What Oil To Dilute Gasoline For Chainsaws

What Oil To Dilute Gasoline For Chainsaws

Owners of chainsaws are well aware of how to fill gasoline for a chainsaw. But for those who only buy such equipment and do not know how to use it correctly, you need to know that you can’t just take and pour gasoline into the tank. As a result of such an erroneous action, your chainsaw will fail in a short time. The reason is very simple. For two-stroke engines, which are installed on chainsaws, there is no separate lubrication system. It is necessary to dilute gasoline for a chainsaw with engine oil in a special proportion.

The device of the gasoline motor for chain saws

Chainsaws, like most other similar equipment, use two-stroke internal combustion engines. Their main advantage over the four-stroke engines that are used in cars is the fact that for 2-stroke engines it turns out to remove power one and a half times more with the same volume. But there are also disadvantages. Oil for chainsaws needs to be added directly to the fuel tank, which increases oil consumption. As a result, the mixture of oil and gasoline during combustion in the working chamber turns into an oil mist that settles on the cylinder walls and lubricates the connecting rod-piston group elements.

Oil for 2 x stroke chainsaw engines is diluted in a certain proportion with gasoline and poured into the tank. When the gas in the tank runs out, you need to prepare a new mixture. At the same time, car oil cannot be used in a chainsaw. Special oil is required for two-stroke engines.

What kind of oil to pour into a chainsaw?

It is strictly forbidden to use those oils that are used in automobile engines. A special two-stroke oil for a chainsaw is recommended, recommended by the manufacturer. Manufacturers themselves do not produce lubricants with rare exceptions, but cooperate with all well-known brands and often offer their products under their own label. Therefore, in the passport you will definitely find a mention of which 2-stroke oil for chainsaws is suitable for this particular model.

The following oils are recommended for imported chainsaws:

  • Classification of TA, TB and TC (TSC-1/2/3) according to the American standard API.
  • 2t JASO standard Japanese chainsaw oil corresponding to classes FA, FB and FC;
  • Oil of the European ISO standard, class EGB and EGC.

As for domestic chainsaws, high-quality oil is also recommended for them. If it is not possible to purchase, then you can use a lubricant designed for motorcycle engines of the 2-stroke type.

What kind of gasoline to fill in a chainsaw?

Manufacturers strongly recommend using only high-quality gasoline for a chainsaw, with an octane rating of at least 92 and an ethanol content of not more than 10%. It is not recommended to use opaque gasoline that has impurities. They will quickly clog the fuel system and engine.

Important: it is not necessary to prepare the gasoline mixture for the chainsaw just before pouring it into the tank. This can be done in advance. Over, many manufacturers produce ready-made containers with several compartments, for example, for gasoline and oil or gasoline, oil and ready-mix, and also complete such containers with a special measuring syringe. With its help, oil is collected in a chainsaw in the proportion that is required. But if the mixture is prepared in advance, then the maximum shelf life should not exceed 10 days. Over time, the octane number of gasoline decreases, and due to the fact that part of the gasoline disappears from the mixture, the proportion of oil and gasoline for the chainsaw changes.

Is it possible to pour 95 gasoline into a chainsaw?

Almost 75% of manufacturers in the passport to the chainsaw indicate that it is necessary to use AI-92 gasoline. Those owners of such equipment who first encounter it and do not know what gasoline is needed for a chainsaw draw parallels with car engines and conclude that the higher the octane number, the better. As a result, not understanding how to properly dilute gasoline for a chainsaw, dilute the oil and AI-95 gasoline.

The thing is that the increase in the octane number is achieved by introducing various additives into gasoline, as is done in AI-95 and AI-98 gasoline. Additives are harmful for two-stroke engines due to their special design, therefore, AI-92 gasoline must be used, especially in our country. Firstly, this is correct and will extend the life of the motor, and secondly, cheaper. But for some manufacturers, for example for Stihl, you can use the AI-95, but it’s better to take it at good proven gas stations.

How to breed gasoline for a chainsaw?

Before pouring fuel into the tank, it is necessary to prepare a gasoline mixture. The ratio of oil and gasoline for a chainsaw is regulated in strict proportions. As a rule, they are indicated in the instruction manual. In the event that you do not know how much oil to pour into gasoline for a domestic production chainsaw, it is recommended to use a ratio of 1:15. 1:20. That is, use 50-70 ml of oil per 1 liter of gasoline.

