What oil in the saw STIHL. Let’s talk about the installation of oil supply directly to the chain

STIHL motor oils for 2 stroke engines

To oils for 2. Certain requirements are put forward by engines: the oil should be effectively burned in the combustion chamber, form a minimum amount of smoke and ash. Also, one of the important criteria is the ability of oil to biopriet. There are several classifications that determine the degree of compliance of motor oils to the listed requirements.

Briefly consider the basic classifications.

Japanese classification JASO (Japanese Automotive Standards Organization).

Every year in the Japanese market of motor equipment, the requirements for the quality of lubricating liquids and the level of toxicity of exhaust gases are tightened. None of the existing classification systems allowed to accurately determine the level of quality of oils that meets the high requirements of the Japanese market:

  • increased wear of parts of the valve mechanism of diesel fuel engines when using oils with high M dispersants (especially relevant for the American specification of the API CG-4)
  • The upper ring in Japanese engines, as a rule, is located below North American and European analogues, which leads to high.temperature deposits on the piston.
  • Popularization of Japanese EGR engines (Exhaust Gas Recirculation), the design of which allows you to re.burn the remaining fuel. This feature of the engine has led to an increase in acidity, which helps the formation of corrosion inside the engine.

JASO has found a solution to this problem. created its own system of classification of motor oils. The following specifications were assigned for two.stroke oils (see. Rice.one.):

All oils are tested on the same engine model. The results are compared with high.quality Jatre 1 reference oil.

European classification ISO.

As a result of the testing of Jatre 1 oil on European engines, scientists came to the conclusion that oil according to the JASO FC standard cannot satisfy the requirements of the European market. As a result, a methodology for evaluating the quality of lubricants for 2-stroke engines based on Japanese classification was developed. In addition to testing of smoke, lubricating the qualities, exhaust deposits and leaching properties using the JASO system, long.term three.hour tests on the Honda Dio scooter to detect the level of cleanliness of the piston and leaching qualities. Jatre 1 acted as a reference oil for all tests. At the moment, the ISO classification for two.stroke engines is as follows (see. Rice. 2):

There is a fourth category of ISO-L-EGE, which is currently in the development process.

stihl, directly, chain

STIHL HP and HP Ultra motor oils


  • Temperature point of the course (purple):.30 ° C
  • The temperature point of the flash: 245 ° C (ISO 2592)
  • Border of explosive: Lower: 0.6 Paul. %, upper: 6.5 floor. %
  • Density at 20 ° C: 0.886 g/cm3 (DIN 51757)
  • Distribution factor (n-octanol/water): 3 log pow
  • Kinematic viscosity at 40 ° C: 113.9 mm2/s
  • Color: Red
  • Shelf life: 4 years.
  • Storage conditions for opened packaging: in a dark room with a tightly closed lid.
  • Designed by StiHL
  • Pouring in Germany

Oil STIHL HP Ultra

High.quality low.dummer synthetic oil for prolonged operation with increased loads. Meets the requirements for the classifications of ISO-L-EGB, JASO FB. HP Ultra burns almost without a residue, has the property of biodegradation (more than 60% in OECD 301 b), is extremely low. One of the main advantages of HP Ultra. excellent leaching and lubricating properties. Laboratory studies were conducted by the forces of the Stihl scientists, as a result of which the piston, which worked for 500 hours in HP Ultra oil, looked almost new. (cm. rice. 4) recommended ratio of components of the mixture. 1:50. HP Ultra is suitable for two-stroke engines, as well as for 2-MIX and 4-MIX engines.

Рис. 4. Поршень после 500 ч. С HP Ultra

  • Temperature point of the course (purple):.39 ° C
  • The temperature point of the flash: 254 ° C (ISO 2592)
  • Border of explosive: Lower: 0.6 Paul. %, upper: 6.5 floor. %
  • Density at 15 ° C: 0.936 g/cm3
  • Distribution coefficient (n-octanol/water): not defined.
  • Kinematic viscosity at 40 ° C: 48.79 mm2/s
  • Green color
  • Shelf life: 4 years, subject to the necessary storage conditions.
  • Storage conditions for opened packaging: in a dark room with a tightly closed lid.
  • Designed by StiHL
  • Pouring in Germany

Characteristics of the chainsaw

Each chainsaw has three main elements that ensure its operation. These include a 2-pin carburetor engine and two tanks. The fuel mixture is poured into one, the oil required for the lubrication of the chain is poured into the other. The volume of the fuel tank is 0.25 liters, which allows you to work without stopping 45–55 minutes. The volume of oil. less than twice. With this ratio of volumes, the contents of both tanks ends almost simultaneously.

