What Kind Of Screwdriver You Need For A Ps4

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How does it affect games

Without getting into the technical details, the difference in graphics power will be critical in supporting 4K resolution. Microsoft is committed to delivering full, native 4K at 60fps, while not all PS4 Pro games can boast the same. Some run at 30 FPS at 4K resolution, while others run at 60 FPS in native 4K. Other games only support 30FPS / 4K, or offer smart upscaling for a 4K gaming experience.

kind, screwdriver, need

All Xbox One games will perform much better on the One X, whether they were specifically designed for the newer console or not. Plus, you can run apps in Full HD on the One X. To do this, you need to choose whether you want to scale down to Ultra HD for ultra-precise graphics, or run the game at 1080p for better performance.

This is very different from the PS4 Pro, which constantly hides any settings from you until you specifically launch the console in Full HD mode.

Graphics and performance

Xbox One X Settings: 6 TFLOPS, 326GB / s, 12GB GDDR5

PS4 Pro parameters: 4.12 TFLOPS, 218 GB / s, 8 GB GDDR5

Let’s start with the terminology: TFLOP (teraflops) is a value used to measure the performance of computers, showing how many floating point operations a given computing system performs per second. Accordingly, the higher this indicator, the better.

Next comes the memory bandwidth, measured in GB / s. It indicates how quickly the GPU can transfer frames from memory to the display. The more memory, the more high-resolution textures the device can handle. This means that the graphics adapter has quick access to them at any time, which significantly improves performance.

The PS4 Pro has 8GB of GDDR5 RAM and an additional 1GB of RAM dedicated to handling background processes. At the same time, the Xbox One X has a whopping 12GB of GDDR5 RAM. Both consoles distribute the available RAM between GPU and CPU differently, so the exact ratio is unknown.

Cost and release date

Sony PlayStation 4 Pro was released in November 2016, at that time the initial cost of the console was 35,000 rubles. Considering the technical characteristics and other features of the console, this is a rather advantageous offer.

Microsoft’s Xbox One X was released on November 7, 2017. At that time, it could be purchased for 39,900 rubles. The difference between the cost of PS4 and One X was only about 5,000 rubles. But for some gamers, this turned out to be enough to pay attention to alternative options.

CPU power

Xbox One X: 2.3 GHz Octa-Core Processor.

PS4 Pro: 2.13GHz 8-core processor.

PS4 Pro runs on the same processor as the original PS4, but with a higher clock speed. Today the PS4 Pro offers an impressive 2.13 GHz, while the vanilla PS4 boasts just 1.6 GHz.

The One X outperforms the PS4 Pro slightly and boasts a faster processor. But the most interesting thing begins when you start comparing other parameters of consoles.

Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro: Which 4K Console is Better

The appearance of the PS4 Pro and Xbox One consoles on the gaming device market marked the beginning of a new era in console gaming. Rather than delivering completely new devices every few years, companies are gradually moving to iterative development models and are thinking about more frequent release of updated consoles with the latest technical specifications.

The updated versions of the consoles (Pro and One X) are capable of running all currently released games for Sony PlayStation 4 and Xbox One from Microsoft, respectively. At the same time, they can boast of completely new functionality and additional features. Kind of improved performance and higher resolution support.

Before proceeding with the review, it is necessary to clarify the situation: the game consoles, which we will consider below, are not direct competitors to each other, because they offer their clients completely different things. Both consoles are suitable for comfortable 4K gaming at different prices. Therefore, below we will tell you in detail how this is explained.

Games and other content

Microsoft has confirmed backward compatibility between Xbox One and One X. Currently, the service has over 300 games, which is not as few as you might think at first.

Exclusive games are available for both consoles (if we take the console exclusives, not counting the PC, where games are released from the Xbox One). They differ significantly from each other: if Sony relies on expensive single-player games, then Microsoft prefers mainly online entertainment.

If you are a fan of UHD Blue-Ray, the Xbox One X will definitely not disappoint you in this regard. the console fully supports the format and Dolby Atmos. As for the Sony Playstation 4 Pro, the box only works with HD Blue-Ray, no Dolby Atmos. At the same time, both consoles support the HDR 10 standard equally well.

A lot of time has passed since the PS4 Pro release, and today the console boasts not only improved performance, but also the recently introduced Boost Mode. This feature was introduced in Update 4.50 for PS4. It improves the performance of all PS4 games to varying degrees, with some performing up to 40% better. This is the best iteration for PS4 to date, although if you don’t have a 4K display it won’t make much of a difference.

At the moment, Xbox One X is considered the best console in terms of performance. The console is more expensive than the PS4 Pro, although it cannot boast the same impressive library of games as Sony’s. Still, the Xbox One X has a lot more bells and whistles (which only a 4K Blue-Ray player costs) and better performance. In addition, Microsoft is currently spending a lot of resources to ensure backward compatibility for as many games as possible. Therefore, from time to time, not only the latest novelties, but also classics appear on the platform.

