What Oil To Put Into Makita Lawn Mower


The Japanese company Makita was founded in 1915. Initially, the company’s activity was focused on the repair of transformers and electric motors. Twenty years later, the Japanese brand became one of the most popular in the European market, later the products were successfully exported to the USSR.

Since 1958, all Makita’s efforts have shifted to the production of hand-held power tools used for construction, repair and garden work of varying complexity.

Makita has gained popularity for its powerful and robust hand-held lawnmowers. It is worth highlighting the models of mowers that operate without a network connection. Such a unit is called a self-propelled gasoline.

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The manufacturer guarantees reliability, durability, ease of use, as well as high quality assembly of garden equipment.

Consider the main advantages of the Japanese brand gardening equipment:

  • long term of work without breakdowns and short circuits;
  • clear operating instructions;
  • simple control of the unit;
  • ergonomics during harvesting;
  • compactness and modern design;
  • multifunctionality, high engine power;
  • corrosion resistance (due to processing with a special compound);
  • the ability to work on an uneven area;
  • wide range of assortment.

Makita petrol lawn mowers: range, tips for choosing and using

  • Characteristics
  • Model overview
  • How to choose?
  • User’s manual

In order for your site to be beautiful and even, it is necessary to use high-quality equipment for its care. Thus, the Japanese company Makita presents a series of models of self-propelled gasoline lawn mowers, distinguished by their durability and modern design. Read more about Makita gardening equipment. in the article.

Model overview

Consider modern models of self-propelled gasoline lawn mowers of the Makita brand.

PLM5121N2 is a modern self-propelled unit. Its functions include cleaning grass, beautifying garden and summer cottages, as well as sports grounds. This model works quickly and efficiently thanks to its 2.6 kW four-stroke engine. The mowing width is 51 cm, the cultivated area is 2200 sq. meters.

Differs in ease of use and the necessary equipment. The total weight of the lawn mower. 31 kg.

Pluses of the PLM5121N2 model:


PLM4631N2 is a suitable device for tidying up adjoining territories or park areas. It features an adjustable cutting height (from 25 to 70 mm). Width remains unchanged. 46 cm.

Users have noticed easy handling for a long time. The device weighs 34 kg.

The advantages of the PLM4631N2 model:

  • side discharge;
  • mulching device;
  • engine power (four-stroke) 2.6 kW;
  • the volume of the grass-catcher. 60 l;
  • comfortable handle;
  • ergonomic wheels.


The PLM4628N is an affordable heavy duty lawn mower. Made from durable materials, the parts are complemented by a four-stroke engine (power. 2.7 kW). In addition, the cutting height is manually adjustable (25-75 mm). Standard width. 46 cm, workable area. 1000 sq. meters.

And also the manufacturer has supplemented the unit with a spacious grass catcher, which, if necessary, can be replaced with a new one.

Pluses of the PLM4628N model:

  • 7 positions of knives for mowing;
  • mulching function;
  • reliable, sturdy wheels;
  • user-friendly handle;
  • low vibration for more convenient operation;
  • device weight. 31.2 kg.


PLM5113N2 is a modern model of the machine, designed for long harvesting work. With such a lawn mower, the area to be treated increases to 2000 square meters. meters. In addition, the efficiency is influenced by the 190 “cubic” four-stroke engine.

There is also a grass catcher with a capacity of 65 liters of grass. The cutting height can be adjusted. the gradation includes 5 positions.

The advantages of the PLM5113N2 model:

  • quick start of the device;
  • cutting width. 51 cm;
  • the handle is independently adjustable;
  • mulching function is on;
  • resistance of the case to mechanical damage;
  • weight. 36 kg.


How to choose?

Before buying such gardening equipment as a lawn mower, first of all, you should consider the technical and functional characteristics of the equipment.

In addition, it is necessary to study the type and area of ​​the site on which it is supposed to mow the grass. Don’t forget to consider your own preferences.

