What reel to choose for the grass trimmer. How to choose a grass trimmer reel

Trimmer reels. types and features

The efficiency and performance of the domestic grass trimmer on the site largely depends on the quality of the line. It is located in the spool, or as it is also called, the trimmer head. Manufacturers produce different types of spools. Each of them has its own design features and individual principle of operation. After a detailed study of these features, the gardener can more easily select the right head for the specific application.

The device of a household brushcutter begins with its working body, the role of which is most often played by a spool for grass trimmer.

There are 3 types of heads on the market, which differ from each other by the method of filing the cutting line:

  • Automatic reels. with this type of head, the cord is fed when the engine speed is increased while the brushcutter is running. The operator himself does not take part in the extension of the line. it happens in fully automatic mode. Automatic heads are the most convenient to use and are most often used by gardeners tending large areas. Among the disadvantages of these heads, experienced users allocate frequent breakdowns of the device and the highest cost among all types of trimmer coils;
  • semi-automatic heads. nozzles of this type work according to a rather simple principle: to feed the cutting line, the spool must rest against the surface of the ground. When a special button is pressed at the same time, the built-in anchor mechanism is actuated. as a result, centrifugal forces occur, under the action of which the line for the trimmer is extended and the operator can continue to work on the site. A certain amount of skill is required of the operator to operate these heads;
  • Manual reels. in the design of these heads, the cutting cord is extended mechanically. Accordingly, to feed the line, the operator must turn off the brushcutter engine and pull out the line for the trimmer by hand. Despite the inconvenience in operation, this type of coil is recognized as the most reliable and popular among gardeners.

In addition to the above mowing heads, there are also universal mowing heads. They can be installed on any domestic trimmer model, regardless of its factory equipment and purpose. Universal head stands out for its high reliability and does not require frequent repairs.

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What are the coils

The main advantage of grass trimmers is their maneuverability and mobility. Its purpose. the grass growing in the countryside, leveling the lawn grass and mowing the meadow.

With the help of this device you can mow grass in places where a gasoline lawnmower can’t reach. In addition, the grass trimmer can easily handle uneven areas and slopes. If you replace the cutting element with a disc, it can even be used to cut and trim bushes and flowerbeds.

The structure of the grass trimmer begins with the cutting part, then comes the rod, the motor and the handle with the control mechanism. To work with the lawn, the grass trimmer is fitted with a spool (head). As a rule, there are three kinds of spools based on how the line is fed.

  • Manual. The principle of operation is easy to determine by the name: the line for the trimmer is fed mechanically. To lengthen the cord, you need to interrupt the device and manually lengthen the ends. Although seemingly inconvenient, this type of reel is the most reliable in operation. Their use requires a certain amount of skill, but once you learn how to work with manual heads, in the future there will be no difficulties.

Having considered all three variants of spools, we can come to the following conclusions: manual ones are the least preferable in terms of convenience. Semi-automatic, although less reliable, but provides basic comfort. Automatic is the most convenient, but users usually complain about higher line consumption when using such a reel. Most users and experts agree that the most preferred and optimal is the semi-automatic coil.

As mentioned above, there is also a universal grass trimmer reel. A distinctive feature of this type of head is a wider area of application. Simply put, they don’t fit on just one trimmer model, but several. To make sure whether your grass trimmer will fit the universal head, you should study the marking of the part itself. If it coincides with the model of your grass trimmer, you can safely buy this coil.

The advantage of universal spools is their relatively low price and widespread. The disadvantage can be considered the stated support for the grass trimmer model, although in fact they may be incompatible.

To avoid confusion, it is recommended to consult with a salesperson, telling him the model of your grass trimmer in advance.

Before you buy a consumable, you should study its features in advance. For example, many universal reels are metal, not plastic. Although their trimmer line is usually made of the same universal material as most manufacturers.

