What kind of wire to cut in a bomb

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C4 explosive



This homemade explosive device is stable and resistant to most mechanical shocks, and has a detonation velocity of over 8,000 meters per second when ignited.

The C4 explosive is a special weapon that is only given to terrorists to plant it in a certain place.

Why would cutting the wire cause a bomb to explode?

There are many movies and video games that depict disarming bombs, most of which come down to choosing the right colored wire. Something like that:

I’m not very familiar with circuitry and electrical engineering, but I suppose this would be the place to ask this. I’m confused as to how cutting the wire can cause a bomb to explode. I assumed that if you cut the wire, there would be no connection from the switch to the bomb, so it wouldn’t explode, but apparently in many movies cutting the wrong wire leads to dangerous things.

This is a realistic scenario? I really don’t understand why cutting the wire would cause a bomb to explode. Rather, it should not “defuse” the bomb?

There are many ways to have an active open circuit. Below is just one simple example of using a single PNP transistor.

The blue wire carries the power to the beginner’s manual/explosives/bombs. The current through the PNP is blocked by holding the base high through the resistor and the red wire. Cut off the red wire, and the base of the PNP transistor is pulled out, allowing current to flow, and PLAYING ON THE MAN, you are dead. Cut off the blue wire, you are safe. \

Now multiply that by multiple wires, multiple transistors or relays, or multiple paths, microcontrollers, false wires, etc. ะ”., And, thus, you get a realistic Hollywood scene, logically speaking.

I suspect there is an ISO standard that bomb manufacturers follow. Proof of this is the fact that about 50% of the movies have a statement like “remember to cut the red wire and NOT the blue” or some similar statement. So I suspect there is a standard in the ISO document that specifies the standards for catching a mine bomb and which wires cause the bomb to explode and which cause it to fail.

As you determine, cutting the right wire will stop the bomb from exploding.

So the bomb maker will ensure that there are multiple wires, so it’s not obvious which one to cut.

They would monitor whether the wire was cut and if it was, the bomb would explode. After all, they are bomb makers. They can also add more material to determine if the bomb is open, etc. ะ”.

Many people have died trying to defuse bombs, and the people throwing out the British Army prefer to either completely destroy the detonation system or just blow it all up when someone is found.

Blue and Yellow

That’s why I always assumed it was somewhat realistic.

Of course, I don’t believe anyone would put a cute little LCD display showing a countdown. I also don’t think they will use a different color for each wire or maintain a consistent color code across multiple similar devices.

When I was in Afghanistan, most of the bombs (IEDs) followed a pattern for the area in which it was made. A few bomb makers taught others how to make them there, and they taught others and so on. Carefully painted wires were not common in Pech. Most of the time they were wired so that someone watching the bomb could detonate when the target got close. I was on the receiving end of several of them. No fancy display countdown. Just a closed container of combustible substance connected to a battery connected to a cell phone. When a call came in on the phone, electricity flowed through the wires, creating a spark in the combustible container and expanding in the confined space, forcing the substance outward. And boom. Now I’m a college student with a 100% disability who can’t lift much weight, has lost many friends, and has trouble with pacing.

True, true. If you disconnect the power, it’s dead. If you cut the detonator, it’s dead. However, if you cut a wire that looks like a power wire, but is actually connected to some logic that detonates a bomb, if it gets cut, it will start rattling. If the bomb maker is savvy with how the bomb is set up, then it won’t be obvious which is the real power wire or the real detonator wire, but which. booby traps. I’m really not sure how realistic this scenario is. I don’t think real bombs are disarmed the way you see in the movies. I guess that’s why the bomb squad usually just clears the area and then detonates them.

In terms of how this can be done electrically, here are some examples:

1) The power wire can be connected to a normally closed relay. so when there is a power outage, the relay will shut off, causing a normally closed contact to close, and start the bomb. This, however, is not a good circuit if the bomb’s electronics are battery powered, since a relay with continuous power drains the battery.

2) The power wire can be connected to the base of the BJT or gate of the MOSFET with the bias voltage set so that if the wire is cut, either the BJT or the MOSFET will turn on, causing a bomb.

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3) The power wire is fed to the microcontroller input with a load reducing resistor so that the input is not floating when the wire is cut. When the micro sees that the input signal is 0, it triggers the bomb.

