What Oil Is Pouring To Lubricate A Chainsaw Chain

What Oil Is Pouring To Lubricate A Chainsaw Chain

For owners of private houses and summer cottages, a chainsaw is an indispensable technique. With its help, you can quickly and easily perform various work. Cutting firewood, building wooden structures and trimming old trees. In order for such a technique to serve for a long time and without fail, it is necessary to correctly observe the rules for operating a chainsaw.

One of these rules is the preparation of the fuel mixture for the gasoline tool chain. How to do it right and what should be the composition of the fuel we will try to find out in our article.

Chainsaw chain lubricant

  • Mineral
  • Synthetic

Experts advise using synthetic oil for chainsaws, but at a price it is always more expensive. The main advantage of this type of lubricant is that during operation of the equipment, no deposits are formed in the cylinder, and this extends the life of the equipment.

If you used mineral oil for 100 working hours, then it is better to continue to use it, since carbon deposits could accumulate in the process. A synthetic product has the ability to clean and wash off the deposited layer from the cylinder walls, and this will damage the equipment.

How to make a mixture for chain lubrication

If you use “native” oil for a chainsaw, then the desired proportion is indicated on the package, usually it is 1:50 to gasoline. When another product is applied, then better to mix 1:40, in other words, it is necessary to divide 1 liter of oil by 40 and add the result to 1 liter of gasoline.

For self-preparation of the mixture, you need to use gasoline A-92 and A-95, if the octane number is lower, this can lead to engine failure. If gasoline has stood for a long time in a canister or other container, it is considered already stale and loses its properties. A bad fuel chainsaw will not be able to work powerfully and efficiently.

Experts advise choosing oil for most chainsaws that are used in our regions, having class API-TB and API-TC, designed for two stroke engines. Do not save on ingredients, but buy high-quality oils from well-known manufacturers and strictly observe the proportions for the preparation of the mixture.

What Oil Is Pouring To Lubricate A Chainsaw Chain

If you add more oil to the mixture, this will lead to the formation of soot in candles and pistons. Excess gasoline will contribute to the appearance of scuffing on the pistons and the rapid failure of the chainsaw engine. Before preparing the mixture, you need to carefully read the instructions for this model of technology.

Ready mixes not recommended for long periods of storage, maximum 1 month, You can not keep it in the clear or in the sun. Water or dust that has got into the mixture can cause damage to the carburetor, since the installed filter will not be able to completely clean the fuel.

Fuel Mixture Tank

You can use simpler containers that are always at hand, for example, plastic bottles or glass, but in such objects there is statistical electricity. Be sure to make sure that dust or moisture, solid particles do not get into the container, if all proportions are met, then you need to mix everything well.

When the mixture is finally ready, it can be poured into the tank, carefully not developing fuel and so that it is not completely filled. Depending on the use of the chainsaw, you must either completely use all the lubricant or pour it into the container and then refill as necessary, but no later than 30 days later.

It is good to use various additives recommended by the manufacturers of equipment so that the fuel is of better quality. A lot of additives are on sale and you can choose the one suitable for your chainsaw.

The operation of the chain lubrication system, types of oils

It is necessary to periodically check the oil level in the tank and the operation of the lubrication system. If look at a rotating chain with a lighted surface, then in the presence of oil splashes, the system operates normally and is configured correctly. If the cutting headset heats up quickly, this indicates a minimum level of lubricant in the chain, so it can get pinched during operation.

There are a lot of types of oils, they can be different in price, environmentally friendly, sold in different containers. You can consider several product options.

  • The budget option is Nanotek Standard, you can work with it at temperatures up to 20 ° C, Nanotek Premium up to 30 ° C. Also, this product can be attributed to the product from Enkor, with a capacity of 1 liter.
  • Mineral oils with the prefix Bio. Makita Biotop, Stihl Bio Plus.
  • Oils recommended by manufacturers of chainsaws. Makita Biotop, Makita, Oregon.
  • In containers of large volumes. Oil Enkor 3-5 liters, Stihl 5 liters, Oregon 5 and 25 liters.


The main task of creating a mixture for chain lubrication is the uninterrupted operation of the engine, the complete combustion of fuel, so that eventually smoke, soot or scuffing cannot form. The observance of the right proportions, proper operation and quality ingredients will help to use the chainsaw for various chores as long as possible.