What kind of oil to fill up your rotary hammers?. What is a rotary hammer?

Hammer grease: top of the range for drills and gearboxes

As an electric tool, the rotary axis is subjected to considerable shock loads at work. Safe lubrication of moving and power train components is essential for the protection of moving and power train components. But different conditions of interaction lead to the need for different consumables. Gearbox lubrication is a topic for a separate study.

The main rule of maintenance is to follow the instructions on how to lubricate the peorator. The document contains all information on the lubrication points and the procedure for its performance.

The lubrication of the gearbox always refers to the following units and parts.

How to lubricate the gearbox

Different types of grease are used for the gearbox and the core drill cartridge.

Gearbox Lubricant

Here, a special grease is used, which should be called gear lubricant. It can be the same brands as the machines themselves. Makita, Bosch, AEG, etc.ะด. But it can be made by a company that deals with this type of products, such as Ravenol, Shell, Xado, etc.

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Some people even use simple lithol or salidol for this purpose. But they dry out more quickly and do not reduce friction as well as necessary in comparison to speciality lubricants.

Drill Bit Lubricant

Here everything is exactly the same. Special grease for this purpose is called drill grease. They are usually made by the same companies that make drill bits.

If you have no special grease, you can use graphite grease. But it does not dissipate so much heat from the shank, which is important, because sometimes in prolonged work the shank is flattened, so it is difficult to take it out later.

How to Grease a Drill Bit

The main purpose of a rotary drill is to drill, chisel and drill different surfaces. As a rule, most of the materials with which this tool works have a tendency to dust. Small particles getting on internal parts, clog up the machine. It should be taken into account that the elements are in motion, during which they are in contact with each other, and, therefore, they can start abrasion. To keep the tool in working order, it is necessary to timely clean and lubricate it. Only with this kind of care is it possible to maximize the service life and avoid premature breakdowns and costly repairs.

Important: There are several different basic types of grease. One type applies to the gearbox and a completely different type is needed for drills or drill bits. Each appliance is supplied with a detailed instruction manual which clearly specifies the lubrication intervals. These are the recommendations which must be adhered to.

There are general rules for all types of torches.

How to lubricate the gearbox of a geared tool

  • Thus, the most often recommended way of lubricating the gearbox is to apply compositions in the form of liquid oil that is poured in a certain dosage into the body of the tool (in the holes designed specifically for this purpose). Such oil fills the gearbox housing and is reliably isolated inside with the help of the covers installed on the holes or bolts. Parts are evenly coated with this product during operation. The most popular manufacturers of oil for lubricating gearboxes are considered to be “Bosch” and “Makita”.
  • As an example, we can name two popular products of these manufacturers, which are used during the initial assembly or during the repair of the tool:
  • Makita P-08361″ grease 30 ml, approximate cost 100 ;
  • Oil “Bosch 1615430005” 45 ml, price about 300

Tip: there are also plastic compositions for gearboxes (in the form of cream), but it is worth considering that not all models of tools can stably operate on the means of such consistency. Gearbox lubrication compound is a must-have for every tool owner. But if the peorator is under warranty, it is best to perform such an operation, using the services of service centers, especially in the absence of special holes (that is, if it is necessary to disassemble the tool).

How to grease a cutter auger

  • Peorator bit lubricant is used to reduce bit wear and also extends tool life (also by reducing the amount of dust that penetrates inside the tool). Lubrication is applied before each insertion of the drill bit into the chuck by lubricating the grooves of the bit with a small amount of lubricant. Before you perform this operation for the first time, you should carefully read the instruction manual of the tool. This is necessary in order to understand how to disassemble/assemble the torque limiter correctly without damaging its components and achieve correct operation.
  • The amount and quality of grease determines how the power tool will operate. Improperly matched ratios can result in overheating of the machine and even failure. Therefore, before using a particular lubricant, it is worth checking whether the manufacturer and type of product are listed in the recommendations in the operator’s manual of the piston. The most common compositions for the lubrication of drills, also produced by brands “Bosch” and “Makita”, only means have a thicker consistency.
  • When starting to lubricate, the tool should be rinsed and blown out, wiped dry, and only then a new coat of protective agent should be applied. Parts that do not require sliding should not be lubricated as this would only damage the motor. Parts like these include, for example, the gear clutch.

How to grease a drill chuck

  • Also the compound must be applied to the removable drill chuck nozzles. The amount of substance should be as specified in the instructions. From its over- or underlubrication the tool can break down.

Choosing the lubricant type is no problem, the instructions give clear recommendations, if not, you can choose practically any means from reputable manufacturers.

Main properties of grease

The lubricant for the Makita, Hitachi and many other brands performs the functions required of it. Initially, it flows around the necessary parts of the mechanism, preventing their surfaces from rubbing against each other. In so doing, it reduces their wear and tear accordingly.

Such substances may have additional additives that prevent corrosion. The second equally important characteristic is the detergent function. Small particles of material and dust can enter the tool during operation. They deposit on the mechanism and cause its failure.

The grease collects this dirt and debris and keeps them in suspension. When the dirt accumulates in it too much, the substance has to be changed. There are mineral, synthetic and semi-synthetic greases. The most inexpensive ones are petroleum-based. These are the mineral varieties. They lose their properties very quickly and need to be replaced often.

Synthetic greases are expensive, but their quality is the highest. They do not need to be replaced frequently and offer the best protection from wear to the mechanism.