If the bomb’s detonator wire is active at a low level, breaking the wire could cause it to explode.

For example, in the case where the bomb is connected to a dead man’s switch. While the person is holding the switch, a high signal will be sent to the bomb and the bomb will not go off. If someone cuts this wire with a pair of side knives, the high signal to the bomb will change to floating, and the bomb may go off.

Note that there may only be one wire that will do this, just the detonator wire, and that the floating signal may not be enough to set off the bomb, but it is a possible scenario that could cause the right wire in the right system to break. explode the bomb.

A typical will explode if you cut the power structure:

As far as I know, bombs usually have a heating device that raises the temperature near a tiny point to start a chemical chain reaction of explosion.

In the circuit above, when the power is on. The input voltage of the operational amplifier is higher than its input voltage; thus, the output of the operational amplifier is low and the MOSFET is off (t. ะต. heater is cold). If you turn off the power, there will still be enough energy in the 1000 uF capacitor to keep the circuit running and drive the heater for some time The input voltage will drop below. than the input voltage, which would make the output operational amplifier high. The MOSFET will turn on and the heater will heat the explosion.

I don’t know the chemical background of the bombs, but I think heating a tiny dot will be enough to start chemical reactions. C 1 and C 2 are designed for immunity. C 1 can have a smaller value to lower the R 1 C 1 time constant. A low power operational amplifier draws negligible current from the capacitor. So it all depends on the proper design of the heater.

Normally, yes, the bomb will not be able to detonate after the power is turned off. But it makes it easier to deactivate. They add a trip detection circuit like this to determine if the power goes off and explodes to make things more dangerous.

However, bombs such as the ones used in these movies usually use a microcontroller with color loss detection on the chip. So they don’t use that kind of circuit. The microcontroller detects a drop in supply voltage and causes a brownout. This interruption causes the heater of the device.

There are many ways to create a circuit or mechanism that would always detonate the bomb if a certain shutdown process was not followed.

If you slowly charge something like a large capacitor or a car ignition coil and connect it to a detonator, disconnecting the power could cause a spark or other ignition, whereas carefully discharging the device would make it safe.

Similar thinking in terms of design. “Fail-safe” devices, but with a different end result.

Imagine a detonator in which an electromagnet keeps the striker on standby. If you cut the solenoid wire, releasing the firing pin would cause the bomb to explode. So, in this case, you have to stop the clock without powering down the entire unit to buy time to completely disarm the bomb or destroy it in a safe place.

kind, wire, bomb

The fact is; when you have an explosive device, like in the movies, they are in a normally closed circuit (like a home security system. Once the circuit is open, it releases all the energy that has been stored in the system.

I remember when I was a kid they found a bomb in a store near our house. The bomb squad came, local TV, they unhooked the whole thing. Then they said on TV that thanks to the professionalism of the bomb squad, the bomb was defused and blah, blah, blah.

So not long ago, while drinking beer and kebabs, I remembered this story. And then I find out a terrible secret. Further on behalf of a friend. “me and Petey were fucking around back then. They saw something on TV about bombs, and Petey offered to make a bomb, too. They took a piece of plasticine, stuck wires in it, connected it to the alarm clock to make a ticking sound and put everything in a box. And then we decided to take a ride to the store. We didn’t think it would be that serious. I was afraid to go out for a month

Six ordinary things that could become weapons

In this collection we have collected 6 of the most commonplace and everyday things which, in the “right” hands, can turn into a dangerous weapon

Known to many from school lessons, Hannibal the Great was an elephant who used elephants to frighten the enemy. When these huge animals appeared on the battlefield, it was immediately clear to the enemy that it was better to surrender. Other African and Indian warlords began to use this strategic technique. But as the Romans discovered, the mighty giants were terrified of loud noises, such as pigs squealing So, to drive their enemies off the battlefield, Roman warriors began to set pigs on fire. The poor animals were running all over the field, shrieking in pain. Such a cacophony of sounds could frighten anyone, not just elephants.

The CIA workers are pros at inventing new types of weapons, disguised under the ordinary things. They were the ones who invented heart attack-inducing shoe polish and darts treated with deadly poison. But the CIA’s most unusual development in this area is urine bombs. It also contains nitric acid and several other ingredients that are freely available on the market. When mixed together, the usual and harmless ingredients become a bomb of murderous power.