During the operation of 2-stroke engines, the oil pumps system are not used, so for the stihl chainsaw oil in gasoline for lubrication of the shaft, piston and other rubbing parts have to be added. Attempts to work on one gasoline or non-compliance with the proportions indicated in the instructions for compiling a fuel and lubricant mixture from two components lead to a breakdown of the tool.

STIHL oils and additives

STIHL BIOPLUS chain lubrication

Yes, the vast majority of users who read this article use either oil for lubrication of chains on an oil basis or simply pour any oil that is at hand. I hope that no one is pouring to work out!))) But at the same time, no one thinks that this oil, except on the tire, chain and place of the cut, often gets into the soil. And if it’s your site? Does you want the soil with oil to be used on the beds? Yes, and simply pollute the environment and is not fashionable and not good For this case, the company StiHL has a special biomulus based on a rape, which without losing lubricants quickly decomposes in the soil into harmless components.

STIHL BIOPLUS adds natural additives that continue to work effectively when overheating of the saw headset. The only thing, however, significant but- it begins to thicken at temperatures below 15 degrees.

STIHL BIOPLUS has passed certification for use in water protection places, natural reserves and other places where the ecology is not the last attention.

You can buy biomas from a chill in containers of 1 and 3 liters.

Synthplus saw saw oil for lubrication of saw chains

Another STIHL specialized oil for lubrication of saw chains. This is semi.synthetic oil consisting of high.quality components and a perfectly lubricating chain and tire. When working using Stihl Synthplus, smoke will not form and recall. Great adapted to high temperatures and is able to work at. 20 degrees.

As well as Bioplus Stihl Synthplus spills in a container of 1 and 3 liters.

Oil for two.stroke stihl engines

Stile has three grades of oil for two.stroke engines:

It is not difficult to guess the simplest, most affordable and common is Stihl HP, followed with improved characteristics is the STIHL HP Super oil, and the Stihl HP Super closes the line.

Oil for two.stroke engines STIHL HP

This oil (additive) can be used not only in chainsaws, but also wherever a two.stroke engine with air cooling is installed. This is mainly garden technique: trimmers for grass, combi systems, gas troops, etc. Application in scooters or boat engines is possible if it allows the instructions for the device. It can be distinguished by a characteristic red color.

STIHL HP is designed on a mineral basis and designed specifically for the STIHL technique, paired with which it allows you to use the engine resource as efficiently as possible, not losing power protecting the engine elements from the consequences of friction, high loads and temperatures. Belongs to the JASO FB class, that is, complies with standards, but on the lower border of tolerances.

The most common butter from Stil that can be found in almost any specialized store, and not in specialized ones, too.

STIHL HP oil is spilled in capacity with volume:

Oil for two.stroke engines STIHL HP Super

This green oil refers to JASO FD, but its lubricating properties will be higher than that of StiHL HP. In addition, it leaves less than a carrier on the cylinder, pistons and in the muffler. In environmental friendliness, it is again higher than HP without Super console. However, it is worth noting that the price of such oil is noticeably higher than the above. HP Super is better to use if the chainsaw is used intensively, and not for infrequent work.

STIHL HP Super oil is poured in the capacity of the volume:

Which oil is used for the chainsaw engine

To lubricate the internal parts of the chainsaw engine, special oils should be used, which differ from lubrication for four.stroke engines in several parameters.

  • First, this is the quality of cleaning. The oil for the chainsaw engine should be cleaned as much as possible from various impurities. This is due to the fact that the channels in the carburetor of the chainsaws are too small and if the fuel mixture has any impurities, then they will clog, and accordingly the engine stop working.
  • Second, this is low smoke during combustion. As you know, the saw oil should be mixed with gasoline, which subsequently burns in the engine cylinder, and, accordingly, the lubricant burns with it. If a large amount of smoke is released from the burning mixture, this will negatively affect the exhaust system and, as an option, on the health of the operator.
  • Third, lubrication for chainsaws should burn with minimal formation of soot. Poor oils, when burning, form a large amount of soot, which shifts the piston and exhaust system.

