What Metal Saws Are Made Of

What Metal Saws Are Made Of

A variety of utensils are often not only essentials, but also the pride of the hostess and the decoration of the kitchen. There are a great many materials from which it is made: metal and ceramics, porcelain, glass and wood. The latter is used quite rarely and is most often associated with antiquities. However, recently the fashion for environmentally friendly and unique things, which can emphasize the individuality of the owner, is gaining momentum. And on this wave utensils are becoming more and more popular. With your own hands you can make both a unique piece of kitchen utensils and an original gift.

Below we will try to figure out how to make your own do-it-yourself utensils, what tools and machines will be required for this, and how to cover and impregnate the finished product so that it lasts for many years.

Tree selection

An ordinary wooden spoon can be given an exclusive look.

First of all, it is worth deciding on the material for future procurement. When choosing a wood species, you should pay attention to such characteristics as strength and resistance to temperature extremes, as well as healing properties, after all, many breeds are able to provide an easy therapeutic effect with prolonged contact with the human body. Of course, such utensils cannot be a full-fledged medicine, but still it has its positive effect on humans.

The following breeds are most commonly used:

Equipment and tools

Household appliances organically fit both in a country house and in a modern city apartment

In order to start making dishes, regardless of the volume of its production, you need a number of tools for working with wood. The basic set includes a plane and a chisel. All kinds of cutters, jigsaws and saws will vary depending on the craftsmanship of the manufacturer and how he sees the future creation.

If we are talking about the manufacture of large volumes of dishes for sale, then lathe and grinding machines will be required. To do the piece thing, You can also use the machine, but you can only rely on your own hands.

So, for those who want to make their own utensils, you will need:

  • Plane;
  • Chisel;
  • Set of incisors;
  • Jigsaw;
  • Saws of various calibers;
  • Sandpaper.

What Metal Saws Are Made Of

Cooking process

The first step is to form a piece of wood that will later turn into a plate, bowl, or other kitchen utensil.

The process of making a wooden spoon. As in the old days, made by hand.

Then the workpiece with the marked markings is fixed with a vise and they begin to gradually remove the excess. Experienced craftsmen do not use a vise, hold the workpiece in their hands and easily process it from all sides.

Traditional utensils, especially for spoons and decorative plates, are covered with rich carvings. Here there are several secrets, which will provide a durable and beautiful pattern. It is imperative that blanks for future carvings be prepared in the fall, when the tree gives up excess moisture.

Of tools for decorating dishes with a beautiful ornament, a cutter, chisel, rasp and sandpaper are required. Chisel used for general adjustment forms of the future product. A cutter will be needed in order to cut out the ornament itself, and with the help of sandpaper, smoothness and expressiveness is given to the resulting pattern.

In the vastness of the global network, you can find manys that show in sufficient detail the process of manufacturing such items as spoons, plates and bowls.

Finished product coating

The relative unpopularity of wood as a material for kitchen tools is due to the fact that it tolerates extreme temperatures and chemical influences rather poorly. In order for it to last as long as possible, it should be covered with a protective coating.

After creating the product on a special machine. It is coated with a special varnish

There are many industrial varnishes and impregnations that will perfectly protect against environmental influences, but they categorically not suitable for the dishes that will be used in cooking. However, for a decorative plate on the wall, such processing is best suited.

For the dishes that will come in contact with food, the safest option is to cover it with linseed oil. Oil is heated for processing in a water bath up to about 70 degrees, then the finished product is immersed in it. After a couple of minutes, the dishes should be removed and left to cool and dry.

In addition, you can use sea buckthorn oil, which is sold in a pharmacy. It will give the spoon or plate not only strength properties, but also a pleasant honey tint.


Ready inventory can be decorated with traditional carvings, but painting can also be done. The most uncomplicated methods available even for beginners are gouache and acrylic painting.

To apply the drawing, you should carefully treat the surface with a sandpaper, and then draw the outline of the drawing with an ordinary pencil.

To perform such a design, no special training is required. But the beautiful and effective painting by Khokhloma requires a certain experience and skill level, this process takes a long time.

To summarize, we can say that wooden dishes are still quite a rare guest in an ordinary kitchen. At one time, it was successfully supplanted by ceramics, metal and glass. However, the fashion for eco-products and handmade returns popularity of wood products. In addition, even a person who does not have special professional training is quite capable, guided by from the Internet, to learn how to make a plate of wood. Such a product will be a great gift or an original decoration of your own home.