What Kind Of Oil For Chainsaw Husqvarna

The ratio of gasoline to chainsaw oil

For information on the ratio to prepare the mixture and which chainsaw oil to use, you should study the instructions. For any technique where two-stroke gasoline engines are used, the correct proportion is indicated both in the unit manual and on the oil container. When using the original product, the ratio is usually 1:50. If it is necessary to prepare the fuel mixture using “non-native” oil, the proportion is changed to 1:40. Simple arithmetic calculations will show that 20 “cubes” of original lubricant or 25 cm 3. products of other companies are needed per liter of gasoline.

As a guide for mixing, only information from the official instructions of the instrument manufacturer should be considered. Some companies have a gasoline to chainsaw oil ratio of 1:30, 1:40, or even 1: 100. Therefore, you should not be lazy to read the proprietary instructions. In order for the proportion to be accurate, it is convenient to use a “twenty” disposable syringe. If a large amount of the fuel mixture is used at once, you can limit yourself to the measuring scale, which is available in virtually all standard containers with oil.

It should be remembered that storing the fuel mixture for the future is in most cases unjustified, except for cases when the fuel mixture will be used within 1-3 days.

How chainsaw oils work

Lubricants for two-stroke engines, despite the widespread opinion of interchangeability for all types of equipment, are quite different.

Conditionally, you can carry out the following gradation: the highest requirements are for lubricants for boat engines.

Below. to motorcycles. The simplest lubricants are used in chainsaws, lawn mowers, gasoline generators and other less loaded units.

Due to the fact that a dry sump system is used in two-stroke engines of gasoline saws, the crank mechanisms are lubricated due to oil vapors present in the fuel-air mixture.

Therefore, any 2-stroke chainsaw oil must have the following properties:

  • Mix well with gasoline and do not precipitate;
  • Have sufficient volatility to mix easily with air;
  • Reliably protect the KShM parts from wear;
  • Do not leave carbon deposits on the piston, rings and plug;
  • Have ecological qualities.

Most modern lubricants for two-stroke engines to some extent combine all of the above qualities.

What is the best oil in gasoline for a chainsaw?

There is also no unambiguous answer to this question. It all depends on the design features of the chainsaw and the mode of its operation. In any case, a safe bet would be to purchase branded oil from the saw manufacturer.

In general, the trend is this: the more expensive the lubricating fluid, the more reliably it protects the engine from wear and forms less deposits in the cylinder.

Today on sale you can find fake oils for chainsaws, which at best are a tinted spindle.

Almost all owners of private houses, with rare exceptions, have a chainsaw. The tool is necessary, convenient, almost irreplaceable. It is a chain saw driven by a two-stroke gasoline engine. The fact that special oils are used to lubricate two-stroke gas engines is no secret for a long time. If you neglect the instructions, then the operation of the chainsaw may be short-lived. Consider what features chainsaw oil has and which one to use.

Stihl chainsaw oil

Stihl chainsaw engine oil is generally recognized as the best option for this technique today. And this is logical. No one knows better than the saw manufacturer what properties a lubricant should have to create the most favorable operating conditions.

There are several types of oil available from Stihl for gasoline saws. Two options are common.

Mineral Stihl HP

Has a red tint. Not biodegradable. Using this oil is highly discouraged to use the chainsaw indoors.

The grease mixes well with gasoline. However, during prolonged downtime, it is recommended to completely drain the fuel from the tank, since in the diluted state the properties of the oil gradually decrease.

Even with long-term use of the saw with Stihl mineral lubricant, carbon deposits on the piston skirt, cylinder and spark plug are minimal. This lubricant is relatively cheap and most popular.

Which “chainsaw oil is better to use, the choice of chain oil for chainsaws and chainsaws

What kind of chain oil should you choose? Probably the compositions of the Ravenol brand are noted. Thus, Ravenol Saegekettenoel S 85 is a special mineral oil made in Germany from quality base oil with the addition of a number of additives. It is suitable for saw chain lubrication and has good grip and lubrication properties. Thanks to special additives, the oil remains on the chain even at high saw speeds, and the chain itself becomes more reliable in operation. Provides oil and reliable protection against corrosion, even if the work is not in the most suitable criteria. Thanks to the use of this composition, you can:

  • Reduce vibration of the saw chain;
  • Protect it tightly from corrosion;
  • Cool the circuit due to good thermal conductivity;
  • Cut all types of wood quickly and cleanly.

