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A single-axle tractor is an essential tool in any rural household. Modern devices are amazingly versatile and can easily and quickly cope with half of the difficult work. from plowing to cultivating and shredding. No wonder that more and more dacha residents and villagers are deciding to buy such equipment. However, in order not to make a mistake and not to get confused (and it’s very easy to do because of the wide range) you need to be well versed in this topic. Well, for those who do not want to spend extra time studying the market, we are pleased to offer the rating of the best motor blocks from those represented on the market today.

  • How to choose a single axle tractor. expert advice
  • Light class power tillers. the best models
  • 1. MKM-3 PRO
  • 2. PATRIOT Pobeda
  • 3. PATRIOT Kaluga (steering wheel)
  • 4. Mobil K MKM-3 COMFORT MBK0018432
  • Medium class power tillers. the best models
  • 1. ELITECH KB 506
  • 2. PATRIOT Ural
  • 3. Champion BC1193
  • 4. Neva MB-23B-10.0
  • Heavy class power tillers. the best models
  • 1. Huter GMC-9.0
  • 2. Champion DC1193E
  • 3. Aurora COUNTRY 1400
  • Which single axle tractor is best to buy

How to choose a single-axle tractor. expert recommendations

First of all, you need to pay attention to the engine. Some single-axle tractors have gasoline-powered and others have diesel-powered. The first, as a rule, are less powerful and allow you to work autonomously. at any distance from home. But the latter are more robust and heavier, the degree of their performance and endurance is much higher.

When choosing, you should also pay attention to the mechanism of torque transfer. A power tiller can be designed with a universal joint shaft or belt drive.

You should also pay attention to the power. It is impossible to give a unique advice here. it all depends on the demands of a particular user.

Finally, we should not forget about functionality. Some buyers only need to plow the land, while others would like to buy more versatile equipment that helps with different types of work.

How to choose a single axle tractor for the garden

To understand which single-axle tractor is better to buy, you should decide on the conditions of its use. So, the size, construction features and power of the unit should match the area of the plot, the soil conditions and the work to be done.

For processing virgin or neglected lands, it is recommended to buy machines with considerable weight, as lighter devices can simply “jump” out of the ground and to keep them in the necessary position you have to apply considerable physical force. For plots that have already been tilled several times, it is better to buy a lightweight device, otherwise they will be buried by their own weight, so that the operator will have to exert effort to return the mechanism to its original position.

Also, when choosing equipment, you should consider what kind of work will be performed most often. For example, a massive and heavy single-axle tractor will work perfectly with a hitch, but for the work with mills it is much less suitable than its lighter counterpart. Therefore, those who will use a single-axle tractor mainly as a cultivator should give preference to units with a relatively low weight (70-80 kg).

If the machine will be used more often with rear-mounted attachments (eg, plow), it is better to buy a design weighing 100-120 kg. Connoisseurs of functionality, maximum convenience and reliability will like devices with a PTO and an active mill. True, you will have to spend a lot of money for them.

Attention and attachments deserve special attention, allowing a significant expansion of power tillers functionality. For example, potato planters help mechanize the planting of potatoes, while potato diggers make harvesting faster and easier. The adapters ensure deep and even tillage, and the trailers can carry loads of different sizes.

It is important to understand that the single-axle tractor allows you to significantly accelerate the processing of the soil, but does not reduce the physical effort of the operator. So the notion that a single-axle tractor makes it easier for women and the elderly is mistaken. When working with this device the expenditure of effort is probably not less than when working the soil by hand, but the desired result is achieved in a shorter period of time. So, ten hectares of land can be cultivated in two or three hours instead of two days, as it is done manually.

The easiest to operate products, producing plowing active milling machines, but they provide processing of the earth to a depth of no more than 15 cm and are characterized by cumbersome designs.

An online survey of users identified the most popular power tillers.

88% of survey participants said they prefer units equipped with gasoline engines.48% give preference to machines that provide processing width from 75 cm to 1 m.34% of users prefer equipment with tillage depth up to 30 cm.The most popular models (39%) weigh 51-75 kg.The most popular features of the devices: height adjustment of the handle, the presence of transport wheels and the possibility of reversing.

Once you have decided on the specific technical and functional characteristics of a power tiller, you should choose a manufacturer and a model.

What single axle tractor is better to buy: rating of manufacturers and models

The products of foreign companies Husqvarna, Pubert, Champion, Caiman, Patriot and others, as well as the largest CIS manufacturers. Belarus, Neva, Mobil K, Oka, Ugra, Agat, Salut-100 and others are in the greatest demand today.

The potential buyer who wants to buy a convenient and reliable means for agricultural work, our rating of power tillers will help.

