What to choose a good hammer drill. DeWALT D25143K

Rating of the best torches for home and work

The need to choose a reliable perforator for the home can arise in many cases. Such a useful power tool will be indispensable for cosmetic and major repairs of apartments, installation of cornices or a boiler, as well as the performance of other tasks. For professional builders, the torch is one of the key tools for the job. But in this case the tool will be used much more frequently and for a wider range of tasks, which also requires increased reliability, more power and more functionality. Our rating of the best cordless torches will help you choose the best device for any requirement and financial possibilities.

  • Best inexpensive orators for the home
  • 1. Interskol P-22/620ER
  • 2. Zubr ZP-28-800 KM
  • 3. Sturm! RH2592P
  • The best torches in terms of quality and reliability
  • 1. KRÜGER KBH-1400
  • 2. AEG KH 27 E
  • 3. DeWALT D25144K
  • 4. Makita HR2470
  • The best cordless torches
  • 1. Makita DHR242Z
  • 2. AEG BBH 18 Li-0
  • 3. Bosch GBH 18 V-EC 0
  • Best professional gorators
  • 1. Makita HR5001C
  • 2. DeWALT D25762K
  • 3. Bosch GBH 8-45 DV
  • What is the best tool to buy

What to pay attention to when choosing a cordless torch

The main criteria to rely on when choosing a good peorator:

  • Power and impact force. The key indicator on which the range of use of the tool depends. The gradation of the cordless models is standard: 1.3. 1.5 J are light, 1.5-2.0 J are medium, others are powerful devices for professional use in the construction industry.
  • Battery capacity, measured in Ah. Optimal capacity is 3.5 A/h or more. Lower values will not allow unleashing the full potential of the tool.
  • Battery voltage. in most cases, wireless models are equipped with batteries at 18V or higher.
  • Type of construction. horizontal or vertical. Not only habit influences the choice, but also the nature of work.

Other factors include the convenience of button layout, softness and clarity of the controls. And also a complete set. sometimes manufacturers immediately complete the tool with batteries, in which case they are cheaper.

When buying a cordless torch you should check if replacement batteries or universal ones, suitable for other brand tools, are on sale. Lack of consumables will make the unit useless, because the service life of the battery, as a rule, is half as long as the resource of the device itself.

What is the best peorator to buy

To choose a suitable model, you need to determine the specifics of the upcoming work. For basic works, such as small hole drilling, tile removal and light mortar mixing, any tool from the rating is a good choice. However, professionals, when deciding which is the best to buy a peorator, also take into account the main type of activity:

  • Installing windows, hanging furniture, installing doors, removing tiles. horizontal peorators.
  • Laying wiring. lightweight vertical tools.
  • Drilling big holes and chiselling concrete. heavy vertical ones under SDS.
  • Drilling of bearing walls, thick durable concrete, dismantling and expanding window or door openings. heavy models under the SDS-max.

Our editorial review covered all types of machines. Customer reviews helped to fully disclose the pros and cons of each member, operating features and areas where the device is strong. Now it is easier to choose the best professional model of the torch, because the rating is based on real-life experience of use.

What kind of perforators are there

Peorators are distinguished by the following characteristics:

  • power (domestic, semi-professional and professional);
  • type of attachment of the nozzle;
  • type of impact system mechanism;
  • The location of the motor in the peorator;
  • type of power;
  • Number of operating modes.

Different perforators differ in power, which is counted in joules. Domestic peorators weigh no more than four kilograms and have a power of up to five joules. They are enough for home repair work, they will be suitable for the cottage or for the garage. Such torches are suitable for light work and are relatively inexpensive. Semi-professional torches are more powerful. in the range of 5-7 joules. They weigh considerably more (up to 8 kilograms) and can be used for serious construction tasks. They withstand continuous operation and solve “in-line” problems. These gorators can handle most applications: they can break through concrete walls, partitions, or even steel bars. Professional torches are the most powerful. they are designed for professional builders and repair crews. The cost of a gator rises as its power increases.

Peorators differ in the type of attachments. There are three kinds. SDS-Plus, SDS-Max, SDS-Top. SDS-Plus is a mount for inexpensive household or semi-professional universal gorators. SDS-Max is used in professional machines. SDS-Top. this is a highly specialized chuck, which is designed for drilling small holes, this type of attachment is characterized by reliability and durability.

The impact system mechanism is either pneumatic or electromagnetic. Most use a pneumatic system in the percussion mechanism. The electromagnetic one is specific and requires more accuracy but the holes are faster to make and the mechanism itself is more durable.

The gator motor can be vertical or horizontal. Vertical rotators are shorter and therefore cool down better and can work for a long time without interruption. But they are bulky and harder to use in hard-to-reach places, so in most cases the motor is horizontal to make it easier for the operator to use the tool.

Inexpensive household gamblers are usually powered, while more professional models are often equipped with a rechargeable battery. Naturally, the battery operated gator is more convenient because it does not need any cords when operating. The difference in power between them is vanishingly small, so both types are used by professionals. A cordless rotary tool can also be useful in everyday life, but its presence automatically increases the cost of the tool by two or three times, so you should choose according to your needs.