Surely, every user knows Stihl brand products. The eco-friendly Stihl chainsaw chain oil is effective and is based on vegetable ingredients. The chain oil is of the highest quality, which is certainly appreciated in all climates. Thanks to their environmental friendliness, Stihl products have always been popular with customers. Stihl BioPlus chain oil, which is designed for the treatment of high-speed chains, deserves special attention. It differs:

  • Resistant to oiling;
  • Good adhesion thanks to special additives;
  • Good protection for the cutting head;
  • Good fluidity that is retained even at low temperatures;
  • Oxidation resistance.

Chainsaw chain lubrication

Quite often the question arises. which oil to use for the chainsaw chain? To lubricate the working element of the chainsaw, its chain, it is necessary to use special oils developed specifically for this purpose. These are the so-called adhesive oils. Many people use other varieties, engine or transmission, but they will not be as effective as a special adhesive oil. This is due to the fact that the structure of the special grease contains adhesive components that make it “stick” to the chain. Consequently, this product is less lost when the chain rotates, and the chain and bar are subject to less wear and tear and their service life is increased.

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Thickness is an essential parameter for chain oil. Products that are too liquid are subject to increased consumption. Oils are also produced, which subsequently decompose, thus avoiding harm to the environment. They use a vegetable base. Their cost is slightly higher than usual.

The chain lubrication oil is poured into a special tank up to the neck. It should be topped up while refueling the fuel mixture, because if the chain lubricant is underfilled, it may run out earlier than gasoline. This, in turn, can lead to overheating of the circuit. In the documents, the manufacturer indicates the oil consumption for the chain. However, it often differs upward or downward, due to the difference in properties. When operating in frost, it is necessary to fill in oil with a low thickening temperature, in order to avoid damage to the oil pump.

Chainsaw is a convenient, productive, reliable tool. It is indispensable for construction work, logging, sawing trees or logs. With proper use, proper maintenance, compliance with safety requirements, this device will last a long time and will delight you with uninterrupted operation.

Chainsaws are a popular tool for those who have to deal with countless household chores without the help of others. They are used for various purposes. to prepare firewood, cut off dry branches. But in order for the device to serve for a long time, it is necessary to properly care for it, choosing different compositions well. A special role is played by oil for chainsaws, which is selected depending on the mechanisms of the tool and its features.

Saw chain lubrication should be given due attention. Above all, you should choose a special oil that will not harm the oil pump. Already today, this will ensure the good-quality operation of the self-lubricating accounting system. The chain also requires proper storage, in other words, immersion in oil, in case of wear, you should not try to revive the old chain. it is easier to replace it. What to choose oil for chainsaws, so that it is safe and meets all the requirements?

The choice of a specific oil should depend on the duration of the project, where and how the chainsaw is operated. Mineral compositions are suitable for summer and warm season. In other cases, it is better to use synthetic semi-synthetic oils in a different way. If you need chain lubrication, you do not need to use waste oils, which will lead to clogging of the fuel oil that allows you to keep accounting (software), and then to severe tool breakdowns.

Chainsaw oil is painstakingly refined so that the lubrication is done well and neatly. If you use poor compositions, then there will be no contact between the saw elements and the tire, sparks will appear, and then the moving parts of the saw will wear out.

Any chainsaw has a carburetor two-stroke engine and two tanks: one is filled with gasoline, the next. oil. In the process of choosing a composition for a lubricant, zoning plays an important role. it must be small. The next fundamental indicator is resistance to low temperatures: the oil should not solidify with a strong minus, which will ensure the quality of the entire tool.

Chainsaw oil Husqvarna

The company “Husqvarna“, which is also a major manufacturer of chainsaws, produces its own set of lubricants for its equipment. Engine oil for Husqvarna chainsaws is currently officially supplied to the Russian markets in only one form: Husqvarna HP.

Chainsaw oil for Husqvarna HP gasoline is a semi-synthetic product that fully meets all the requirements in force in the Russian Federation.

This lubricant works well with Husqvarna machinery, but can also be used successfully in saws from other manufacturers. Possesses excellent lubricating qualities, does not leave deposits on the parts of the cylinder-piston group.

How to dilute Husqvarna chainsaw oil and not make a mistake if there is no dispenser on the canisters of this company’s products? Here, all owners of gasoline saws are recommended to acquire a measuring container with a graduation rate of 1 ml.

The fact is that the lack and excess of lubricant will equally negatively affect the resource of the piston group of a two-stroke motor. Lack of piston wear will accelerate.

What kind of lubricant should I use for Husqvarna equipment if it is not possible to purchase an original? The answer is simple: anyone with similar properties. Stihl products are also suitable.