So far, only one thing is clear: there is no clear winner in this race. If you are planning to buy a console just for the sake of access to the famous single-player exclusives, then choosing the PS4 Pro, you will definitely not regret it. If the main thing for you is the quality of the “picture” and you need a set-top box for multi-platform games, then the Xbox One X will suit you. The console has a higher performance, a common library of PC games, which is constantly updated with new releases.

What is the difference between PS4 and PS4 Slim. Compare consoles

2013 saw the launch of the Playstation 4, Sony’s eighth generation console. Three years later, the company releases a slim version of its Playstation 4 Slim. Experienced gamers will tell without even looking what is the first significant difference between playstation 4 and playstation 4 slim. The very name of the updated console already contains this difference. thanks to the introduction of more advanced tech. process, the console was made more compact and lightweight (from English slim. slender, thin).

But, dimensions and weight, and therefore design. this is not the only difference between ps4 and ps4 slim. Let’s compare the consoles in more detail to understand what else is the difference between them.

Let’s summarize the comparison

Playstation 4 Slim:

  • Lighter and smaller than the original ps4
  • Supports newer Wi-Fi, HDMI and Bluetooth formats
  • Consumes less energy
  • Quieter than the original Playstation 4
  • The buttons on the console itself have become mechanical
  • The console has lost audio output through the optics (the only negative)

PS4 vs PS4 Slim. Comparison of characteristics.

Throughout the history of the existence of consoles, during their life cycle, and this is 6. 9 years, manufacturers did not allow themselves to change key characteristics. The first precedent of this kind happened with the eighth generation of consoles. It happened when the Playstation 4 Pro and Xbox one X saw the light of day.This is a long story worthy of a separate publication, so let’s go back to ps4 and ps4 slim and look at their technical parameters and compare them.

As you can see, those parameters related to power have remained unchanged. Here between ps4 and ps4 slim we expect to set equal. From communication with the outside world and peripheral devices. ps4 slim received a new standard Bluetooth, HDMI and is able to recognize Wi-Fi at 5 GHz. However, instead of the innovations, slim has lost the S / PDIF digital audio output. Therefore, surround sound lovers will have to look for workarounds for audio output.

We note that the Playstation 4 slim has become a quarter lighter and a third smaller in volume. But the biggest upgrade is in the power consumption. The Playstation 4 Slim consumes 34% less power than the Playstation 4 under the same load. Agree, the difference is significant. Energy consumption goes hand in hand with heat generation, which in turn requires a more powerful cooling system, which is usually noisier. And this rule works in the case of ps4 and ps4 slim.

We will also mention the power and eject buttons on the console itself. If on the original playstation they were touch-sensitive, now on ps4 slim they are mechanically pressed buttons, which has become more convenient.

Objectively, the ps4 slim is quieter. And you don’t have to think about where to put the console, as is the case with the classic Playstation 4, so that it cools more efficiently. For example, when playing on ps4, I put it on the floor and as upright as possible. In this position, the cooling system of the set-top box only accelerates to maximum during peak loads and can work quite noisy. If you put the console in a narrow space under the TV in a horizontal position, then the cooling system in games with a high level of graphics and an abundance of dynamic scenes will work constantly at maximum speed. Which is pretty noisy. The playstation 4 slim is doing better with this indicator.

Is there a difference in games?

This is the most important and shortest part of the ps4 vs ps4 slim comparison. Since there is no difference at all. Both consoles in games show identical frame rates and graphics. Not surprising. the iron is the same.

The most important difference

But, you can’t read about the most important difference. To understand it, or rather to feel it, you need to hear it. And then it will become clear why slim’ka is needed For this, I recorded a separate video.


The Playstation 4 Slim is quieter, uses less power and takes up less space. In addition, it has more modern standards of communication with the world. True, it should be noted that 90% of gamers will not feel the difference between HDMI 1.4 and 2.0a, just as they will not notice that the console now supports Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi at 5 GHz. Not many people use the optical audio output either. The significant differences are noise, dimensions and power consumption.

Should you upgrade from playstation 4 to playstation 4 slim? Definitely not worth it. The difference in noise and dimensions is not significant enough to make an update. And with space in the room and a stand for the vertical position of the console, all the difference disappears. The only thing. power consumption, if you play a lot, then when you upgrade to slim, you will save on electricity.

Thus, we have before us an improved version of playstation 4, which can be recommended to those who do not have a regular playstation 4. However, on condition that you buy the console to play a match in FIFA once or twice a week or to diversify the evening with friends. Everyone else who is involved in more serious gaming should take a closer look at the older brother. to playstation 4 pro, which can be compared with ps4 slim on our website. ps4 slim vs ps4 pro comparison.

