What oil to fill in a power tiller?. How much to fill?

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Regular oil changes are required for your power tiller because it will affect how long it will run and how well it will work. On the serviceability of all units and mechanisms in the equipment will also affect the competent replacement of lubricants and their choice. Nowadays there is a huge range of oils for power tillers. Focus on a particular brand can be based on the recommendations of the engine manufacturer. Additionally the type of used lubricating compound is influenced by weather conditions and air temperature. The lubricant must always be of high quality, then there is a good guarantee that the machine will work efficiently and smoothly.

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Synopsis. Engine oils reduce friction between internal combustion engine components and their degree of wear.


Gearbox is a special device included in the construction of any power tiller. It is this part that is responsible for converting and transmitting the torque that is generated by the mechanical gears. In fact, the gearbox is what drives the single axle tractor, making it work.

On its quality, as well as on the correct lubrication of its components, will depend on the service life of the whole motoblock, as well as its normal functioning.

For more information on gearboxes, see

Depending on the model of power tiller, whether it is Caiman, Patriot Ural, Patriot, Texas, Pro Arab or any other, reducers may differ from each other by some design features. Conventionally, reducers can be divided into several types:

  • Gear reducers. In this case, the gearbox transmissions act as a kind of intermediary between the engine and the wheelbase of the motoblock.
  • Reducers. These units achieve higher power ratings while reducing the overall RPM. Such gearboxes are the most preferred, because their design includes an air cooling system, which allows to work at maximum loads.
  • Reverse gear units. The main advantage of such gearboxes is the possibility of reversing the power train. However, units equipped with this type of reducer do not show high performance and speeds.

Regardless of which particular gearbox is used in the design of a motor-block, they all consist of virtually the same components:

  • shaft;
  • gearbox housing;
  • Flange and mounting;
  • pulley with a V-belt transmission (or chain);
  • ball bearing;
  • sprockets;
  • drain plug;
  • steel washer and nut;
  • input shaft.

These components traditionally make up the gearbox itself. How well they are lubricated will determine their performance and service life.

Otherwise, insufficient lubrication will lead to severe wear of parts as they come into contact with each other during operation, and the friction generated adversely affects their surface.

Table of engine oils for engines

Engine type Engine Oil
API classification Viscosity index Type of oil Applicability
1 BriggsStratton RS750 RS950 CR750 CR950 I/C 6.0 I/C 10.0 Vanguard SF, SG, SH, SJ and higher SAE30 mineral 4°C to 38°C (at temperatures below 4°C this oil can cause starting problems)
10W-30 semi-synthetic from.18°C to 38°C (use of oil at temperatures higher than 27°C may result in increased oil consumption)
5W-30 semi-synthetic from.30°C to 4°C
5W-30 synthetic from.30°C to 38°C
Vanguard 15W-50 synthetic from.7° C to 50° C (only for BriggsStratton Vanguard, I/C 10,0 engines)
2 Yamaha MX175 MX200 MX250 MX300 SE and higher 10W-30 10W-40 semi-synthetic from.20°C to 40°C
3 Honda GX200 GX270 SJ, SL or equivalent SAE30 mineral 10°C to 40°C
10W-30 semi-synthetic from.20°C to 40°C
5W-30 semi-synthetic from.30°C to 0°C
15W-40 mineral from.15°C to 40°C (GX200 engine only)
4 Honda GP160 GP200 SE or higher 10W-30 semi-synthetic from.5°C to 40°C
SAE30 mineral 10°C to 40°C
5 Kasei (Motor Technology Neva) 168F (DM163) 168FA (DM196) SG, SF or higher SAE30 mineral 10°C to 32°C
10W-30 semi-synthetic from.20°C to 38°C
10W-40 semi-synthetic from.20°C to 40°C
15W-40 mineral from.15°C to 40°C
6 Zongshen GB210, GB22 SG, SF or higher SAE30 mineral 10°C to 32°C
10W-30 semi-synthetic from.20°C to 38°C
5W-30 semi-synthetic from.30°C to 0°C

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What kinds of grease should be used?

There are two types of grease for power tillers:

That’s why it is better to use exactly the type recommended by the producer, taking into account the number of power rods of a certain make of motor-block. Synthetic and semi-synthetic oils, perfectly suitable for the use in power tillers engines, have become the most widespread in recent years. In specialized stores you can buy a variety of oils of foreign and domestic production.

Block: 3/6 | Characteristics: 562

Oil classification

Husqvarna SAE 30, Husqvarna Universal SAE 30

Mineral engine oil produced by the Swedish company for both the factory filling of its products and for subsequent maintenance. Indicates the use of a specially selected package of anti-friction additives in the oil.

