What’s better gasoline mower or trimmer for the grass. Grass trimmer selection by engine

What is a grass trimmer and what is its main function

Lawn trimmers are lightweight tools for regular lawn care and for cutting grass in hard-to-reach places. Main power source for grass trimmer is, as a rule, mains (wire type) or built-in battery (wireless type). Main working tool of the grass trimmer is the rotating head with automatic filament supply that enables cutting.

grass trimmer is designed to work with soft grass growth, so cutting even young bushes will be beyond its power, but this small disadvantage is compensated by a number of advantages:

  • Low noise level
  • Environmentally friendly and no unpleasant odours (no exhaust, contrary to grass cutters)
  • No constant refilling required
  • Grass maintenance takes a minimum of time
  • Easy to store, even in the pantry
  • Inexpensive consumables
  • Simple maintenance and easy repair

Lawn trimmer

Keeping it simple, the grass trimmer is a motorized scythe. The tool is quite compact compared to lawnmowers. Its construction consists of a motor, a rod and a cutting element. According to the type of power supply, such devices can be gasoline, electric or battery-powered.

What do you need a grass trimmer for?? First of all, a lawn trimmer is designed for small areas of about 200 m². It will help to cope with dense weeds and trim hard-to-reach parts of the lawn, such as areas near beds and fences. Perfectly smooth lawn when working with a trimmer can not be obtained, such a tool is designed for rough cleaning from plants.

Grass trimmer cutting element is either a spool with a special fishing line, or a disc. Line for the trimmer is designed for cutting young and not very dense grass, if you apply it to dense weeds, it may not cope. In this case it is necessary to use a blade. This equipment allows you to effectively mow very dense vegetation, and even branches of bushes. Most models come with a trimmer line and cutting blade.

All grass trimmers have manual control. Only the handle types vary. The lightweight models for very simple applications often have a D-shaped handle. With their help, it is convenient to perform a neat and precise decorative processing. Heavy-duty brushcutters usually have a large U-shaped handle. It is also called a bicycle-type handle, because of its resemblance to the steering wheel of the vehicle. These grass trimmers are designed for a large amount of work, when you need to treat a large area. Often these models are additionally equipped with a shoulder strap, which reduces the strain on the back during long mowing sessions.

Greenworks GST2830

Let’s understand the pros and cons of trimmers. Let’s start with the advantages:

  • Maneuverability. With a brushcutter, you can cut vegetation almost anywhere on your property. Obstacles will not be an obstacle. They can be bypassed or simply stepped over.
  • Size. Grass trimmers are much more compact compared to lawnmowers. They are easier to get to work, and easier to store and transport, as they do not take up much space.
  • Versatility. The lawnmower is capable of cutting through vegetation of any height, while even the most powerful mower will not pass through dense and high “thickets. Grass trimmers are also not demanding in terms of topography. They can be used on very hilly terrains with great height differences.
  • Price. In most cases, a lawnmower is cheaper than an average mower.

It is also worth mentioning the disadvantages of trimmers:

  • Load. Despite the fact that most models have comfortable holders, fatigue is inevitably caused by prolonged work with such tools. This is especially true for long working hours.
  • No mowing level adjustment. Unlike lawn mowers, you need to constantly monitor the height of the mowing. Get a perfectly smooth lawn, using only a trimmer you are unlikely to get.
  • Clean up grass clippings. The design of a brushcutter does not imply the presence of a grass catcher box. And that means you’re left to pick up the cuttings yourself every time you mow your lawn.

If you still can’t decide how to choose a gasoline grass trimmer, it is best to pay attention to four-stroke models that are much more powerful and are able to cut overgrown bushy complex areas. However, if you only need a grass trimmer for lawn care, that’s a lot of power. Such consumers should consider two-stroke motors that not only cost less, but also have a less impressive weight.

Best models ranking

Consider the most current models for 2020. We’ll highlight their strengths and weaknesses and assess their performance.

Carver TR 400T

0,3 kW electric model. Curb weight 2.2 kg. Line thickness. 1,3 mm. With a not very good power indicator has a relatively high performance and reliability. Budget option for one-time work on the cottage site.

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Interskol MKE-20/300

Considered one of the best in price-quality ratio among electric trimmers. 0.3 kW electric model. 1.6 mm line thickness. Made almost entirely of lightweight plastic, so it weighs only 1.8 kg. Optimal choice for women.

  • good quality;
  • low weight
  • affordable price;
  • Low noise level (83dB);
  • High performance with fine grass.
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Bosch EasyGrassCut 23

Made in Italy by a reputable brand with first-rate build quality. expensive than similar models, but reliable and productive than other electric models in its class. Power. 0.28 kW. weight. 2 kg. Thickness of line is 1.6 mm. very comfortable and user-friendly tool. Designed specifically for women.

