What kind of petrol to put in the Caiman single axle tractor?. Secondly, what kind of oil to put in the crankcase.

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If you don’t, you’ll still have to drain your fuel before you start work next season. It oxidizes over time, and by the next season you may get not only inoperative fuel but also deposits inside the fuel system plus serious problems with the carburetor. The engine repair warranty is not valid in this case.

Paper filter- suitable for all operating conditions. Benefit: traps the smaller particles. Disadvantages: high price, in dusty conditions requires more frequent replacement, it cannot be washed out.

Sponge filter-. suitable for light dusty conditions. In case of intensive use of machines it is recommended to wash the filter with warm water and soap at the end of the working day. Advantage: can be flushed, low cost. Drawbacks: Requires regular attention and maintenance in dusty conditions. Diaphragm filter in an oil bath. well suited to all but the most sloping terrain.

Advantage: washable, cheaper than paper filter. Drawback: Requires oil filling. Can get oil in the carburettor when working on a steep incline.

Caiman implements. professional technology

Caiman high-tech products have their place in the gardening and compact construction equipment market. Caiman professional technology makes it easier and quicker for the modern man to achieve his goals.

Cultivator equipment in the home for hobby gardeners and avid vegetable growers helps to increase the efficiency and productivity of their work activities. One of the leading positions in the rating of the most popular manufacturers of power tillers is occupied by Caiman company, which has already acquired a reputation as a reliable manufacturer of.

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Caiman power tillers. technical characteristics

Caiman Vario 60S. instructions, characteristics

Caiman Vario 60S TWK single axle tractor.new 2012 model

The Caiman brand was born in France in 2004. At that time Subaru (Japan) decided to enter the market of engines for gardening equipment. The French company Pubert, the world’s leading manufacturer of compact tillage equipment, actively supported the move.

On the base of high-tech French products with the installation of the advanced Japanese engines Caiman was created, which is promoted in the market of the Russian Federation by the owner of the brand. Unisaw Group. Both the creation of the brand and the further shaping of the Caiman range meet the Best-in-class quality principle: only the best high-tech manufacturers from Europe and Japan in each product category, a unique “Full Service Unisaw Group” program.

Caiman Vario 60S single axle tractor

The single axle tractor has long been a faithful helper in the garden and farm household. The unique Caiman Vario series is a year-round machine: in spring you can dig out the garden, mow grass in summer, fetch wood from the forest and sweep paths in winter.

The single-axle tractor is equipped with Razor Blade power tillers for working 25 hectares and reliable, low-noise Japanese Subaru engine with easy start. Two forward-mounted Vario gears and an innovative Vario Automat rear transmission make it ideal for working in areas that require manoeuvring.

Elliptical Ellipse Handles improve ergonomics and make the tractor more comfortable to work with. Easy transport of the single axle tractor thanks to the transport wheel. The Caiman Vario 60S single axle tractor can be fitted with the full range of front and rear implements from the Vario family if required.

Caiman Vario 60S user manual. download

User manual Caiman VARIO 60S D3- download

Caiman Vario 60S single axle tractor parts list. download

Subaru EP17 Engine Details. to download

Technical characteristics of Caiman Vario 60S.

Subaru EP17 engine (Japan). interesting discussion of the installed engine https://www.forumhouse.ru/threads/301117

Universal joint shaft. pulley on the engine shaft

Technical data Subaru EP17 engine

(from the instruction manual)

Engine oil for your Moto-Block. automotive (API/SE or higher, SAE/10W-30, etc.).п.). see here what kind of oil to put in your tractor engine

Change oil in the gearbox every 2 years or every 100 hours with 80W90 oil (How much oil to fill your planter gearbox)

Spark plug. TORCH E4RC (NGK BR-4HS)

According to the spare parts catalog above, item 48, belts are used depending on the engine installed:

VARIO Pubert belt (analogous to VA450)

VARIO Pubert belt (analog VB-4L460K / VA440)

As they write in the reviews: “expensive drive belt for 1200 r. for the original.”

Maintenance of the Caiman VARIO 60S power tiller

Caiman equipment is professional.

