What kind of screwdriver you need for your MacBook pro

Types of mobile repair tools

Any screwdriver consists of a handle with a rod with a tip inserted in it. The handle is usually made of synthetic alloys, less often of wood. Handle size directly depends on the size of screws for which the screwdriver is designed. Handle diameter for Apple repair tools varies from 10 mm to 15 mm.

Such small dimensions are due to the small parts that you have to mount in order to avoid tearing the slot on the screw. The screwdriver tip wears out quickly when it is subjected to mechanical impact, so it is made of highly wear-resistant alloys, such as molybdenum.

Screwdrivers are subdivided according to their tip type, of which there are many in the world today. Every cell phone manufacturer tries to outdo its competitors in terms of IT security. iPhone company uses tools with several types of tips.

  • Slotted (SL). A flat-tipped, straight-tipped tool. Well known by the name “minus”.
  • Philips (PH). a tool with a cross or as it is often called. with a “plus”.
  • Torx is an American tool, patented by Camcar Textron USA. The tip is shaped like an internal six-pointed star. Without this tool it is impossible to repair any model of iPhone from Apple.
  • Torx Plus Tamper Resistant. A kind of Torx with a five-pointed star on the tip. A three-beam star on the tip is also possible.
  • Tri-Wing is also an American patented model in the form of a three-bladed tip. A variation of this tool is a triangular tip.

With this toolkit in your arsenal, you can easily cope with the repair of any model of iPhone from the Apple company.

To disassemble an iPhone 4 model, you only need two Slotted (SL) and Philips (PH) screwdrivers. To disassemble the phone case you’ll need a Slotted (SL), and to remove parts and components you’ll need a Slotted (SL) and Philips (PH).

To repair a 5 model iPhone you’ll need Slotted (SL), Philips (PH), and Torx Plus Tamper Resistant. To disassemble the phone you can not do without the Torx Plus Tamper Resistant, and disassemble the phone with the Slotted (SL) and Philips (PH).

To repair the 7 and 8 models of iPhone you will need a full range of tools. Depending on the modification of the phone screws may vary. To disassemble the case you will need a Torx Plus Tamper Resistant and a Tri-Wing. You will need Slotted (SL), Philips (PH) and Torx Plus Tamper Resistant screws for removing the phone parts.

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How to disassemble MacBook Air

As already mentioned, the disassembly of different models of laptops from Apple does not have significant differences. To disassemble MacBook Air, as in the previous case, you need to start with removing the back panel of the device. For this the owner will need a rare screwdriver on five sides, with which you can unscrew the eight fixing screws.

Despite the considerable similarity of the models under consideration, the internal space of the modules differs significantly. A large part of the case space is occupied by a super-slim battery, which must be removed by unscrewing a few screws with the same five-blade screwdriver.

The next step is to remove the speakers. MacBook Air is equipped with powerful speakers, which should be removed using a special plastic spatula, designed to work with very sensitive microcells and microcircuits.

Next, you should gradually dismantle the fan, microphone, motherboard and radiator of the notebook cooling system. The only difference from the above version is the need for a screwdriver. without it it is almost impossible to unscrew the fixing screws on the laptop.

After cleaning the boards, cooling elements and the fan all parts are assembled in the reverse order.

After reassembly you only need to check the functionality of the device. If the work has been done correctly and all the elements are firmly installed in their former places, the notebook will work without problems.

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What you need for a self-cleaning MacBook Note, the Pentalobe screwdriver, which is designed for the iPhone, is not suitable. it is very small. You can also use it if you really want to, but all the screws will be stripped down to almost nothing. Search for “MacBook screwdriver”. You need a Pentalobe 1.2mmx 25mm.

If you want to disassemble your Apple MacBook Air. pentalobe 1 screwdriver.2mm is great for this. The screwdriver tip is made of high quality Cr-V alloy. This screwdriver keeps screw heads undamaged.