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KAMAZ 65115 belongs to one of the oldest series of this plant, which production was launched in 1998. Follow the link to read about the specific work, advantages and disadvantages of KAMAZ 65115.

Not suitable for operation of motorized equipment at low temperatures. Price of 0.6 l package. from 390 to 410 rubles.


This oil, also produced by one of the well-known American manufacturers of garden equipment, is designed for summertime operation in gasoline and diesel power tillers, mowers, mini-tractors. The package has a long spout for ease of use. Oil base. mineral.

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Semi-synthetic motor oil for year-round operation of garden equipment with four-stroke engines: power tillers, tractors, snowplows

Low-temperature viscosity grade 5W guarantees an oil freezing temperature of at least.38˚ С.

Price for 0,95 l package. about 410 р. This oil is used for power tillers Patriot Ural, Patriot.


Synthetic oil for hot climates and demanding use, e.g. when plowing large areas with a plow.

Home Garden 4 Stroke Oil HD SAE 30

Affordable summer mineral motor oil. Price for 1 liter liter liter cans: 240-250 rubles.

ELITECH 4T Premium SAE 10W30

Semi-synthetic motor oil for year-round motorcycle use. Contains molybdenum disulfide-based antifriction additives, which on the one hand provides good engine wear protection, but on the other hand requires a careful attention to the oil replacement time.

, 0,6 l packages. 340.

ELITECH 4TD Standard SAE30

Summer mineral oil, which also includes a package of molybdenum-containing additives. A liter package of this oil costs about 300.


4-stroke oil for power tiller engines used year-round for the toughest jobs. Has a synthetic base.


Affordable synthetic motor oil from the domestic manufacturer, which can be used in power tillers and other machinery with gasoline engines in summer and winter. Price of 1 liter package. 380 rubles.


Low-cost summer oil from the mineral lubricant group. The grease per liter can compensate for its poor quality with more frequent changes.

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Unlike most engine oils for garden equipment, this oil is APISJ/CF certified, which allows you to compare its composition and quality with conventional budget automotive oils. Dual certification indicates suitability not only for gasoline (SJ) engines but also for diesel (CF) engines.

Relatively high high temperature viscosity makes this oil undesirable at moderate and low temperatures. The main advantage of this oil is its low price per liter.


Semi-synthetic domestic oil for gasoline and diesel garden equipment (meets the APISJ/CF specification). Due to the low viscosity over a wide temperature range can work well in lubricated motors both in summer and winter. The 0.95 litre capacity is priced at 210.

REZOILRancherUniliteSAE 30

Exceptional summer oil for petrol and diesel engines, tractors and snowmobilers. The type of base is not indicated on the package, but for 0.95 l makes one assume that this oil is a mineral oil.


This semi-synthetic oil can also be used in gasoline and diesel engines, but the viscosity index clearly indicates that its use in moderate climates is undesirable. A 0.95 litre pack costs 200.

MaxCut 4THDSAE 30

It is a summer mineral oil from the manufacturer that is little-known in Russia and promises high antifriction additives and possibility of using this oil in high-loaded gasoline and diesel engines.

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MANNOL Energy SAE 5W30

The well-known German manufacturer of auto chemicals has a line of motor oils for garden equipment. This semisynthetic oil can be used in any garden equipment with four-stroke engines all year round. A liter package will cost an average of 420.

MANNOLMolibdenBenzinSAE 10W40 for air-cooled four-stroke engines

Semi-synthetic oil, whose composition has been improved by the use of molybdenum disulfide-based antifriction additives. Worth using in power tillers during heavy-duty applications in hot weather. A liter of this oil costs 330.

How to choose the right oil

The chemical composition of the oil is an important factor in choosing an engine oil. Minerals are excellent for reducing the frictional force of the components, thereby reducing aggregate wear. Semi-synthetic oils provide more stable engine performance. However, they have an increased fluidity, which is not suitable for engines with heavy wear and tear. Synthetic oils prevent carbon buildup, protecting the engine from breakdowns.

The engine oil to be filled into a single-axle tractor must meet the following requirements:

  • Reduced kinematic viscosity over a large temperature range. To prevent oil starvation during warm-up.
  • The oil must have a low tendency to carbonise. This is particularly important for air-cooled power units.

During operation, the lubricant performs several functions at once: cooling, cleaning, lubrication and sealing.

Gear oil for your power tiller

The main gear of a power block consists of several mechanisms connected in series with each other. The placement of the devices may vary from model to model. These may be arranged in self-contained units or combined in a gearbox housing.

By design, transmission units may be of the following types

Conventional pinion gears consist of conical and spur gear parts. It is used on medium and heavy models. As a rule, the mechanism of such devices is equipped with reverse and several reduction stages.