So, let’s consider the main criteria for choosing Makita self-propelled mowers:

  • engine power;
  • mowing strip width (small. 30-40 cm, medium. 40-50 cm, large. 50-60 cm, XXL. 60-120 cm);
  • cutting height and its adjustment;
  • type of collection / discharge of grass (grass catcher, mulching, side / rear discharge);
  • collector type (soft / hard);
  • mulching function (grass chopping).

Only a high-quality product is designed for a long period of operation without breakdowns and unnecessary replacement of parts.

User’s manual

The standard equipment of Makita mowers is always supplemented with an instruction manual, where there are important sections for the further operation of the unit:

  • lawn mower device (diagrams, description, equipment assembly rules);
  • technical characteristics of the model;
  • safety requirements;
  • preparation for work;
  • start-up, running-in;
  • maintenance;
  • table of possible malfunctions.

So, the first thing to do is to start the mower for the first time. The algorithm of actions includes:

  • filling fuel / checking the level in the tank;
  • oil filling / level check;
  • checking the tightening of fasteners;
  • checking the contact on the spark plug;
  • running in.

Maintenance involves the following steps:

  • fuel replacement (after running-in and every 25 hours of operation);
  • replacement of candles (after 100 hours);
  • service the filter;
  • conservation (drainage of technical fluid, cleaning, lubrication, removal of knives);
  • replace or sharpen the mower knife;
  • clean the machine from grass residues;
  • aftercare of the motor.

Of course, the Rider Lawnmower must be refueled before each work. For a gasoline-type unit with a two-stroke engine, it is recommended to fill in a special mixture of engine oil and gasoline in a ratio of 1: 32.

Four-stroke lawn mowers only need to be refueled with gasoline.

So, the Japanese brand Makita lawn mowers can boast of quality, strength and durability. A variety of models of self-propelled mowers will allow you to choose the one suitable for cleaning a garden or park area, which will become your favorite for many years.

Makita PLM 4621 model overview see below.

Changing the oil in a four-stroke lawnmower.

4 Stroke Lawnmower Oil Change Video.

Which lawn mower oil should you choose?

It is necessary to emphasize that a certain type of fluid and its viscosity directly depend on the temperature conditions in which this tool is operated. So, if the weather is warm (temperatures from plus 5 to plus 30 degrees Celsius), it is recommended to use the SAE-30 series fluid. In the off-season season, experts recommend pouring lawn mower oil with a viscosity of 10W-30. In winter, 5W-30 series fluid can be used. You should also pay attention to Synthetic 5W-30, which, by its properties, ensures reliable operation of lawn mower parts at relatively low temperatures.

Why is it so important to observe the frequency?

First, let’s take a look at how important it is to periodically change the oil in a lawn mower. Firstly, this fluid provides air cooling of the mechanism, thereby allowing the engine to operate at extremely high revs. Secondly, the lawn mower oil protects its parts during winter storage.

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Which lawn mower oil should you choose?

It is necessary to emphasize that a certain type of fluid and its viscosity directly depend on the temperature conditions in which this tool is operated. So, if the weather is warm (temperatures from plus 5 to plus 30 degrees Celsius), it is recommended to use the SAE-30 series fluid. In the off-season season, experts recommend pouring lawn mower oil with a viscosity of 10W-30. In winter, 5W-30 series fluid can be used. You should also pay attention to Synthetic 5W-30, which, by its properties, ensures reliable operation of lawn mower parts at relatively low temperatures.

How often should the fluid be changed?

It should be noted that the frequency of oil changes directly depends on the technical condition of the engine. For example, if the engine on the mower is new, the fluid must be changed immediately after running in. In terms of time, this is approximately 5-6 hours of operation of the mechanism. So that in the future, various debris does not penetrate inside and does not accumulate in the engine, it is necessary to replace the fluid several more times with a frequency of 5-10 hours.

A lawn mower is a must-have item for those who need repetitive mowing of grass on lawns and other soil areas. But with the purchase of this tool, one should not forget that it, like any other mechanism, asks for repeated maintenance. One of those moments is oil change. How to change the oil in the lawn mower, which liquid is better to fill? You will learn the answer from the article.

