What Oil Can Be Used For The Saw

What kind of oil to pour into the saw How does the chain lubrication system work, what is oil used for? What oil is better for pouring into the saw: tips for choosing, a review of manufacturers.

Consequences of a lack or excess of chain lubrication

Certain parameters must be respected for each mechanism whose operating mode is associated with lubrication based on machine oil. This primarily concerns the amount of oil required for its normal operation. Such problems can arise if not enough oil:

  • Overheating of the circuit;
  • Premature bluntness of cutting teeth;
  • Seized or broken chain;
  • Additional time spent on cutting;
  • Increased wear of the sprocket;
  • Failure of the tire.

For an electric chain saw, it is recommended to fill the oil tank in the following proportion: one full oil fill to a full gas tank, i.E. 1: 1. In some models, for example, Bosh, the lubrication system works in a fully automatic mode and if there is too much or too little oil on the chain, the saw itself begins to regulate its supply. However, if a malfunction occurs, and the oil starts literally pouring from the chain mechanism, then its excess can lead to the following undesirable consequences:

  • Increased oil consumption;
  • Excessive contamination of the tool body;
  • Wide spray of oil from the chain.

Apparently to critical consequences excess lubricant does not lead, but its overrun will surely hit your pocket. Taking into account the fact that the cost of high-quality lubricating oil is quite high, it is better to use it sparingly.

Main components of the lubrication system

Typically, oil enters the saw chain lubrication system from a special tank, where it is periodically added. From there it is pushed out by a powerful oil pump, doing this at regular intervals sufficient to consume the previous injection. The main task of the oil mechanism is to prevent the occurrence of such situations when the lubrication on the chain becomes insufficient, and as a result of this, severe overheating of the cutting part may occur due to sharply increased friction forces. As a result, the chain can become dull and fail. Therefore, the oil must be constantly monitored. Typically a saw lubrication system consists of the following components:

  • Oil tank for chain lubrication;
  • Special oil filter;
  • Oil line, which is a small rubber hose that serves to supply oil from the tank;
  • An oil pump that pumps the lubricant from the tank to the cutting mechanism;
  • A special gear, with the help of which power is transferred to the pump from the electric saw motor.

General Guidelines for Choosing Saw Lubricant

When choosing an oil for lubricating a saw, each of the users asks the question, which of the options is more profitable and acceptable. A special oil for chain mechanisms or an ordinary machine oil? If you listen to the experts, then, of course, the first option is preferable, since the chain lubrication oil was specially developed taking into account the technical characteristics of the saw.

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Although conventional engine oil is cheaper than special oil, it must be taken into account that it serves completely different purposes and cannot guarantee moderate wear of working parts.. So you can win a little in price now, but then you will have to overpay for the repair of prematurely worn mechanisms.

Many experts recommend using a grade of special oil to lubricate the saw. With letter N. It is a little more expensive, but guarantees a long and trouble-free operation of the chain. Its main advantages include:

  • Excellent biodegradability;
  • Increased adhesive capabilities;
  • The presence in the composition of special additives that protect against premature wear.

By following these recommendations, you can significantly increase the life of your electric saw chain. However, the final choice of lubricant is always up to the user.

what oil can be used for the saw

Price features of the offered assortments

European chain oils of a high price group are recommended for the operation of professional chainsaw equipment operating in difficult and even extreme conditions.

The cost of consumables is fully compensated for by the productivity of large-scale sawing operations, reliability, and almost complete production of the specified service life by the sawing equipment.

Domestic chain oils are mostly produced from their raw materials, imported additives and using modern technologies.

In terms of quality and performance, the Russian assortment is not inferior to similar products of European brands, but it costs much less.

Chinese saw headsets of the middle class are inferior to European counterparts in terms of wear resistance and durability. This imbalance is partially eliminated by using the manufacturer’s recommended chain oils, developed by Chinese specialists.

According to consumables suppliers, the presence of special additives in Chinese chain oils has a positive effect on the performance of standard tires and saw chains, as well as chainsaw equipment in general.

All of the above applies only to the products of large companies. The advantages of using chain oils for small private companies have not been proven in practice.

Performance properties

Branded or standard chainsaw chain oil meets specific standards in terms of density, viscosity, debris removal and other performance characteristics.

  • Organic and mineral compositions do not differ significantly in terms of working properties.
  • Experienced users recommend working on organic consumables if the intervals between using the chainsaw do not exceed several days.
  • The anti-corrosion and other protective properties of more expensive mineral oils are used if the tool is used for infrequent one-time work.

It is not difficult to check the oil for compliance with the external temperature, and at the same time the lubrication system for operability. To do this, hold the saw headset running at medium speed over a blank sheet of paper for a few seconds.

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By the width and saturation of the oil strip, one can judge the suitability of the composition for long-term operation at a given air temperature and the performance of the built-in oil pump.