Caiman equipment is manufactured at high-technology factories in Europe and Japan. Since 2011 there is a successfully operating assembly facility in Russia, organized together with partners from France, Italy and Japan.

Only the most modern Japanese engines with reduced fuel consumption, low noise level, high reliability and long life are installed in Caiman gasoline-powered machines.

Caiman transmissions come with a 5 year warranty.

Caiman equipment is provided with 3 years of the basic guarantee and 2 years of additional guarantee for non-professional use. Total: 5 years of a unique long-term program.

Professional dealer consultation and Full Service.

Innovative VarioAutomat transmission:

Innovative VarioAutomat transmission was developed together with a leading French car maker. In developing the design, engineers were able to use the most advanced design techniques and manufacturing techniques used in the automotive industry. Transmission gears are made from high-alloy hardened steel and mounted on bearings. Vario Automat transmission is known for its unparalleled reliability and smooth shifting and speed regulation. The innovative Vario Automat transmission provides you with a number of significant operational advantages.

Professional Fast Gear II transmission

Professional bolted and serviceable reinforced Fast Gear III transmission with open mountings. Stone and other foreign bodies hitting the cutter bar keep malfunctions of the gearbox to a minimum. The use of innovative technology has made it possible to create minimal thickness gearboxes and achieve the maximum performance in its class due to the high efficiency of the chain drive, close to 90%.

Japanese Subaru premium engine

Caiman Quatro Max is equipped with a modern Japanese Subaru premium-class engine, the main difference being its chain-driven timing engine. Because of this, there is no chain stretching, the timing is more precise and the fuel burns out completely. This, in turn, increases engine power and reduces harmful emissions.

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Here is a selection of videos about Caiman Vario 60 power tillers.

we have had the single-axle tractor for 4 years, used only from spring to fall, parked in the garage in winter. But this winter (2016) decided to buy (as we used to count extra costs) snowplowing equipment, it turned out to take a second-hand. Putting it into operation. satisfied, no words! They don’t come up with it for nothing and put so much work into it. On the whole in 4 years the single axle tractor has not let us down once.

  • burrs;
  • grass scythe;
  • cultivator;
  • ripper;
  • potato digger;
  • planting equipment;
  • dump;
  • snow shovel;
  • brush;
  • rake;
  • transport trailer.

The equipment operates from the PTO, which is located on the longitudinal axis of the engine.

The description of the walking tractor and its features

The big attraction of the Caiman Vario is its drivetrain. Gear shifting is smooth and allows a wide range of speed adjustment thanks to the variator. The variator itself and its connection diagram are designed on the same principle as in professional automobiles and motorcycles, which guarantees stable operation and durability. The unit has a normal and reduced front gear and one rear gear.

The motor of the motorblock is started in the basic version with a manual starter, but there is an option of installing an electronic starter. The volume of oil in the tank is 0.6 liter. Depending on the temperature conditions the manufacturer recommends to use oil with viscosity 10w-30, 20w-30, 20w-40 or 30w-40 according to SAE. For normal engine operation, it is necessary to fill it with 92 AI gasoline; a full tank is sufficient for more than 3 hours of operation at maximum load.


Subaru EP 17 OHC engine is a single camshaft, 4-stroke, vertical cylinder engine with cast iron liners. Designed for use in professional applications, the engine is remarkably reliable and stable. Easy to start, even in sub-zero temperatures, by means of a mechanical starter. During operation, the engine does not produce much noise, and most importantly. vibration, which reduces the load on the other parts of the power tiller and increases their service life. The engine is forcibly cooled by a stream of air, so it does not overheat and allows for a small combustion chamber volume to obtain maximum power output.

CVT and transmission shift system are maintenance-free because they are fully enclosed and all moving and static joints are protected with waterproof seals. No grease needs to be replaced from the factory, it never loses its properties or wears out over time. All gears and sprockets are made of stainless steel so they cannot be damaged even if they become wet. The gear chain is maintenance-free and fully enclosed from external influences. It is made of high-quality hardened steel, so it does not stretch and has a long service life.

Садовый трактор Caiman Rapido ECO 2WD 97D2C. кошение на дачном участке.

