What lubricant to use to lubricate the grass trimmer

Lubricant for grass trimmer gear. How and how to lubricate?

Occasionally, in the midst of an intense mowing operation, your grass trimmer will start to make an unpleasant, grinding noise. This complains about the lack of lubrication, the gearbox is the most heavily loaded unit of the device. And soon these “warnings” may be followed by a jamming of the drive

What kind of lubricant to use for the grass trimmer gearbox?

During operation, the mechanical part of the grass trimmer is loaded by contact forces on the teeth, resistance reactions from adhered grass (sometimes with dirt), dynamic, shock loads due to constantly changing torque. The lubricant for the grass trimmer gearbox must fully take into account these features, so the selection of the brand must be strictly individual.

The following factors are taken into account:

  • Manufacturer’s brand. Each brand reasonably focuses on self-made lubricants (you can talk about cheap Chinese products later). This applies to manufacturers such as Husqvarna, STIHL, Huter, Makita, and others. The exception is domestic grass trimmers: for example, the Caliber in the user manual does not indicate the brand of lubricant at all
  • The viscosity of the lubricant. As you know, all lubricants are divided into three groups. high-viscosity (colloidal systems containing various additives), plastic compounds for universal use and solid lubricants that soften during operation.
  • Good adhesion to the surface of gearbox parts, as a result of which the grease is not squeezed out into the gaps or out of the unit.
  • Intensity of grease consumption by the gearbox. Here you have to rely on your own experience and the recommendations of specialists, since some trimmer manufacturers, relying on the availability of their own service centers, do not give clear recommendations at all regarding the period of operation of the gearbox between two lubrications.

Lubricant consumption also depends on the temperature at which it retains its lubricity. When the gearbox is heated to 40 ° C, it is considered that its operating conditions are satisfactory, and there is sufficient lubrication.

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It is believed that there is no universal lubricant for the grass trimmer gearbox, but this is not entirely the case. In fact, a suitable lubricant will be one that contains the following components:

  • Lead-free antiwear additives;
  • Solid lubricants with the presence of graphite or molybdenum disulfide (the latter is preferable, since the lubricity is fully retained for a wide range of shaft revolutions);
  • Only mineral (inorganic!) Oils, highly refined.

These requirements are fully met by Gear Grease OREGON or Champion EP-0 lithium greases, domestic compositions Oleo-Mas, Litol 24, or Azmol 158, as well as those recommended by the manufacturer of a specific grass trimmer model.

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How to lubricate the grass trimmer gear?

In the upper part of the body, where the gear unit is installed, there is a technological hole, which is plugged with a screw during operation of the grass trimmer. This screw is unscrewed, and 1.5 2 ml of lubricant is injected into the hole using the spout on the tube. If the lubricant was purchased in a different package, then an ordinary disposable medical syringe is also suitable for this operation.

After that, the screw is reinstalled. This procedure, regardless of the user’s recommendations, should be performed every 10 15 hours of operation of the grass trimmer in working mode. Other reasons for updating or replacing the gearbox lubricant are the independent performance of minor routine maintenance (for example, cleaning and flushing the gears of the gearbox before the start of the summer season), repairing the unit, preserving the grass trimmer for the winter, etc.

If the gear unit is disassembled, it is recommended to completely remove the remnants of the old grease from the surface of the parts, even if it does not have any traces of oxidation and contamination. And only then apply new grease. After applying the lubricant, it is recommended to rotate the shaft several times by hand, and make sure that the lubricant is evenly distributed over all parts of the gearbox.

When lubricating, pay particular attention to the following elements:

  • Flywheel: grass residues tend to stick to its surface intensively, and thickening herbal juice creates additional resistance.
  • Pawl of the starter coil, which in the process of turning on the drive constantly comes into contact with the grooves on the flywheel. In this case, not only mechanical wear occurs, but also mechanochemical corrosion of the flywheel-dog connection, since the materials of this pair are different (the flywheel is aluminum, and the dog is steel).
  • Bearings, if their seals are worn out, and through them the remaining grease is squeezed out. In this case, the unit begins to vibrate intensively when loaded. This happens with Chinese-made trimmers, so it is worth thinking in the future about replacing the bearing assembly with a better one, for example, from the Swedish company SKF.
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Grass Trimmer Gear Lubricant

Petrol Grass Trimmer Lubricant

Correctly selected brushcutter care guarantees the durability and high-quality operation of the equipment. Manufacturers try to take into account all the nuances and prescribe what materials to use for maintenance. Usually, a specific type of lubricant is not indicated, it is simply given generally known standards that lubricants must comply with.

