What Kind Of Oil In The Vibratory Plate Gearbox

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What oil is in the vibratory plate gearbox

Oil to use for vibrating plates

The vibratory plate has two mechanisms that require regular lubrication and oil control. It is a motor and vibration mechanism. Before starting work vibrating plates oil must be poured into the vibrator of the vibrating plate and into the engine.

As for the vibration mechanism vibrating plates, then the oil is usually filled at the factory. Since different factories use different types of oil for vibrating mechanisms, and, accordingly, there is no general oil change time for vibrators on vibrating plates, then when changing the oil, use the recommendations of the operating manual for your vibrating plate. It is best to use the services of your service center.

Oil in vibratory plate motor before use, it is filled in by the user. Be sure to check the oil level before starting every start, otherwise your engine may be damaged. For gasoline engines HONDA GX160, GX200, GX270, GX390 use MINERAL OIL FOR PETROL ENGINES (viscosity SAE 10W30 or SAE 10W40). Oil of other viscosities due to the design features of the engine of the vibrating plates may not reach the parts rubbing with each other, which will lead to rapid engine wear. Synthetic and semi-synthetic oils also have viscosities that differ from the recommended ones, therefore, for the durability of the engine, it is worth abandoning unnecessary experiments.

This type of four-stroke petrol engines on vibrating plates does not have special oil filters. Therefore, regular oil changes to remove contaminants that inevitably appear during operation are the key to successful and durable engine operation. First oil change at the start of operation vibrating plates produced after 20 working hours. Then the oil is changed every 100 hours of operation or at the beginning of the working season, depending on the intensity of operation vibrating plates.

Vibrating plates

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For diesel tiller

Diesel engines are being installed on Honda and other cultivators. The advantages of such a node are as follows:

  • Maximum grip;
  • Cooling is carried out with air and water;
  • Fuel consumption is only 5 liters per 100 km.

Diesel mechanisms are characterized by a complex structure, therefore, special attention is paid to the selection of the correct oil. The classification is carried out as follows:

  • Ca is a variant designed for low to medium stress applications. The substance can work with low-sulfur diesel fuel. The inclusion of additional elements in the composition eliminates the likelihood of corrosion, as well as burn-in. Not suitable for heavy duty applications.
  • Cb is a substance suitable for use at low to medium mechanical stresses when filling high sulfur diesel fuel. In contrast to the previous type, the considered option provides a higher protection against corrosion.
  • Cc. Such oil should be poured into the tiller under medium and high mechanical loads. Additives help reduce the likelihood of deposits when exposed to high temperatures.
  • Cd. This type of oil is used to service an engine that does not have a supercharger on which a turbine is installed. The special composition protects the metal surface from corrosion.
what kind of oil in the vibratory plate gearbox

It is recommended to give preference exclusively to synthetic oils, because they are capable of providing high surface protection. Mineral ones are much cheaper.

For petrol cultivator

Gasoline engines have become widespread because they are highly effective when applied. Unlike diesel devices, gasoline ones vibrate less during operation, there are no problems with starting in winter. In this case, fill in the following oil:

  • Sa. A similar option can be used at low mechanical stresses when no additive is required in the composition.
  • Sb is a substance suitable for use in the medium stress range. The special composition provides a low oxidation state, stable lubricating properties.
  • Sc. Lubricants of this group are suitable for servicing motors that are not equipped with a PCV system. This option eliminates the likelihood of the formation of various deposits at high temperatures.
  • Sd. A product in this category is used for motors equipped with a PCV system. In comparison with the previous version, it copes more effectively with the task of protecting the surface from the formation of deposits.
  • Se. Used for servicing engines that were produced after 1972. A special composition protects the device against wear and corrosion.
  • Sf. The substance is used to service engines that were released after 1980. New production technologies have improved the performance of the substance.
  • Sg. Similar oils began to be produced for engines produced after 1988. In terms of basic qualities, the product is similar to that of the SF category, but, at the same time, it differs in additional properties.
  • Sh is the version of the grease that has been on the market since 1992. This category includes general purpose lubricants.

The most common cultivator is gasoline, because it is easier to maintain and operate.

In the gearbox

In most cases, any gear oil can be used to lubricate the gearbox. The replacement procedure is carried out as follows:

  • The device is located on a horizontal plane, it is tilted slightly. This simplifies the pouring procedure.
  • A dipstick is inserted into the hole on the gearbox. It is required to determine the level of the old substance.

To replenish the oil level in the gearbox, a new one is topped up. A completely dry container is filled with about two liters. Some models are equipped with a special hole for removing old material, which may contain a large amount of impurities.

What kind of oil should be added to the vibratory plate engine?

Before starting work with the vibrating plate, you need to pour oil into its engine. Remember to check the oil level before starting the vibratory plate. Otherwise, your equipment will fail.

For engines running on gasoline brands Honda gx390, gx270, gx200, gx160, mineral motor oil with viscosity sae10w40 or sae10w30 is suitable.

There are also oils of other viscosities, but they may not be suitable due to the peculiarities of vibration technology, which can also lead to engine breakdown. It is best not to carry out any experiments, but to use the oil that is recommended according to the instructions for using the vibrating plate.

What kind of oil to fill in the vibrating plate and how to replace it?

The vibrating mechanism and the motor are 2 mechanisms in the vibrating plate that need constant monitoring of the presence of oil and grease. Before starting to work with the vibrating plate, it is necessary to fill the engine and vibrator of the vibrating plate with oil.

If we talk about the vibration mechanism, then the oil is filled at the manufacturer’s plant. Each plant uses different types of oil, so there is no specific oil change date. Therefore, when changing the oil yourself, you must use the manual for the vibratory plate.

How often do you need to change the oil in the vibrating plate?

If the engine does not have oil filters, then you need to constantly change the oil, since contamination appears during operation. The oil should be changed after the first twenty working hours, and then every time after 100 hours. Also, if the vibrating plate has not been used for a very long time, it is worth changing the oil.