What Lubricant To Use For The Screwdriver Gearbox

Gearbox grease angle grinder Gearbox grease angle grinder prevents wear of gears, protects against vibrations and abnormal noise during operation.

Overview of lubricants for angle grinders

Earlier it was said that there are many types of lubricants from both a foreign manufacturer and a domestic one. A good lubricant for power tool gearboxes is available from Bosh. It is called “Gear Lubricant” and is packaged in tubes of 65 grams. One such tube is enough for several servicing of the angle grinder.

what lubricant to use for the screwdriver gearbox

Grease for gearbox angle grinder of various brands

Of the lubricants intended for the gearbox of the angle grinder, produced by a domestic manufacturer, we can recommend the products of Nanotech. It is called “Nanotech MetalPlak Electra” and is intended for tools that work with intense load. And also from domestic lubricants, SHRUS or Tsiatim-221 are widely used, however, they require preliminary preparation and, in fact, are a homemade lubricant.

Checking the correct lubrication of the gearbox angle grinder

The last step in servicing your angle grinder is to check that the lubricant is correctly applied and distributed inside the gearbox. To do this, after the gear unit is assembled, the power tool is turned on without load for several minutes, while ensuring that there are no extraneous sounds, odors, and other things. If they occur, you must immediately disconnect the angle grinder from the mains. The heating of the gear unit is also checked. The lubricant must distribute heat evenly and the temperature of the gear unit must not be too high.

After a short work, unscrew 4 screws, then remove the cover from the gearbox. Visually inspect the helical gears for grease. If it is absent, then too little lubricant has been loaded and should be reported. If in the process of work it squeezes out of the cracks, then it is too much laid and the excess should be removed. After making any changes, check the operation of the angle grinder again without load.

How much grease should be used when replacing the gearbox angle grinder

The amount of lubricant put into the gearbox must be such that the oblique teeth of the gears are completely covered by it. An excess will cause it to be squeezed out from under the cover, and an insufficient amount will not ensure proper operation of the gearbox.

In this regard, it is better to put a little more and check the correct distribution of the lubricant after turning on the angle grinder. In general, the amount of lubricant is usually around 30-50% of the full capacity of the gearbox.


To have an idea of ​​how to lubricate the gearbox of an angle grinder (this is Interskol or products of other manufacturers), it is necessary to consider the features of this tool. They affect the technical characteristics that the lubricant must possess.

The main and most loaded unit of the angle grinder is the gearbox. It consists of gears of a certain configuration. Correct lubrication can reduce frictional force and heating of moving parts. For this, the consumable must have a viscosity of not more than 800 Pas. Its dropping point must be at least 120 ° C. The recommended tensile strength is 120 Pa. This allows the agent to form a strong film on the surfaces of the parts.

The lubricant must be composed of naturally soluble components. It should not harm the environment and human health. Means of proven well-known manufacturers have the appropriate quality certificates, so they are recommended to be used for tool maintenance.

Considering how to smear a domestically produced angle grinder gearbox, it is necessary to pay attention to locally made compositions. Today Russian companies offer a wide range of such products. They are affordable.

Modern domestic materials for lubrication of the gearbox of the angle grinder are characterized by high quality. They meet high foreign standards. They are used not only in angle grinders, but also in other types of power tools.

The products of the Nanotech Metal Plak Electra company are especially popular. However, there are other types of service compositions for any unit of the angle grinder, including the gearbox.

Expert recommendations

Experienced specialists give recommendations on the best way to lubricate the angle grinder gearbox. They argue that if it is impossible to service the tool with branded lubricant, you can choose a different composition. The second most popular grease for CV joints is recognized in our country. It is most often used for domestic-made tools. Some masters choose grease for CV joints and for foreign angle grinders. However, the quality of the original formulations will be significantly higher.

It is worse if the master gave preference to such compositions as lithol or solid oil. These are universal remedies. They are not able to properly service the angle grinder gear system. When using them, the work of the tool cannot be complete. At the beginning of operation, the difference will not be noticeable. But over time, serious problems may appear in the operation of the unit.

Therefore, experienced craftsmen do not recommend saving on lubricant for the gearbox. The costs of purchasing original or other high quality products are paid off by the long service life of the equipment.