Top 3 most reliable reels for domestic use

There is a rating of the most durable mowing heads on the market. They are distinguished by the simplicity of device, reliability and resistance to damage. They include:

  • 3rd place. Bosch K-103. It is a universal reel weighing about 300 grams. Most commonly used with brushcutters from Makita and Hyundai. The model stands out for its low cutting cord consumption, resistance to impact and durability. The core and its other parts are made of forged steel and the body is made of plastic;
  • 2nd place. Flymo 15. This semi-automatic model for trimmers is equipped with a thin cup, which leads to increased consumption of cutting line. Nevertheless, it proved to be good for mowing grass in rocky terrain. Only thin trimmer line should be used to work with it;
  • 1st place. EFCO 8100. This model ranks among the most reliable mowing heads. It operates in fully automatic mode, making it easy to thread the cutting line. Only thin trimmer line is used to work with a bobbin. Model body is made of durable multi-layer plastic.

Despite their stability and durability, all of the above reels cost an order of magnitude cheaper than other, less high-quality counterparts, which makes them leaders in the post-Soviet market.

Types of trimmer reels

The varieties of trimmer reel depend on how the cutting line is fed:

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  • Automatic heads. Cord in such models is fed by increasing the revolutions of the working engine. All this happens automatically without any operator input. Suitable for the care of large areas, but expensive.
  • Semi-automatic heads. Reel must hit the ground to feed the line. if the button is pushed at the same time, the anchoring mechanism is activated. The centrifugal force starts to work, lengthening the line for the trimmer and allowing the operator to continue working. Minus. you need a certain skill to use it.
  • Manual. With this mechanism, the line is extended mechanically. You need to switch the brushcutter off beforehand, pull out the brushcutter line by hand. But many gardeners prefer this option, as it is the most reliable. Pros. simple design, reliable and inexpensive. Disadvantages: you have to stop the work every time.

Selection criteria

Before buying the bobbin, it is worth referring to the documentation on the grass trimmer, which specifies the recommended parameters of mowing heads, line thickness, diameter of the landing hole for the spool, type of attachment, thread (left or right) and fixation axis (rigid or rotating 90/180/360 degrees). This information is also shown on the packaging of the consumables along with the models of equipment on which a specific head can be installed.

  • Of the three types of spools on the method of filament feeding is better to choose semi-automatic. They are more convenient than manual ones. Among these spools there are fast-loading models, as well as universal models designed for different trimmers and with holes for trimmer line of different thickness. You can mow two or three types of grass with this head: soft grass, wild grass, and tall, hard-stemmed grass. For each type of thicket, you’ll only need to buy a cord with the right cross section, not a separate spool.
  • If you have to mow only a certain type of vegetation, you can opt for a spool of line for the trimmer of one diameter. Other tasks are handled by blades or discs.
  • Too cheap cutting heads made of flimsy plastic break down quickly, so saving too much can cost you more.
  • Do not install little-known brands of coils on grass trimmers from reputable manufacturers. Popular companies produce accessories, which are best suited to the equipment of the same brand.

Often the market leaders produce coils for trimmers of other companies. In this case, the replacement will work as well as the original. For example, the Denzel 96304 working head is suitable for gasoline and electric trimmers of the same brand, but is also recommended for use on Greenline and MTD mowers.

For your information! Some coils are designed to work only with trimmers of one manufacturer, although the model range can be quite wide. So, T25 head for gasoline Husqvarna 128R will fit about three dozen models of lawnmowers of the same company.

Among the best manufacturers are German companies Al-ko, Bosch, STIHL, Gardena, Swedish Husqvarna, American Black Decker, Patriot, Japanese Ryobi, Makita, Russian Champion, Denzel, Huter, Khoper, Ukrainian Foresta.

How to wind the line for the trimmer on the brushcutter spool: method one

Before you start winding open the trimmer head.

First, the amount of fishing line to be wound on the bobbin is determined. Do not let the line extend over the rims, because otherwise the spool will not fit in the housing.