What kind of oil for Husqvarna chainsaw

The correct selection of oil for a chainsaw is one of the main criteria that determine its service life. A wide variety of lubricants for two-stroke engines can be found on the market today.

And some owners of gasoline saws in the old fashioned way use engine oils of four-stroke internal combustion engines. In the material of the article, we will try to figure out which oil to use in various chainsaws and situations.

Where else is oil needed

The saw chain on the machine gets very hot during operation, especially where the chain contacts the sprocket. High friction, an increase in temperature in the cutting zone (and, consequently, a decrease in working clearances), a high angular velocity of the shaft are factors that contribute to intensive tool wear. Therefore, it is extremely important to select a quality lubricant for both the chain itself and the drive sprocket. There is an opinion that any brand can be used for these purposes, for example, “Industrial-20”. In no case should this be done for a number of reasons:

  • General machine-building oils, as a rule, do not contain anti-corrosion additives. This is not surprising, since in the parts of machines and mechanisms closed by housings, direct access of oxygen to the contact friction zone, if possible, is very difficult.
  • Most of these oils cannot be used at low temperatures.
  • At high speeds of rotation of the shaft and, accordingly, the movement of the saw chain, the temperature in the cutting zone increases sharply, which leads to a drop in the oil viscosity and an increase in friction forces.

What oil to use for different brands of chainsaws

To drive all brands of chainsaws, an oil-gasoline mixture is used, therefore, the correct and high-quality choice of oil will determine the reliability and durability of the unit. At the same time, for some reason, some believe that the two-stroke internal combustion engine, which all chainsaw designs are equipped with, “eats” any brand of oil. But it’s not that simple.

What Kind Of Oil For Chainsaw Husqvarna

Chainsaw lubrication requirements

The easiest way is to choose exactly the oil, the brand of which is indicated in the instruction manual. But it won’t be superfluous to know that the optimal chainsaw oil should:

  • Have excellent miscibility with gasoline;
  • Have antioxidant properties;
  • Prevent corrosion and wear of the chainsaw engine;
  • Lubricate moving parts well during unit operation.
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To prolong the life of the chainsaw, the lubricant should also have minimal ash and smoke during operation. This minimizes carbon deposits and possible carbonization on the engine exhaust. The requirement for the dynamic viscosity of the oil is not formally established, but at the same time, the leading manufacturers of chainsaws. Stihl, Husqvarna, Partner, Druzhba, Makita and others. stipulate in their passports the condition of the minimum dependence of viscosity on external temperature. Otherwise, the chainsaw will only work reliably at certain times of the year.

What oil should be used for trouble-free operation of the chainsaw

The choice of product depends on the saw’s motor resource declared by the manufacturer. In domestic brands (Taiga, Druzhba, Ural), the number of working cycles is 8000-9000 hours. In these cases, it is permissible to use motorcycle oil that mixes well with AI-76 gasoline (in a ratio of 1:25). Imported chainsaws of Swedish (Husqvarna, Partner) or German (Stihl) production guarantee operating time up to 13500-14000 hours. Therefore, in this case, it is necessary to use higher-octane gasoline and other oil of our own production. Since the proportion of dilution is different here. within 1: 40-1: 50. then experiments with substitutes will most likely only reduce the service life of the unit.

It should also take into account the peculiarities of the operation of the chainsaw soon after refueling it with oil and gasoline: with intensive and continuous operation, a sharp increase in the consumption of the gasoline-oil mixture is possible. The fact is that additives reduce friction, but do not reduce it. Therefore, the time of non-stop operation of the chainsaw cannot be exceeded in excess of that specified in the operating instructions. And it’s not about the poor quality of the product: during operation, elevated temperatures initiate the passage of chemical reactions, as a result of which gasoline begins to oxidize, and the oil loses its dynamic viscosity.

It is also important to ensure the mechanical purity of the oil used. If in imported brands of oils this is guaranteed even at the stage of packaging the finished product in cans, then the use of domestic engine oil (it is often packed in barrels with a capacity of 100 liters and more) will require its preliminary filtration from possible mechanical impurities. The filtration process is shown in the photo.

In the warm season, it is advisable to use mineral oils for the operation of chainsaws: they fully retain their lubricity up to temperatures of 0. –5 ° С. At lower operating temperatures, semi-synthetic options behave better. And of course, waste (even if filtered) oil cannot be used for the purposes under consideration, since its primary physical and mechanical properties are irreversibly lost.

That in order to correctly choose the optimal oil for a chainsaw, you should pay attention to the temperature index of the product (S. summer, W. winter), and certainly not get carried away with an increased percentage of additives. for two-stroke engines of chainsaws, they should not be more than 20%.