The last difference between the gears is the number of operating modes. Inexpensive models had two modes of operation. drilling and drilling. The more expensive professional models have three of them: drilling, drillingstrikes, and just strikes. With the third operating mode, the torch can be used as a jackhammer, which is often necessary in construction or repair work.

What the torch can do? How it works?

Is it possible to do without a torch at home??

How did they make holes in concrete in the past?? For that, a special tool, the flat borer, was used. In essence, it is a hollow tube of the required diameter, with teeth cut in the “crown” along the end face.

Masters of the older generation are very familiar with this uncomplicated “hand peorator”. flat

For the hole, the hatchet itself, a weighty hammer, was prepared. During work a clean rag was useful to periodically wipe sweat that dripped down the face from excessive effort, and a set of “tough words” helped to bear the pain more easily when the hammer blow was not on the hatchet, but on the fingers of the hand that held it. During this drilling process, the flat bobber was turned periodically around and the process continued until the hole reached the required depth. A hammered wooden plug was then driven into the hole, and a nail or screw could be driven into it.

DeWalt Hammer Drill vs. Dewalt Rotary Hammer | Which is better for Brick, Block, or Rock?

Performance?. No problem! Speed of making the hole?. it depends on your luck. It happens that we got such a strong fragment of rubble filler, that the “procedure” required several runs with breaks, and sometimes it was necessary to abandon the begun hole. It is even worse if a reinforcing bar is encountered in the way of the flat bar.

The author of these lines received his apartment at the end of 1991. A new nine-story reinforced concrete building with bare, unfinished walls and windows of dreadful quality and wild slits in their perimeter. I had no experience in construction work when I was young. I had to learn on the fly. I was very poor with tools, too, but I did have a hatchet and a hammer. And the process of hanging lockers on the walls and string rods on the ceiling was very memorable.

Being on a business trip. I bought a Voronezh-made electric drill “Energia” at the Tushino radio market. For those days, it was a real “wonder of technology”, even with a regulator for the number of revolutions on the release button. But the most important thing. the kit included a nozzle designed for percussive drilling.

The drill bit, which gave some effect of drilling and punching

A chuck was unscrewed from the drill, then a nozzle was put on the cylindrical neck near the spindle and tightened with two screws. The spindle had two splines that meshed with the hole in the transmission coupling located on the inside of the spindle. After that the chuck was screwed to the spindle of the bit, the drill could be installed and tightened, and the work could begin.

The principle was simple up to the point that the rotation was transmitted through a sleeve with a serrated notch that, when the drill was pressed against the surface where the hole was made, slipped over the same serrated notch in the body of the bit. This created, in addition to the torque, also the semblance of a progressive percussive motion of the drill bit. By the way, it is exactly according to this principle that many electronic drills positioned as having an impact function are still working today.

The principle of progressive force through rack and pinion operation is still employed in many power drills to this day. The scheme is extremely imperfect, and in peorators everything is much more complicated.

I can’t say that working with this bit went “without a hitch”. I had to put my entire weight on the drill to make such “percussive action” produce any visible effect. But in many areas (e.g. when drilling holes on the wall in the area under the ceiling) it was simply impossible to apply such force, and it turned out more crackling without any visible benefit. The diamond drill bits with this kind of drilling in the concrete “licked” very quickly. And the worst thing is that the gearbox of my drill got terribly hot, I had to make frequent and very long pauses in work. The process consisted of alternating between drilling and flat boring if a hard stone was encountered.

In short, the expectations were obviously not met. That’s why after 8 years, when the overdue repair was started, already at a higher level, the drill as a tool for such operations. was not even considered. At that time perforators were not such a rarity. And in the advertising newspapers were placed quite a few ads offering similar services. the happy owners of the tool made on it a good business. A call to such an ad informed about the price. a dollar per one drilled hole! There was a lot of work to be done, so it was decided that it would be cheaper to buy your own peorator. With that time level of wages it was a terribly expensive purchase (comparable to a monthly paycheck), but I have never regretted it. Since then the torch (the third in 17 years) always takes pride of place in my tool kit. The more so that the of such tools are not so “biting” now.

Here it is, the “old guy”, repaired many times, but still faithfully serving more than ten years. For some reason I still can’t bear to throw it away.

In a word. there is no need to doubt! The torch is a must have for the good owner. there is always a use for such a tool. And the owner will get rid of many problems with a variety of operations in the course of construction or repair, as well as in everyday practice.

Rating of top 10 according to KP

Wert ERH 0724HRE (from 3279)

The base model of the torch, which is enough for infrequent work in the home. You can drill a hole for dowels in a panel house without any problems, but you can’t cut a concrete wall with it easily. 750 W motor is powered by electricity. The manufacturer has included an additional handle, drilling depth limiter and carrying case.


Practical and inexpensive rotary hammer, suitable for home use. In spite of the fact that the motor power is limited to 700 Watt, the energy of impact of the hammer is 3 Joules. You can control the power of the motor with the starter button. The tool is corded, and the cord length is only two meters. for someone it may not be long enough and will need to buy an extension cord. No carrying case included.