In terms of handling, the Caiman Vario 60S TWK outperforms many other manufacturers’ equivalents. It features a standard set of conveniences, such as handles that can be adjusted in all three dimensions and folded down for transport, protected cables, a comfortable shift knob. The shift lever is positioned so that the rear gear is in the middle between the two front gears, which is especially convenient when cultivating difficult types of soil or performing work that requires the application of great force. Shift cable is securely concealed in a jacket attached to the handlebar.

Wheelbase of power tiller can be extended with extensions up to 90 cm. The gradients themselves have substantial tread, which is important when tilling the soil, especially repetitive tilling. A good grip is ensured even when deep cultivating with tillers, so the Caiman Vario 60S TWK is stable and easy to control. Step-down transmission puts you in control of difficult ground, even stony terrain.

The Caiman Vario has a power take-off shaft for installing additional implements, transferring torque to the implements and equipment. Disks are fitted on the wheels or attachments to protect you from damage to the soil on either side of the unit. Larger diameter wheels can be installed on a single axle tractor if desired.


Two brackets let you install the necessary nodes both in the front and rear of the unit. The following attachments are the most common:

The Caiman Vario comes standard with 6 Razor Blade mills made from tempered steel, a soil tiller, plough and ridger, hitch and digger. Multifunctional accessories or equipment can be selected if desired.

The Caiman Vario 60S TWK requires no specific or costly maintenance. All of its main mechanical components are securely hidden in the housing and its moving parts are protected by gaskets and seals. The only thing that wears out is the clutch belt, but you can replace it yourself. As for parts and components, they are all highly wear-resistant and have a long service life.

Unlike other makes and models the Caiman Vario single axle tractor does not need to be winterized or conserved. At the end of the season, it is enough to clean it from the outside and check the operability of the movable joints. Not large size and folding control handle allows you to store the single-axle tractor not only in the cottage or in the back room, but also at home. The most that needs to be done for a proper winterization is to drain the gasoline from the tank and engine and oil from the crankcase.

The relatively high weight of the power tiller is both positive and negative. The Caiman Vario is a handy tool for women and men, but in a man’s hands it works reliably. easy to maneuver with the proper dexterity, allowing you to work difficult terrain.

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Caiman power tiller manual with Subaru engine

Auto mechanic, specializes in agricultural equipment

Caiman motor blocks are very popular in Russia now. The most recent modification of this power tiller is the Caiman Yario 70S TWK, but the 60S and 60S TWK are also in good demand. In terms of functionality, the products of this company are not inferior to professional agricultural machinery. Buyers also note the high quality of assembly, reliability and comfort in operation.

This power unit is designed for working on different types of terrain, including virgin land. The design is specially created maximally versatile in order to be able to install almost any attached implements.

This article will review the characteristics of the three most popular light models, as well as heavy representatives of the Caiman 403 and 320, the advantages of these power tillers, their disadvantages and ways of operation.

Eso max 50s c2 and Terro 50s c2

Caimanecomax 50sc2 cultivator is the older brother of the previous model, it has a more advanced appearance and the ability to adjust the stroke not only backwards but also forwards. It is equipped with a 4-stroke Subaru EP16, which provides the same power as the previous model.

The machining parameters of this unit are exactly the same. But this cultivator weighs more than 5 kg and has almost the same all-terrain mobility. At the same time, the technique is compact enough, thanks to what you can work even in tight spaces without any difficulty.

The reversing device of Caiman eco 50s c2 allows you to move not only forward but also backward, which contributes to the maximum quality of land cultivation. In addition, it will be easy to free the equipment from the ground in case of getting stuck.

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Terro 50s c2

Caiman terro 50s c2 gasoline cultivator differs from the ecomax by the fact that this device is equipped with a more reliable chain drive and not a belt drive. The working area can also be extended up to 90 cm if you have a large area to work.

Model range

The Caiman power tillers have a range of more than 30 models.

There are the following main families:

  • PRO. power, versatility, and cart capability. The most powerful representative is 340 PRO with power of 14 liters.с. The 330 PRO and 320 PRO models have also proven themselves.
  • Vario. These power tillers use patented Vario Automat transmission featuring smooth shifting and smooth power takeoff. Models with pneumatic wheels are marked TWK, and units that can be used as a plow are marked Plow. The powerful models 70S TWK and 70S Plow TWK that are able to perform the most difficult agricultural works are especially noted.
  • Quatro Max. They are heavy enough motor blocks, capable of cultivating large areas (40-45 acres). The main representatives are 60S, Max 70S, Plow2 TWK.