As for imported equipment, then the proportions are completely different. For example, how to dilute gasoline with 2 kW Husqvarna chainsaw oil? To do this, we look at the instructions and see that the manufacturer recommends using a 1:50 ratio, i.E. Per 1 liter of gasoline is used no more than 20 ml of oil. If there is no passport (lost, torn, etc.), use the Internet or contact a service center. So you will know exactly how much oil you need to fill in gasoline for a chainsaw. An increased amount of oil threatens with increased soot and clogging of the cylinder, which will lead to fracture of the piston rings and a decrease in compression, moreover, it is expensive. If the amount of oil for chainsaws in the mixture is low, this will lead to overheating of the engine and a sharp decrease in its resource.

If you do not know how much oil to pour into a Chinese chainsaw, and there is no passport on hand, then this proportion is approximately 1:25, that is, 40 ml of oil per 1 liter of gasoline. In general, the amount of oil directly depends on the layout. The denser all units are installed, the less oil is needed.

Before preparing a gasoline mixture for a chainsaw, you must first pour gasoline into the canister, and only then add oil, not otherwise. Otherwise, a more viscous oil will stick to the walls and bottom of the canister and dissolve worse, which will violate the correct proportions of gasoline and chainsaw oil.

Choosing chainsaw chain oil

In addition to the motor, there is another important unit in the chainsaw with many moving parts. The chain. It uses not motor oil, but chain oil for a chainsaw. It is cheaper and has completely different properties.

How to use oil for a chainsaw chain depends on its “age”. If your chainsaw is new and under warranty, you will have to use ONLY branded oils recommended by the manufacturer. Otherwise, if the saw fails in the service center, it will immediately be removed from the warranty, as the use of lubricants that do not meet the requirements of the manufacturer is a violation of the operating conditions. On the other hand, branded oils are really high quality:

  • Allow to work in a wide temperature range from 30 to 50 C,
  • High adhesion improves the “sticking” of oil to the chain and reduces its consumption;
  • Additives reduce friction and extend the life of the chain.

If the saw is removed from the guarantee, and the purchase of branded oil for the chainsaw chain does not fit the budget, you can use any transmission or motor oil. It is advisable to change it 2 times a year: in winter use a more liquid oil, in the summer. A thicker one.

What kind of oil to lubricate the chainsaw chain also depends on the wood you have to work with. For dry wood, gear oil is recommended; for raw wood it is better to use some kind of oil for diesel engines.

Common Chain Issues

How to adjust the oil supply to the chainsaw chain?

If the oil supply to the chain is incorrectly adjusted, the chain may overheat (insufficient supply) or increased oil consumption and oil contamination of the wood (too high supply). Therefore, adjusting the oil supply to the chain of the chainsaw is a very important process, since both the consumption of the oil itself and the long-term operation of the chainsaw itself depend on it.

How the oil is fed to the chain of the chainsaw depends on the position of the screw for adjusting the plunger of the oil pump. In the factory setting, the screw is set in the middle position. To reduce the oil supply, turn it off at the “-” mark, to increase it, to the “” mark.

Why doesn’t oil get to the chainsaw chain?

In the case, the oil does not go to the chainsaw chain at all, which means either the drive of the oil pump itself has failed, or there are problems with air suction.

  1. Damage to the oil pump. If the screw still does not feed oil to the chainsaw chain, the drive, which is a plastic ring with grooves, is broken. Over time, the grooves may wear out and the drive will fail, after which it will just have to be replaced.
  2. The hose through which oil under pressure is supplied to the chain has slept or worn out. It must be re-secured to the fitting or replaced.
  3. The grooves along which oil is supplied to the chain of the chainsaw are clogged. This is the most common phenomenon. They need to be cleaned, after which the flow will resume.

Why is oil flowing from a chainsaw?

If you notice oil from a chainsaw flowing out, then this is a malfunction and there may be several reasons for it:

  1. Most often, oil flows from the chainsaw chain if the fuel tank is leaking. Carefully inspect the reservoir for cracks or tightness of the tube to the fitting. If there are violations. Eliminate them.
  2. The oil channels are clogged, as a result of which the oil does not enter them, but drips onto the ground. It is required to clean the channels with pressure. This will fix the problem.