Versatility problems

The performance evaluations of so-called multipurpose oils should be viewed critically. In reality, this is not a very good advertising ploy. To date, no manufacturer, respecting its reputation, has received information about the start of production of 100% universal oil.

Practice has proven that the wrong choice of chain lubrication increases the load on the engine by 7-10% and also reduces the working life of the saw set.

Value for money alternatives

The price of a chain oil of an average quality range is several times less than the cost of a motor oil, and automated lubrication systems allow the lubricant to be consumed in an economical mode (up to 50%).

On the other hand, the use of alternative materials can significantly reduce the life of the bar, saw chain and drive sprocket. In different versions, this indicator can vary from 5 to 15%.

Branded chain oils

  • Mineral oil of the Stihl ForestPlus brand can be poured into the saw system at an outdoor temperature of up to 15 ° C, the maximum shelf life is up to 3 years.
  • A characteristic feature of BioPlus organic oil is the rapid decomposition of the vegetable base when it gets into the ground. The adhesion and temperature characteristics are identical to ForestPlus.
  • Synthplus, a low temperature mineral oil, retains its working properties at ambient temperatures up to 25 ° C.

The Husqvarna range of chain oils is represented by the brands Vegoil and Husqvarna Bio Advanced. According to experts, chain lubricants of the brands Oleo Mak, Makita and Champion with similar performance characteristics are produced at a high quality level.

The practice of using proprietary formulations for lubrication and effective cooling of professional-grade saw equipment shows that their cost is fully compensated for by the full and low-cost development of the resource of the bar, saw chain and drive sprocket.

Disadvantages of lubricant substitutes

A household or professional chain saw, when filling the lubrication system with a cheap surrogate, may require replacing a standard headset long before its designated resource is exhausted. According to proven data, the use of substandard oil reduces the service life of the saw mechanism by an average of 35-40%.

  • Used car oil contains microparticles of metal, combustion products and acid-base compounds, which negatively affect the wear and corrosion resistance of the metal of the sawing mechanism.
  • It is also not recommended to add automotive and tractor engine oils to the chain saw. Such a filling can initiate a decrease in performance and even a breakdown of the drive of the oil pump of the lubrication system.

Only in the absence of other options, for a one-time operation, you can fill the system with a diluted to a standard density. Autol or dismeas oil

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Saw chain oil

Among all consumables used for sawing tools, saw chain oil occupies the first positions, both in the frequency of use and the importance of application. A good oil not only makes it easier to work with the device, but also extends its useful life for years.

What oil to use to lubricate the saw chain

Improperly selected oil reduces the efficiency of the tool and increases its wear by 7-10 percent. Select saw chain oil based on the manufacturer’s recommendations. Russian companies claim that their saws work when lubricated with common domestic automotive oils. They are opposed by foreign manufacturers.

Finely tuned equipment works only with adapted oil formulations. So, some brands produce oils for a specific brand of saws, as evidenced by the inscription on the package. They provide ideal lubrication for saw chains and bars. At the same time, they have additional components in their composition.

To lubricate the saw chain and saw bars, oils from many manufacturers are used, the most popular are:

  • Uzfam oil. For operation under any external weather conditions, well protects against wear and corrosion;
  • Oleo-Mac OM Polar Lube oil. On a mineral base with a high viscosity, protects well against wear and corrosion;
  • Oil Oleo-Mac ОМ Eco Lube. Does not contain mineral oils, sulfur, has high lubricating properties, antiwear with high viscosity, oxidation resistant;
  • Husqvarna Chain Oil is a proprietary oil that reduces chain heating temperatures and reduces wear on chain links, teeth, and guide bar, maintains its low viscosity even at very low temperatures, performs its functions even when water gets into it;
  • Al-KO oil. Used for chains of electric and chainsaws, retains its low viscosity even at very low temperatures, reduces the heating temperature of the chain as a result of friction;
  • Champion oil is a universal, adhesive, used for chain and bar lubrication, provides good lubrication, while viscous additives and special additives reduce abrasion and oxidation of the saw chain metal.

How to properly lubricate the saw chain

There are models that lubricate automatically using a special built-in system. But due to their high cost, you have to resort to other methods, the saw chain and tires are lubricated with an oiler, syringe, brush or spatula for more viscous oil.

Some manufacturers recommend making an oil bath for the chains during a long break in use in order to avoid their corrosion and the appearance of rust. To do this, you will need any small container, into which a layer of oil is poured onto the bottom, covering the product. To prevent dust and debris from entering, the container is closed with a lid or foil during the conservation period.

In addition, the chain must be lubricated before each next use. It is done only when the power supply is off. The saw chain must be loosened before lubrication and lubricated afterwards. Hands will need protection (gloves), as using chain oil can cause injury from the links and blades.