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Designed for roughing and finishing of workpieces and parts made of various types of wood, metal, composite materials and plastic. Have an outward resemblance to an electric chopper. Abrasive tool. “endless” belt in the form of a ring. The drive is performed through the idler pulleys connected to the electric motor. The main technical specifications: power, belt length, processing speed (abrasive movement), belt width. subdivided into domestic and professional tools.

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A good grinder is able to facilitate and accelerate many works with wood and wood materials, metal and plastic surfaces. Those who do serious repair or decoration entirely by their own hands, it is worth looking at the models presented in our rating.

The PBS Green Belt Grinder from Bosch is designed for domestic use, but is close to professional tools in its characteristics.

Household tools with additional features could be easily relegated to the professional class. Design includes smooth start mechanism, electronic speed regulation, and automatic blast belt centering device.

Robust and powerful motor enables large areas of wooden or metal surfaces to be machined. Optimal weight and good balance facilitate this task. An additional handle is provided for easy control of the powerful tool.

Semblance to the professional models is added by a large equipped case in which you can store the machine, accessories and even some small tools. The only criticism is the power cord. it is a bit stiff, but reliable.

The tool in the professional series with excellent balance of all components is distinguished by good ergonomics of the body and handles.

Compact and light enough to be used with one hand, even with just one hand. that’s how cleverly designed it is. Large dust and chip bag for collecting chips and dust. Start button is installed on the main handle and has an interlock in the engaged position.

Makita has a special mechanism for changing the sanding belt quickly. And the automatic centering system ensures accurate tool travel, preventing the tool from slipping to the side while working.

Speed control is not available, but most craftsmen don’t need it. But periodically you will have to replace the front roller, because it is not metal and over time it wears out a lot.

The Expert series vibrating machine is characterized by universal tooling attachment. It can be fixed both with clips and Velcro.

Its high power factor, combined with speed assistance on the one hand, enables the machine to handle difficult terrain, while on the other hand, it handles sensitive areas where precision is required. Enlarged sole plate size for effective and fast sanding of large surfaces.

Well thought out ergonomics and built-in vibration isolators allow you to work comfortably in the balance for a long time without fatigue and discomfort in your hands. The model perfectly copes with wood and metal, but it is undesirable to sand the pasted surfaces with it. it can clog with fine dust and refuse to work.

Sanding pad, storage case and dust bag are included. If you need to carry out prolonged work, the machine can be connected directly to a construction vacuum cleaner.

This cordless vibrating machine impresses with its functionality. Exchangeable pads of different shapes and sizes allow you to work on almost any surface.

Very unusual surface grinding machine can replace 5 similar tools. Rectangular and triangular. wide or narrow. for working on any part shape. There is a round plate for working in the eccentric machine mode. Three interchangeable sanding sheets are included with each sander.

The tool runs on a fairly powerful 20V battery. Its performance is not excessive, because the battery also powers the built-in vacuum cleaner. The battery itself has deep-discharge protection. In addition to the battery and the battery charger, it comes with a carrying case. But it is possible to buy the “body” separately.

This model has already become popular. Firstly, because of its low price with decent quality and performance, and secondly. because of its versatility of use.

BS-155. one of the most reliable and high-quality vibratory machines in the budget segment. It is suitable for working on wooden surfaces, as well as for sanding walls after finishing, felting, bodywork and other similar works. It’s nice that for such an unrealistically low price the manufacturer gives a 5 year warranty on this model.

The tool is light but powerful and not too noisy. It has no own dust bag, but there is an adapter that connects Bort to a vacuum cleaner.

The machine comes with one sanding sheet. Tooling fastening to the soleplate is carried out only by clamping. velcro is not provided.

This professional model has a slightly unconventional layout with an extended handle. But it is very ergonomic, light and easy to control.

Expensive, but fully justifying its price professional machine assembled very well. no complaints to its quality. Inside there is a relatively quiet and reliable brushless motor that contributes to the longevity of the tool.