The gear and worm transmission is a double reduction gear system and is driven by a crankshaft mounted vertically. Design with one or two gears is used in lightweight blocks.


Transmission oil for the MG-tractor box should be chosen only in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. For different models it can differ strikingly in composition and performance characteristics.

For example, TAD-17I and TAP-15B are recommended for the Neva MB-1 mini-tractor, and SAE 85W90 or 80W90 for more modern devices.

Engine oil functions

Each piece of equipment, including power tillers, comes with a passport and instruction booklet. In the instruction manual the manufacturers always recommend the types of oil that allow you to use the equipment for a long time and not to break.

A wide choice of oils for your power tiller

It is necessary to know that during the work of the motoblock, the engine oil performs 4 functions at once:

When an air-cooled motorcycle engine is running, the lubricant sticks to the hot cylinder and creates a smoky exhaust. Deposition of resinous substances dramatically affects the contamination of some parts and complicates their lubrication.

It is recommended to use antioxidants with oil, which cleans the engine from dirty deposits. Correctly chosen SAE engine oil is a guarantee of longevity.

When using a single axle tractor choose a lubricant based on the climate zone.

For example, if SAE 10W30 type grease is used at 5°C or higher, it will consume much more and be more likely to cause engine damage. It is undesirable to pour summer lubricants at air temperatures below 5 ° C. This use makes it difficult to start the engine and damages the cylinder bore.

1.1 Viscosity classification of the oil

Viscosity grades of motor oil are commonly classified according to SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers).

High-quality flushing oil MPA. 2

  • Summer grades. oils of this category are used in summer, have high viscosity and no letter designation. These include: SAE 20, 30, 40, 50, 60.
  • Winter grades. these oils are used in winter and have low viscosity. The letter designation of this grade is W (Winter). These include: SAE 0W, 5W, 10W, 15W, 20W, 25W.
  • All-season grades. the most popular at present as they are used both in summer and winter. They are denoted by a double combination: 5W-30, 10W-40.

In addition to the differences in lubricants according to seasonal characteristics, they are divided into two types according to their composition:

Also, all oils are divided into lubricants for both 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines. Air-cooled, 4-stroke engines are usually fitted to power tillers. Only four-stroke oil should be used in these engines.

Checking the oil level with the dipstick in the oil filler opening

An air-cooled engine heats up more than a water-cooled engine under the same operating conditions. So the filler fluid must have low volatility and high thermal-oxidative stability. Modern oils must also be environmentally friendly, i.e.е. The amount of smoke and toxicity of exhaust gases is controlled.

Since the waste is often simply burned in boilers or steam generators, it must not contain components which produce toxic compounds during combustion. It is better to pour 4-stroke oil of 5W30 or SAE30 brand in a motocultivator, which works on gasoline, and has no instructions.

In winter, a winter or gear oil, such as 0W40, is preferable. But there is a price to pay for this quality. You should not save on it, because high-quality oil affects less engine wear and longevity.

Troubleshooting on a power tiller

Just like any other product that is used for normal maintenance of machinery, oil can lead to malfunctions. Let’s take a look at the most common problems that occur with engine and transmission fluid.

Oil inside the cylinder

It often happens that the single-axle tractor leans on its side while working. Usually the owner does not pay much attention to it. In fact, it is often the case that oil enters the engine cylinder through the valve rods. Because of this the technique can begin to smoke, which clearly will not please the owner of the Moto-Block.

To get rid of this problem, you need to clean the cylinder and plugs. Such a problem can also be caused by a single-axle tractor being tipped on its side on purpose when changing the oil. You do not need to do this!

Oil in the cylinder of a power tiller. an unpleasant, but fairly easily correctable problem.

High oil consumption

But what to do if a single axle tractor eats oil in gallons? Some people try to use thicker oil in this case, but it is not guaranteed to solve the problem. It is most likely caused by worn piston rings. To solve it, it is enough to change the rings.

If after replacing the problem is not eliminated, then it is worth to give the unit for diagnosis, because the increase in oil consumption indicates malfunctions in this part of the power tiller. If you do not take any measures, soon the machine will start to smoke, which is not good. So you have to fix the problem on time.

If you can not do it with your own hands, then turn to professionals. Timely solution of any technical problem will help you save on a new motoblock or engine.

And so, you decide what oil you need for your power tiller. It is advisable to follow the instructions if the lubricant brand is specified therein.

If not, it is better to consult with professionals, they will definitely help you determine what oil is better to pour into a single axle tractor to ensure the protection of the moving parts of the engine and transmission. In addition, always keep an eye on how much oil is in the power block.