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Thank you so much for your attention to the article. Unfortunately, the block for comments is not ready yet. Therefore, if you have any questions, then leave them under a similar video on my YouTube channel. I will be glad to answer all your questions.

Hybrid hard drive (SSHD)

In terms of the main structural elements of such drives (magnetic readout head plates), they resemble CDM. But there is also a significant difference. the presence of NAND memory, where the files that are most often used by the user are automatically loaded. Due to this, the hybrids were adopted:

  • from SSD speed and productivity in work;
  • a lot of space for storing information, as in the CDM.

It is worth clarifying here: if the total storage capacity can be 1000 GB or more, then the size of flash memory is usually limited to 8-32 gigs. That is, not all files will receive priority in speeding up, but only those that are launched most often.

With a full-size SSD, say T7 Touch 2TB, a hybrid bundle cannot be compared in terms of speed. But with a larger volume, it will cost much cheaper than a solid-state.

Solid state hard drive (SSD)

The main “plus” is no mechanics inside, only a chipset and a controller. Different types of NAND memory determine the speed and lifespan of a disk.

The speed of the SSD is 2–3 times higher than that of the CDM. The responsiveness of game progs increases significantly. It also speeds up the installation and launch of games. In addition, SSD has a positive effect on the speed of loading various details, textures and levels during gameplay.

The only “but”: for the purchase of a solid-state device you will have to pay a tidy sum, especially for options with a memory capacity of 1000 gigs.

Which hard drive to choose for PS4

First, let’s find out which version of the hard drive is needed: a good old HDD, a relatively new SSD, or the golden mean. a hybrid of the first two types.

Also, when buying a hard drive for PS4 standard version, Slim or Pro, pay attention to such drive parameters as speed, capacity, connection interface. The choice depends on how much you have to spend on upgrading the set-top box and what improvements you can expect.

The table shows the basic requirements and nuances of using an external drive for PS4:

Hard disk speed

In PS4 from the factory, CDM is installed at a speed of 5400 rpm.

Indicators of the speed of writing / reading information on the SSD on average vary from 500 to 1000 MB / s (for example, here MU-PC1T0T / WW). This is quite enough for comfortable gameplay without brakes.

Memory volumes

PlayStation 4 is available with either 500GB or 1TB storage. Taking into account the fact that some games weigh about 100 Gb (the same Red Dead Redemption 2 will take 150 GB), free space may soon run out.

If you do not want to delete your favorite toys in order to test new ones, it is worth increasing the console’s memory. In PS4, this can be done up to 8 TB. In real life, 3-4 TB will be useful.

The larger the disk capacity, the more it will cost you. Therefore, we take a medium-sized version, for example, a 3-terabyte WDBU6Y0030BBK.

Magnetic hard disk drive (HDD)

The classic screw works on the magnetic recording principle. It is a reliable technology, but it is inferior in speed to SSD and hybrids. For the price, on the contrary, this is the cheapest option.

Initially, there is CDM inside PS4. A new magnetic screw is purchased if you need to slightly add gameplay loading speed or there is not enough free space to install new toys, but you don’t want to part with the old ones.

  • in volume,
  • in spindle speed (RPM),
  • in connection interfaces,
  • in size,
  • in color and body material.

When choosing a hard disk for PS4, the first 3 parameters play the main role, the rest depend on the personal preferences of the user.

Some manufacturers, such as Seagate, provide magnetic screws specifically designed for PS4. The price of Game Drive may exceed the for ordinary external hard drives, but their tandem with a prefix will definitely not have any problems.

External hard drive for PS4. how to choose from 3 types

Appetites for gameplay are growing, he needs more and more space on the hard drive. Therefore, players often face the problem of insufficient disk space on the PlayStation 4.

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    How to disassemble xbox 360 Slim

    To disassemble the Xbox 360 Slim, you will need one T9 sprocket screwdriver and a T8 sprocket to remove the motherboard. It is also very convenient to use an awl for removing the latches of the case and side panels.

    Most importantly, be careful, our disassembly and assembly time is 5 minutes, and what can you do!

    To open the xbox 360 slim, remove the side plastic latches.

    We take out the internal hard drive, only if you install Freeboot, in other cases you can leave it, it does not interfere.

    Remove all plastic covers.

    We continue to gently pry them with a flat screwdriver or with an awl, everything is neatly removed without damage.

    How to disassemble xbox 360 Slim. Photo, remove the WiFi module

    We continue to disassemble the xbox 360 Slim. Now we remove the latches and unscrew the wi-fi module, it is only available for the xbox 360 Slim, the old version of the console does not have it.

    Can be unscrewed with a Torx T9 screwdriver

    After removing the latches, carefully remove the front panel from one side, you just need to pull it off slowly and disconnect the graphic cable.

    Now we lift the lid up a little, and it can be removed, you just have to unscrew a few bolts, and your set-top box is disassembled.