Changing the oil in a four-stroke lawnmower.

4-Stroke Lawnmower Oil Change Video.


When choosing an oil, great attention should be paid to its manufacturer. It is better to choose the brand recommended by the lawn mower manufacturer. In the instructions for the technique, you can find information about the filled oil, the frequency of its replacement and recommendations regarding the choice of working fluid.

Also, many lawn mower manufacturers release their own oils, which will have to be used for replacement if you want to maintain the warranty on the equipment. In addition, the instructions provide general characteristics that the oil must meet. When choosing a replacement fluid, you need to focus on this list. This will allow you to choose the oil that will most closely match the manufacturer’s requirements.

Many self-respecting manufacturers of lubricating fluids offer their consumers a separate line of products that are designed to service garden equipment. If it is possible to choose such a special oil, then you need to buy it.

  • Shell Helix Ultra is the best among all companies that present their products on the Russian market. These oils are popular in all countries. Shell specialists have been working for 40 years to develop a unique technology for producing synthetic oil from natural gas. The resulting product is characterized by an improved composition, which has no analogues at this time. The manufacturer adds the necessary additives to the base composition, which makes it possible to obtain products with different characteristics. Such oil must be bought only at specialized points of sale, since low-grade counterfeits are often found.
  • Also, high-quality products are represented by Liqui Moly. The manufacturer produces several product lines that have different purposes. This assortment includes products for the maintenance of garden equipment. Such oils are designed for long-term operation of trimmers and lawn mowers, their technical characteristics are developed in accordance with the features of modern technology and manufacturer’s recommendations.

Liqui Moly adds additive packages to lawn mower oils that are necessary to reduce equipment wear and keep the engine clean. The main advantage of such fluids is environmental friendliness, because they are created on a plant basis. Liqui Moly lawn mower oils meet all environmental standards.

Rasenmaher produces a good mineral type lubricant specially developed for gardening machines. This tool can be used to service 4-stroke engines with different cooling systems. The substance from Rasenmaher can only be used at freezing temperatures. The manufacturer has carefully developed and selected additives for its product. The result of such actions was a wide list of functionality:

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  • maintaining the pressure in the system at a stable level;
  • effective lubrication of all parts that need it;
  • preservation of the viscosity of the grease throughout the entire service life, up to the next change;
  • providing excellent protection for the motor from natural wear;
  • minimum evaporation rate.

Oil functions

Lawn mower lubricant should be carefully selected and high quality oils should be preferred. If you save on this consumable liquid, then it will not perform its functions to the full, the lawn mower will fail in a short time and will require expensive repairs. The oil used in a lawn mower has an important role to play. It has the following functions:

  • lubrication of parts that experience high friction during operation;
  • removal of heat energy from heated parts;
  • reduced engine wear;
  • minimizing the development of such negative phenomena as deposits of various types, the formation of soot and varnish;
  • protection of parts from the formation and effects of corrosion;
  • decrease in the toxicity index of exhaust gaseous substances;
  • minimizing the amount of smoke.

The engine of a lawn mower is significantly different from that which is installed in cars and motor vehicles. Therefore, different lubricants for these units should be used. You cannot replace one oil with another. The consequences for technology can be the most unpredictable.

The engines used for lawn mowers do not have an oil pump. This circumstance creates high requirements for the oil, especially for the indicators of its viscosity.

In a lawn mower engine, the crankshaft is responsible for distributing the oil. The liquid is scooped from the crankcase by parts that resemble spoons in shape. The speed of their movement is colossal. Such design features of the motor require the use of oil, which contains high quality additives. These components reduce the ability of the working fluid to foam and become more viscous from high temperatures.

In low-cost, low-grade oils, these additives are less abundant and quality is highly questionable. A good oil should have such a viscosity so that it can stick well on parts and not create difficulties for the movement of mechanisms inside the motor.

Which is better to choose?