Screwdrivers for Apple products

Apple uses a special type of screws to assemble its products everywhere. This anti-vandal five-point screw system is called the Pentalobe. Although, before iPhone model 4, only standard Phillips screws were used.

The Pentalobe type is usually designated as TS, but it is also sometimes labelled P and occasionally PL (used by the German tool manufacturer Wiha).

Pentalobe screw sizes include TS1 (0.8mm, used in iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X), TS4 (1.2 mm, used in MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with Retina display), as well as TS5 (1.5mm, used in the 2009 MacBook Pro battery).

Type TS Type P Type PL Size Use
TS1 P2 PL1 0.8mm iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, SE, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X
TS4 P5 PL4 1.2mm MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with Retina display
TS5 P6 PL5 1.5 mm MacBook Pro 2009 Battery 15”

Also used to assemble iPhone, MacBook, and other Apple devices are slotted screws, Phillips screws, Torx star screws, and Tri-Point tri-point screws.

Precision Tri-Point (0.6mm) tri-point screws have begun to be used in the iPhone 7/7 Plus, 8/8 Plus, X, and Apple Watch.

Choosing a screwdriver for Apple products

PH00 (#00) TS1/P2 (0.8 mm) TP/Y (0.6 mm) SL 2.0 (2.0 mm)
Model ProsKit SD-081-P2 ProsKit SD-083-P2 ProsKit SD-081-TS1 Dalna DN-316 ProsKit SD-081-TRIY06 ProsKit SD-081-S3 ProsKit SD-083-S3
iPhone 3G
iPhone 3GS
iPhone 4
iPhone 4S
iPhone 5
iPhone 5C
iPhone 5S
iPhone 6
iPhone 6 Plus
iPhone 6S
iPhone 6S Plus
iPhone SE
iPhone 7
iPhone 7 Plus
iPhone 8
iPhone 8 Plus
iPhone X
MacBook Air
MacBook Pro
Apple Watch

What kind of screwdriver is needed for a MacBook

One of the reasons we love Macs is their superior design. Your new MacBook, Mac Pro, Mac mini, or iMac comes beautifully assembled, with a smooth finish and unmatched build quality. On the other hand, it is a casual and fair criticism. As you’ll know if you ever need to open your Mac for repairs or upgrades, they’re hard to get into.

Part of the reason is that Apple has a fairly well-known attention to detail. Even the internal screws and fasteners are of the highest quality. And Apple uses coolly tiny screws to make the finish on your device as smooth as possible. But it also suggests that Apple is something of a control freak over your experience with its devices. This is by no means a bad thing: You pay a premium for a Mac that is perfectly designed and assembled, and in return you don’t have to fumble with the product that comes.

The only problem is that sometimes you need to upgrade and repair your Mac, and the very precise machining of your Mac means it’s hard to do without damaging the screws (or your screwdriver). You need the right tools for the job. (See. Also: How to upgrade the processor on your Mac.)

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The right screwdriver for your Mac: general tips

First a few basic rules of thumb. First, you get what you pay for with screwdrivers. In the end, it won’t be a huge investment. And for the difference of a few pounds, you can get a screwdriver that works without chewing. Despite the marketing claims, it’s unlikely that the metal used for plating will make a big difference here, and in fact all screwdrivers are made with a steel shaft. But you get what you pay for. A high-carbon steel screwdriver will last longer and be less likely to chew up a hard screw.

Most importantly, you should never use a screwdriver that’s too big when removing a screw. Too small will be hard to use, but two big ones will damage the screw. And this will not only spoil the aesthetics and spoil the look of your Mac, but also make it almost impossible to remove this screw in the future. (See. Also: How to connect a Mac to a TV.)

The right screwdriver for the Mac: which screwdrivers I need to open the Mac case?

Let’s understand the specifics. Since Apple does not encourage the removal of screws, there is no official guide on this. What follows is based on researching third-party guides and forum threads, as well as my own experiments with an old MacBook.