    Limited edition console with a defective run of several thousand copies. https: //

    CD Projekt RED Xbox One Limited Edition 2 Series Fan Collector’s Pack

    Neat disassembly for self service. https://youtu.be/CHepbV3GZB8

    Please note the limited edition controller for XBOX ONE https://youtu.be/Tn

    Video clip on the restoration of the connector. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3wzB0ZGCusa

    Video instruction for self-disassembly of PS4 Pro 71xx-72xx. https://www.youtube

    Video clip about the main problems of Xbox One and DualShock 4 gamepads https: //www.y

    We take out the disc from the PS4 SLIM drive. PRO. Instructional video https://www.youtube.com

    Replacing the charging connector on the PS Vita 1000 (changing the standard connector to MINI USB) https: // w

    What an interesting article.

    Thank you guys, I recently took boxing, soldered the American block according to an article from the Internet for our food, even though the noob himself is in technology. now I want to try to flash it. everything is available, illustrations are clear

    How to clean PS4 dust

    Use rubbing alcohol on the surface of the parts. They need to slightly moisten a cotton pad and very gently (without any extra effort) wipe the motherboard and all contaminated areas.

    Alcohol dries quickly and does not leave unnecessary marks and streaks. The cotton pad does not delaminate or leave fibers. In order not to damage the PS4 circuitry, you need to use these “tools”.

    How to disassemble and clean PS4

    The user must do everything in his power to prevent damage. To do this, it is enough to do a complete cleaning of the system and replace the thermal paste once every 5-7 months.

    This article was written for informational purposes only. If you are not sure that you can disassemble the PlayStation 4 yourself and then reassemble it correctly, contact a workshop. Cleaning in the workshop on average takes no more than 2 hours.

    PS4 disassembly starts with preparation of the workplace and necessary tools.

    Remove all unnecessary things from the table and prepare:

    • Phillips screwdriver
    • PS4 disassembly screwdriver (Torx TR9);
    • Tweezers for working with small parts;
    • Thermal paste (Arctic Silver Thermal Paste works best);
    • Medical gloves to ensure the sterility of the procedure;
    • Alcohol and cotton pads for cleaning parts from dust.

    So how to disassemble a PS4:

    Flip the PS4 over onto the top cover. Take a pair of tweezers and carefully peel off the 4 stickers from the back of the case. You now have access to 4 9mm TR9 Torx screws to be removed.

    Once you remove the sticker, the official warranty will be void. If your PlayStation 4 is under warranty, it is better to postpone self-disassembly and contact the service.

    Lift the back cover and set it aside. Moving on to the power supply: remove 3 TR9 screws and 2 Phillips bolts.

    How To Open A PS4 Controller

    Now the power supply can be removed, but this must be done very carefully so as not to damage the connector on the motherboard. To prevent this from happening, gently lift with your finger on one side, and then lift slightly from the other side. Slide the unit gently to the side so that there is no strain on the wiring.

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    Remove the connector from the power supply. Place your fingers closer to the unit and, slightly loosening the connector, disconnect it.

    You can also disconnect the connector from the motherboard. To do this, you need tweezers (see photo).

    Remove the Blue-Ray drive cable. Press down on the metal plate of the holder and pull on the ribbon cable. All this is done effortlessly, neatly and carefully.

    If you do not press the latch, you can break the train.

    Next, disconnect the drive power connector on the motherboard, just as it was with the power supply.

    Remove the Wi-Fi cable from the motherboard as shown in the picture.

    Unscrew the remaining screws.

    Remove the Wi-Fi antenna.

    Now you can remove the optical drive from the case and set it aside.

    Turn the console over and remove the top panel. Unclip the front clips first, then do the same on the other side.

    Loosen the bolts. 9mm TR9 are marked in red and Phillips are marked in yellow. Now you can remove the hard drive from the tray.

    Lift up the second section of the top panel. Unscrew the 12 bolts.

    Now you need to remove the support metal bracket. Loosen the bolts one at a time to avoid damaging the plate. She presses the central processor to the radiator.

    Note. When assembling the attachment, install the plate as it was originally (the temples should be raised up). If you screw it upside down, the set-top box will make a lot of noise, and the processor chip will also heat up unnecessarily.

    Lift up the metal protection and start cleaning.

    Does PS4 break often?

    The more actively you play on the console, the more the cooling system works. The cooler, like any other mechanical part, tends to wear out.

    In our workshops, the PlayStation 4 is repaired. You can safely rely on the many years of experience of our specialists. Call and sign up!

    For the cooling system to become unusable, you need to play an impressive number of hours without turning off the console at all. Therefore, if you do not play for 20-30 hours in a row, there is nothing to be afraid of. PS4’s standard cooling system handles 8-9 hour gaming sessions with ease.