Compact peorator for those who will use it only at home. Weighing only 2 kg, the tool has a 450 watt motor and one blow power.2 Joules. Yes, it is not enough for hammer action, but it is simply not included with this model. Comes with a convenient carrying and storage case. Powered by the mains. No need to compare it to powerful competitors, but for occasional DIY jobs around the house this is a great choice.

choose, good, hammer, drill


Lightweight and reliable tool from a renowned manufacturer, which ranked fourth on our list of the best peorators for the home 2022. The German company has thought out a comfortable grip of this “pea”, so it will be convenient to work with it even for a long time. The tool weighs only 2.2 kg, but it hides a 550 “honest” watt motor. Power tool is corded, and popular chuck model allows the use of various accessories for the job. Includes storage case.


A powerful tool that you can buy for renovations in a large cottage or private home. Impact energy of 5 Joules is more than enough for drilling for wiring and demolition of not the thickest brick walls. The model is equipped with an anti-vibration system for comfortable operation, which is sure to benefit from the powerful 950-watt motor. Tool can be stored in handy carrying case. Top model in the list of the best at-home rotators with vertical motor position.


Builders and installers around the world know the maker of this torch. The model compares favorably with its competitors because of its mobility. the cordless drill can be used even in places without electricity. Engineers had to pay for this by the weight of the device and its power. The kit includes only one battery, but you can buy more if you want.


One of the best price-performance ratio 2022 torches for the home. It has everything you might need for serious home repair: three operating modes, a powerful motor (880W and 3W), a powerful drive system (580W and 3W), and a long-life battery.2 J) and anti-vibration system. Model is also praised for its long and soft four-meter cord, which will not break even with frequent ducking. Comes with an extra SDS-plus chuck and carrying case.


Advanced peorator model for home or professional use. Comfortable working with this tool thanks to the smart anti-vibration system. 800 watt motor produces a maximum impact energy of 2.9 J. The power of the motor depends on how hard you push the start button. This peorator is mains-powered, but the cord is long enough.


Expensive but quality premium brand name rotary tool from the German manufacturer. This model has proven to be a peorator that has almost no output at all to the user’s hands. Despite this, the 900W motor still produces a maximum impact force of 4 Joules.2 Joules, not everybody can boast this performance. Special tool case, drilling depth stop, and lubricant included.


Interesting battery-operated model of heavy-duty torch. Although independent of mains power, powerful tool develops up to 2 hours of power.1 J maximum impact energy. You won’t feel a kickback thanks to the smart anti-vibration system and ergonomic handle. Compact Best Whole-Home Torch 2022 comes with two batteries and a battery charger. It is noteworthy that the batteries from this manufacturer’s tools are interchangeable and suitable from different types of equipment.

What is the best tool to buy

Home models are not often used, so it’s not a good idea to buy an expensive tool with powerful features. Professional equipment is designed to perform a significant amount of work, has a high percussion power and has several settings, it is also equipped with additional functions to perform different types of work at high loads.

  • A good inexpensive tool Zubr ZP-26-800 K will help with minor repairs at home. It is handy, lightweight and has a long power cord;
  • The DeWALT D25144K is a safe, functional mid-priced tool that easily drills through concrete and masonry;
  • Concrete Peorator Hitachi DH45MR includes 3 wrenches. It weighs a lot and costs a lot, but quickly performs tasks on cement, metal, stone;
  • Low weight, ergonomic handle of the Interskol PA-10/14,4P Cordless Peorator 1.3Ah and drilling speed puts it one step ahead of the competition.

Deciding how to choose a peorator for repairing apartments, houses or large-scale construction works one should not chase a manufacturer’s name and overpay for a brand. Little-known companies produce high-quality equipment at affordable that can last for several years. Special attention should be paid to quality of tool assembly and its power.

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A drill or a rotary tool is better?

A drill is designed for drilling holes in low-density materials such as wood, plastic, or soft metal. It can be used for working with fasteners (like an electric screwdriver), and at low speeds as a mixer for mortars. The tool is characterized by its modest size and average price of 3000. 5000

The rotating speed of the drill is lower, consumes less power and is designed to work with concrete and reinforced concrete. Many models featured in the rating can replace a jackhammer and facilitate the work of organizing niches, chipping tiles and laying utilities.

When working with concrete, they are much more practical, reliable and durable than drills. The impact force of the drill reaches up to 5 Joules and therefore no pressure is needed. the tool does everything by itself.

Which is better. Makita, Bosch or Metabo??

If you believe the experts, the Metabo brand is much more reliable than its main competitors.

Best Hammer Drill Brand? Milwaukee, Dewalt, Makita, Ryobi, Hart, & Cacoop

The Bosch company is famous for its good quality products and has been on the market for about 120 years, which indicates a high quality of products, but many users believe that the price of devices of this brand is a little bit too high.

The Japanese company Makita is positioned in the market as the best in terms of price/quality ratio and is often purchased for home use.