Rating of gasoline power tillers

The best motor blocks of this type are products of European manufacturers such as Caiman VARIO 60S TWK/ 70S TWK, Chinese motor blocks. Patriot, Champion But in recent years the domestic market is confidently gaining manufacturers of Russia and the CIS countries. They equip their units with powerful imported engines and at the same time sell the goods at more affordable prices. The maximum number of positive feedback from users received:

  • “BELARUS-09-N”/”MTZ”. a heavy and powerful multifunctional unit, equipped with a Honda GX270 9-liter engine. с. The model features six speeds (including two reverse speeds) and a PTO, as well as the ability to use a large number of attachments (this equipment is not included in the standard package). Working width. 40-60 cm, depth. up to 20 cm. The advantages of this machine. the availability of service and functionality, and the disadvantages. problems with the clutch and some shortcomings in the gearshift system.
  • “Mobil K MKM-4”. medium power machine (6.5 liters). с.), can be equipped with different engines: from cheap Chinese to professional Japanese Honda and Subaru. Machine weight. 67 kg, number of speeds. three (including one reversible). Characterized by ease of operation, reliability, quiet operation and high productivity at minimum fuel consumption. Working width. 73 cm, depth. up to 30 cm. Distinctive features of the model. balanced balance and professional controls. This model is ideal for women and the elderly who work on small to medium-sized plots of land.
  • “Neva” “MB2″/”MB 23”. The first “MB2” power tillers appeared in 1990. Over time, they have been upgraded in accordance with modern requirements for agricultural machinery. In summer they till the soil, in winter they are used for snow removal. The machine is also used for mowing grass and hauling loads. The Neva MB2 power tiller will be 30 years old in 2019. On Honor Anniversary, the warranty period for Neva MB2 power tillers manufactured in 2019 has been extended to three years.

Neva MB2 multi-AGRO BS Vanguard 6 single-axle tractor.5

Neva MB2 Multi-AGRO BS Vanguard 6 single axle tractor.5 designed for cultivating all types of soil on plots of medium and large area. In winter, it is used to clear wet, loose and dense lying snow.

Owners of large plots of land will certainly appreciate the functionality and power of the “Neva MB23” power tiller. This machine can handle all types of terrain, helps clean up overgrown areas, removes heavy and dense packed snow together with snowdrifts. In short, if you need to carry out long work in intensive mode, the single-axle tractor “Neva MB23” is what you need! This model is also applicable in municipal services. single axle tractor is used for clearing leaves and sand in yards, squares and parks. When it comes to mowing, this machine will be especially useful when there is an abundance of grass. In addition, the single-axle tractor “Neva MB23” is applicable for driving and carrying loads on rough terrain. It costs about 60,000.

The best diesel units

If you are wondering what single-axle tractor to choose for the cultivation of areas with difficult terrain, the diesel equipment will be the best solution. It is purchased by up to 5% of the gardening equipment buyers. Russian market offers products of both domestic and foreign producers. The most popular models:

  • Garden Scout GS 101DE is a reliable and powerful unit (11 L. с.) weighing 270 kg. It is equipped with electric starter, PTO and steering system. Eight speeds are available to the user (including two reverse speeds). Working width. 100 cm. Standard equipment includes a tiller, adaptor seat and plow. The advantage. functionality, and the disadvantage. the lack of developed service network of this Chinese manufacturer.
  • PATRIOT Boston 6D has a powerful 6hp diesel engine. с. The tractor weight is 100 kg. The machine is equipped with a universal joint shaft. With optional attachments, single axle tractor can be used for most farming tasks. Working width. 105 cm. Transmission. two forward speeds and one reverse speed. Height and horizontal swivel adjustable steering. Gearbox. long service life due to oil bath lubrication system. Effective multidisc clutch is used. Mutually compatible with MB Neva trailer unit for hitch and wagon installation.

Best PTO-driven tillers

One important question for potential customers: How to choose a good single-axle tractor with broad functionality? Optimal solution. buying a machine with a PTO. You can install various attachments on this machine. Devices of this type are in the product line of most major manufacturers. The most popular models include:

  • The CAIMAN 330 is a French, high-quality product with a powerful 9 hp. с.) Reliable SubaruEX27 engine, and with five speeds (two of them reversible). Tilling the land is carried out with the help of tillers and coulters. Processing width. 52-66 cm, depth. up to 20 cm. This model is equipped with convenient control handles and a differential with a locking system, which together provide good maneuverability of the device. The advantages of the machine. high build quality, reliability and convenience. Disadvantages. lack of attachments as standard and relatively high
  • “Mobil-K G85 D CH395/Grillo with a differential is a domestic product equipped with a 277 cm3 Kohler Command PRO CH395 engine with an output of 9.5 liters. с. This gasoline-powered unit provides a working depth of up to 20 cm and a width of up to 68 cm. Three forward and two reverse gears are available to the user, as well as height adjustment and side cranking functions. The maximum forward speed is 11 km/h and backward speed is 3 km/h, weight 112 kg. This tractor can be used with a wide range of attachments. The advantages of “Mobil-K G85 D CH395” can also include a more affordable than competitive models, the price. about 145 000.

What is a single-axle tractor?