Most online resources suggest that you only need a PH # 00- and T6 screwdriver. The first is a Phillips 00 screwdriver, and the second is a Torx 0.6. I found that while the Torx screwdriver is suitable for this purpose, the PH is too big. For the reasons stated above, I would choose the smaller Phillips PH screwdriver.

So buy a Phillips PH screwdriver and a T6 Torx 0 screwdriver.6. Buy something that is (unofficially) labeled as an iPad- or iPhone Repair Kit, and you should find it’s the right size. Quality can’t be beaten, however. (See. Also: Use an old iMac as a monitor for another Mac.)

Screwdrivers for MacBook

HOEGERT Screwdriver Set in Briefcase for Precision Work, for Phones and Notebooks, 17 pcs.

Portable 15-in-1 Screwdriver Set for repairing Apple electronics in a carrying case

Xiaomi Mi Precision Screwdriver Kit (Color: Gray)

BLACKDECKER straight tip screwdriver BDHT0-66488

Torx T4 single screwdriver for MacBook Retina, Pro, iMac, Mac mini

32 in 1 screwdriver set for repairing cell phones, computers, laptops, with tweezers MaYuan 6032D

Screwdriver and bit set Xiaomi Mi Precision Screwdriver Kit, Grey

Screwdriver set 2-in-1 for iPhone, Mac, laptop repair BST-8800C-B

Pentalobe single screwdriver 1.2 for MacBook Retina, Air

Screwdriver with interchangeable bits Wera 134491

Small Phillips Phillips screwdriver 1.5mm for MacBook Pro

Professional single screwdriver for MacBook Pro cover Phillips 1.5

Screwdriver straight tip Wera WE-006105

Jakemy JM-8119 five point pentalobe screwdriver 1.2

Screwdriver Xiaomi Mi Precision Screwdriver Kit (RU)

Pro’sKit SD-081-T2 Torx screwdriver tip

Jakemy JM-8119 five point pentalobe screwdriver 1.2

Precision magnetic screwdriver With BIT kit(115 in 1) / mini, electric / precision screwdriver / screwdriver for repairing smartphones AND tablets / screwdriver for repairing laptops AND computers

ProsKit SD-081-H1 precision hex screwdriver

24-in-1 Screwdriver Set for iPhone, Mac, Notebook

Portable screwdriver set in a carrying case for iPhone, MacBook repairs

Jakemy JM-8169 Screwdriver Set (49 in 1) for MacBook

Screwdriver set 4 pcs. ( Cr-V; two-piece. hand crank; manual screwdriver. nacon)

Precision screwdriver P5 1.2 mm for macbooks

Wiha 00772 SoftFinish Pozidriv PZ2 x 100 mm Phillips screwdriver

54 Bit Driver Kit for MacBook Pro / Air / Retina, iMac, iPhone, iPad

Multifunctional magnetic screwdriver set, yellow

Wera WE-006154 Phillips-head screwdriver

Screwdriver set 24-in-1 for iPhone, Mac, laptop

Tools for iPhone, iPad, etc. Smartphones (screwdriver and body blade set)

BLACKDECKER straight tip screwdriver BDHT0-66491

Jakemy JM-8119 precision screwdriver for precision work (Philips 1.2)

Phillips-head screwdriver Wera WE-008705

Screwdriver set 22 in 1 for smartphones and notebooks

Screwdriver Set 6024A. Screwdriver with interchangeable bit set for precision work 24 pieces / strong magnet screwdriver / robust compact body / repair set for eyeglasses, watches, laptops, smartphones, tablets.

Screwdrivers for MacBook in Nizhny Novgorod

HOEGERT Screwdriver Set in Briefcase for Precision Work, for Phones and Notebooks, 17 pcs.