The model has a long stroke platform. Combined with the wide tooling, it allows faster grinding of the wood and at the same time prevents intermediate levelling after roughing. Metabo will eliminate all faults. If necessary, you can install here a 125 mm diameter multi-hole soleplate.

The functionality is in line with the level of the machine. Smooth start and infinitely variable speed adjustment within the range of 4000-10000, double brake system (of the platen and the motor) is provided here. The speed is consistently maintained at the set level, regardless of variations in load.

DeWALT grinders are popular with craftsmen, despite their high price. Reliable, powerful, well made. And this model is chosen because of the smooth running and convenient dust collector.

Machine for industrial use has been designed down to the last detail. It is quite light and well balanced. Non-slip plastic body feels good in your hand, while working with minimal vibration (as much as possible for a tool like this). Velcro is excellent at holding the abrasive and does not lose its tenacity over time.

Comes with a dust bag for clean work. Powered by the network, has a soft and long 5-meter cable. Speed regulation and RPM stabilization under load enables precise work with wood of any density and irrespective of pressure. When sanding for prolonged periods of time, the power button lock proves to be handy.

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The only thing that isn’t considered is the storage system for the machine and its accessories. DeWALT doesn’t have a case for this model.

The eccentric grinder is designed for surface finishing before finishing. Long arm makes it possible to work on ceilings and walls over the entire height (up to 3 m).

The sander is equipped with a medium-hard platen and leaves a perfectly smooth surface, suitable for painting. Infinitely adjustable speed allows you to choose the right mode for any material: wood, plaster, putty, drywall. In addition, the set already includes 6 abrasive wheels with a grain size of 80 to 240. For working in corners and narrow recesses, the hood can be removed.

The giraffe has a long and highly flexible corrugated hose (4 m) for dust extraction. Special adapter on the end for easy connection to a vacuum cleaner nozzle. On the body of the machine is a valve that regulates the power of suction.

Please note, however, that the eccentric machine will inevitably vibrate. With a telescopic arm and rather high motor power, it becomes quite tangible.

Power output is quite high for a machine of this kind. But this is only possible thanks to the mains connection.

The Metabo Delta is one of the few compact chain saws on the market. The cable is reasonably long (2.8 m) and slim, but it still can be in the way. However, the inconvenience is compensated by the good balance of the tool and the almost total absence of vibration transmission. Can be operated with one hand.

Machine has its own dust bag with its own filter in a rigid housing. Dust removal is fast and clean. The power button is hidden under a plastic cap. not very convenient, but safe for both the craftsman and the tool.

Working with a cordless delta grinder is quite convenient, because nothing prevents its deployment in corners and in narrow areas.

The cordless 18 V tool offers a good power reserve and the possibility of self-contained use without the need for an extension cord or an outlet. However, the manufacturer has a similar network model (TE-OS 1320). it’s cheaper, but has an increased amplitude of 2 mm.

The cordless version of the Einhell delta is sold as a separate “carcass,” but comes with 6 grinders of the right size. That way you don’t have to worry about finding the right consumables for a while, although you can find something better to replace them. The only thing the tool lacks is the speed control.

The grinder for constant work in the workshop performs rough and finish sanding, roughing and scraping operations on wood, metal, composites and plastics.

Almost the only model in our market that works with wide brushes, suitable for professional treatment of very large surfaces. The nylon brush set brings out the natural grain of the wood.

Two handles ensure a secure grip on the heavy-duty tool while working. Longitudinal is equipped with a start button with the possibility of locking. The size of a layer to be removed is regulated by presetting the depth of grinding.

Powerful and reliable model for roughing, scraping of surfaces from efflorescence and rust, creates decorative smooth or relief structure on wood.

Which Electric Sander to Use?

Powerful and at the same time reliable machine comes with a full set of options: soft start, speed regulation, maintaining a constant speed during processing, start button lock.

Quick and easy to change accessories, and you can use brushes from different manufacturers (including domestic ones). Effective motor cooling to protect against overheating. The machine itself is well assembled, despite its relatively low price.

