What’s the best belt sander?. Makita 9910

Rating TOP-10 belt grinders: review of the best mains and cordless models

Belt sander. review and rating. Features, characteristics, advantages, disadvantages of cordless and network models. Criteria for choosing a belt sander.

Belt sander. an indispensable tool for the builder and repairman.

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The machine makes time-consuming and tedious sanding process much easier, allows you to cope with the task faster and get an excellent result.

This selection covers key features and today’s best belt grinder models.

Makita M9400

Good grinder. If you do not need any frills in the form of a speed regulator and speed maintenance under load, as well as on a limited budget, you can buy a red Makita. Same mechanics as the more expensive blue one, but no electronics.

  • power 940W:
  • Modification 189637:
  • belt speed up to 380 m/min:
  • 610×100 mm tape:
  • dust collector:
  • weight: 6.2 kg

Rating of the best belt grinders

Nomination Place Name Price
The best semi-professional belt grinders 1 Metabo BFE 9-20 Set 48 500 ₽
2 Makita 9911K 9 750 ₽
3 RYOBI EBS800V 7 770 ₽
4 Makita 9911 9 000 ₽
5 Bosch PBS 75 A 7 850 ₽
6 ELITECH MSHL 900E 6 800 ₽
7 Hammer LSM 810 6 000 ₽
The best professional-grade belt sanders 1 Makita 9403 18 650 ₽
2 Metabo BAE 75 18 100 ₽
3 Makita 9031 18 100 ₽
4 Makita M9400 12 900 ₽
5 Tesla TS1200 11 500 ₽
6 ELITECH MSHL 1200E 10 040 ₽
7 Hammer LSM 1000 PREMIUM 11 300 ₽
8 Interskol LShM-100/1200E 7 500 ₽

For domestic use or for small jobs in a private workshop, the semi-professional sander is the right choice. With proper use, it can last more than 10 years. Experts have highlighted several successful models.

Metabo BFE 9-20 Set

The most powerful and revolving grinder in our review was the model Metabo BFE 9-20 Set. The German manufacturer has equipped it with a 950 W electric motor, which spins the belt to a mark of 1200 m / min. Experts recommend this machine for work in hard-to-reach places or for sanding complexly profiled surfaces. Thanks to the narrow (19 mm) swiveling (270 degrees) nozzle, you can find the optimal working position without keys. No tools are needed for changing the grinding belt. As an asset of the product should be enlisted lightness (1.8 kg), starting current limitation, speed stabilization system.

Woodworkers are satisfied with good technical characteristics, a rich set of options and a good equipment package. On the downside, they refer to the high price.

Makita 9911K

The Makita 9911K sander finds a wide range of applications. It combines a fair price with reliability. Model inferior leader in such parameters as power (650 W), weight (2.7 kg), band speed (270 m / min). But the tool allows you to qualitatively process flat surfaces with a large area. The belt width is 76 mm. According to experts, the Makita 9911K is a universal stripping machine, it can be used to process wood and plastic, remove rust from metal. The manufacturer provided the possibility of connecting a vacuum cleaner. In the asset of the grinder should be entered into the availability of the kit dust bag, case, grinding belt.

Owners praise the power tool for its reliability, the absence of overheating, its productivity, and the good equipment.


Increased interest expressed by potential buyers to the Japanese sander RYOBI EBS800V. Only in the last 2 months the product card on NM was viewed by 2074 people. The network model attracts by a combination of high power (800 W) and an attractive price. The manufacturer has equipped its product well, the set includes 3 tapes, dust bag, sanding frame, case and two clamps. Experts liked the long elastic cable (3 m), which allows you to easily move around the workshop. Speed regulation, power button lock. The model takes the third line on the pedestal.

In reviews, consumers praise the grinder for high-quality assembly, rich equipment, reliability. From the disadvantages noted inconvenient outlet for sawdust.

Makita 9911

Another model from the well-known Japanese manufacturer came into our review. One step up from the podium was the Makita 9911. Experts appreciated the high popularity of the tool, which confirms the large number of reviews. Most of them have a positive character. The model is equipped with an automatic belt alignment, double protective insulation. The grinder is somewhat inferior to the leaders in terms of equipment. The manufacturer included a sanding belt and dust bag with the tool. A small weight, speed regulation, possibility of installation on the workbench are worth mentioning as assets of the model.

On thematic forums, woodworkers praise the Makita 9911 for its optimal combination of power and weight, effective dust extraction, and the availability of commercially available belts. To the disadvantages of the model, they include the lack of frame and carrying case.