What oil to use to lubricate the chain chain

Now let’s move on to the lubrication of the chain. For lubrication of the chain, it is necessary to use special adhesive lubricants specifically designed for this. You can, of course, pour other types of oils, for example, transmission or motor, but they will also not effectively lubricate the tire and chain, as special adhesive oil for lubrication of the chain does.

This is due to the fact that special lubrication contains adhesive substances that make it “stick” to the chain. Thanks to this, it does not fly so much when rotating the chain, as other species do it. Therefore, the tire and the chain do not abrupt so much and last longer.

If you drop a good adhesion on the thumb and forefinger, connect them, and then dilute, you can see how it is pulled between them. Other types cannot.

An important characteristic is density. Do not take too liquid lubricant, as it is quickly consumed. As my experience shows, as well as buyers with whom you had to communicate on this topic, the lubricant for the STIHL chain is most long consumed.

It is also worth noting that if you take care of nature, then for lubrication of the chain you can use oil, which subsequently decomposes without harming the environment. It is produced on a plant basis. The price, of course, will be higher.

Pour oil for lubrication of the chain in a special tank on the very neck. It is recommended to do a valve along with the refueling of the saw with a fuel mixture, since, usually, when developing a full tank of the fuel mixture, the lubrication of the chain still remains in a certain amount. But if it does not add it, then it will be consumed before the fuel ends.

That’s all. I hope you were interested and you learned something new for yourself. Use only special oils for gasoline and lubrication of the chain, and your chainsaw will last you all the time intended for it.

Read other articles on my site. So far, until new meetings!

The choice of oil

Unlike four.stroke engines, STIHL 180 chainsaw oil is poured directly into the gas tank, having previously mixed with gasoline. It is recommended to pour the oil specified in the instructions for this model in the chainsaw.

In no case can you use oil intended for low.speed engines (boats, scooters, etc. D.).

It can significantly reduce the life of the motor, and if traces of such a substance in the cylinder-piston group are detected, the tool will be considered removed from the guarantee, t. e. will not be subject to warranty repair or exchange.

Synthetic and mineral oil oils for chainsaws STIHL are sold in bottles or cans of different containers: from 100 ml to 5 liters. Minerals have a lower cost, and semi.synthetic and synthetic provide complete combustion in the process of engine operation, t. e. lack of soot and a minimum of toxic compounds in the exhaust.

In addition, synthetic oils retain their qualities in a much wider temperature range, as well as contain special additives that are useful for engine operation: anti.orally, detergents, cannibal, etc. D.

You can choose motor oil for your tasks depending on the model of the saw and the frequency of its use: the oil consumption during the operation of the device is low, and given the shelf life of semi.synthetic and mineral lubricants, there is a risk of simply not having time to use even a liter bottle to the end.

So with small alleged volumes of work, you can not buy a voluminous canister, but limit yourself to a bottle. The expiration date does not have only mineral lubricants of Stihl.

What brand to use motor oil?

For each model, the manufacturer advises a list of materials that need to be used. It is better to adhere to these recommendations to the user, because the warranty does not apply to a tool for the tool due to the inappropriate fuel and lubric material. In this case, the owner himself pays for the repair of the chainsaw, which can be up to 80% of its cost. When it is not possible to fulfill the recommendations of the manufacturer, try to follow the following rules:

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  • Use oil, only intended for two.stroke engines.
  • Do not apply after expiration of the expiration date.
  • Do not add waste oil with a large amount of impurities to gasoline, t. to. You can damage the mechanisms of the tool.
  • Chain lubricant cannot be used for the fuel mixture.
  • It is preferable to use synthetic and semi.synthetic oils that are more expensive than mineral, but do not form harmful deposits.

Types of engine oil

Among the wide variety of lubricants, three large groups can be distinguished, which differ in both composition and characteristics:

One of the cheapest and most common. They are obtained during the processing of oil products. Many saws nurse mineral oil for a rather long time. Its main plus is the price and availability. True, you can’t buy a good clean substance for a penny. “Mineral” can over time smoke the inside of the engine. However, if the owner is friends with his hands, he himself can clean all the “insides”. According to experienced “pilots”, with rare and not too intense use of the unit, the mineral component is enough for normal operation.

The advantages of branded motor oils are super and ultra

Branded lubricants do not need any additives and additional components. It should be borne in mind that fuel mixtures prepared with the use of mineral oils, and their synthetic analogues, it is forbidden to mix.