The name speaks for itself. Mechanized unit works on the basis of the engine, which can be gasoline or diesel. The gearbox shaft is supplemented with the right and left hand motor. it is used for mounting of attachments that expand the machine’s functionality.

The one-axle tractor is driven by wheels with solid tires. Mud build-up is self-cleaning from the wheels while driving on the ground, provided that it is correctly positioned based on the direction of rotation of the wheels. To know how to install the wheels, see the owner’s manual.

The engine of the power tiller can be gasoline or diesel

Lift height and steering angle can be adjusted with a lever. The battery is a non-disassembled, self-charging battery.

Kinds and of power tillers and attachments

The power tiller’s functionality depends on the number of attachments, because they are responsible for numerous tasks. Such accessories can be included in the basic equipment of the equipment or be purchased separately.

Of course, the more versatile and functional is the device, the higher is its price, so it is reasonable to initially decide which attachments to the power tiller you need at once, and then buy additional elements as necessary.

Functional unit for many applications

Many parts can be made on their own, for example, it is easy to find drawings, video potato planter for power tiller with their own hands. Or you can modify the device, if you make snowmobiles from power tillers with your own hands. So, you will save money and get a technique that perfectly meets your needs, because independent work is more profitable than the price of snowmobile attachments to power tillers.

There are the following basic types of attachments:

  • mowers: they can be mounted, frontal or rotary, with their help mow the leaves, take care of the lawn and make hay. You can make a mower for a power tiller with your own hands or buy a factory model for 8500 or more;
  • Mowers: there are coupled, single, disk, ploughshare. They are used to mow plants and loosen the soil between the rows to remove weeds. ;
  • cultivators: used to cultivate the ground can also be used for harrowing the fertile layer of soil. The cost of the factory model is about 3500. although you can make a special attachment by video harrow for power harrow with their own hands;
  • Riding module: if it is necessary to process large areas of the plot, such a module allows a person to sit. ;
  • Trailer: used to transport goods, can be conventional or have a tipping body. It can be made with your own hands, drawings of trailers for a motor-block can be found on the Internet is not difficult. You can buy the product in the store for 13700 or more.

single-axle tractor with a trailer for transporting crops

Gasoline or diesel: The best choice of engine type

Between gasoline, electric and diesel type of engine, most choose the diesel. The choice of gasoline motor-blocks 9 liters is often due to the desire to save money on the purchase, because gasoline models are cheaper. However, diesel equipment has a number of undeniable advantages:

  • the efficiency of its work is higher;
  • in the operation of such a device there is significantly less fuel consumption than gasoline analogues, so you can say with confidence that when you buy a diesel device after a short period of time you will save more than if you buy a single-axle tractor gasoline 9 liters;
  • durability: the diesel engine uses more wear-resistant and reliable parts;

Diesel single-axle water-cooled tractor: types of equipment and tips for choosing. The main features and advantages of this type of equipment. Varieties of power tillers, comparison of models and recommendations for selection.

  • ideal adjustment for plowing, cultivation and hilling, thanks to the ability to operate at low revolutions because of the high traction force;
  • Ease of use: the absence of a carburetor eliminates the need for constant adjustment of the equipment;
  • Availability of air or water cooling.

Four-stroke gasoline engine for a motorblock

What is the best single axle tractor??

The answer to this rather simple, but at the same time complex question can be very simply. What is the best single axle tractor?? The one you have.

but this is of course all lyrics. And the question is really serious. Since the choice of motor-block, the potential buyer can not formulate for himself a complete list of works that he needs to perform today, and what, potentially, in a month, two, six, and does not consider the functional purpose of a particular technique, does not consider its return or physical capacity.

You see, choosing a single axle tractor is like choosing a car. And in this regard, when choosing a car, a man asks a lot of questions to himself. Comfort, fuel consumption, number of family members, saleability. Choosing a washing machine, the housewives also put a lot of questions for themselves, energy consumption, loading weight, number of functions, etc.д. But when choosing a power tiller very few people pose these questions. How will I work with it?? Do I go after the machine at the manufacturer’s pace, do I plough, what are the attachments and so on?д. Of course this does not apply to all buyers, but the lion’s share of customers, just trying to point their fingers in the sky, at random. And God willing, if you immediately fall into our caring hands, and we can figure out the volume of tasks, works, your physical data and pick up the technique that best suits you. But if you accidentally fall into the hands of illiterate resellers, it could be a real tragedy for you, without exaggeration of the word.

Let’s try to figure out now what your options are if you decide to buy a single axle tractor.

Bear service. You have your own homestead or summer cottage and a neighbor has a single-axle tractor. In this case, you will come to him and of course begin to wonder what the best single-axle tractor to take for themselves. As luck would have it, alas, no owner of a power tiller will ever admit to you that he has a problem with the machine. He will tell you about his, about the tasks he performs and ultimately recommend that you buy one just like it. Because it is the best, most powerful and so on.д. This kind of advice is a conditional trap. Because all people are different, and for your neighbor may be the norm, for example, weld something to your power tiller, somehow it improved, can make your own repairs. And you, for example, have a rather categorical attitude to it, believing that the technique should initially work, and not force you to make something else. Therefore, to avoid such a trap, you need to find out the model of the neighbor’s power tiller and, at least, read reviews, watch video reviews and find out all the strengths and weaknesses of this technique.