Choosing the right mower oil is based on a large number of factors that must be followed. It doesn’t matter if you choose a lubricant for a gasoline or a self-propelled lawn mower, you cannot use the first oil that comes along. It is also forbidden to choose the most expensive oil or the most popular. The lubricating fluid must be fully adapted to the requirements of your lawn mower.

There is no universal option, therefore each case is unique and the choice of oil should be based on the recommendations of the equipment manufacturer.

  • In terms of viscosity, the oil is selected in accordance with the temperature conditions that are typical for the operation of garden equipment. For summer, when the ambient temperature reaches 30 degrees, it is advisable to use oil from the SAE-30 series. For the off-season it is recommended to use 10W-30 oil. Synthetic 5W-30 fluid works well at low temperatures.
  • For 2-stroke engines, it is necessary to use a mixture of oil and high-octane gasoline in the ratio recommended by the equipment manufacturer. Usually the ratio is 1/25. According to these figures, 25 ml of gasoline is added for every milliliter of oil. There are exceptions, so you need to study the instructions for the lawn mower.
  • In the case of four-stroke type motors, fluid mixing is not required. A simple automotive fluid is optimal for such mechanisms. It can be SAE30, 10W40 or SF. The main thing is that the technical and operational properties match the list recommended by the manufacturer. For winter use, a liquid must be chosen with frost-resistant properties.
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You cannot experiment and use oil that is not suitable for the existing motor. There is a huge difference between the fluids that are used for different types of motors. For example, a fluid for four-stroke type motors must keep its composition unchanged for a long time. Oil for two-stroke engines must have a minimum amount of mineral components to prevent carbon deposits.

How to choose your lawn mower oil?

  • Oil functions
  • Varieties
  • Manufacturers
  • Which one is better to choose?
  • Replacement recommendations

It is rare for a private home owner to do without a lawn mower. You may not even have a lawn that needs regular maintenance, but use a lawn mower. This technique, like any other, needs periodic maintenance, such as an oil change. Each lawn mower owner needs to know what kind of liquid can be used for these purposes, how to choose it correctly and pour it into the unit.


To choose the right gardening fluid and always know what to buy, you need to study the existing varieties of oils. First of all, technical oil fluids are separated by chemical composition.

  • Mineral oils are created from the base obtained from petroleum refined products. These fluids are viscous and must be changed frequently. They are designed for low power motors. Most recommended for summer use.
  • Synthetic fluids are based on special synthetic substances, which include esters. The viscosity is at a low level, long service life and year-round use. no other type of lubricant can boast such high characteristics. These fluids are ideal for demanding applications in harsh environments.
  • Semi-synthetic motor oil is created from mineral and synthetic type substances. These oils are the middle choice between the two previous fluids. Semi-synthetic oils are ideal for garden and park equipment, two- and four-stroke engines.

There are several other classifications based on different requirements. The most common API classification. It is supported by different countries and many manufacturers. According to this classification, all engine oils are divided into the following types:

  • TA is the best option for home appliances with a motor up to 50 cc. cm;
  • TB is intended for equipment with higher power, equipped with a motor of more than 50, but less than 200 cc. cm;
  • TC is an oil that is intended for motors with increased requirements for the quality of the lubricant; such oil can be safely poured into lawn mowers;
  • TD is designed for outboard motors that are liquid cooled.

How To Fix A Smoking Lawn Mower. Video


Due to the 20% solvent composition, the oil of the two-contact type is able to mix well with automotive fuel. In addition, such liquids are capable of completely burning. Lubricants can be painted in various colors. Coloring does not indicate the quality of the oil. Its function is different. it makes it easier for the user to distinguish between lubricant and fuel.

Replacement recommendations

It is important not only to choose a quality oil that will suit your technique in terms of its characteristics. You also need to know how to properly pour it into the lawn mower. The rules are simple, but must be followed:

  • turn on the unit and warm up the engine idle for a quarter of an hour;
  • remove the plug from the tank and substitute a container of the required volume to collect the waste liquid;
  • tilt the mower and drain the waste material;
  • We twist the plug, put the unit on the most even surface. After that, you can open the hole from above;
  • fill in a new working fluid, observing the recommendations of the manufacturer of the equipment regarding the volume, check the fluid level conveniently with a dipstick;
  • when the amount of liquid has reached the required volume, you can tighten the plug.