Types and composition

The choice of specific oil follows depending on where and how the chainsaw works and how. Mineral formations are suitable for the summer and warm season. In other cases, it is better to use synthetic or semi.synthetic oils. If you need to lubricate the chain, there is no need to use waste oils, which will lead to clogging the fuel system, and then to serious breakdowns of the tool.

The chain saw oil must be thoroughly cleaned so that the lubricant is applied correctly and accurately applied. If you use low.quality compounds, then there will be no contact between the saw elements and tires, sparks will appear, and then the moving parts of the saw will wear out.

Features of the stihl chainsaws

The choice of StiHL chainsaw professionals is largely determined by the presence of progressive technologies, first applied and brought to perfection on products of this brand. Each of them deserves a separate mention.

2-MIX technology

The exhaust gases of any internal combustion engine adversely affect the environment and human health. 2-MIX technology, implemented on engines used by STIHL, reduces fuel consumption and optimizes the process of its complete combustion. Therefore, even the most powerful chainsaw of the STIHL family throws out a minimum of harmful substances.

2-mix technology reduces fuel consumption


The muffler of most types of manual chainsaws of StiHL as additional equipment can be equipped with a catalyst, on the surface of which there is an almost complete burning of fuel non.consumer in the cylinder. Its use by about 5 times reduces the release of harmful organic substances.

The catalyst is 5 times reduces the number of harmful substantial note! The use of the catalyst increases the cost of this manufacturer already expensive gasoline saws, so they use it only with obvious necessity.

Air filter

The company’s engineers pay great attention to the purity of the mixture burned in the engine. Features of the STIHL air filter, simplifying its maintenance and lengthening resource:

Intellectual engine

On the STIHL carburetor engines, an electronic system for regulating the fuel mixture parameters is implemented. It distinguishes cold start from hot and optimizes the operation of the motor with a stable operating mode. This facilitates the launch and leads to significant fuel savings.

Engines regulate the parameters of the fuel mixture

Decompression valve

The air that is in the cylinder has the properties of a spring that interferes with the piston movement in the trigger. A special decompression valve is installed on all STIHL engines. It is opened before starting, which prevents the appearance of excess pressure when the starter is rotated. After the first flash of the fuel mixture, it automatically closes and the motor works as usual mode.

Carburetor heating system

Carburetor icing in cold weather is a serious problem for starting the engine. STIHL engineers installed a heating element on their equipment that feeds on the current generator associated with the flywheel. Thermallane automatically turns on the circuit at temperatures below 10 ° C.

The heating system of carbureture is! This option is very useful for professional work in a harsh climate

Electric heating system of the handle

Heating the handle creates comfortable conditions for the operator’s hands during severe frosts, prevents snow sticking and the formation of ice. This repeatedly reduces the risk of slipping with the threat of serious injury.

What gasoline to pour into the stihl chainsaw

Low.quality fuel can cause your tool to fail. UNETILED gasoline is usually used to refuel the stiHL chainsaws, where the number of additives without lead content exceeds 90. For this, the fuel of AI is completely suitable. 92. AI is also used. 95, which is used much less often. It is made on the basis of AI. 92, but contains various additives that are deposited on the internal elements of the engine and can disrupt the operation of the mechanism. At the same time, the mixing of both combustibles is permissible to achieve the optimal result.

It should be remembered that gasoline is recommended to use fresh t.to. With prolonged storage in closed containers, useful octane properties are lost.

Calculation of fuel mixture proportions

Correct refueling also implies strict observance of proportions. For a two.stroke engine, 1 part of the oil for 50 parts of gasoline is used. To comply with this ratio, you will need 5 liters of gasoline and 0.10 l of oil. It should also be remembered that the oil pump cannot be installed in such chainsales, and therefore the use of pure gasoline is completely unacceptable.

In the event that substances for the mixture have different brands, then it is recommended to use 1:40 proportion.

When a new chainsaw in the first 3 refueling, the oil is added 20 % more. In this case, instead of a 1:50 ratio, 1:42 will be used, and 1:40 is replaced by 1:33.

Violation of the ratio of fuel substances can lead to the formation of bully, as well as to the appearance of soot on candles and pistons.

How to choose oil for lubrication of a chain or motor

A good lubricant mixture extends the service life of the chainsaw and guarantees high quality work. For a new tool, it is recommended to use STIHL proprietary chain oil recommended in the instructions. Otherwise, the chainsaw can be removed from warranty service from. For non.compliance with operating conditions. At the end of the warranty wasproof, you can use oil of any other brand. It should be remembered that it needs to be replaced twice a year.