Your own cones. If you do not have neighbors, relatives, and in general in the environment of someone who does not have any experience in operating this type of machinery. Here you have to surf the Internet on your own, articles, reviews, forums, reviews. The trap of this way of choosing a power tiller is very simple. There is no agreement between farmers and gardeners, not at all. Everyone will praise the equipment they have. So you will see a lot of contradictory information, someone will shout that China. is cool, someone will praise the technique Neva, and someone will categorically argue that better than MTZ and Motor Sich does not exist. The problem with modern videos is that we can either find a review of a single axle tractor, where you will be told about its features, or a video of him doing some work. What does this information and this video format give you, exactly NOTHING. For example, you can enter the query “milling with MTZ power tiller” in YouTube search line and be impressed with how coolly he grinds the ground into fluff with his active milling cutter. But you’ll never be able to determine how much is being processed by the person who makes the video for you. For example, you have a suburban area of 6 hectares, and the presenter of the video 2 hectares of land, in this case, buying MTZ they actually can not work in your garden. Exactly like the flip side, you are shown a video of a Mobil K power tiller, beautiful, colorful, advertising the incredible efficiency of this baby. But the author of this video has 2 hundred square meters of land in cultivation, and you have 40, and what should you do with such a baby on your plot. Therefore, video materials, reviews and all kinds of promotional information should be treated very carefully and with the maximum amount of skepticism.

The objective reality. The easiest and kind of reliable way is to come to the sales organization, touch the equipment, and get a full and detailed advice from the seller. Within Belarus, this is actually the most INCREDIBLE way to buy machinery. There are many reasons for this, quite a lot. And now we will gradually dissect them.

Neva MB-23-Y (MX300) single-axle gasoline tractor with Multi-Agro 12L gearbox.с.

Single axle tractor Neva MB-23Ya MX300 PRO MBK0018543 is designed for high-quality agricultural work. Balancer shaft for low vibration levels and long engine life. Height and steering angle adjustable to reduce operator’s workload and improve mobility in tight working conditions (around fences, greenhouses, etc.).д.). MultAGRO gearbox is the author’s design of the manufacturer protected by a patent, has an increased gear ratio, larger number of gears, reinforced aluminum alloy body. This design is considered the best single-axle tractor for hauling.

Neva MB-23-Y (MX300) single-axle gasoline tractor with Multi-Agro 12L gearbox.с.


  • High tractive power (300 kg tractive force)
  • Excellent flotation and driveability
  • Swivel plate for easy belt repositioning
  • Easy maintenance
  • Yamaha MX300 gasoline engine provides excellent fuel economy
  • Wheel separation function. easy turning in limited space
  • Possibility of attachment of various attachments
  • Doubler lever on gearbox
  • Fuel: pure gasoline AI-92, AI-95

Which producer is better: Chinese or Russian

All PTO motor tractors on the market can be divided into three large groups: Chinese (Crosser, Champion, Scout, Weima, Kipor, etc.), Russian (Ugra, Salyut, LANDER, Favori, etc.) and foreign models.), American and European (Grillo, Caiman, VIKING, Husqvarna, BCS, etc.).) and Russian (Neva, Ugra, Salyut, LANDER, Favorit etc.).).

Gardening equipment made in China is certainly in demand, but mainly because of the affordable price. Low price of Chinese products is achieved not only by using cheap labor, but also by economizing the technological equipment of factories and raw materials. But as a rule, such savings often lead to lower quality finished products.

As for the motor units made in Europe and America, they are of high quality and of course, the appropriate price. Besides, accessories and spare parts to them are also not cheap. Therefore, the choice in favor of imported devices with PTO involves a significant increase in the budget for both the purchase, operation and repair of equipment.

The most optimal price-quality ratio is achieved by motor units made in Russia. Most of them are equipped with imported professional engines (Subaru, Honda, etc.), which can be used as power tools.д.), high-strength pinion gears, differentials. They are economical, maintainable and can operate for a long time. Domestic single-axle tractor with universal joint shaft and differential may yield to foreign version in terms of ergonomics and convenience, but in terms of quality-price ratio it is obviously in the forefront.

To choose the best power tiller with PTO, you must decide on the conditions of its use. Power, weight, design features of machinery must be consistent with the condition of the soil, the size of the site, as well as the nature of work performed.

General characteristics

Even on a small piece of land a lot of different jobs need to be done throughout the year. The maintenance of driveways and walkways is supplemented by planting plants, mowing lawns. To reduce the physical burden it is possible to hire outside workers. But in that case you have to count on extra costs, control tasks.

