 92-th, and you fill it in say, 95-th, then it is beneficially influenced its work. Since spontaneous ignition, even more reduced. It is the spark plug that ignites the high-octane fuel in the engine, not the compression ratio!

Is it possible to add oil to petrol??

Adding oil to petrol allows to create additional seal in an internal combustion engine, which leads to increase of compression indicators. Certainly, it is better to rebuild the engine, replace the gaskets and find out the real reason of the engine “malaise”, but even this way will do for “covering the holes”.

Is it possible to make 80 from 92 petrol??

Unfortunately, it is impossible to do without such a device. There is no way to make the 92 petrol into 80, without knowing the current octane number after manipulations with fuel. The easiest way is to add a low-octane fuel, such as AI 76, to the AI 92 gasoline.

What kind of gasoline to fill a single-axle tractor Cascade?

For power tillers Cascade suitable fuels and lubricants: in the fuel tank. motor gasoline Normal-80, GOST R 51105-97; in the crankcase of the engine. motor oil M-5z/10G1, M-6z/10V, M-6z/12G1, GOST 10541-78; for the gear. transmission oil to GOST 23652-79 or Aviation MS-20, GOST 21743-76.

Even novice gardeners and gardeners know that 92 grade gasoline is of much higher quality than cheaper fuel counterparts. But is it possible to fill a tractor with 92 instead of 80?? Every expert will answer “no” with confidence. Cheaper motor blocks do not start after changing the gasoline brand at all.

Recommendations on fuel are given in the instructions for your power tiller. Use gasoline with the specified octane rating. For most models gasoline AI-92 is used. It cannot be replaced with another, cheaper one, otherwise the engine, and imported equipment is particularly sensitive to gasoline quality, will fall into disrepair.

Neva 6 single-axle tractor.5 л.с.

Neva motoblocs are some of the most famous devices in this category on the Russian market. They are designed for work on small areas. Together with additional equipment this special equipment is used to perform a variety of tasks, and a powerful foreign-made motor allows you to work for a long time without stopping.

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Production of Neva power tillers is carried out at Krasniy Oktyabr plant, which has been in operation in Saint-Petersburg for over 50 years. Due to great experience in mechanical engineering and proven technology company manages to produce high quality products.

Neva models have domestic assembly, but most of their elements are imported. Due to this high technical characteristics and long service life are achieved.

Engine of power tiller Neva

The single-axle tractor Neva can be equipped with Russian, American or Japanese engine. These are all analogues the only difference is in the brands.

DM-1K four-stroke carburetor engine manufactured by Krasny Oktyabr. It has one vertical cylinder, valve timing mechanism, forced air cooling. In comparison the engine does not differ much from imported analogs.

  • displacement 317,4 cm3 ;
  • fuel tank capacity of 3 liters;
  • operating power 6.2 liters. с.;
  • crankshaft speed 1200 rpm
  • 15,7 Nm of torque (at 2500 rpm).

Multicultivator Neva with the Russian engine DM-1K is characterized by ease of operation and unpretentious maintenance. No special training is required to operate it.

BriggsStratton engines up to 7.5 L. с. belong to the professional class. gasoline.

They are often used to complete motorcycle equipment due to their availability:

  • enlarged Lo-Tone muffler;
  • Dual-Clean air filter;
  • mechanical speed regulator;
  • forged crankshaft of high strength;
  • cast-iron cylinder liner.

These features make BriggsStratton engines very durable and powerful, which makes them ideal for the most powerful engines in the Neva.

Subaru, Honda (Japan) engines rated from 6 to 7.5 liters. с. feature long service life (up to 5000 hours), reliability and safety. They are environmentally friendly and provide the farm machine high performance.

Single-axle tractor Neva MB-2H. model description

This popular classic single-axle tractor Neva is pre-equipped with a reliable Japanese Honda engine. This engine can withstand continuous work in difficult weather conditions and allows to use the power tiller intensively with various attachments.

As testified by the reviews of satisfied owners of this model Neva, its advantages include small size, low fuel consumption, reliability, as well as ease of use and maintenance with their hands.

Factory parameters of the Neva power tiller in this configuration include:

  • power. 5,5 l. с.;
  • number of travel speeds. 2 front/1 rear;
  • the type of fuel used is gasoline AI-95;
  • The maximum depth of effective plowing is 25 cm;
  • mass. 88 kg.

This single-axle tractor Neva will be a reliable and dependable assistant when working in the yard and in the garden. It can be actively used not only in warm seasons, but also in winter.