    The main cause of overheating is dust. It is collected and pressed inside the radiators, preventing normal air circulation and heat dissipation.

    Before buying, be sure to check a used PlayStation 4. Listen to if it is working loudly, check all the buttons on the controller, play for 15-20 minutes and watch how the console behaves. If the seller is interested in a fair sale, he will not refuse you to check.

    It is strongly discouraged to buy PS4 hands-on without checking.

    How to disassemble and clean your PS4 at home

    Published by the VP Editor, 13.04.2018. Posted in Articles and News

    There are hundreds of stories on the internet about burned out PS4s. Most often, the motherboard or the processor installed on it deteriorates. Why this happens, and how to prevent it, read our article.

    How to change thermal paste on PS4

    The procedure for replacing heat-conducting paste is not particularly difficult. It is enough to follow the instructions carefully.

    • After disassembling to the motherboard, you need to unfasten the three wires of the plug by gently lifting it up with tweezers.
    • Then you can take out the board and wipe it on the other side.
    • Use a cotton pad moistened with alcohol to wipe the heatsink and processor.
    • Be careful not to detach or lose the memory cooling heatsinks. They look like 4 small black squares.
    • Next, you need to squeeze out a small drop of thermal paste from the syringe and distribute it evenly over the entire surface of the chip.

    In our workshops, the PlayStation 4 is repaired. You can safely rely on the many years of experience of our specialists. Call and sign up!

    How to disassemble and dust a Sony PS4

    A little over a year later, the appearance of the Playstation 4 game console unequivocally hinted: it’s time to clean it up. The vents are covered in dust, as are the unused USB ports. We arm ourselves with a set of screwdrivers. vacuum cleaner, compressed air cylinder and parsing blade.

    The primary barrier is 4 curly screws, they fix the plastic covers of the case and cover all the “stuffing” of the game console from us. Screws with a secret. there is a protrusion in the recess of the head, you cannot unscrew them with the usual six-pointed T10 nozzle, the base of the bit will necessarily rest against this protrusion. Our set helped us, the T10 bit was already with a hole in the middle and successfully coped with the task.

    The photo clearly shows traces of attempts (not mine) to unscrew the screw with an unsuitable tool. After unscrewing all the screws, lift the top cover and remove it to the side.

    Dust has crept into literally every crevice. The combination of vacuum cleaner and compressed air will easily prevail. The main thing is to do without wet cleaning. Technology doesn’t like wet rags.

    The main “hard worker” of all cooling is the cooler. To clean the blades from dirt, cotton swabs or long-bristled brushes will help.

    We continue to disassemble the case. 4 screws secure the console power supply, one of the most needed and heavy parts of the console. Two screws located in the corners are very long, and if you look closely, you can see hints: there are arrows on the plastic where the screws are attached, this will help to reassemble the attachment.

    Raise the power supply case slightly, if necessary, gently pry it along the edges with a spatula.

    Disconnect the power wire connected to the board.

    Dust sits firmly in every part. We remove dust from everything where the compressed air tube reaches and the vacuum cleaner, but without fanaticism. Damage to the power supply elements will not go unnoticed.

    We remove the first bottom panel, it easily slides and unfastens. It is enough to move it in the opposite direction.

    The second panel is held by two screws, unscrew and snap off the cover. It takes a little effort. If difficulties arise, you can additionally walk along the edges with a spatula to disassemble and release the cover.

    Unscrew the screws, disconnect all connections and release the reader block from the case.

    The drive mechanism is extremely fragile and susceptible to damage, be careful.

    To access the processor, it remains to deal with the upper metal cover. There are more than ten screws around the perimeter and two wide separate screws on the pressure plate. It is she who ensures the adhesion of the processor to the cooling surface.
    Attention to the power cable of the cooler, it must be disconnected, and reconnected during assembly.

    Be careful not to lose the thermal bands from the RAM chips. This is an important part of the cooling system. Some thermo-rubber bands may stick to the back of the metal cover. If necessary, they can be cleaned with a lint-free cloth moistened with alcohol.

    The hard drive is easy to remove. However, in order to replace it, you will have to disassemble the Playstation.

    Thermal grease and additional RAM chips are located at the bottom of the board. We again pay attention to the thermowells. Before replacing the thermal paste, completely remove the old one, both from the cooling plate and from the processor surface.

    The radiator grille and copper pipes of the cooling system are located on the lower metal cover. Held by three screws, also carefully marked with arrows.

    This is where the concentration of dust is located. We blow and clean it from all possible surfaces and from all cracks and holes.

    We clean the processor from the old dried thermal paste. We strongly recommend that you use NOT a metal tool. For severe cases, a soft-bristled toothpick and brush, for simple cases a soft, lint-free cloth.