Medium-priced semi-synthetic oils. They have better qualities than the mineral varieties. But they also fall a little short of synthetic materials.

Which lubricant manufacturers are recommended?

Branded lubricants can be used. That is from the companies that make the gears. Say, Hitachi, Metabo, AEG, Bosch, Interskol, Zubr. Material from companies that produce lubricants can also be used. These are Xado, Ravenol, Shell and others.

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Bosch and Makita gear oils are the most popular among consumers.

When using a tool that has a quality certificate, use only the brand-name lubricants specified by the manufacturer. If other materials are used, it will result in loss of warranty repair and maintenance.

Is lithol suitable for the lubrication of a torch?? Some of the characteristics of this grease are superior to specially formulated compositions from well-known companies. Lithol is good for greasing, but needs to be changed more often.

IMPORTANT! The best grease is still the composition, which is specified by the manufacturer. There’s no problem with it. And with a warranty, too.


Liquid oils can be used for the gearbox. They are filled in the amounts specified by the manufacturer. There are special holes in the housing. Oil is poured in through them. The lids are sealed to keep the liquid tightly sealed. The most popular today is the lubricant for a Makita, Bosch beater.

For the reducer, it is important that the consistency of such products is liquid. Some models require a creamy grease. But this is rather an exception.

Liquid oil leaves a thin but strong residue of the substance on gearbox parts. It is also called a film. Too much liquid agents will not keep the coating monolithic. The thicker stuff makes the film too thick. It prevents the gearbox from moving.

Bosch GBH 2-20 D Professional Rotary Hammer with SDS-plus

Most popular products of this type today Makita P-08361, Bosch 1615430005.

Lubrication of angle grinder gears

Before applying new grease, stir it thoroughly and make sure there are no lumps or foreign objects in it. Apply a thin layer of grease to the gears, making sure it completely covers the teeth. It is easier to fill the grease inside the bearings with a syringe. Then the grease intended for the angle grinder is stuffed into the gear housing. It is necessary because it can come off the gears during the operation and if there is not enough of it the gears will run “dry”.

The grease volume put into the gearboxes must be such, that the bevel gears are completely covered with it. The excess will lead to the fact that it will be squeezed out from under the cover, and the insufficient amount will not ensure proper operation of the gearbox.

It is best to be guided by the amount that was laid at the manufacturer of the angle grinder, but you must remember that the grease can dry out, while reducing in volume.

It is therefore better to put a little more and check the correctness of the lubricant distribution after turning on the angle grinder. Generally speaking, the amount of lubricant is usually about 30-50% of the gearbox full capacity.

How to properly lubricate the gearbox

After selecting the type and manufacturer of oil you may begin routine maintenance procedures. To work with liquid high-temperature grease most modern tools are equipped with special grease nipples. There is a hole with a cap for pouring in oil, the location of which is specified in the documentation.

The whole process of changing liquid oil can be divided into stages:

  • Removal of the cover. See instructions for removal.
  • Drain residual waste. If the old oil is too dirty, you should wash the gearbox with a special solution.
  • Blowing mechanism with compressed air.
  • Filling in new grease. The amount of oil should follow the recommendations in the manual, and not exceed the level of the reference mark.
  • Cover the oil filling hole with the protective cap.

Harbor Freight Bauer Rotary hammer drill Model 1641E-B

It is worth noting that if the gearbox is relatively new and has a warranty from the manufacturer, it is mandatory to use the oil recommended by the manufacturer.

When there is no fill hole and you need to use grease with disassembly of the mechanism, you should contact the service center.

Oil change with disassembly should be done according to the instructions and with special tools. Before the work you need to prepare:

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The sequence of operations is as follows:

  • Study the instructions provided by the torque wrench manufacturer to understand how the torque wrench works.
  • Remove dirt, dust, old oil residue from the housing.
  • Disassembly of the cartridge:
  • First you need to remove the rubber and retaining rings with a screwdriver;
  • remove the cover;
  • Remove the pressure ring;
  • remove the spring and balls.
  • Next, remove the mode switch. This operation should be carried out strictly according to the instructions, as each model has its own way of doing it.
  • Use a wrench and a screwdriver to disassemble the rear part of the housing. It’s necessary to disconnect the brush from the manifold.
  • Remove the front part of the case.
  • Remove the gearbox.
  • Take a piece of cloth and soak it in petrol and wipe the removed elements and the inside of the housing.
  • Allow the parts to dry and then wipe them with a clean cloth.
  • Lubricate all gears and other elements of the gearbox so that a thick layer of grease covers the entire gearbox.
  • Reassembling the Pehorator.

A few other recommendations for lubricating the gearbox

The question of how often the lubrication of the peorator should be performed, occurs quite often among users of such equipment. there is no definite answer, because the frequency of lubrication depends on the intensity of use and the loads the machine is subjected to. In addition, you must pay attention to the manufacturer’s recommendations, which are necessarily specified in the data sheet, as well as whether the warranty period for the device you are using has expired.

Hidden surfaces of gearbox parts should be lubricated before reassembling mechanisms

The question of how to lubricate one of the modern models is considerably easier to answer, since the vast majority of such devices already have a special vessel, in which you just need to fill the lubricating compound, unscrew the drain cover and drain the old grease. Before pouring new grease, the level of which should not exceed the reference mark, the container should be blown out using any suitable compressor, and then washed with spindle oil or ordinary petrol.