  • Low weight;
  • ease of use;
  • High quality and reliability;
  • perfect design;
  • handles heavy loads well; comfortable to use.
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Huter GET-1500SL

Powerful and powerful electric grass trimmer with 1.5 kW engine. Achieves 8000 rpm. Weight. 4 kg. Thickness of the line. 2 mm. Metal blades can also be used on the model. comfortable to use; despite its impressive weight, the tool sits comfortably on the person’s body and the weight is evenly distributed over the entire surface.

That makes it easy to work with, even for fragile women. In addition, the low vibration level allows you to comfortably perform the work. Another feature. the upper position of the engine, so you can work with wet grass, avoiding moisture.

  • high ergonomic characteristics;
  • High power and performance;
  • Top-mounted motor;
  • high build quality.

Makita UR3000

Lightweight electric grass trimmer for women. Has a bottom-mounted motor, so you can’t work in rainy weather or with wet grass. the tool will burn out. Power. 0,45 kW. 1.6mm thin filament. Lightweight, compact and handy. Great for small jobs for women.


High-quality cordless grass trimmer from Germany. Considered one of the best in its class. Both trimmer line and blades can be attached. Weight 2.3 kg. Characterized by extremely low vibration and noise levels. Attaches easily and does not overburden the owner. Only takes 20 minutes on a single charge, gives a full charge in 3.5 hours.

Makita DUR181Z

The leader among the budget models of battery trimmers by a set of characteristics. Weight 2.9 kg. Battery life. 40 min. The device is characterized by ease of operation due to the possibility of adjusting the handle for any height of the person. Also noticed how economical is the consumption of lines for trimmer.

An overview of popular models

Among electric mowers, the following models were bestsellers in the last three years in online stores:

Engine 550W, runs from 220V. Grass trimmer has a curved boom (in these rigid shaft can not be used). Included bobbin under the line for trimmer up to 2 mm. Cutting width. 35 cm. Handle. D-shaped But the manufacturer’s 24-month warranty. No claims in terms of reliability of the tool on thematic forums.

Budget-priced cordless grass trimmer. No battery and charger are included. they must be purchased separately (total, there are different battery capacities). Power capacity up to 100W. Bobbin under the line for the trimmer (from 0.8 to 1.6 mm). This grass trimmer copes only with low weeds, it’s perfect for mowing the lawn. (without battery and battery charger).

Entry-level weed trimmer. For those who have not used them before, they are a good option. Power 1400 W, D-arm, rope in the boom. The grass trimmer is lightweight for its features. accepts line diameters up to 1.6 mm, but can easily accommodate a 2 mm line even without reaming the bobbin. It also comes with a knife. The boom is collapsible, the only disadvantage. a very short power cord.

Grass trimmer with 1 kW motor. The curved boom is a feature of the model, it is much more convenient to mow the lawn. But the Grass Reed Mower handles common weeds just fine. Line diameter up to 2 mm, cable power transmission.

With its small power of 280 watts, it is enough to quickly mow small areas, flowerbeds. And at the expense of very small weight it can even be held with one hand (there is no belt in the complete set, it is simply not necessary). But it is impossible to put knives, there is no bracket for this either.

The 1.3 kW engine is suitable for both the blade and the trimmer line up to 2.4 mm. The rod is rigid and separable.

Engine is 1 kW, but the number of revolutions when using a fishing line is up to 6.2 thousand per minute. Makes a great job with tall weeds and overgrown vegetation. Only complaint: often overheats, but the temperature sensor always works fine, cooling down takes up to 5 minutes. Comes with both a bobbin (not the best quality) with a fishing line and a knife. Power transmission through rigid shaft, D-handle. Low cost is probably why this model is so popular.

What is the difference between lawn mower and grass trimmer

Lawn trimmers are different from grass trimmers in terms of function, design and carrying capacity.

Lawn trimmer is a technique for mowing grass and small bushes. It is often lighter and more compact than a brushcutter and is characterized by low power and performance. Complete with a spool or bobbin with a fishing line for cutting grass. Externally, it is distinguished by the presence of one handle for holding. The difference between the lawnmower and the trimmer also lies in the fact that the latter is not adapted to long-term work.

lawnmower. a more powerful device, adapted to grass, tough vegetation, bushes, thin branches of trees. Comes with a fishing line and disc for mowing. In most cases, it is larger, more powerful and heavier than a grass trimmer, capable of working at full power for up to 8 hours a day and is equipped with two handles.

What’s better lawnmower or electric mower

In order to understand what is better, lawnmower or electric mower, consider the pros and cons of the tools and highlight the differences.