Phillips-head screwdriver Felo PZ2x100 impact

Screwdriver straight tip Wera WE-006110

Pentalobe single screwdriver 1.2 for MacBook Retina, Air

Torx tip screwdriver Pro’sKit SD-081-T2

Torx T4 single tip screwdriver for MacBook Retina, Pro, iMac, Mac mini

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Precision magnetic screwdriver With Bit kit(115V1) / mini, electric / precision screwdriver / smartphone & tablet repair screwdriver / laptop & computer repair screwdriver

Professional single Phillips screwdriver for MacBook Pro cap Phillips 1.5

BST-8800C-B 2-in-1 Screwdriver Set for iPhone, Mac, Notebook Repair

Screwdriver and bit set Xiaomi Mi Precision Screwdriver Kit, Grey

Portable screwdriver set 15 in 1 for repairing Apple electronics in a case

Jakemy JM-8119 five-head pentalobe screwdriver 1.2

kind, screwdriver, need, your

Screwdriver straight tip Wera WE-006105

Screwdriver with interchangeable bits Wera 134491

Jakemy JM-8119 five point pentalobe screwdriver 1.2

32 in 1 screwdriver set for repairing cell phones, computers, notebooks, with tweezers MaYuan 6032D

Xiaomi Mi Precision Screwdriver Kit (Color: Gray)

Xiaomi Mi Precision Screwdriver Kit (RU)

Small Phillips 1 Phillips screwdriver.5 mm for MacBook Pro

BLACKDECKER straight tip screwdriver BDHT0-66488

ProsKit SD-081-H1 hex precision screwdriver

22-in-1 screwdriver set for smartphones and notebooks

Screwdriver set 6024A. Screwdriver with interchangeable bit set for precision work 24 pcs / strong magnet screwdriver / sturdy compact case / repair kit for glasses, watch, laptop, smartphone, tablet.

Disassembling a MacBook Air 13.3″, A1466, 2012

Hi all, in this article I will tell you how to disassemble the 2012 MacBook Air 13″. This will be an instruction manual for replacing all the parts. Thanks to it, you can independently perform any repair. For the disassembly we will need:. Torx T6 and Torx T7 screwdrivers. Pentalobe screwdriver. Phillips screwdriver. Pentalobe. tweezers. So, let’s proceed.

Take a Pentalobe screwdriver and loosen the 10 screws of the back cover, remove the cover.

Disconnect the battery first, to prevent short circuits if needed.

Unscrew 5 screws of the battery and take the battery out of the case.

Disconnect speakers from the motherboard, remove them from the case. If they do not come off easily, you can pry them off with a plastic business card or credit card.

Disconnect touchpad cable from motherboard and touchpad.

Disconnect the hoses that connect motherboard and Magsafe board.

Remove three fan screws, disconnect fan cable and take off the fan.

Remove SSD screw and disconnect SSD from its slot.

Unscrew Magsafe board screw. Remove the motherboard from the case.

Unscrew 5 screws of radiator and remove it from the CPU.

Disconnect antennae connectors from Airport board, unscrew board and take it out of the case.

Disconnect matrix flatbed and backlight flatbed from motherboard.

Unscrew the 6 screws that hold the motherboard.

Remove touchpad. It is removable with an upward movement, you can open the cover and push it through from the inside.

Screwdriver To Open Macbook Pro

It remains only to remove the screen. Unscrew 6 screws and using the same procedure as for opening the laptop cover, disconnect the display and the top case.

That’s it, you’ve completely disassembled your MacBook Air 13″ 2012, all that’s left is to put it back together). I hope everything works out for you, and if not, the doors of our service center are always open for you!

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The first thing we do is to turn off the computer. Next, disconnect the battery from the motherboard. Then disconnect all the cables connected to the motherboard and remove the screws fixing the board in the case. Remove the motherboard. Carefully unglue the backlight. Unscrew all the screws fixing the keypad and remove it.

on almost all recent MacBok models, Apple uses rivets instead of screws. The rivets can not be removed individually, so it is necessary to tear the keypad carefully out of the case. How to do it you can find on YouTube, thankfully there are a lot of videos on this topic even in the Russian-speaking segment.