What Oil to Pour into a Makita Lawn Mower

Lawn mower gasoline Hammer KMT175SB. Review and first impressions.

Good day to everyone today, we got such a pigtail, the Hammer company, so now I’ll show exactly 175 models in this line; three models are 175; now we will unpack and a small reviewer will show the main characteristics of what we have for this price

At a price this technique costs 19 thousand at the current moment 4 they are, well, horsepower, in principle, everything is visible on the records, then proceed to unpacking and reviews, respectively, share our first impressions

What Oil to Pour into a Makita Lawn Mower

So I forgot to say that this mower has a mulching function ejecting lateral grass so we have it, respectively, behind the grass catcher well and the wheels are of a rather large diameter, but the mowing width according to my 51 centimeter is exactly there

The guarantee is written in the passport for 3 years if you register on the official website of the hammer so that there is still height adjustment and on the front on the rear axle well, and it’s self-propelled

Cry on the exam will still go back and forth he proceeds further to the hill, there is really nothing to fasten the handle on the grass catcher the handle to put the filling to unscrew not the second part so attach 2 part of the handle up nothing

It’s difficult to fasten; we attach a grass catcher; well, then it remains to refuel and make the first engine start;

The steps, respectively, the lever and to the maximum height, this is the maximum from the side, that is, it’s enough to go out to any section and it has uneven relief

But it’s all as if the external review is completed, we proceed to refueling also this mower has another nice feature: this is the addition of this pages long nipple, that is, after work you can also rinse and disconnect the hose and rinse as if

We are pleased with the trifle, and on many models this function is even present which is much more expensive tank for gasoline we have 1 liter of gasoline 92 93 respectively, now we will find a funnel and fill and oil 600

Grams, as I said, semisynthetics is poured here this liter canister now of course we’ll fill it with 600 grams and 1 K. For now, the shield needs to be changed if oil is changed then, after five hours

Why pour gasoline well, yes, I already said one liter in the waste of the equipment is quite serious power 4 1 horsepower as a weak tiller you can mix the unit to plow further pour oil

I’ll create it after running in 5 hours it is recommended that it be changed while pouring in. I will show the nameplates even it says height adjustment width 51 centimeter 175 cubic centimeters fiat engine capacity from 330 to 80

Centimeters [applause] all the oil is filled with gasoline, too, now we’ll start the feast smear, we will start the first run, here we have the primer, this is the so-called

A few times more points we press the gas to the maximum and proceed to start, unfortunately we already have grass and mosquitoes naught because the whole trainer has mowed down, but we will demonstrate magnatec dandelions usually of course this is not serious for this technique;

The first position on the first question is a mark lower the arms [music] [applause] [music] [music]

Lowered the lowest position for an example prove [music] [applause] [music] [music]

[applause] in our area, the grass is already mowed with a trimer, respectively, a test how you would not be able to conduct an adequate test went outside to the neighboring area, here we have irregularities oh what

The bouillon is present, respectively, we’ll demonstrate here now, and so here we still have the indicator of filling the grass with collections, respectively, when the grass is typed, you don’t get a cat

The device what can I say the first start is completed the test the set money is passed we consider this acquisition as it would be adequate to competitors in this mower a little for 19,000 we get big wheels

Mulching there is a function that is, a lateral discharge well and a grass catcher of a rather large 60 liters, that is, as if for this money, a quite adequate option is also an undoubted plus, despite enough power

Well, as if big wheels, the mowing width is the possibility of transformation, respectively, you can unscrew these handles, but remove the handles and remove the grass catcher and the mower will fit the trunk of a car more than any

Essentially you need to transport somewhere with a width it will turn out even less than a meter okay everyone thanks for your attention I hope the review will be useful to someone if you write in the comments after some serious tests there will already be more

Lawnmower HAMMER KMT175S gasoline

Benzo lawn mower Hammerflex KMT175S 4.1ls 175cm3 wide 51cm height 25-75mm grass-saving.50l samoh.Mulchir.

In THE BOXThanks to its unique drive, the KMT175S has high performance with low engine weight. The new model has appeared in the program since 2012, having received not only an excellent design, but also the ability to mow close to the walls, without leaving behind unkempt stems. Hammer gas mowers are high performance, ergonomic and manoeuvrable.

Lawnmower HAMMER KMT175S gasoline channel 220 Volt

Lawn mower gasoline Hammer kmt 175 sb

Beast. Great IR review released

Have you changed the oil yet? How it’s done?

I have been using it for 4 years after winter in a damp shed. A plant kicks the mole heaps to the ground with a half-pound. He blows the rear driving wheels at a time. The knife is loose. Horseradish. Unscrew the bag from the back.

The neighbors from the crash are hung

In the thick grass stalls

Good day 1) Please tell me how high you mowed the grass? 2) What is the height of the mowed grass? (like a “lawn” or is it still higher?) (after all, you can mow a lawn mow right under the very root) (and it turns out higher with a lawn mower, so does it look very terrible higher or is it okay with principle? Thanks in advance

But what about 200?

Alexander E, no. The mower is self-propelled, in the middle position it moves confidently on decent irregularities. It is relatively easy to start, but it is for a man. For a woman, it will most likely not be convenient, since it is necessary to pull out the cable for almost the entire length and it is necessary to hold the clamped gas. I took 175 with a power reserve since I have to cut decent volumes

1) Maybe you still have some on how this lawn mower works? 2) Is she self-propelled? 3) Why did you buy 175 and not 145 or 200? 4) Will it start up hard? (Can a woman manage or not?)

Alexander E, the height is adjusted if the grass is not quite weeds and the plot is even, you can put the lowest position, it turns out as a trimmer almost on the ground, only even smoother and more accurately. If you mow the harsh August grass somewhere in the meadow, then it is better to put it higher so that the knife does not clog and has time to throw it out and turn it. Sometimes, when the knife is completely clogged with thick grass, the mower stalls, since there is no idle mode, always clamped gas.

The starter handle should be in the loop

Dmitry, thanks for the review. We bought the same yesterday. There was a question how to remove a candle. The instructions say that before draining the oil (and drain it through the mouth of the bay, tilting the mower on its side), but there are no schemes. I found a candle, but I don’t know how to remove the wire from it, I’m afraid to break something. Can you review the replacement / disconnection of the plug from the high voltage wire? Thank you in advance!

Are there any downsides to this model?

The Kirik GUY is, a weak gear drive wheels. Spare parts are not found.

The Kirik GUY, has not yet been noticed. True, at the moment they mowed her just a couple of times