To put this useful rule into practice without any extra difficulties, you need to buy a powerful single-axle tractor. Learning to operate it is not difficult, because the manufacturers create such equipment taking into account domestic use. It is characterized by good ergonomics, minimal regular maintenance requirements.

You can transport heavy and bulky loads over long distances on a power tiller and trailer

Design and equipment

The picture shows a simple but perfectly usable design. This example can be used to examine the functionality of individual parts:

  • 1. Gasoline engine.
  • 2. folding stand. it ensures stability in a stationary position. Arrows indicate upright driving position.
  • 3. Exhaust pipe resonator housing.
  • 4. suspension arm.
  • 5, 6, and 8. drive and idler sprocket, chain.
  • There is a standard rubber wheel (9) of the right size. For better cross-country ability, a detachable ladder with cleats (7) is used.
  • 10. cultivator. It is fastened with the bracket (13) and the bolt (14). If necessary, this unit is used for rigid connection of other attachments.
  • 11, 12, 15, 16 and 16. metal elements of the power frame.
  • There is a filter (19) after the fuel tank (18) that retains mechanical impurities.
  • 20. engine air filter.

“Splash guards” are useful when working in difficult weather conditions

Modern models are more complex, but more convenient for the user. They are equipped as follows

  • A gearbox is installed for optimum speed and torque.
  • Brake actuator is installed on the handles.
  • Built-in headlight makes it easy to work at night.
  • The heaviest engines are augmented with an electric starter.
  • Height-adjustable frame and handles make it easy to select a comfortable working position.

Important! A single-axle tractor with a pinion gearbox and disc clutch is fitted with a powerful power unit. Such a configuration provides comfortable operation, durability, reliability.

Lightweight equipment can do the heavy lifting

If the size of the land plot does not exceed 12-16 acres, it will be enough to buy a technique with an engine up to 4-6 liters. с. Such equipment weighs from 40 to 70 kg and has a relatively small overall dimensions. It is not difficult to find free space for its storage in a dacha technical annex.

Such equipment is not suited for heavy agricultural operations. The working depth of the soil does not exceed 20-30 cm. As a rule, it is equipped with 2-3 front and 1 rear speed. The basic equipment of inexpensive offers on the market is minimal. That is why it is necessary to check what additional equipment can be bought and used if necessary.

The most reliable and popular cultivators and power tillers. In our review we will tell you about models from different manufacturers, as well as their features and capabilities, which will allow you to make the right choice from the variety of equipment.

Mid-range versatility

  • Power. from 6 to 9 liters. с.;
  • The depth of tillage. more than 30 cm;
  • weight. from 70 to 140 kg;
  • Number of forward/reverse speeds 2-3/1-2.

Mid-range machines can be used in combination with a trailer

Such equipment can carry loads weighing up to 400-500 kg.

What do you need heavy gasoline motor blocks for?

In such a combination the machine transforms into a full-fledged tractor

Motor blocks of this class weigh from 120 to 200 kg. They are equipped with 8-15 liters engines. с. The power unit is combined with a manual gearbox (2-6 speeds forward). This is good enough for difficult soil conditions with a working width of up to 100 cm or more on a harrow or other implement. It is clear that in this case, the speed of work increases significantly. Large motors have comparatively longer service life than compact units. The disadvantages include the following positions:

Heavy-duty diesel power tillers with universal joint shaft

If there is such a unit, it is possible to attach various external devices.

best, single, axle, tractor, hauling, loads

Determining acceptable criteria

To find out which single-axle tractor is best, reviews and consider after making a list of individual requirements. The following are the parameters to consider when choosing this type of equipment:

  • The power is chosen not only on the size of the plot. The weight of the work must be analyzed, as well as the weight of transported cargo. Difference in altitude matters.
  • A large number of speeds is convenient. But it is not necessary to complicate the technique. This reduces its reliability. If comfort is important. choose a model with automatic gearbox.
  • The width and depth of cultivation should also be determined according to need. It is easiest to take care of a perennial lawn. For similar, not very heavy works, machines of light class will suffice.
  • It is necessary to make sure that the set includes (it is possible to buy additionally) all necessary attachments.
  • Define the mandatory heating of handles, headlights, other additional options.

Do not be skeptical about buying a power takeoff shaft with a Russian-made. These days this technique is created using modern engineering solutions. Some models are equipped with foreign-made engines, gearboxes and other components. A noticeable advantage of such a purchase is the availability of spare parts.

The standard configuration of the Neva power tiller with PTO can be changed

If necessary, the equipment is supplemented in the “Premium” modification by an electric starter and a headlight.

A single-axle tractor can be used in winter not only for snow removal

The middle class power tillers. the best models

But despite the advantages of lightweight motor blocks, the most popular were and remain analogues of the middle class. The good compromise between price and power as well as functionality makes them a great buy for most users. That is why this category of equipment received the most attention.