    That’s the moment of applying thermal paste! We use a simple CBT-8. With a big gain in price, this paste is not much inferior to expensive options from various manufacturers. Numerous tests (their own and not so) prove a slight lag behind expensive ones.
    A small amount of paste in the center of the crystal will be enough, we will leave the smearing with a neat, thin and even layer to the perfectionists, and add from ourselves: the most important thing is not to overdo it with the amount. Even distribution of the paste of the pressure plate case.

    It remains only to assemble in the reverse order and you’re done.

    Required tools and components for PS4 Pro disassembly

    • Phillips head screwdriver (typically used for assembling computers).
    • Screwdriver or Torx 8 bit (asterisk) with a hole (the so-called Security Torx). Regular T8 will not work, please note!
    • Alcohol or isopropanol for cleaning and degreasing surfaces.
    • Cotton pads or cotton swabs.
    • Thermal paste, preferably with a good endurance parameter. The author chose Deepcool Z3, you can take Arctic Cooling MX-4 2019.
    • Thermal gaskets (they are also “thermal pads”). The author used Arctic 1mm thick, 50mm by 50mm. Such pads can be easily found in Russian retail.
    • Scissors or a good stationery knife for cutting thermal falls.
    • Organizer for screws (pillbox or cardboard box cover). You can just take a piece of cardboard and draw squares with signatures on it, in which you will put the bolts. You can hardly get confused here (almost all the screws on the PS4 Pro are the same size), but this greatly speeds up the assembly.
    • Tweezers.
    • Use a flat thin object to pry on the latches (for example, a slotted screwdriver)
    • Soft surface for the console motherboard (mouse pad, oilcloth, thick cloth)

    HELPFUL TIP: If you are not sure of your memory, then check the photos in this material. They are removed so that you can remember which bolts go where and which loops are connected to what.

    How to Make PS4 Pro Quieter. Replace Thermal Paste yourself

    The most powerful console from Sony in recent years. PS4 Pro. is famous not only for its 4K graphics, but also for its noise. It’s no secret that in many heavy games, the PS4 Pro starts to “take off”, as if a fighter jet is warming up the engines in your room. The fan or the design of the console is scolded for this, but in fact the reason is slightly different.

    Sony decided to save a couple of dollars on thermal interfaces, and therefore the PS4 Pro does not correctly transfer heat from the RAM to the cooling system. The operating system of the console registers overheating of the memory chips, so the fan begins to howl like abnormal.
    At the same time, if you bought an old revision console at the start in 2016, then it may overheat, including due to not the best engineering solutions. such a console will not help much.

    And it is also worth remembering that computer equipment does not survive closed spaces and there is a lot of dust in the room. If possible, you should avoid niches in the furniture walls as a place for the PS4 Pro. it is best to put it in a more or less open ventilated space.

    So it’s time to clean the PS4 Pro and change the thermal paste.

    This guide will help you make your console quieter with minimal effort and very little financial investment. By time, all operations with the console will take about an hour.


    If the console was purchased more than a year ago, then the warranty no longer matters to you.

    How to disassemble PS4 Pro

    To begin with, carefully remove the warranty seals with tweezers (attention, at this stage you will lose the factory warranty!). Behind them are the black T8 security torx screws. We unscrew them and put them in the organizer.

    Next, let’s dismantle the hard drive. Carefully remove the cover (it is fastened with a latch).

    Next, unscrew one flat cross bolt for fastening the basket.

    We take out the basket with the hard drive.

    Gently pull the front part of the console body with the PS logo upwards by the rear corner. We pry on the latches. We completely remove the cover, where we will see the turbine. It can be blown out or cleaned with a brush already at this stage.

    WARNING: different PS4 Pro revisions have different mounts. For example, the white PS4 Pro lids are much tighter than the black ones. You may have to make an effort.

    Using a Torx 8 screwdriver, unscrew all the bolts under the cover. They hold the power supply. Remember carefully where the silver long bolts were (on the sides).

    Remove the shielding from the power supply.

    Carefully remove the bottom cover similar to the top one. Be extremely careful not to break the bolt fasteners (where the warranty stickers were).

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    Before us is the motherboard plate and PS4 Pro cables. First you need to carefully remove the cables.

    You need to grab the blue tongue and gently pull the trains towards you. Please note: the largest train has a black fastening cap. you need to pry it up with your finger, then the train can be pulled out.

    Small trains have no caps, so we boldly take them out, trying not to break. If you have tweezers, use it.

    Gently lift up the large ribbon cable holder and pull the ribbon cable out by the blue tab.

    Remove the WiFi antennas. These are the most common clips. They can be removed with your fingers or gently pry off with a slotted screwdriver. Remove the antennas from the mounting tracks.

    Disconnect the fan power cable.

    Now it’s time to remove the motherboard shield.

    TIP: Start by removing only the cross-head bolts first.

    Stack the bolts in the organizer and take a photo so you don’t forget which ones are. This way you know where the cross bolts are and where the Torx is.