  • Use. trimmer electric for the grass is suitable for trimming lawns with soft grass and cut weeds in the cottage or household plot. Trimmer for grass with a more powerful gasoline engine is more universal, and will be suitable for both soft lawn and for the removal of the site of hard grass, dead wood, weeds, shrubs and young growth of trees with a thin trunk.
  • Autonomy. The operation of the lawnmower is ensured by a two-stroke combustion engine that runs on a mixture of petrol and oil, and is started by a manual starter. Electric grass trimmer is powered, and to run it, you need constant access to power. So if you’ll be working in a place where there is no network at all, or the area is large and pulling many meters of wire from the outlet makes no sense, choose a gasoline model.
  • Weight. Due to the peculiarities of design, the lawnmower, even with an empty tank, will weigh almost twice as much as an electric tool. Since you have to keep the grass trimmer hanging all the time when working, this factor plays a role, especially for girls, teenagers and the elderly.
  • Getting ready to work. The electric grass trimmer does not require any preparation, just plug it in and press the button. This option is especially suitable for those people who have never mowed grass before. First of all, a 2-cycle brushcutter needs an initial running-in period (how to do this is described in detail in the instruction manual). Secondly, it must be refueled every 40-60 minutes with a gasoline mixture, which must be prepared in advance by mixing gasoline and motor oil in the correct proportion in a special canister.
  • Convenient operation. Electric grass trimmer works much quieter than a gasoline trimmer, and does not pollute the environment with exhaust gases. But it is worth noting that models powered by electricity, often have a lower position of the engine, this makes the work with them in rainy or wet weather unsafe. Also the electric motor must not overheat, this must be carefully monitored and the grass trimmer should not be overloaded, otherwise it will break quickly.
  • Maintenance and Storage. Servicing is less fastidious for electric grass trimmers. Simply clean grass trimming elements, blow out the cooling hole and lubricate the lower gearbox. With petrol power tools will have to make some fuss: it is necessary to check regularly the spark plugs, to clean the fuel filter, to learn how to prepare high-quality petrol or to change the oil (if the grass trimmer is equipped with a 4-stroke motor). Gasoline trimmer is stored only in a non-residential room because of the smell of gasoline, and “preserved” for the winter.
  • Price. An indisputable advantage of the electric trimmer for grass is its relatively low cost, in contrast to the gasoline counterpart.

Lawn Edging with a String Trimmer or Weed Eater : Correct vs Incorrect

Based on the above advantages and disadvantages, we can conclude what the difference is between gasoline and electric tools. In the rest, it all depends on what goals you will set for your selected trimmer.

Features of a lawn mower

Gasoline grass mowers and trimmers in some cases have more powerful engines to handle tough jobs: hard grass, weeds, brushwood, young growth. Motor power range from 600 to 3,000 watts.

Able to improve large areas, off-grid, heavily overgrown or abandoned sites. Some models have a shrub shear for brush and woody branches.

Features of electric mowers

Electric mowers and electric trimmers have less weight, low noise level and low hand-arm vibrations. In the management of the electric technique is characterized by simplicity and intuitive understanding, even for beginners.

Disadvantages of electric drills. low performance, low power of the electric motor (from 300 to 1300 W), the need to constantly pull an extension cord.

What’s the difference between

Grass trimmers and lawnmowers are very similar tools, from the outside. over, many manufacturers refer to the brushcutter as one of the varieties of trimmers. Nevertheless, these are fundamentally different devices with many significant differences. The main ones are:

  • Cutting elements. The brushcutter is equipped with a disk knife or cord, while the grass trimmer is equipped with a fishing line.
  • Purpose. Grass trimmers are designed for cutting grass, small vegetation and thin bushes, but brushcutters have a more serious task. they can easily deal with dense vegetation, bushes and young trees.
  • Power and performance. trimmers for the grass works on battery or electric network, so they do not have much power and can serve only a small area. lawn mowers are equipped with a gasoline engine, so they are much more powerful, can run longer and serve a larger area.
  • Weight and ease of use. Grass trimmer is lightweight. its weight is only about 3 kg, this allows it to be used for a long time by a person of any gender and age. The standard weight of a brushcutter is at least 7 kg, so it is much heavier to use.

Gas vs Battery Lawn Mower. Which is better?

In the end, it turns out that both of these tools are very different and suitable for different tasks. The grass trimmer is a lightweight, low-power and purely domestic appliance, suitable for simple tasks and able to handle small areas. Lawn mower. it is a more serious tool, has high power and productivity, can handle large areas with dense vegetation.

What’s the difference?

Despite the similarity of these motorized tools, the lawnmower is still different from the grass trimmer.

The criterion weed trimmer lawn trimmer
1 Weight About 3 kg Weight about 7 kg
2 Power Source Electricity (mains or battery) Gasoline
3 Performance Suitable for small areas (garden paths, etc.).п.) Used for large areas
4 Power Only grass with thin stems (lawn grass) can be cut. The most powerful models can cut thinner branches. Used for the removal of all types of grass, bushes and even young trees.
5 Working element Trimmer line (cord) Knife

It’s worth noting that most manufacturers complete their tools with both a blade and a fishing line, so the last point in the list of differences between grass trimmer and grass trimmer is very questionable.

Is it worth it to buy professional equipment

Professional petrol lawnmowers and brushcutters withstand intensive use. Wear-resistant. Run for eight hours without harming the engine.

The models have a large mowing width of 50-55 cm. not every site can be covered with such a machine. High capacity grass catcher box. more than 70 liters. Noise damping is designed more carefully.

This is important if you mow all day long. If you use the tool for an hour or two a day, you may not notice these benefits.

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