What Oil To Lubricate The Chainsaw

All About Choosing Chainsaw Oil
Oil requirements for a 2-stroke chainsaw engine. Review of the best two-stroke oils from Stihl, Husqwarna. Fuel mixture, gasoline and oil ratio table. What oil to use to lubricate the saw chain.

Stihl HP

The grease was specially developed for the engines of Stihl equipment. She has mineral base, possesses high lubricating and cleaning properties and can be used at ambient temperature not lower than 10 ° С.

The grease is red in color and can be stored for no more than 4 years in a closed container. The latter can have different capacities, both large and small (for one-time refueling). For example, there is a 20-gram container on sale, the contents of which are added to 1 liter of gasoline. This is a very convenient option for owners of chainsaws who use them occasionally. Important: a mixture of gasoline with this oil cannot be stored for more than 1 month, since it will already lose its lubricating properties during this time.

Choice of oil for chain lubrication

Remember to check the amount of oil in the oil tank after each refueling of the chainsaw. In a chainsaw, an oil pump is responsible for delivering lubricant to the tire on which the saw chain slides. Normally, refueling of both tanks. Fuel and oil. Should be done simultaneously. Chain oil must be poured into a suitable tank up to the neck. Otherwise, it may run out before fuel, which will lead to overheating of the chain and bus.

Chainsaw chain oil must be designed specifically for this purpose. The use of other lubricants is ineffective and reduces the service life of not only the saw, but also the tires of the machine. This is due to the fact that chain oil contains adhesive additives, thanks to which the lubricant literally “sticks” to the chain. This property of the oil reduces its consumption, as a result of which the lubrication of the chainsaw bar and the saw chain is improved, and their service life increases.

Also an important parameter of chain lubrication is its density. If you are going to use a lubricant that is not intended for chainsaws, you may notice that oil leaks during operation or after stopping the unit. This fact suggests that the grease is too liquid. In addition, the liquid lubricant will quickly scatter in all directions and, accordingly, quickly run out.

what oil to lubricate the chainsaw

Leading petrol tool manufacturers such as Stihl, Husqvarna, Makita, Bosch and the Oregon chainsaw accessories manufacturer recommend special highly adhesive oils, including biodegradable. But oils of well-known brands have only one drawback. The price of 300 rubles per 1 liter and above. In addition, the grease in the reservoir can thicken over time and clog the channels. For this reason, it has to be drained, and this already increases the consumption. But despite this, we have to admit the fact that only the use of special lubricants can extend the service life of the chainsaw.

Overview of manufacturers of oils for internal combustion engines

Among the manufacturers producing the best two-stroke oils, two leaders can be named with confidence. These are Husqvarna (Husvarna) and Stihl (Stihl). The companies produce not only conventional mineral oils, but also synthetic lubricants designed for 2-stroke engines operating in severe conditions.

Chain oil

Almost all chainsaws come with an instruction manual. In such a manual, it is indicated that in all cases it is necessary to fill in chain oil with high adhesion effect.

Adhesive oil is required for chain operation for the following reasons:

  1. At the time of operation of the device, the chain moves at high speed. If oil with a low adhesion index is used, then during operation it will be scattered by inertia. You can check this yourself, for which it is enough to add ordinary lubricants to the surface and add gas.
  2. The oil must be highly lubricating. At a high speed of movement of the tire, it can become very hot, due to which the metal used in the manufacture becomes soft and less wear-resistant.

Oil for lubrication in various containers

It should be borne in mind that with prolonged use of the chainsaw, a large amount of oil will be required, since it is quickly wiped off the tire surface. Various companies are involved in the production of chain lubricants.

When to use a special chain oil?

Manufacturers recommend the use of a special chain oil whenever the chainsaw is used. This recommendation is related to the points below:

  1. The oil pump may be damaged. This is due to the special properties of the lubricant.
  2. The use of waste or other oils for other purposes reduces the ability of the tool to high revs.
  3. If the tire is heavily worn, do not put a new chain on it. This is due to increased surface wear. It is recommended that you purchase at least four chains if you work frequently.
  4. It is strictly forbidden to work without filling the tank with oil. At the time of refueling the chainsaw with fuel, the tire must be lubricated.

When using a special oil for lubricating the chain, you need to pay attention to its quality, since the composition should not contain various impurities or debris. Otherwise, the oil pump can quickly fail.

Chainsaw chain lubrication

Almost all manufacturers of chainsaws and accessories are engaged in the production of lubricants. Chainsaw chain oil protects metal from rapid wear and corrosion. In addition, chain oil stays on the surface for a long time, even with prolonged operation of the device.

Versatility problems

A multi-purpose chain saw oil has relatively unattractive performance. It should be borne in mind that even manufacturers of lubricants do not indicate their 100% versatility.

The above information indicates that there are no universal oil options. That is why, when choosing, you need to pay attention to the operational properties, in particular, the temperature regime.

Stihl adhesive oils

The company’s website contains the following adhesive oils intended for various operating temperatures and having a good lubricating performance:

  • Forestplus adhesive oil. Recommended for operation at temperatures up to. 15 ° C, shelf life under storage conditions is 3 years. Supplied in 1 liter or 5 liter containers;
  • Bioplus. Its feature is a vegetable base, which allows it to decompose quickly when it enters the soil. Used up to minus 15, supplied in three, five and one-liter containers;
  • The latest SynthPlus oil is distinguished by its ability to maintain performance at minus 25 ° C.

Chainsaw chain oil. Which one to use

You are a recent owner of a chainsaw, and you still don’t know which chain oil is best to use. Lack of this knowledge can have a detrimental effect on the tool, since the type and quality of the lubricant determines how long the tire and the tool chain will maintain their performance.

After reading this article, you will fill the knowledge gap, because we will consider the use of oils of various manufacturers and brands to reduce friction between the parts of the saw headset. And we will also figure out what additional lubricants are used to service the chainsaw in order to maximize its service life.

Chainsaw sprocket lubricant

To increase the service life and reduce friction on the drive sprocket, the manufacturer equips this mechanism with a needle bearing, which must be lubricated periodically. Stihl multipurpose grease can be used for lubrication.

If you do not want to overpay, it is better to use an inexpensive, but no less high-quality option, Litol or Litol 24 grease. Due to its viscosity, Litol will easily replace the original one.

It is possible to lubricate the chain saw tire sprocket with the same lubricants as the leading one, using a special filler for this. This allows the lubricant to be pressed in, through the technological holes in the tire, to the sprocket bearing.