    Unscrew the Torx bolts.

    TIP: The holes where the bolts should be are marked with a raised triangle. If there is no triangle next to the hole, you do not need to screw the bolt into it.

    Remove the motherboard protection plate.

    Carefully flip the console over and remove the power supply. If it doesn’t come out, then you forgot to remove some kind of bolt from the back of the PS4 Pro. Lift the power supply carefully. there is a very short power cable underneath.

    Disconnect the power cable from the motherboard.

    Flip the console over. Now you need to remove the mounting brackets on the APU chip.

    We unscrew two cross bolts (four on the first revisions), remove the crosspiece and protection.

    Removing the motherboard. Before lifting, move it slightly to the side in the area of ​​the ports. Here you can see thermal paste that is very poorly applied to the APU and heatsink.

    And there are also thermal pads, which are smaller in size than memory chips. This is an extremely strange step, obviously someone was not particularly bothered in production.

    Next, you need to carefully cut out new thermal pads to fit the chips. The ones on the cover plate can be made the same size as the ones that were already in the console from the factory. Make the ones on the memory chips the size of the memory chip.

    It should turn out like this.

    We put the big ones on the chips, and the small ones on the protective plate. Thermopads themselves stick to the surface in the manner of double-sided tape. Be sure to remove the protective films from both sides when applying the gaskets to the surface! The easiest way to do this is as follows: remove the film on one side, mold the thermal pad onto the chip, pry the protective film on the other side with a knife or finger.

    Use rubbing alcohol, cotton pads, and cotton swabs to gently remove the old thermal paste from the APU.

    Do not forget about the thermal grease on the copper part of the heatsink adjacent to the APU.

    Next, apply the new thermal paste directly to the shiny surface of the APU in an even layer, covering the entire chip. If you can’t smear the thermal paste with a spatula (it comes with the same Z3), then a piece of cardboard, a business card or even a finger is no worse. You can wash it off with hot water or alcohol.

    Next, you should blow off the dust from the radiator housing. Most of the dust accumulates between the sheets of the radiator, and not in the turbine.

    Now you need to put the board back in place and assemble the console. You can just read the guide back and forth.

    TIP: The cables are put back into the sockets without effort, all the same for the blue tabs. Do not forget about the black latch of the large floppy cable!

    Congratulations! Your PS4 Pro should be significantly quieter. The consoles of Maxim and Dima, even in “heavy” games, no longer take off like an airplane, but rustle quietly. That’s how you have to fix Sony’s jambs with your own hands.

    If you haven’t saved on thermal pads and thermal paste, your set-top box won’t make noise until the PS5 Pro is released. Inexpensive, but high-quality thermal paste, loses some of its properties only after four years, and thermal drops do at least after five years.

    Maxim Zaretsky
    Dmitry Zombak

    What kind of screwdriver is needed for a hard drive

    Lowery’s law.
    A part is stuck. push it. If it broke, nothing: it still had to be replaced.

    Schmidt’s law.
    If you spoil the car for a long time, it will break down.

    Woodd’s first law of opposition.
    Push something heavy and it will tip over.

    Anthony’s Law of Force.
    Don’t waste your energy, take a bigger hammer!

    Horner’s postulate.
    Experience grows in direct proportion to the disabled equipment.

    Lowery’s law.
    A part is stuck. push it. If it broke, nothing: it still had to be replaced.

    Schmidt’s law.
    If you spoil the car for a long time, it will break down.

    Woodd’s first law of opposition.
    Push something heavy and it will tip over.

    Anthony’s Law of Force.
    Don’t waste your energy, take a bigger hammer!

    Horner’s postulate.
    Experience grows in direct proportion to the equipment disabled.

    When there are some hardware problems with the hard drive, if you have the proper experience, it makes sense to inspect the device yourself, without the help of specialists. Also, those people who only want to gain knowledge related to assembly and the general view from the inside resort to self-disassembly of disks. Usually, non-working or unnecessary HDDs are used for this purpose.

    Self disassembly of the hard drive

    First, I would like to warn beginners who want to try to fix the hard drive on their own if any problems arise, for example, knocking under the cover. Incorrect and inaccurate actions can easily damage the drive and lead to irreversible damage and loss of all data stored on it. Therefore, you should not take the risk, wanting to save money on the services of professionals. Whenever possible, back up all important information.

    Do not allow debris to fall on the hard drive plate. Even a small grain of dust is larger than the flight height of the disk head. Dust, hair, fingerprints, or other obstacles to the movement of the read head caught on the plate can damage the device and your data will be permanently lost. Disassemble in a clean and sterile environment, wearing special gloves.

    A standard hard drive from a computer or laptop looks like this:

    The back is usually the back of the controller, which is held in place by star screws. The same screws are also found on the front of the case. In some cases, an additional screw can be hidden under the factory sticker, therefore, after unscrewing the visible screws, open the cover very smoothly, without sudden movements.