Gearbox lubrication

The hammer drill reducer is the most complex structural unit of the device, therefore it requires special attention. It is not so difficult to lubricate the perforator gearbox, but self-assembly of a previously disassembled unit can cause serious difficulties. If the hammer drill is still under warranty, then it is best to contact a specialized workshop with a question about lubricating its gearbox, which provides warranty service for such equipment.

A detailed diagram of the device of your punch will help you understand the mechanism and correctly assemble the tool

If, however, the hammer drill you own is not covered by any warranty or the warranty period for your equipment has already expired, and the authorized service center is far enough away, you can lubricate the gearbox yourself, observing the maximum accuracy and care. To do this, you need:

  • A set of locksmith tools with which you will assemble and disassemble the perforator gearbox;
  • Clean rags;
  • The composition itself for performing the lubrication.

“Native” grease for the Makita P-08361 reducer. Refills upon initial tool assembly and is recommended for maintenance

It is better if the lubricant is a proprietary agent specially designed for equipment of a certain brand. So, it can be grease for a Makita rotary hammer or grease for a Bosch rotary hammer. If you do not have a branded lubricant, but you cannot buy it, you can also use inexpensive domestic lubricants.

It is very important that you have instructions for the hammer drill you are going to lubricate. Naturally, if you are the owner of a Makita or Bosch hammer drill, this should be a manual for the equipment of these particular brands.

All parts of the gearbox must be completely cleaned of old grease

Having carefully studied the instructions for the hammer drill, you can begin the procedure for lubricating its gearbox.

  • Before disassembling, the rotary hammer should be well cleaned of dust.
  • When disassembling the gearbox, it is advisable to immediately remember how the elements of its design are located in it. It should be borne in mind that it is not recommended to disassemble and lubricate the gearbox immediately after using the hammer drill. This is explained by the fact that the still hot parts of the gearbox can lose their physical characteristics when a cold lubricant gets on them.
  • After all the components of the gearbox have been removed from its housing, they should be thoroughly washed with gasoline or spindle oil and wiped dry.
  • The inside of the gearbox housing must also be washed, wiped clean (as far as possible) and allowed to dry completely.
  • When disassembling the perforator gearbox, you can pay attention to the fact that there is no lubrication on some elements of its design. This only means that such parts do not need lubrication and there is no need to apply it to them.
  • As mentioned above, it is better to use a proprietary lubricant for the gearbox of a drill or hammer drill, which has a number of advantages. In particular, branded lubricants retain their original characteristics much longer, so they can be used much less frequently. In addition, the proprietary lubricant composition has such an important quality as water resistance, so it effectively protects the metal parts of the hammer drill from moisture and, accordingly, from corrosion. As a good alternative to branded lubricants for a hammer drill or drill gear, you can use Metabo oil, the cost of which is quite affordable.
  • After lubrication of all elements, the gearbox must be carefully assembled following the reverse sequence.

Before performing this procedure, the tool shank must be thoroughly cleaned. After that, a special lubricant for rock drill drills or regular lithol is usually applied. In addition, if an open-type cartridge is installed on the perforators, it is advisable, after wiping it, to process its oil seal, which will provide more reliable protection of the inside of the device from dust entering it.

Gearbox and Rock Drill Bits Lubrication: Proper Tool Care

Rotary hammer lubrication extends its life and makes its use more efficient. In order for the effect of the lubricant to bring the expected results, when choosing it, one should take into account not only the characteristics of the lubricant, but also the technical parameters of the device for which it is planned to be used. When choosing how to lubricate a rotary hammer, one must also bear in mind the fact that different parts of such equipment need different types of lubricant.

There is an opinion that the presence of grease on the moving elements of the hammer drill makes it possible to postpone its replacement for a long time. Meanwhile, this opinion is fundamentally wrong, and in order to change it, it is enough to get acquainted with the principle by which lubricants work.

Lubricant selection

A versatile and relatively inexpensive lubricant that can be used in most modern rock drill models is diesel oil. Compounds based on graphite are actively and successfully used to lubricate rock drills. Such compositions, in particular, are used to lubricate open-type worm gears.