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Weapons do not necessarily have to affect the body and flesh, they can also affect the mind. Music, for example, can both boost morale and induce a state of total apathy. This effect was used many times during the war. For example, during the Korean War, the Chinese specifically for the American army, they played dull funeral marches at night. And in World War II, on the contrary, music was an inspiration. Adolf Hitler ordered soldiers to listen to “true Aryan” classical music at all times. Especially the Fuhrer insisted on listening to “The Ride of the Valkyries” by Wagner.

I think many people know that melted hot sugar is quite sticky and can leave severe burns in prolonged contact with the skin. These properties of sugar were used by Chinese sailors who sailed on the defenseless merchant ship “Sapman”, fighting off the attack of Dutch pirates. At least thirteen sea robbers have taken a “sweet death”. Today boiling sugar is sometimes used in prisons to pacify inmates.

A clear demonstration of human ingenuity when you have to make a weapon out of literally nothing. In this case, from a regular newspaper. As you know after soccer matches fans like to have a “good chat” with fans from the fan zone of the opposing team. After they seized all weapon-usable items from British football fans, some resourceful fellows chose to make a newspaper for the purpose. To do this, it was neatly twisted, folded in half. That’s how an ordinary newspaper became a formidable weapon that could be used to bludgeon an enemy into unconsciousness.

Another cruel but effective weapon. Invented in the 16th century by Europeans. During sieges of cities, soldiers would catch cats, tie bags of combustible mixture to them and let them go back into the city. Fleeing the fire, the poor animals ran to familiar places to hide. But in those days almost all cities were entirely wooden, and dry hay was stored in all the barns, so the city was quickly engulfed by merciless flames.

“Red or green?”, or about the question of the degree of delirium ๐Ÿ™‚

Standard shot from a standard American movie: bomb, timer counting down the last seconds before the explosion, protagonist making an agonizing choice. to cut off the red wire or the green wire ? ๐Ÿ™‚ This picture has always caused cognitive dissonance in me. I understand very little about bombism-terrorism, but I understand a little about technology. And here are my thoughts: In any bomb with electronic stuff there is a board with electronics, an electric detonator and a power source.If I, acting as an ordinary hero who happens to save mankind, see ONE electric detonator in the bomb. I cut the wire to it, and voila. mankind is saved.

But let’s assume that our terrorist bomber was paranoid, and foresaw a smart guy like me. His bomb has TWO electric detonators, with electronics constantly monitoring the circuits. If I cut the wire to detonator 1, it immediately pulses the detonator 2 to bang. That is, if there are more than one detonator You can’t cut them up. (It’s not clear why you can’t just take them out, but okay.) But in that case we cut the wire to the power source. And we achieve the same effect.(But before we do that it’s a good idea to make sure that there is no big storage capacitor on the board). But if there is one. it doesn’t cost anything to short-circuit it, and then cut the wires)

Well, if there are two power sources, too ? That’s where the cognitive dissonance comes in.Making a circuit with two power sources, so that disconnecting one of them causes an explosion. is very non-trivial, and such a system would be less reliable and dangerous to handle (for the bomber himself). above. And all that. just to prevent a bomb from being detonated ?! But there are much easier ways to prevent demining than duplicating all the elements. For example. by the proximity sensor. It makes more sense, and it’s not schizophrenic.

Bottom line: I am incapable of imagining a bomb design in which it would be important to guess. cut red or green ๐Ÿ™‚ Unless. the protagonist is a total dummie in both bombs and electronics, and he cuts the wires completely at random. But he’s pretending to be an expert.

Question: my reasoning reflects objective reality, and Hollywood is just fooling us ?Or there may still be some unknown subtleties in bomb-making, so that guessing the “right” wire may be the only possibility ? ๐Ÿ™‚

Defuse Bomb 3D 1.4.6

Defuse Bomb 3D is a puzzle bomb disposal simulator.

You have to find the bomb and defuse it. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. Each bomb is a puzzle to solve. The hardest thing about this task is that it all has to be done on time. You won’t have as much time as you’d like, so you’ll have to do your best.