Types, purpose, working peculiarities

There are different types of grinders that perform the same type of work, but with different results. There are tools for rough (preliminary), medium (intermediate) and fine (finish) sanding. Part of the tool can even be used for polishing.

Wood sanding machine can be different fork, size, performance

To choose a wood sander, you must first decide what type of work you need it for. For rough grinding leveling irregularities, differences in height one type is suitable, under the finish grinding bringing to perfection another type. And both tasks can be performed using equipment of different types.

angle grinder angle grinder

The well-known angle grinder can also be used for sanding wood. With the function of coarse grinding it copes pretty well. Of all the possible tools, this one is the most productive. If you need to quickly level large areas of wood surfaces sanding floor, wall, log cabin is a job for the angle grinder. Minus the surface is very uneven, it takes a long time to level all the pits and humps. If on a log house it will still pass, then for any carpentry work the result is unsatisfactory. If only there is an opportunity to buy another tool, use an angle grinder for wood sanding is not worth it.

For wood use red sanding wheels is a special abrasive

For the angle grinder has special attachments for sanding wood. The best option is a petal or disk wheel with sandpaper of different grit sizes. When they are installed, the working plane is below the protective hood, to work safely, you can move in any direction. Careful work on places with protruding nail and screw heads. The tool is lowered from above, gently move. Sharp movement easily breaks the grinding wheel, so be careful.

Changing the grit size of used grinding wheels, you can carry out a rough and medium (intermediate) grinding. The work takes less time than with any other wood sander. But to bring it to an even surface may take more time, because, if you lack experience, the errors will be more.

When sanding wood, the sandpaper gets clogged, so the work speed is reduced. In addition to the reduced speed there is another sign of the smell of burned wood. It is not necessary to change the disk right away, you can restore its functionality. For this, we grind metal for a few seconds. All stuck resin, wood fibers, dust burns off, the surface is cleaned, the processing speed increases again. This Focus, by the way, can also be used with other sanding machines.

If you have to clean and change the circles often, the angle grinder set the attachment with Velcro. Replacing sandpaper is much easier and quicker to peel/stick, a matter of seconds. But it’s more dangerous to work with a nozzle. Thanks to its height, the sanding area is above the protective hood, which does not perform its function. During start-up, it happens, the disc or even the nozzle itself may fly away insecurely fixed. They do not weigh much, they do not cause serious injuries, but they are injuries all the same. Reduce the risks helps angle grinder with a soft start, but still have to work with gloves, protective clothing with tight sleeves, boots that cover your feet, safety glasses.

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Belt sander

so called because the sandpaper is shaped like a belt, continuously moving with the help of rollers. For this reason, such a wood sander is also called endless.

Wood belt sander is designed for rough and intermediate leveling of the surface. By installing sandpaper with a finer grain, you can achieve medium-sized finishing. This is sufficient for joinery that is not to be painted. Another type of wood sander is needed to bring it to a perfect condition. And to eliminate the longitudinal scratches have to carry out a step grinding, several times changing the grit scratches remain deep.

The belt sander is good if you need to remove the old paint coating varnish

What good is a belt sander for wood? It has a good performance. The belt is mounted in such a way that one side of the belt can be sanded close to the wall. What are its disadvantages? Due to the design, not all points can be reached. For example, corners, shaped recesses, grooves, and other small parts. It is not always possible to reach between two parts (e.g. when working on railings). Another drawback most of the belt sander has a solid weight, to work them on the weight, sanding vertical surfaces, it is difficult. But on the horizontal plane, they are the most productive.

The following disadvantages high noise level, not the largest grinding spot. It is so noisy that it is very uncomfortable to work without headphones. Why is the sanding spot small, because in appearance it is quite large?? Even with a large belt width, it only grinds in the center part of the front and back is not used due to the fact that it is raised to feed the rollers.