In most cases, about 500 ml of fresh oil should be used to replace the used fluid. This norm corresponds to most of the units that are common in Russia. There are, of course, exceptions, so you need to study the instructions before replacing the spent fluid.

If your lawnmower is equipped with a two-stroke engine, and this indicates the need to mix the lubricant with gasoline, then this should be done immediately before replacement. It is impossible to make such a composition with a margin, since due to a chemical reaction, the mixture loses its properties. The approximate shelf life is no more than a month. Only the components will be damaged from such actions.

It is strictly forbidden to pour waste liquid onto the ground or down the drain. Working off should be given to special points for processing. It can also be used for personal purposes. Be responsible and do not pollute the environment with waste technical fluids.

For information on how to change the oil in a lawn mower, see the next video.

Lawn mower features

The engine oil in the mower engine is distributed by the crankshaft: it is scooped up from the crankcase and sprayed onto the parts. Due to this design, the viscosity of the lubricant must be sufficient to retain the oil film on the parts, at the same time it must not be too thick to interfere with the movement of parts or form a hard crust.

On the other hand, lawn mowers operate mainly in positive ambient temperatures and the load on their engines is not as severe as on car engines. Lawn mowers most often do not require a “cold start” in the cold, which greatly reduces the service life of a car engine and requires low-temperature properties from lubrication.

On the contrary, lawn mowers are generally air-cooled and therefore have a higher engine temperature than liquid-cooled car motors.

The first refueling is intended for running in the engine. after five hours of operation, it is replaced, after which it is possible to work on the new lubricant all season. In the future, the replacement is done according to the regulations after a certain number of hours, or it is drained at the end of the summer season and a new one is poured in the next year.

Recommendations for the selection of oils from specific manufacturers

Manufacturers of lawn mowers in the instructions for them necessarily indicate the type that is used in their technology, as well as the frequency of oil changes, usually in operating hours. Usually manufacturers indicate their branded lubricants and they should be used if you want to keep the warranty on the equipment. But often manufacturers also indicate the general characteristics of lubricants and then you can pick up similar lubricants from more widely available automotive oils.

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The one recommended by the manufacturer is considered the best for any engine. Shell Helix Ultra is world famous. Shell has been developing new technology for producing synthetic oil from natural gas for 40 years. Pureplus technology has resulted in an improved base oil composition. On its basis, with the addition of the necessary additives, the leading manufacturers recommended for their equipment are obtained.

What kind of oil to pour into the lawn mower?

Internal combustion engines used in lawn mowers are available in two and four strokes. When changing the engine oil in lawn mower engines, the owners have a question. what kind of engine oil to fill in the lawn mower? Today we will analyze this issue in detail and start first with four-stroke engines.

General Guidelines for Choosing Lawn Mower Oil

Based on the above design features of the engines, it is best to use a special lawn mower oil for lubrication, and it should be suitable for the temperature conditions in which the unit will be used. The best option is a specialized grease of SAE 30 class. It is used at temperatures above 5 degrees.

If a special one is not available, then automotive lubricants of the class can be used:

  • SAE 15W-40
  • SAE 20W-50

These lubricants are also designed mainly for positive ambient temperatures and a maximum value above 35 degrees.

By the type of lubricant. mineral and semi-synthetic are allowed. Fully synthetic would be too expensive. The quality level of performance properties according to API. “SF”, “SG”, “SH”, “SJ” and higher. For four-stroke garden machinery engines, the label must be marked “4T”.

Changing the engine oil in two-stroke lawn mowers

The two-stroke engine is usually mounted on trimmers (hand-held grass clippers). These devices are small in size and weight, so the number of parts in them is minimized. They do not have a separate oil reservoir and need to mix gasoline and oil. Here, amateur performance is no longer appropriate. it is necessary to use only a special one for two-stroke engines and mix it with gasoline in the proportions specified in the operating instructions for the trimmer.