    Under the cover there will be those components of the hard disk that are responsible for writing and reading data: the head and the disk platters themselves.

    Depending on the volume of the device and its price category, there can be several disks and heads: from one to four. Each such plate is put on the engine spindle, is located according to the “number of storeys” principle and is separated from the other plate by a bushing and a bulkhead. There can be twice as many heads as disks, since each platter has both sides for writing and reading.

    The disks are spinning due to the operation of the engine, which is controlled by the controller through a loop. The principle of operation of the head is simple: it rotates along the disc without touching it, and reads out the magnetized areas. Accordingly, all the interaction of these parts of the disk is based on the principle of an electromagnet.

    The head has a coil at the back, where the current flows. This coil is in the middle of two permanent magnets. The strength of the electric current affects the strength of the electromagnetic field, as a result of which the bar chooses one or another angle of inclination. This design depends on a separate controller.

    The controller contains the following elements:

    • Chipset with information about the manufacturer, device capacity, model and various other factory characteristics;
    • Controllers that control mechanical parts;
    • Data exchange cache;
    • Data transmission module;
    • A miniature processor that controls the operation of the installed modules;
    • Microcircuits for secondary actions.

    In this article, we talked about how to disassemble a hard drive, and what parts it consists of. This information will help you understand the principle of HDD operation, as well as possible problems that arise during the operation of the device. Once again, we remind you that the information is for informational purposes only and shows how to disassemble an unusable drive. If your disk is functioning normally, then you cannot parse it yourself. there is a high risk of disabling it.

    Thank the author, share the article on social networks.

    Laoa S2 Steel Screwdriver Review

    It is useful to have a compact screwdriver made of good steel with you, since it is not very convenient to carry a full-fledged screwdriver with you, and screwdrivers in multitool and multi-object knives are rarely convenient for long-term work.

    Personally, I bought a screwdriver as an addition to a good multitool NexTool Flagship Pro 16 in 1. Testing has shown that it is possible to turn the screws only out of complete despair.

    Well, I’ll show you right away why the screwdriver is “”. Here it is in comparison with a high-quality large Xiaomi Wiha and an ordinary old Soviet screwdriver.

    Few would think to keep it as the only full-fledged screwdriver in the house, right? But to put it in a bag just in case, for this it looks great.

    There is this screwdriver on Ali 5.91

    In this lot there is a variant with an additional longer bat with two PH2 stings at the same price. Why not choose it?

    This is what a screwdriver looks like. Two-component handle. green rubber and black and yellow plastic.

    There is a little flash on the plastic.

    Screwdriver length 90 mm. Stick diameter at the thickest part 33 mm.

    The main working tool is a standard double-sided extended bit

    If necessary, it can be replaced with another option to work with the required splines.

    One side is suitable for use with PH2 cross recesses.

    The other side is for slotted fasteners. It is difficult to determine the size by eye, but the dimensions of the working part are 6 x 1 mm.

    The inner part of the handle is metal. The bit is clamped in a recess by a spring-loaded steel ball.

    The chubby handle is held firmly by the fingers.

    Let’s try to test the screwdriver a little with home methods. I bought it back in the summer, and it did not inspire me. A handle with a flash. Good s2 steel has a hardness above 60 HRC and should easily scratch glass, but then I did not succeed (((.

    Okay, let’s try again.

    I held it with force 4 times on the glass. It seemed to me that there were only dark streaks of smudged metal. But I tried them with my fingernail, wow. these are real scratches.

    This means the screwdriver is softer than I have come across earlier from S2 steel, but the hardness is still decent.

    The screwdriver scratches the blade of a Soviet hacksaw for metal, but not very confidently. By the way, at this moment I noticed that the bit tip is magnetized.

    The file is hard, but grinds the steel from the bit. (there were screwdrivers that almost did not take the file).

    Well, what an overview of the tool, without at least a little testing in work.

    He took out a frozen block from the balcony. I found several hardened wood screws and soft Soviet screws.

    I screwed the self-tapping screws without any problems. The screws climbed into the wood worse, but if you really need it, it is quite possible to tighten.

    Unscrewed it back. The ergonomics of the handle pleasantly surprised me (I removed the flash beforehand). You can twist it for 20-30 minutes without any problems. Well, for hours on end, no one will work with such a screwdriver anyway.

    Consider a sting in macro.

    The screwdriver came off several times during operation. So, a couple of jams after working with hardened self-tapping screws is quite normal. I can say that the steel for such a tool is very decent.

    Based on the results of mini-testing, I was pleased with the screwdriver. Both the handle is comfortable and the bit can withstand loads. No wonder LAOA is considered a manufacturer of tools of high quality by the standards of Chinese products.