STIHL has developed a whole line of lubricating mixture for two.stroke engines. High cleansing ability will increase the environmental friendliness of your tool.

All synthetic oils are based on primary refinants that can reduce the number of exhausts and prevent the breakdown of moving chainsaw elements during continuous operation.

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STIHL HP oil. made on a mineral basis and has excellent properties of combustion and lubrication. Supplied in a different volume of 20 ml to 55 liters.

HP Ultra oil. suitable for prolonged use of the tool. Provides complete combustion of the fuel mixture and carefully lubricates the necessary components. Has a high degree of decomposition. more than 80 % in 21 days.

SAE 30 motor oil. used for any operating conditions on the garden. Helps to reduce fuel consumption and is characterized by high.quality basic oils.

10 W-30 motor oil-designed for 4-stroke engines. Resistant to temperature to. 30 ° C.

Criteria for choosing lubrication

After buying a device, the question may arise about choosing a bay in a stihl chainsaw. After all, proper care for technology increases its performance, and will save various kinds of breakdowns. The operation of the saw directly depends on the use of good fuel and lubricant.

STIHL chainsaws have a carburetor two.stroke engine and 2 tank (gasoline and oil). For the right choice of oil for the STIHL saw, you need to know its criteria:

  • It is necessary to determine the manufacturer, t. to. In domestic models, simple oils (for motorcycles) are used in a proportion of 1 to 25, and foreign. branded lubrication products, with a proportion of 1 to 40 (oil proportions to gasoline). In fact, the owners themselves determine what to use. It is worth being prepared that improper use will entail a decrease in power and productivity. Most use motor oil, if this is not, then the transmission. Experts advise for this manufacturer to use the last.
  • You need to know the color. Red, green, blue colors are suitable for chainsaws with a two.stroke engine.
  • Compound.

List of oils in terms of price and quality

Lubricants for 2-stroke engines:

  • Volume 100 ml. you can buy it for 90 r., It is necessary to add 1 to 50 (20 grams of oil per liter of gasoline) to gasoline). This type is designed specifically for Stihl chainsaws. The main component is minerals. It is also possible to use for other models of various manufacturers.
  • STIHL (volume 1l) intended for the saw of the manufacturer STIHL. Diluted 1 to 50. The basis of the lubricant is minerals. The price varies within 500 r.
  • STIHL with a dispenser (volume 1l). Diluted in a ratio of 1 to 50. The price is about 600 r.
  • Stihl h. P. Ultra (volume 100 ml), ratio 1 to 50. Also made for stihl chainsaws. This is synthetic oil. It has a high degree of lubricant advantages. It is also used for other models of chainsaws with 2-stroke engines. The cost of this lubricant varies within 120 r.
  • STIHL (volume 5l), the ratio of the product of lubrication to gasoline is 1 to 50. Component. mineral additives. Created directly for the stihl chainsaws with a 2-stroke engine. Apply for others. The price is 1500 r.
  • Stihl h. P. ULTRA with a dispenser (volume of 1l), diluted in a proportion of 1 to 50, manufactured for the chainsaw of the manufacturer STIHL. Can be used for other brands. Cost 1100 p.


The usual lubricating liquid under the influence of centrifugal force will fly from the surface of the tire and leading star. Lubricants having high adhesion properties are effectively delivered to the bottom of the tire, which allows lubricating the most loaded parts and cooling them, extending the service life.

For products of the MS, MSA and MSU series, STIHL recommends using Forestplus. In addition, it is worth noting the novelty. Timberplus, which has improved adhesive properties and can not freeze to the mark. 40 degrees.

For owners of the GTA 26 battery, the manufacturer offers a special biodegradable composition Multioil Bio, which comes in a small container with a convenient cap for lubricating a sawing headset. Given the design features of the GTA 26, the lubricant serves to protect against corrosion of the working parts of this unit. Important: Multiol Bio is not intended for working with motorcycles!

Four stroke

The assortment of the company presents two types: summer SAE 30 and all-season 10 W-30, differing in viscosity and threshold of soot. The summer is recommended for operation at air temperature from 4 to 40 ° C, and all.season can be used in the range from minus eighteen to plus forty degrees Celsius. The basic recommendation for these products is the first replacement in the new engine after 5 motorized hours, the next. every 30 30 hours worked.