How to refuel your Husqvarna chainsaw

In addition to gasoline, your Husqvarna chainsaw needs three more fluids to function:

  • Two-stroke oil;
  • Chain oil;
  • Air filter impregnation oil.

And the rest? Husqvarna 2-stroke engine oil

Husqvarna chainsaws are equipped with two-stroke engines only. For all engine models, the manufacturer currently offers one universal brand. Husqvarna HP. which is often referred to by sellers as Husqvarna 2t oil. It is a brown liquid with an organic solvent odor. The viscosity at 40 ° C is 57.5 mm 2 / s. Very slightly soluble in water. In terms of chemical composition, it is classified as semi-synthetic. The company’s engineers emphasize their product orientation towards operating conditions and claim additives that inhibit the growth of deposits when using low quality gasoline.

Supplied in 1 liter black cans with labels on opposite sides of the container. Note that on the reverse side of the label, in addition to the classic mandatory information, there is a recipe for preparing a fuel mixture for a Husqvarna chainsaw (and other saws). The canister is equipped with a translucent strip with risks for the convenience of assessing the remaining volume of liquid. Now, unfortunately, a dispenser is not included in the purchase package, but this is not critical.

It is well known that if you reduce the proportion of the first component, then increased friction occurs in the chainsaw engine, which contributes to accelerated wear. If oil is added above the norm, then carbon deposits will appear on the spark plug, which complicates the starting of the chainsaw and can lead to the disappearance of the spark, and carbon deposits on the piston can even lead to burnout due to a decrease in the cooling intensity.

Before purchasing, make sure you are purchasing a 2t letter canister and not a 4-stroke (4t) lawnmower lubricant. The two-stroke oil differs significantly from the four-stroke oil in terms of characteristics and scope. To reduce the likelihood of an error, 2t and 4t of products are packed in canisters of different shapes.

Chain oil

In other cases, it is quite possible to replace the oil for lubricating the chain with any other than working off. However, there is one more nuance…. Often users have a question: “Why is the consumption of oil for chain lubrication more than the fuel mixture? After all, their consumption is related to each other? ” It should be borne in mind that manufacturers of chainsaws consider the consumption of oil for lubricating the chain, filling in their own brand. And the consumption of any other can differ both in the smaller and in the larger direction.

On many chainsaws, starting from semi-professional, it is possible to adjust the oil consumption for chain lubrication. This is done by adjusting the capacity of the oil pump.

If such adjustment is not provided, then the settings come initially from the manufacturer. How to check if the consumption of chain oil on your chainsaw is normal? It is necessary to start the saw, apply gas and bring it to a board, log or other surface that is horizontal. When the chain is running, particles of oil to lubricate the chain should fly out and leave a thin, even oil mark.

When to Use Special Chain Oil

The use of special oils for chain lubrication will be justified in the following cases:

  • You have a new chainsaw under warranty and to preserve it, you must use oils recommended by the manufacturer of the chainsaw. Otherwise, if, for example, the oil pump fails, then the repair will not be carried out under warranty. This is especially true for expensive professional chainsaws.
  • You respect the environment and prefer not to pollute it again. In this case, oils with the prefix “bio” are suitable.
  • When working at critical temperatures.

Consider several types of oils from different manufacturers and sort them by price category, environmental friendliness and container volume.

Chainsaw chain oil. What and when to pour?

Very often when selling a chainsaw, the question sounds: “What kind of oil should I fill to lubricate the chain?” The most common answer is: “Anything except working off.” This is absolutely true, but there are some nuances…. For example, sellers often offer to buy chain oils from manufacturers of chainsaws or designed specifically for this purpose. This usually makes sense at low temperatures or when you place great emphasis on protecting the environment.

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Chainsaw chain oil brands

  • Chain oil Nanotek Standard. Suitable for working at temperatures up to. 20 degrees.
  • Adhesive oil Nanotech Premium. For operation at 30 degrees.
  • Chain oil from a well-known manufacturer of machine tools and equipment. Enkor. Capacity 1 liter.
  • And the last in this category is Champion. Capacity 1 liter.

Mineral oils with the prefix “Bio”

  • Makita Biotop Oil.
  • Adhesive oil Husqvarna Bio.
  • Stihl Bio Plus Oil.

Branded oils intended for use according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

  • Makita Oil
  • Makita Biotop Oil.
  • Adhesive oil Husqvarna Bio.
  • Oregon chain oil 1 liter.
  • Stihl Bio Plus Oil.
  • Stihl oil 1 liter

Oils packaged in containers of large volumes allow you to save money when buying. Relevant for enterprises with a large volume of work.