Buyers looking for an inexpensive middle class single axle tractor will certainly like this model. Power it has a fairly high. 7 horsepower, which is enough to plow quite a large plot. In addition, the width of tillage is 83 cm, so you do not have to spend extra time, plow it.

Four forward gears let you choose the most suitable option to work on a particular site, with its individual terrain and peculiarities. And reversing allows you to bypass an obstacle, free the cutters from foreign objects, and simply makes your work more comfortable. The noise level is not too high. only 78dB. So we can say with confidence that even if this is not the best single-axle tractor of inexpensive models, it definitely belongs to the number of those.

  • powerful 4-stroke engine;
  • Excellent build quality;
  • low noise level;
  • five speeds;
  • reasonable price;
  • ergonomic handle.


It is no exaggeration to say that this is a chic power tiller model, suitable for both young and old people. Of course, the price is not too low, but it is fully compensated by the power and convenience of operation. Powerful, wide, 8-inch-diameter wheels confidently travel over wet ground as well as sand.

PATRIOT Ural is equipped with a robust cast-iron gearbox, which ensures high reliability and endurance when working with high loads.

The 220 displacement engine produces up to 7.8 horsepower, so even ploughed land is no problem. And the tillage width is as much as 90 centimeters. you can plow a large area in a few passes. Six gears. four forward and two reverse. make your work even easier and more comfortable. The base weight of the power tiller is 84 kg, not much for a mid-range model.

  • powerful engine;
  • cast-iron gearbox;
  • it starts up quickly and easily;
  • convenient operation;
  • low gasoline consumption;
  • reliability and practicality with correct operation;

Champion BC1193

You have to choose a single-axle tractor of the middle class, which is comparable to a heavy tractor in power and is as easy to work with? Then this model certainly won’t disappoint. Yes, but this is fully compensated by a number of serious advantages.

Power is impressive, really. a whopping 9 horsepower. no wonder, since the displacement is 270 cc. Even an area with heavy clay soil can be ploughed, if necessary. And it can work wide areas, up to 110 cm. But there are only three gears: two forward and one reverse. Because of this, working on problem areas is not always easy. But the wheels are very big. 12 inches in diameter. That’s why it has very good all-terrain mobility. tank capacity. 6 liters. This is quite enough for a fairly large plot of land.

  • power reserve;
  • Wide wheels make it easy to move around;
  • Large width of the plowed land;
  • High quality of cultivation;
  • elaborate design provides easy operation;
  • fuel tank capacity.

Neva MB-23B-10.0

But perhaps the best choice among medium-class power tillers can be called the Neva MB-23B-10.0. An important advantage is the possibility to adjust the working width from 86 to 127 cm. And the cultivation depth is quite large. 20 cm. Even the experienced user will be pleasantly surprised by the power output of 10.06 horsepower. Can easily plow any soil, whether clay, virgin soil, or soil with roots.

best, single, axle, tractor, hauling, loads

the single-axle tractor is suitable for working on small plots, which need to be cultivated as gently as possible in order not to damage plants

Developers have provided for four forward and two reverse speeds. True, the weight is quite high. 105 kg. But it is impossible to find such a powerful and lightweight medium-class single-axle tractor.

  • high-quality assembly;
  • Powerful and reliable engine;
  • practicality and maneuverability;
  • adjustment of the width of the strip;
  • easy to start.


Gasoline single-axle tractor with manual transmission, three-way transmission. Has a disc clutch and gear drive, which increase the smoothness of movement of the unit during plowing.

Its distinctive feature. its ability to cultivate any type of soil.

  • cultivation width. 100 cm
  • engine type. four-stroke with 1 cylinder, power. 7 liters. с.;
  • There is a reverser, PTO, pneumatic wheels;
  • weight. 89 kg.
  • Problem-free switching;
  • reliable operation;
  • endurance of wheels, which can withstand considerable weight of machinery and additional equipment
  • The quality of the soil processing is observed;
  • affordable price.

Heavy Class Single Axle Tractors. Best Models

Finally, let’s consider heavy power tillers. They are suitable for large plots of land or with too difficult a soil. hard, with high clay or not ploughed for a long time. Yes, in terms of cost, they are much less attractive than the previously reviewed models. However, the extra cost is fully compensated by the high power, which allows you to save time when working.

Huter GMC-9.0

If you want to buy a quality gasoline single axle tractor from the heavy class, then you should definitely consider this. It has several important advantages. For example, a fairly large tank. its volume is 6 liters. Therefore, often interrupt the work to refill, just do not have to.

Even plowing a large plot will not take much time thanks to the considerable width of the soil. as much as 105 cm. The depth of 28 cm is sufficient for planting potatoes and for any kind of beds. Power is quite high. 9.11 horsepower, which is also a serious advantage. single axle tractor has two forward and one reverse speed.

  • easy start;
  • high power;
  • excellent build quality;
  • comfortable control;
  • easy to maintain;
  • justified price;
  • reliability in operation.