You will have to choose which wire to cut first, failure to do so may lead to detonation. Each bomb is a new puzzle to solve before the bomb explodes and people die. You will have a set of tools that you can use while defusing the bomb. Every tool is designed for a specific purpose. Also, you will be given a clear task as to what needs to be cut or unblocked in order for the bomb to be disarmed.

Defusing the bomb

A bomb is a scary thing. It’s usually so powerful and destructive that if it explodes the hero who defused it or was near it is unlikely to survive, so the bomb scene is a good way to make the viewer nervous. Or rather, it was a good one, until it became so hackneyed that it was either deconstructed or parodied. Anyway, the confrontation between the hero and the bomb is a widespread phenomenon to this day.

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In this article we will look at all kinds of exploding inventions and how to defuse them. The only thing I’d like to leave for a separate article is the interception of all sorts of rockets, torpedoes, shells and the like on the way to the target. This we’ll describe separately, but here let’s talk about those bombs, that are lying around and about to explode. Here’s what the options might be.

Defuse a bomb in the game counter-strike in 5 seconds

Greetings to you in my article, future global. in this article we will consider how to defuse the bomb in the game CS: GO, and what you need to do.

On every map (in any mode) there is a special place for placing a bomb. The first thing you will need to defuse is to go into the settings view. control and see what key is on the bomb disposal. by default it is always the letter “E” (usually do not change it, but if you want, why not). Then you run up to the bomb, press this key and wait until it is defused.

As you can see, everything is simpler than a couple of sticks. If something is unclear, I recommend to watch the video at the end of the article. By the way, when you play as counter terrorists, I recommend you buy a Defuse Kit (things that look like scissors). With their help you reduce the amount of time for disarming in 2 times. from 10 seconds to 5 seconds, which reduces the chances of the enemy to kill (especially if you throw a grenade more smoke (it’s called ninja defuse)). If it fails, there will be an explosion and victory will be given to the terrorists.

True, they cost 400, so I recommend doing it at the very end, if finances allow.

Also, if 4 of your teammates have already bought kits, then I advise them not to buy at all, because then you can easily pick them up from the corpses (if necessary). You don’t need to just throw away 400 (better to buy a couple of flash drives).

By the way, at the initial ranks (and not only) is quite effective way to neutralize the bomb in cs go. throw the smoke on the bomb and defuse (especially if the enemy is not near, and went farther away). With a Defusal kit, the chances of disarming are about 50/50. Try.

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Experts explained why cutting the wire at the bomb in the movies is silly

The number of movies in which the heroes must defuse a bomb is countless, and almost every movie shows us how at the end of the timeline the protagonist frantically tries to disable the explosive device.

often than not, he succeeds, and if not, he simply tosses the bomb into a conveniently situated abyss. Why the scenes with the disarming of the explosive device are illogical.

In the situations described above, the character has to choose which wire to cut in order to disarm the bomb. The fact is that an ordinary simple bomb contains a single detonator, requiring at least two wires positive and negative. In case one of them is cut off, the bomb is rendered useless. Of course, we’re not talking about professional parts for explosives. complicated bombs may have extra wires, but from the looks of it, there is no single reason why cutting any of the extra wires could cause an explosion. In theory, if you gather all the important wires inside and create a multicolored socket on the outside to disconnect them, cutting them could cause an explosion.

However, assuming that all the bombs in the movies are so contrived makes no sense. It’s much easier to hide the explosives away or place a couple of decoys.

In some films, when the wire is cut, the timer starts counting down to the explosion at an increased rate. Here, of course, we can only talk about movie logic, which, at times, has nothing to do with the real one. In the end, the dancing of the characters around the bomb only serves to make the viewer feel the dramatic tension with the monotonous and oppressive ticking of the timer.

And yet there are films in which, as correctly as possible, the disarming of the bomb is portrayed. In one episode of Return of the Mukhtar, the heroes see a timed bomb set on a gas stove. The gas is knocked out and the wires connecting it to the timer are simply ripped out of the bomb. As for the bombs planted by professional bombers, there really is a problem.

Something similar is shown in the movie Speed, when the bomb squad was unable to disarm a professionally placed bomb. And when it was discovered who built the explosive device, they did not try to.