Often the simplest oil of the M-8 or M-10 brand will be the best choice of oil for lubricating the chain and bar. Its characteristics are quite satisfactory for the necessary purposes.

At low temperatures, it is necessary to pour oil with a low thickening point, otherwise the pump for oil supply may fail.

How to replace the original expensive oil and is it worth

In situations where it is not possible to use original ones, they can be replaced with oil for car engines. Cheap automobile oils such as autol or diesel lubrication options, due to low adhesion properties, are unsuitable for long-term use.

Some owners, despite the recommendations, still use analogues, preferring to change the tire and chain more often, but here everyone decides for himself. Such oil cannot have any negative effects on the lubrication system, which means that the only difference is in the quality of the tire protection against chain friction.

Chainsaw fuel mixture preparation

In the manufacture of a mixture of gasoline and oil, intended for use in a chainsaw, special oil is used. Today, many types of oil are produced for two-stroke gasoline engines. However, manufacturers of power tools, especially well-known ones, almost always recommend their own lubricating products for engines of gas powered tools, that is, products under their own brand name. Stihl is believed to be ideal for this manufacturer’s power tools as it has been specially formulated for it. This is also true for other manufacturers.

Representatives of companies that produce gasoline tools say they do not have information on how their chainsaws work with foreign oils. When using the original product, they guarantee proper and long-term operation. This does not mean that the tool will definitely fail if the wrong oil was used to prepare the fuel mixture. It is likely that the chainsaw will work just as well. However, there is a chance to get a refusal of the free warranty repair if it is determined that an oil other than the recommended one was used.

Chainsaw sprocket lubricant

To increase the service life and reduce friction on the drive sprocket, the manufacturer equips this mechanism with a needle bearing, which must be lubricated periodically. Stihl multipurpose grease can be used for lubrication.

If you do not want to overpay, it is better to use an inexpensive, but no less high-quality option, Litol or Litol 24 grease. Due to its viscosity, Litol will easily replace the original.

It is possible to lubricate the chain saw tire sprocket with the same lubricants as the leading one, using a special filler for this. This allows the lubricant to be pressed in through the technological holes in the tire to the sprocket bearing.


The company offers its customers Husqvarna Bio Advanced oil for use in normal and extreme conditions. The oil is made from plant components and is safe for the environment, it is supplied in one liter and five liter containers.

As an economical solution, the company has Vegoil oil, according to the manufacturer, its consumption is reduced by 40% in comparison with others. Supplied in a liter container.

The company also produces bearing grease, which it recommends for lubricating the bearings of the drive sprocket and the sprocket on the saw bar.

Less common, but popular with chainsaw owners, are:

  • Polar Lube mineral. Oleo-Mac;
  • Adhesive CHAMPION, sold in containers up to 10 liters, which is convenient for use in forestry;
  • Makita Biotop;
  • Anchor.

You can get acquainted with some oils for chains by looking below, in it a seller of a large network of tools comments on the use of adhesive oils from various manufacturers.

What oil to use to lubricate the chainsaw chain

The answer to this question is quite simple, for this you need to open the instructions for any saw and it will indicate that you need to fill in oil that has a good adhesion effect.

What is it for? The fact is that the chain moves along the tire at a high speed, and if oil with low adhesion is used as a lubricant, then most of it, by inertia, flies off the end of the tire and lubrication of its lower part does not occur. This phenomenon can be observed with a little experiment. Start the chainsaw, point the end of the tire towards a bright surface and add maximum gas. As a result, oil stains will appear on it, which are proof of the theory.

A little about the lubrication of the chainsaw chain by working off

Waste oil is called oil that has served its life in an engine or gearbox of a car. Many chainsaw owners, trying to save money, use it to lubricate the chain, which translates into serious repair costs.

The reason for these breakdowns is the presence of metal shavings in the mining, which settles in the crankcase of the car, and at the time of draining the mining from the pallet, it merges with it.

Once on the tire, metal shavings act on its surface as an abrasive. In simple terms, instead of protecting the surface, working out increases the wear on the tire, drive sprocket, and driven sprocket bearing on the tire. Working off also affects the chainsaw chain, in those places where it bends and increases the risk of breaking the chain mechanism.

Conclusion: to lubricate the chainsaw chain, you need to use original lubricants from manufacturers. It is unacceptable to use exhaust from the car engine. In the absence of high-quality oils, a short-term replacement with clean automobile oils is allowed.

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