Bosch PBS 75 A

The well-known German manufacturer Bosch has a reliable belt sander PBS 75 A. Experts like the hard dust bag that doesn’t get deformed if a craftsman accidentally touches it. In addition, the manufacturer has provided the ability to rotate the container, which makes it easier to work in hard-to-reach places. To increase operator safety, anti-slip pads are installed on the handles. Automatic belt alignment, keyless tool change for ease of operation. But the equipment of the model is not rich, the kit includes a dust bag and tape.

Cordless models


Vibration and noise levels are minimized with belt-type units. Comfortable grinder operation with soft elastic coating on the handle. Rapid stop of the blade is ensured by the motor brake.

Power, W 100
Speed at idle speed, m/min 250
Purpose dry grinding
What materials are used for Plastic, metal, wood, plasterboard, concrete
Battery voltage, V 18
Battery type Li-lon/Ni-Cd
Parameters of the sanding belt, mm 76×457
Engine type brush
Equipment set 3 sanding pad, vacuum adapter for vacuum cleaner, extra. grip, box
Output with different types of batteries, min 3.5 to 12
Weight, kg 3,08
Cost, 9499

Metabo RB 18 LTX 60 0

Device has protection against restart and overheating. Main purpose of the machine is to grind pipe surfaces. Reach angle is 190 degrees. The motor is characterized by high wear resistance. Nozzles can be adjusted without tools.

Speed at idle speed, m/s 9,2
Purpose dry sanding
What materials are used for Plastic, metal, wood, plasterboard, concrete
Battery voltage, V 18
Battery type Li-lon
Grinding belt parameters, mm 30×533
Engine type brush type
Battery capacity 4 Ah
Accessories Dust filter, Allen wrench, box
Spindle speed, rpm 5000
Weight, kg 3,3
Cost, 40399


The model is suitable for working on construction sites in harsh conditions. The wear-resistant motor, high speed setting and robust housing contribute to this. Handle has rubberized surface, which prevents the tool from slipping in the hand.

Spindle speed, rpm 11000
Purpose dry sanding
What material does it work in Plastic, metal, wood, plasterboard, concrete
Battery voltage, V 18
Battery type Li-lon
Parameters of the sanding belt, mm 75×457
Engine type brushless
Accessories 2 sanding pad, dust bag, box
Weight, kg 2,96
Cost, 15591

Among the most popular band models are the following:

  • Bosch PBS 75 AE. used for sanding linings and structures from beams.
  • Metabo BAE 75. the device capacity of 1 kW is used for polishing thick wood.
  • The Makita 9403 is a wide belt sander that allows you to machine floors, walls and large woodwork.

Important! Belt models create a lot of dust during the work and should therefore be used in special rooms, reserved for sanding wood.

Examples of models for specific tasks

When choosing a CMM, it is necessary to determine exactly what tasks are to be performed. As an example, you can sort out a specific situation: the grinder for the car. what is the best.

For car repair and sanding

For initial processing the Sturm BS8511U is the right machine for the job. It is ideally suited for initial scraping of metal surfaces and stripping of paint coatings. This is a very useful unit if you want to repaint certain parts of the car, but have previously cleaned the surface.

Обзор шлифмашинки макита 9910

Unfortunately, the machine is not suitable for finish polishing. And therefore, for further auto repair, you can use a special machine UPN 1200/180 Em 00000020585, designed for polishing.

The provided information is enough to understand what grinders are, and independently choose a unit for home, cottage or professional needs.

The concept and purpose of belt grinders

A belt-type grinder, or as it is often called LSM. a device that can be used to grind various surfaces. Very often such a device is used to work with wood. Main application is processing of different materials with the help of abrasive tape. The grinder can be used for the following materials:

Very often the device is used in the furniture industry. However, it is also often used in industrial organizations.

Rating of the best belt sander in 2022

Our rating is based on expert recommendations and opinions of real customers. The place in the rating depends not only on the popularity of the model, but also on the reviews of its use.

Since 2007 the Russian company “Enkor” produces tools for wood and metal working. Before opening its own production company specialists have long been engaged in supplying equipment of foreign brands. Service support of the company works on the territory of Russia. Instruments are manufactured and assembled in China and Europe. The main products are low-cost and high-quality tools for workshops.

LME-330/457 in spite of its compact form has a high capacity. Designed for wood and metal. Belt speed can be adjusted from 330 to 500 meters per minute and the pitch can be changed without tools. It is possible to connect a vacuum cleaner.

Largest South Korean manufacturing group in operation since 1947. Today the Hyundai product line includes not only automobiles, but also construction tools and air conditioning equipment. One of the main advantages of the company is the development and own production of engines for manufactured equipment.

Products are known and available all over the world, belonging to the middle price segment. The model is distinguished by a powerful and quiet engine, as well as the ability to work with different types of materials. The handy rubberized handle and the light weight of the machine allow to do a lot of work with ease.

