What oil to fill in the engine of a power tiller?

Chemical Composition

According to the chemical composition differentiate motor oils on a mineral basis, synthetic and semi-synthetic:

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  • Mineral-based is cheaper, they are produced by distillation from fuel oil. Well-proven, but the viscosity increases in frosty weather;
  • On the synthetic basis are produced by molecular synthesis, their composition is resistant to changes in temperature;
  • Semi-synthetic base is obtained by mixing in different proportions of mineral and synthetic base. This composition of the mixture exhibits more stable characteristics.

Use the following types of oil as advised by the manufacturers:

  • The unit is used in winter, at subzero temperatures. SA ;
  • The unit is operated at medium power. S. B. Characterized by weak oxidation with good lubricating properties, corrosion protection;
  • Engine not equipped with PCV. S. C. Reduces deposit formation over a wide temperature range as well as engine wear and corrosion;
  • Engine with PCV. SD equipment, which has better characteristic qualities than the previous one.

Meanings of letters and numbers in oil labels:

  • ASEA. the highest number indicates that the features increase capability under heavy loads;
  • W. The lower the number before the letter, e.g. 0W, it means it is well adapted to low temperature conditions;
  • API. says which engine, t. е. gasoline or diesel. Gasoline with an S prefix and diesel with a C prefix;
  • GOST 17479, 1-85.- domestic;
  • 4. used for four-stroke engine etc. д. ;
  • EC. energy saving, the higher the value, the higher the quality of the oil.

In the classification, the numbers define the viscosity, and the letters define which group it belongs to and its properties. All seasons are written with a fraction in the numerator. winter, summer in the denominator.

What oil to fill in the engine of motor-block Lifan?

Lightweight agricultural machinery also needs careful maintenance and care, as complicated, powerful machines. What oil to fill in the engine of motor-block Lifan, a dilemma, troubling many users. This brand is quite popular and is in good demand among consumers.

What oil to fill in the engine of a power tiller?

For a single-axle tractor to please the quality of his work and many years of service, it makes sense to properly service it. Correct operation is another important point that will help to increase the engine‘s service life. Oil is a fundamental factor in all respects to ensure the stable operation of the engine. This material is devoted to the topic of correct choice of oil for the engine of a power tiller.

The key expert advice on the right choice of oil will be the recommendations of organizations that produce power-block engines. Here’s a quick look at some excerpts from the official instruction manuals of key engine manufacturers.

Selection of oil for the engine depends on two key factors. viscosity grade, as well as the operating special category.

Two variants of power units are installed on the power tiller.

  • Two-stroke. Lubrication of such a design is accomplished by adding lubricant to the fuel mixture (dry crankcase). Lubricants are characterized by minimal ash content, minimal viscosity.
  • Four-stroke. The engine is lubricated by rotating the crankshaft in an oil bath (wet crankcase). Lubricants in this category are characterized by stable viscosity, unsuitable for working at high temperatures.

How much oil to put in gearbox

Before changing the lubricant, you should find out the right amount, depending on the machine model:

The manual clearly says how much to pour and how often. Completely, by cleaning the tank, or partially, by topping up with the remaining amount.

After a long period of downtime, it is recommended to change completely and every 30-35 hours of active running-in, every past 150-200 hours of operation. Otherwise the mechanism will wear out quickly.

TEP-15 is suitable for hot summer time, when the maximum temperature drops to 5 degrees. If it is lower, then take TM-5, it can withstand freezing temperatures up to25 degrees Celsius. When changing seasons, it is necessary to remove the rest of the liquid completely, clean the tank and then refill another one, when the engine is warm. Especially in winter.

The oil itself gradually ages, stagnates and thickens. Especially after a season change. Before changing, check the current lubricant balance with a special dipstick.

Moto-blocks (MG-tractor) are mobile, compact devices equipped with special attachments for household plots treatment. The minitractor is a complex unit consisting of several autonomous systems:

Single axle tractors are equipped with either gasoline or diesel engines with liquid or air cooling system. Gasoline power units are divided into two- and four-stroke, diesel power units are only four-stroke.

The MG-tractor transmission transmits the rotational forces from the motor to the drive wheels of the unit and consists of the following units:

In other words, a single axle tractor is the same vehicle, complete with an internal combustion engine, including all the necessary systems for its successful operation. Therefore, it is subject to the same oil classes and requirements as large transport units.

Is it necessary to add oil to petrol for your power tiller??

The answer to this common question can be given based on the type of factory engine of the existing power tiller. Agricultural powerhouses are equipped with either 2 or 4-stroke engines. Gasoline for a 2-stroke motor must be diluted with engine oil, always adhering to the proportion indicated by the manufacturer.

It is important to remember that 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines work on different principles. The combustion of fuel in the motors of the first type occurs continuously in 2 strokes. The oil that is used to make the fuel mix is. contains not only lubricating components, but also additives that improve fuel quality. Oil and fuel for your powerpack are always filled separately for 4-stroke engines, in dedicated tanks designed specifically for this purpose by the engine manufacturer.

Oil for a diesel scooter. what to remember when choosing?

According to API standards, lubricating compositions are divided into three types. for gasoline engines, for diesel engines and universal oils, which can be used for all types of internal combustion engines.

If you use gasoline for your power tiller, you must buy motor oil with a two-letter designation on the package for engine lubrication. The letter S must appear first, followed by one of the letters A, B, C, F, G, H, or J. If you use diesel fuel for your motor-block for refueling, then in order to lubricate the engine it is necessary to buy oil, the package of which first necessarily indicates the letter C.

Universal motor oils are marked with a double marking, which indicates the possibility of using them for the lubrication of both types of internal combustion engines. Such motor oils, for example, may be marked as SG/CD or SF/CC.

Why is automotive oil unsuitable?

Among motor oils there are a lot of special oils, with various additives, which are not suitable for power tillers.

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For example it is not recommended to use TM 5 gear oil for the gears of motor blocks. This is a special oil with lots of protective and regenerative sulfur-phosphorus additives, used only where it is recommended.

On the gears of the motoblock gearbox it can form protective deposits, films of considerable thickness, which in this node is not erased and is not needed. This can lead to changes in tooth size and problems.

The same applies to special engine oils. In addition, such oils are often much more expensive.

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That’s why it is more accurate to say that automobile oils are suitable for power tillers, but not all of them. I hope we answered your question in full and now you understand whether you can pour automotive oil in the 4-stroke engine power tiller.