Huter MK-7500

Petrol unit with belt connection with PTO. Takes care of any type of terrain, easily and efficiently, without any effort on the part of the user.

Convenient handle design can be adjusted to the height of the owner, it also has all the controls. clutch and throttle levers.

The frame is made of steel, so it does not deteriorate after the first use.

  • Plowing width is 85 cm;
  • availability of 6 milling machines, manual transmission (2 forward and 1 reverse), reverser, pneumatic wheels;
  • engine type. four-stroke with 1 cylinder, volume. 208 cc. cm, capacity. 7 l. с.;
  • fuel tank capacity of 6 liters.
  • Robust bracket for attaching any kind of attachment;
  • ability to increase the number of cutters up to 8;
  • Protective disks eliminate the damage of the wheels;
  • fenders protect the user and landings from accidental ingress of soil clods;
  • Easy assembly, easy operation;
  • reasonable price.

Huter MK-9500

Versatile, gasoline-powered model. It is distinguished by a fast movement. It has become a great helper for the farmers while planting their vegetable crops.

Deals with the set tasks in a short time, qualitatively plowing the ground.

  • tillage width. 115 cm
  • Availability of 6 tillers with a diameter of 32 cm;
  • engine type. four-stroke with 1 cylinder, volume. 250 cc. cm, capacity. 9, 50 l. с.;
  • Manual transmission with 3 speed modes;
  • the volume of the fuel tank. 6 l;
  • dimensions. 97x57x85 cm.
  • High level of reliability and robustness of each component;
  • Economical fuel consumption;
  • unhindered inclusion of the desired speed;
  • easy operation;
  • quiet operation;
  • durability;
  • Withstandable with additional mechanisms.

Champion DC1193E

It often has to work in problematic areas, for example, with sandy or excessively wet soil? Then you’re sure to like this model. It is one of the best heavy-duty tractors. Not surprisingly, its advantages are quite numerous. At least the wheels are big to begin with. 12 inches in diameter and 5 inches wide. This is an excellent indicator that allows the tiller not to fall into the ground, despite its considerable weight. as much as 177 kg. Power is quite high. 9.5 horsepower.

The single-axle tractor is equipped with a quality electric starter, which makes starting it especially easy and comfortable.

Working width is very large. 110 centimeters at a depth of 30. Even a huge plot can be plowed with this technique is not difficult. The model has three forward and two reverse speeds. That is why problems during the work on different types of grounds will not arise for sure.


Distinctive features. diesel engine, electric starter, gear reducer, disk clutch.

The model design allows for the addition of attachments.

Three gears work flawlessly, providing smooth running of the power tiller.

  • PTO shaft, reverse, pneumatic wheels;
  • Working width. 125 cm;
  • availability of 10 cutters with a diameter of 34 cm;
  • engine power. 9 liters. с.;
  • weight. 164 kg.
  • Spending a minimum amount of time for processing the land;
  • powerful engine is designed for a long service life, does not require frequent maintenance;
  • tillers are delivered in the complete set, but it is possible to increase their quantity;
  • Possibility to use any attachment, based on the anticipated types of work;
  • worthy price.

Aurora Country 1000

This is a heavy professional machine for working on plots up to 1 hectare. The maximum plowing width is 120 cm. The width can be adjusted to the job in hand. The design is equipped with eight 36 cm diameter cutters, which can maximally penetrate the soil by 30 cm. The single-axle tractor has an engine capacity of 7 liters.с. (there is an error in this specification on Yandex Marketer).

best power tillers producers

There is a wide range of tractors from manufacturers of CIS countries and Europe on the market. Machinery from popular brands is highly reliable and meets domestic quality standards. Models are manufactured by licensed contractors with modern production facilities.

The Russian brand produces a wide range of various agricultural equipment. All motor blocks of this manufacturer are equipped with imported engines with high efficiency and high service life.


Diversified modern enterprise, automated, equipped with unique technological equipment. than half a century of production of agricultural machinery is a guarantee of high reliability and quality of products.

Chinese brand specializing in the production of agricultural machinery. Zubr engine blocks are distinguished by their functionality and reliability. Diesel and gasoline power tillers and power tillers, as well as the attachments that extend the functions of machines are produced on two Chinese factories.


The country where Shtenli motor tractors are manufactured is Germany. which by itself speaks of the high quality of products. A striking confirmation of this. is the ever-increasing demand for equipment of this brand.


Moto-blocks of this manufacturer are popular in Russia thanks to their quality and high reliability. Assembly is carried out at Russian plants. In production the components of domestic and foreign producers are used.


It is a German company, which production facilities are located in China. The brand produces different garden equipment, which is distinguished by high quality of assembling and affordable price.


The brand is known in the domestic market as a manufacturer of power tillers and cultivators. “Champion” is a Russian brand, which appeared thanks to the concern “Wald”, located in St. Petersburg.

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Production of Brait products is concentrated in the company’s Chinese factories. All equipment is produced using the latest technologies and modern equipment.