The lubricant must be selected in such a way as to take into account temperature conditions, rotational speed, load dynamics and vibration. The main requirement is that this mixture remains in the zone of maximum friction.

Lubricants must have good anti-corrosion properties, reliably protecting components from rust.

Based on the above information, it should be noted that manufacturers of petrol cutters are developing universal additional tools for their equipment. It can be served with general industrial compositions. The main condition is compliance with the operating conditions, namely, the presence of an anti-rust and lime agent in the composition, as well as a filler, which consists of a solid lubricant. The grease is poured into the gearbox into a special hole, the unit is not dismantled.


Replacement is done quickly enough.

  • First, turn off the device from the network. Devices using gasoline must be drained of gasoline.
  • If the lubricant changes completely, then be sure to flush the gearbox. To do this, first fill in the cleaner, then rinse the gearbox well, then drain. It is important to clean the case completely.
  • With the special tool that is included with the trimmer, you need to unscrew the gearbox plug.
  • Apply a new lubricant: insert a syringe with a tube into the hole and squeeze out the lubricant (2-5 ml).
  • We turn the shaft manually, turn on the scythe at low speed without load. This is necessary in order for the lubricant to be efficiently distributed in places subject to maximum friction.

Lawn Mower Gear Lubricant

After the snow cover disappears with the first spring days, grass begins to appear, which pleases with a delicate green cover. However, literally after a few weeks, all the irregularities and flaws become noticeable, the weed begins to rise above the lawn. From this moment the time of struggle for the beauty of the lawn begins. Of course, an ordinary scythe or a sickle can be used to control weeds, but this is long and laborious, and the cut grass becomes ugly.

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how to lubricate the lower and upper gearbox of the brushcutter? What is the best lubricant for a gasoline grass trimmer?

Responsible maintenance is the key to long tool life. One of the requirements in the work of a petrol cutter is the timely lubrication of the gearbox, as well as cleaning the filters. Every user of such a unit knows what composition to lubricate the gearbox with. First, it is cleaned in several stages, then the element is removed from the casing. It is cleaned with gasoline and dried. The place for the filter is prepared carefully, cleaning it from dust and old oil. The main signal for lubricating the lawn mower gearbox is extraneous noise and rapid heating of the equipment. This means that it is necessary to lubricate the spare part as soon as possible. The lubrication frequency is specified in the instructions for the brushcutter. Experts say gearbox maintenance should be done every 15 hours.

How to lubricate the grass trimmer gear

Almost every brushcutter gearbox is equipped with a small technological hole, which is plugged with a special bolt during operation. After thoroughly cleaning the unit from grass residues and debris, it is necessary to unscrew the screw and inject from 1.5 to 3 ml of grease into the cavity of the gearbox, depending on the brand of the tool. For ease of dosing, you can use a traditional medical syringe. During the operation, foreign particles and objects must not be allowed to enter the gearbox, as this can lead to intense wear of the gear train, as well as its jamming.

Lubricating the gears of a STIHL petrol hedge trimmer

Experts recommend that at the end of the mowing season and long-term storage of the tool without work, disassemble the gearbox, flush the gears and bearings, and re-lubricate the unit.

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Grass trimmer gear lubricant: which one to choose?

Currently, the market for gas powered tools and consumables offers a wide range of greases that are designed to reduce friction and overheating of rubbing parts. Therefore, each owner, when the time comes for maintenance, is faced with the problem of how to lubricate the grass trimmer gear for its long-term operation. For these purposes, special plastic pastes are used, which differ in properties and manufacturer.

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