What Oil is Pouring Saw

The efficiency of the chain saw depends largely on how easily and freely the chain moves. To improve this indicator, grease is used. In addition, the engine itself requires a chain saw if it is gasoline.

Lubrication function

It is much easier to determine which oil to use for the saw if you know what functions it performs. Chain lubrication ensures smooth running of the chain, which directly affects the efficiency of the saw. Lack of lubrication is fraught with the following negative consequences:

  • Increased engine load. As a result, its overheating and accelerated wear.
  • Increasing the burden on the employee. Deterioration of the direct functionality of the saw leads to the fact that the user needs to put more effort into sawing any object.
  • Faster chain wear. The lack of lubrication also accelerates the process of erasing the teeth of the chain, contributes to oxidation and other negative factors.
  • Increased risk of incidents. This item is a direct consequence of the previous one, since a worn chain can break, slip and otherwise make you nervous.
What Oil is Pouring Saw

How is lubrication made?

Modern models of electric saws have a special discharge mechanism that starts when the saw is started. Its task is to provide a portioned supply of oil to the chain from a special tank. Accordingly, oil is poured into the tank.

In older or cheaper models, the coercive mechanism may not be present at all. In this case, the oil is periodically applied manually to the chain using a syringe or a special oiler.

The type of system (forced or manual) does not particularly affect which oil is used to lubricate the saw chain.

Oil selection

Consider which oil to pour into the saw:


Comes with a saw or is sold with the “Chain Oil” label. His specialization is manifested in the presence of additives that reduce the likelihood of insuring oil from the chain during operation.

Chain oil, in most cases, is made from plant components and is considered environmentally friendly.

There are branded oils (produced by manufacturers of saws) and third-party. What kind of oil to put into a chainsaw is unprincipled, since they are approximately the same in properties, except that brand names are more expensive.

Please note that grease based on plant materials can settle on chains and in the lubrication system. To eliminate such residues, flushing the system with the following types of oil is necessary.

Engine and gear oil

This option (with the exception of mineral types) can be used in the absence of specialized oils.

Refined vegetable oil

One-time use is allowed provided that the system is fully developed and then flushed. It is not recommended to use vegetable oil if the lubrication system covers not only the chain, but also the engine cylinders.

Spent Engine Oil

An extreme option, when there is not even a vegetable on hand. Due to the high contamination of the used oil, the lubrication system is quickly clogged, which impairs its operation. In addition, the appearance of your saw may change beyond recognition.