After determining the length of the line, you can proceed to fill it into the bobbin:

  • The line for the trimmer is folded in half, one edge should be 10-15 centimeters longer. The bobbin is divided into two parts by the central edge. It has a groove for the court, which should be bent in half. You will need force to wind it up;
  • It is important the direction of winding. There should be an arrow or a sign on the bobbin to indicate the side of the bobbin winding. If there is no indicator, there should be an arrow on the head of the mower. The cord is wound to the opposite side;
  • To wind the line for the trimmer must be as carefully as possible, the thread should be as taut as possible;
  • Once the laying is complete, the short end of the thread is secured; it is inserted into the appropriate diameter groove on the side of the spool. The long edge is fastened on the opposite side;
  • A fixed line has to be cut at the edges with a gap of about 10 centimeters;
  • The tucked spool is installed in the mowing head. The edge of the line is pulled up from the fixing grooves;
  • The cover is put on and fixed by snaps. it must be fully engaged;. the line must be fully locked in place;. the head must be set at a height of 74 cm.

Opinion on Flymo 15 trimmer reels

This grass trimmer reel (universal) is made with an automatic winding system. It has a small cup thickness. Customers complain that it wears out very quickly. However, it is important to consider the low price of the product. The height of the mounted head is 74 mm. The line itself for the trimmer is used in a small dimeter. The core in this case is made entirely of metal. Suitable head for garden trimmers from different manufacturers. To find the specified spool on the market can be found for 700

This reel for an electric grass trimmer (universal) is made with a reliable winding mechanism. The diameter of the attachment in this case is 6.5 mm. The height of the mounted head is 72 mm. Suitable for Hyundai and Makita trimmers. If you believe the buyers, the head unwinds very quickly. The weed that is a year old can be handled without any problems.

According to the owners, the coil has a quality casing. In this case, the cup has virtually no wear and tear. However, it is important to watch out for large weeds when working. To get this model the user is able to buy for 1200

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Popular models

Choosing which coil is best for your grass trimmer, read the list of heads that have already earned many good reviews from users.

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Bosh K103

This head is a universal. Its weight is 300gr. Mainly used in Hyundai and Makita trimmers. the line for this trimmer reel is particularly strong and reliable, with moderate consumption even with intensive use. The winding is automatic. The base (core) is made of metal and is seldom easy to break. The head has a height of 67 mm. A flat cap is used here, which lasts a long time. Soft and young grass is mowed perfectly. There are some rare reports that the head still rubs off, but these are very rare. The blade is made of durable plastic.

Spool for EFCO3060

Affordable and of good quality head. The line winding system is semi-automatic and therefore the most comfortable. Diameter attachment 6.6mm. The quality of material used in the trimmer line is good, solid. The reel is reliable, and lasts for a decent number of hours. Thanks to its thickness, this trimmer line can cut through even the most overgrown vegetation. Adapter in the threaded reel. The special cup protects the entire head well against damage. It’s compatible with a great many models, including.ч. “Hyundai, Intertool, etc.д.

Flymo 15

A reel (head) with semi-automatic line winding for universal use. Comes with a pretty thin cup, which can lead to higher line consumption. This drawback, however, is more than compensated for by the excellent cutting performance. The head is set at 74 mm, which is a good result. Only fine trimmer line is reeled in. The core is all-metal. Mainly used for garden trimmer versions from different manufacturers.

EFCO 8100

Probably the best all-purpose reel for a grass trimmer. Comes with a special adapter for installing on many models. The type of winding is fully automatic. The clamp has a diameter of 6,2 m and the reel is as high as 76 mm. 1.3 mm trimmer line is used. Screw-fastening is carried out. The blade guard is very compact, made of special shockproof plastic, but the cup is not available. First of all, this model is designed for soft young grass, it probably will not cope with long-standing tall grass.

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User reviews

What consumers are saying about the Husgvarna T45X trimmer head? As noted by owners, there are virtually no disadvantages to this item, unless you count the high cost. But there are a lot of advantages in this part. Among them:

  • Automatic filament feed.
  • High quality workmanship.
  • Intelligent design.
  • Easy and straightforward to operate.
  • Double-section spool.

This model is suitable for countrymen, gardeners, municipality employees. Used with mowers, the working shaft diameter of which is 3-3,2 mm.