  • Can be installed permanently;
  • is easy to hold when working;
  • optimal price-quality ratio;
  • Wide toothed belt.
best, belt, sander, makita

The product of one of the world’s leading power tool manufacturers. Black Decker has been around for more than 100 years and is world renowned for its award-winning products. Wide service network in Russia. 2 years manufacturer’s warranty.

The KA88 is designed for sanding large volumes. Front roller of smaller diameter allows you to work on surfaces that are inaccessible to other LSMs. Adjustable front arm position and easy change of consumables.

The machine is equipped with a system of automatic control of the belt position and a special safety device to prevent damage to perpendicular surfaces.

  • short cord;
  • offset to the rear balance;
  • No speed regulation;
  • Difficulty in obtaining accessories and spare parts.

The concern has been working for over 130 years. During this time it has accumulated enormous experience, as well as many patents and inventions. As of today, Bosch products are officially exported to more than 1,150 countries of the world. Products are divided into professional (blue) and amateur (green). Since 2007, four production plants of this company have been opened in our country.

Makita 9911 76 mm belt sander disassemble. Total repair cost 57 Euros!

The PBS 75 AE is equipped with a powerful 750 watt electric motor. Designed for grinding of various surfaces. The belt speed can be adjusted from 250 to 350 meters/minute, and the inrush current limiter function starts the tool smoothly and jerk-free.

The Russian company “Vihr” has been working since 1974. Main list of products for today. these are construction tools and appliances for household purposes. The company has a network of service centers throughout Russia and production plant in China.

Technique meets international quality standards.

LSM-75/900 2014. upgraded model 72/6/2 6 years ago. Equipped with a 900 watt motor and comfortable handle. Despite the fact that the model is in the budget class up to 5 thousand. high quality of manufacture and wide working surface.

German brand, operating in the market of power tools since 2001. The company develops two product lines: household and semi-professional. Production process in the company is regulated by ISO 9001 standards. Officially delivered to 50 countries of the world. Well-developed network of service centers in Russia.

BBS-1010N model is perfectly suited for processing various wooden products, from furniture, to doors and walls. Grinding belt is easy to change thanks to a special design, and the small dimensions allow you to sand the surfaces in fairly inaccessible places.

Hammer Werkzeug GmbH brand from Germany. Product range. hand tools for household and professional use. The products are equipped with both electric and gasoline engines. High quality, simplicity and economy are the hallmarks of the machines. Main production facilities are located in China.

LSM810. machine for domestic use. The 810W electric motor is capable of sanding and polishing wood, plywood and particle board. Easily remove surface imperfections and old paint and varnish.

The company has been producing electric and gasoline power tools for over 100 years. One of the world’s leading producers in this area. Expertise and technology make it possible to produce reliable, competitively priced tools that are in high demand the world over. Makita products have been officially delivered to Russia since 1935. Today, there is a well-developed network of service centers.

The 9911 is suitable for different material types. Convenient handles and ingenious design allows you to confidently handle even hard-to-reach surfaces, and the belt automatic centering system saves time. Low-noise motor and double protective insulation make the machine very quiet running.

The most reliable grinders

People often ask which grinders are the most reliable? This is not a simple question, because today their range is very wide. Based on user feedback, we have compiled a list of the most “unbreakable” devices.


Despite low power (720 W), this grinder belongs to the professional category. It stands out due to its high productivity and extensive range of functions. Weight of the tool is 3.7 kg, belt dimensions. 75×533 mm. The machine has the original dust extraction system, locking the start button. This machine has a high level of reliability, which is noted by almost all users.

The price of the device. from 5.5 thousand. up to 6 thousand.

Skil 1215 LA

Power of 650 W, belt speed of 300 m/min. Weight of the tool is only 2.9 kg, and the size of the belt. 76×457 mm.The device is equipped with belt centering system, dust collector, it can be fixed. Skil 1215 LA also belongs to extremely reliable models, it rarely fails.

The price of the device is 4,5. 5 thousand rubles.

Interskol LShM-100/1200E

This model is regarded as a professional device. It has a power of 1,200. Watt and belt speed of up to 400 m/min. Machine weight 5.6 kg. Among the additional functions of the dust collector, speed regulation. This model can be used with great success in the manufacture and at home.

Machine price. from 7,3 to 8,3 thousand.

Bosch PBS 75 A

This model has a power of 750 W and a blast speed of 350 m/min. Weight of the tool is 3.4 kg, dimensions of the abrasive. 76×533 mm. This machine has a convenient system for attaching the work belt. As any other equipment of the brand, this model is characterized by high reliability.