The brand produces a wide range of multi-functional and powerful diesel and gasoline motor blocks of Russian and imported production.


Company Resanta includes 3 brands. Huter, Vihr, Resanta. Each makes quality products that meet international standards and high demands of consumers.


Caiman is based in France, where the official representative office is located. Together with Japanese colleagues produces powerful and extremely reliable products with Honda and Subaru engines.

What to look for when choosing a power tiller

Single-axle tractor. equipment for performing work on the tillage, cleaning the territory, transportation of goods. When choosing, various parameters should be taken into account: quality of assembly, engine power, starting method, etc.

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The choice of the class of the device is determined depending on the work that is planned to carry out. This parameter includes the main technical characteristics.

light class

Models of this class are characterized by low weight and dimensions. Cutter width from 50 to 90 cm, which increases the productivity of the machine. As a rule, such models are equipped with four-stroke powerful enough engines. Can be used for farming plots of up to 40 acres. Able to be combined with other optional equipment: mowers, ridgers, etc.

Medium class

Models of this class weigh up to 100 kg. Equipped with a powerful motor. Most models are equipped with multi-speed gearboxes, making them very easy to operate and improving off-road mobility. Heavy weight allows for cultivation even in virgin soil. Versatile. Can be used as pumps, electric generators, etc. Units are capable of transporting up to 0.5 tons of cargo.

Heavy class

Equipped with a powerful engine, full-featured gearbox and reduction gear. Models of this class are able to withstand heavy loads. Suitable for farming large areas and municipal services.


The choice according to this parameter depends on personal preferences. Motor blocks with gasoline engines are chosen for small private farms. Diesel-powered models are best for heavy loads.


The main difference is the ignition system that is based on compression and fuel heating. The diesel model offers the advantage of high-capacity, low fuel consumption. Heavy-duty models. Controlling such a power tiller requires strength. Low speed at low rpm. The fuel system is rather sensitive.


In this type of engine, the fuel is ignited by a spark. The engine may be injection or carburetor. The first ones are more popular. They feature low fuel consumption. Modern engines with direct injection are the most economical. Fuel and air are fed separately.

Engine design

Modern power tillers are equipped with a 4-stroke combustion engine. Two-stroke can be found on earlier models.


Are internal combustion carburetor engine with air cooling system. modern models have a water system. Mothballs with a two-stroke engine have a high specific and liter capacity. This type speeds up faster.


Motors of this design are most adapted for installation on motor blocks. Crankshaft positioned horizontally, compact combustion chamber, high compression ratio. Moto-blocks equipped with a 4-stroke motor, have an economical fuel consumption, are able to perform a wider range of works.

Engine power

This parameter is important for tillage productivity. The 3 to 4 liter model is best for a small area. с. Cultivation of fields, starting from a hectare, it is recommended to carry out with a power block of at least 5 liters. с. For large areas and virgin land treatment, the 6 to 9-liter model is the right choice. с.

Engine start method

The engine can be started by hand or electric starter. In the second case, the construction is additionally equipped with a generator or battery. On modern models, the electric start is duplicated by the manual. Autostart is especially useful for heavy-duty models with a powerful diesel engine. To start the gasoline engine of small power, you can use a manual mechanism.

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Maximum cutting width

Can affect performance and efficiency. This is the size of the maximum width of one pass of the power tiller. For an area of a few acres will be enough from 60 cm, and for a large one it should be at least 80 cm.

Power take-off shaft

Increases possibilities of a power tiller, makes it multifunctional. Allows for the installation of additional equipment that, through the engine, performs its options in active mode.


Transmits torque to the drive axle from the engine shaft, as well as to active attachments. There are several types of drive design.


One of the most reliable methods of delivering torque to the torque axle. This drive design is characterized by performance and quite high noise level.

Chain drive

The most reliable and simple design, transmitting torque through a chain drive. Primarily used on light-duty tractors.

Belt Drive

Drive of this design is capable of transferring power over long distances and is protected against possible seizure.

Number of gears

Standard number of gears for ease of operation. at least 2 forward speeds and 1 reverse. Most modern models have a multi-stage gearbox. There are garden models with 8 forward and 4 reverse gears.


Rear drive for better maneuverability. Reverse is necessary when working too small areas, where it is difficult to turn around.

Type of grip

The clutch is an important element in a power tiller’s transmission. It transmits torque to the gearbox from the engine shaft. Often the construction of machinery involves a disc or belt type of clutch. The second one is characterized by a simple design. The disc version is more reliable and has a long service life.

Wheel type

Two types of wheels are installed on power tillers:

  • Pneumatic. The design is rubber tires and tubes.
  • Rubber. The solid tires are made of durable, molded rubber and rims.

Steering column

Affects the usability of the machine. It is important that the handle is adjustable in different directions. This is necessary so that the user in the process of cultivating the land can control the power tiller from the side, so as not to trample the plowed soil. It is important that the handles are equipped with rubber pads that will dampen vibration during operation.