It can be turned into a sander

Is the belt sander for wood peculiarities in work. To reduce the depth of the grooves it leaves, you have to drive it along the fibers. Then the finishing sanding takes less time. And if in the process of work to make a mistake and leave the machine in one place for a long time, it forms a solid hole. Despite this, it is the most productive wood sander that is often used.

Orbital (eccentric)

Orbital wood sander has a round sole with Velcro, on which the sanding paper discs are attached. The discs are the same as those used in the angle grinder, so they are interchangeable. The base of the machine has openings in the footwell to extract the dust. Dust is collected in a bag, cassette-type container, almost all models allow you to connect a vacuum cleaner.

The eccentric sander enables you to work on curved surfaces

The work of the eccentric wood sander is based on simultaneous rotation and forward-backward motion (reciprocating motion). This results in sufficiently high speed for intermediate and finish machining of the wood. When working with this type of sander, the platform moves in a spiral or orbit. Therefore, this tool is also called orbital sander.

Eccentric sander ideal for work on curved or profiled surfaces The sander is lightweight, low-noise, easy to control, and allows access to recesses, notches, etc.п. That said, it also handles large planes at a good pace. With the installation of sandpaper with coarse grain can be used for rough and intermediate sanding. Speed is less than a belt, but also quite acceptable. There are these machines with different radius of motion (eccentricity) from 3 to 8 mm. By picking up this parameter and identify the main purpose (about this below).

There are small and compact, there are powerful, decent-sized

The disadvantages of this type of machines are impossible to process in the corners. The round platform just doesn’t fit there. Even on the edges there is an insecure area close to the wall or vertical surfaces can not grind.


The base of the vibrating grinder can be rectangular or triangular. When working, it makes a circular motion with a small amplitude vibrates, which gave the name to this type of equipment. This wood sander is used for finishing for varnishing or painting, but has a low productivity.

Vibratory sander for wood with a rectangular surface allows you to process large areas, but with its help you can not grind wood near vertical planes and walls it starts to hit the obstacle. The triangular in this respect is more suitable for working in corners and hard-to-reach places, but it is still not tight to the wall.

Vibrating machine is used for finishing

Another disadvantage of vibrating machines is the so called drums. If a grain of sand or other hard fragment gets under the surface, it leaves little circles on the wood. These marks are difficult to remove. You have to use smaller and smaller grit sandpaper, gradually removing scratches. But if something gets under the soleplate again in the process, the process repeats again. That’s why the surface is thoroughly cleaned before the work and usually a plow is connected for quick and timely removal of foreign fragments.


Strictly speaking, it is not a sander, but it can be used for sanding. over, the places that are inaccessible for other types of machines, angles (even sharp), places directly at the vertical walls. For grinding, the tool is equipped with a specially shaped triangular platform upon which a self-adhesive sandpaper is mounted.

When working, the platform moves horizontally with very little amplitude of the triangle peaks deflect about 1.7 ° (an average of 2.5 mm). This small movement is what grinds. You can sand corners and close to vertical surfaces with this sander. Not only the wood can be removed, but also smeared and dried adhesive. In general, the oscillating machine is used for finishing sanding in hard-to-reach places because of the low performance and sanding spot, it is unrealistic to process more or less large surfaces for a long time.

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What type of grinder to choose

To summarize, it can be said that for work on the house and construction, ideally you need two grinders for rough and finish. The most frequently used pair is the belt eccentric one. If you plan to engage in the manufacture of furniture, then without the oscillating you can not do without.

If you do not like the result of the belt sander, you can buy two orbital with different eccentricity. For rough sanding tool is suitable for eccentricity 6-8 mm, for finish sanding and even polishing 2-4 mm. The only disadvantage of such a solution good eccentric grinders are expensive.

If the budget is limited, but in the economy is an angle grinder (angle grinder), rough sanding can be done with it, and for intermediate or finishing use an orbital or vibratory. Just keep in mind that the vibrating most unproductive, although the cheapest. If you can, buy an orbital one, it’s more versatile and produces better results.