It is imperative to pay attention to the type of oil to determine the correct mixing ratio: for mineral oils, the ratio of oil to gasoline should be from 1:32 to 1:35, and for semi-synthetic oils. 1:50.

Once again, we draw your attention. on canisters with oil for two-stroke engines, the marking “2T” MUST be indicated!

The fuel mixture for two-stroke engines is prepared as follows:

  • The exact amount of gasoline is poured into the canister (for example, for a trimmer of 5 liters),
  • Then, using a dispenser, add oil (semi-synthetic. 100 milliliters)
  • Cover with a lid and mix well

The finished fuel mixture can be stored for no more than two weeks in a metal or polypropylene container.

Do not use plastic bottles for storage! Polyethylene dissolves in gasoline and then, getting into the combustion chamber, increases carbon deposits in the engine. With prolonged storage of the fuel mixture, it loses its properties due to chemical reactions. There is an increased risk that the engine will not start on old fuel.

We hope our review has helped answer your question. what kind of oil to put in a lawn mower? We ask you to share your best practices for changing engine oil in lawn mowers under the review in the comments below.

What kind of oil to pour into the lawn mower?

Everyone knows that a car engine requires special care that will ensure a long and trouble-free life of the engine. The same rule applies to the motor of a gasoline lawn mower: depending on whether you have a trimmer or a large four-wheel mower, you will be faced with the problem of choosing an oil. What are the basic requirements for lawn mower engine oil??

How to choose your lawn mower oil?

As with any unit, there is an instruction for the lawn mower, which contains not only the main characteristics of the tool, but also the rules for caring for it. So, the instructions will say that only specialized oil should be used for lawn mowers. And some manufacturers insist on using oil of the same brand as the lawn mower itself.

In fact, this fact turns out to be just a marketing ploy by manufacturers, and both automobile and motorcycle engine oil for four-stroke engines can be suitable for a lawn mower. It is enough just to follow the basic rules:

The oil must be mineral or semi-synthetic. Fully synthetic oil can burn the engine, so it is best not to use it at all. A lot of sludge is generated when the mower is running on mineral oil, so we advise you to opt for semi-synthetic oil. In addition, mineral oil is difficult to find today.

The viscosity of the oil should not exceed SAE 30 or 10w30, and the quality category should vary between SE and SJ. viscous oil can disrupt engine performance, however, less viscous oil can also be affected. All these indicators are necessarily indicated on the packaging.

Select oil based on operating temperature conditions. If you mow in cold weather, the viscosity of the oil may be higher than the above, but the next time you turn on you will have to change the oil to the correct one.

In lawn mowers with four-stroke engines, oil is poured into a special crankcase and is never mixed with gasoline, since the design of such a gas mower does not imply a mix of oil and fuel. On the contrary, it can cause engine damage. It is enough to change the oil once a season, since the crankcase usually holds from 450 to 600 ml of oil. this is enough for processing large areas. However, do not be lazy to check the oil level before each use of the tool.

How oil is used in two-stroke lawn mowers?

As a rule, the two-stroke engine is installed on trimmers, and since their design does not imply the presence of unnecessary parts, a separate container for oil is not provided. What should be done in this case? Prepare fuel mixture.
For lawnmowers with a two-stroke engine, the same rules apply as for their larger counterparts, with one exception. oil must be purchased for units with a two-stroke engine.

Each trimmer (or instructions for it) indicates the mixing ratio of fuel and oil: from 1:32 to 1:35. This rule only applies to mineral oil! And since it is quite difficult to find it now, and it can scare off the cost, semi-synthetic or even synthetic oil is most often used. Please note that the mixing proportions in this case change, and become. 1:50. If in doubt, carefully study the packaging of the oil, it usually contains these data. You should focus on them. To prepare the mixture, it is enough to pour in 100 ml of oil into five liters of gasoline, this should be enough for a whole season of regular mowing. If not, repeat the procedure.