In addition to heavy-duty models, the range also includes light duty models. They have a capacity in the range of 1.5-6 liters.с. The 1.6 litre Caiman MB 33RSupertiller is ideal for small plots (up to five acres).с.

It is also available in a battery operated version (Caiman MB 33RSupertiller single axle tractor CaimanTurbo1000). A plot of 15-20 acres can be processed by Caiman Elite 60S D2 with a capacity of 6 liters.с. There are also Caiman Mario and Caiman Junior models.

Features and Varieties of Oils

To find out in what proportions to dilute petrol with oil for a power tiller, again it is better to refer to the manual. But often they use the proportion 1 to 4 (one part of oil to four parts of gasoline). Some engines are fitted with an auxiliary gearbox. From time to time it is also necessary to make oil changes there.

Single axle tractor is filled with pure gasoline or with oil. we have already figured out. But what kind of oil to use, remains a mystery. Oil is one of the main factors that ensure the functioning of the engine. The most correct advice is to follow those recommendations that are specified by the manufacturer of the power tiller. When choosing, you should consider such parameters as viscosity grade and category of application.

  • Summer. Do not have a letter symbol. They have a high binding capacity and are used in hot periods. SAE 20, 30, 40, 50, 60.
  • Winter. These are marked with the W or Winter symbol. These oils are of low viscosity and are used in the coldest period of the year. These are SAE 0W, 5W, 10W, 15W, 20W, 25W.
  • All-season. These are the universal oils that are most popular with the people. They can be used regardless of ambient temperature conditions. But there is a difference between the winter and summer range. 5W-30, 10W-40. The lower the temperature, the lower the viscosity you need to choose.

But the use of oil with several viscosity indexes is characterized by stability of all parameters in conditions of changing temperature conditions.

Now you know whether you need to add oil to gasoline for a power tiller and in what proportions to dilute gasoline with oil for a power tiller. The main thing. always monitor the condition of the unit and make in time maintenance and repair work, so it will serve you for as long as possible and with the highest productivity of execution of works.

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IMPORTANT! The thing is that if you put gasoline and oil in a single axle tractor with a four cylinder engine, you really shouldn’t try to see what happens. You don’t want to spend that kind of money on a single axle tractor, you have to buy a new one. That’s because the engine will break down. Therefore, before carrying out such actions, you need to be fully convinced of what type of engine is used.

Owners reviews

Semyon, 41, Moscow region

For a long time I had to choose a single axle tractor, but finally I chose the Caiman VARIO 70S. I have been using it for a couple of years now and I have never regretted it. Yes, I paid more than for the Chinese, but do not need to poke around in the engine, and the power equipment is not inferior to cheap analogues, which allegedly has 12 liters of gasoline and oil. с., I like the look. everything is neat and beautiful. I mostly do my springtime gardening and hauling loads on the trailer. haven’t noticed any flaws in my work.

Dmitry, 34 years old, Saratov

I bought my Caiman 330 a few years ago. My garden is big, the ground is clayey, so I need a more powerful tool. It’s an excellent model. it looks presentable, but the main thing is that it performs all kinds of work: I have almost all the tools I need, I plow, mow, and plant potatoes. I don’t have any problems. I change oil in time, I use only good quality oil. I store in a warm garage, so the metal doesn’t even rust.

Oleg, 29 years old, Kursk

I bought my Caiman Vario 60S, because I was impressed by its soft gear shifting and smooth running. I’ve tried other power tillers, and they were nowhere near as comfortable. Very maneuverable technology, easy to work with, you get used to it quickly even if you use it for the first time. Yes, I need the weights, the weight is often not enough for good grip, but this is the only disadvantage I can name.

Caiman power tillers are time-tested, developed by the best European specialists, that’s why they are more reliable than their Chinese and many domestic counterparts. The main thing is to choose the model for your specific works and determine beforehand what attachments you will need.