How to choose a grinder

During repair it is often necessary to make a perfectly smooth surface: sand it off, remove old paint, rust, level putty on the walls, remove protruding fibers on the wood, etc. д. Of course, you can sigh, take a wooden bar in your hands, wrap it in sandpaper and proceed to the long procedure of sanding.

The situation is different if you have a grinder. With its help you can grind the surface in the shortest possible time, without spending too much effort. But if you’ve never used one before, it’s not an easy choice. In this article we will tell you about how to choose the grinder or a professional grinder you need, and also tell you about some of the subtleties of working with this tool.

To determine the best CMM, you should read the rating of eccentric grinders for 2021. In the top quality SHM can include the following devices:

  • DeWALT DWE6423. Compact device with a power of 280 W. Suitable for wood and ceramics.
  • Makita BO5041. Two-handed model with 300 W power and 3 mm platform travel. Equipped with additional dust bag.
  • Bosch GEX 125-150 AVE. The power of the model is 400 W. Finishes wood, plastics and ceramics.

Further information! All models listed above are equipped with a power regulator.

How to choose a grinder: Top 15 best models, what to look for

We all know sandpaper from elementary school days, so you know exactly how difficult it is to endure the process of sanding material. This is so tedious monotonous activity that it is hard to endure, so there was another solution. sanders. They differ in many ways. Among them you can find and two-handed “angle grinder”, and more compact options. engravers with attachments, although everyone prefers their “dremel.

We have compiled a rating of grinders, with which you can solve both more complex and more simple tasks. The main thing is to pay attention to the features of this or that model.

In stores you can find grinders designed for domestic or professional needs. Each type has its own features, which it is advisable to learn about before buying.


Household tools are chosen if you have to work with it irregularly. On average, CMMs are designed to work 20 hours a month from 220 V, which is much less when compared to professional models.

Every 15 minutes of work with the grinder household purpose should stop for 10-15 minutes, otherwise there is a risk of ruining the engine.

Attention! Manufacturers do not recommend working with the device for more than 3 hours during the day. If more is needed, a domestic device must be abandoned in favor of a more serious one.

The advantages of a domestic unit. affordable price and ease of operation.


This type of tool is designed for continuous work over long periods of time. Typically, professional grinders are used in manufacturing. They are much more reliable than household tools, as they are made of higher quality materials.

The equipment is designed for multi-shift intensive work. The devices are quite large, because there is a more powerful motor inside the housing.

When developing a professional sander, not only production requirements are taken into account, but also such criteria as convenience and safety. That’s why manufacturers produce equipment that creates a minimum of vibration.

  • removal of paint, putty or varnish from surfaces (metal, wood);
  • soot removal, rust removal, defect removal (metal);
  • Planken production for facade finishing;
  • sanding the material (preparatory work);
  • Design furniture and interior fittings (panels, table tops, chandeliers, stairs, kitchen sets and even entire rooms);
  • satinizing and matting of steel sheets;
  • Working with burnt wood to give the product several colors;
  • creating eco-decor for bars, stores, saunas, etc.д.

At the same time, any material selected for processing retains its quality and properties. the brush applicator works very gently. But in order to achieve the desired result, the craftsman must choose the right power tool (including speed options) and its equipment.

Makita 9911

The Makita 9911’s low weight and low power do not prevent it from scraping, sanding irregularities, and polishing paintwork. A quality result on any surface is made possible by the infinitely variable speed setting of the belt. Convenience of work with long construction mouldings provides:

  • control arrangement,
  • ergonomic handle at the front of the grinder,
  • self-contained dust collector,
  • simple belt tension mechanism.

Simple equipment does not affect the performance of the CMM. With proper adjustment (speed, alignment of shafts) of the tool prior to operation, productivity and quality will be at a professional level.

  • Belt alignment adjustment
  • variable speed control
  • Locking the start button
  • socket to connect a vacuum cleaner or a dust bag

Watch the Makita 9911’s unconventional mounting and use video: