What to cut chipboard with at home

Sawing Laminated Particle Board without Chipping: How and What to Saw Laminated Particle Board without Chipping?

Sawing panels made of chipboard and other materials

This is especially important when sawing panels with a double-sided finish. Fiberboard can be cut at home with an electric or hand-operated jigsaw

Of course, the saw must be sharp, with a fine tooth, on the jigsaw should be set to the maximum speed. Position the chipboard horizontally on a support that must not hinder the sawing process (between two tables or chairs for example) and if necessary, secure it with wood clamps

Fiberboard can be sawn with a hand saw or an electric saw at home. Of course, the saw has to be sharp, with a fine tooth and the jigsaw should be set to the maximum rpm. Support the chipboard horizontally on a support that doesn’t obstruct the sawing process (between two tables or chairs, for example), use clamps to hold it in place if needed.

Hold the electric jigsaw with both hands firmly pressed against the surface, move it smoothly, strictly along the mowing line of the marking, without jerks and pressure.

The same applies to working with a hand jigsaw.

If you have many sheets of material to cut, it is more convenient to call a specialized company. This will save you time and effort.

Cutting Chipboard with the Cricut Maker Knife Blade

How to saw chipboard without splitting

The abbreviation Laminated chipboard should be understood to mean laminated chipboard, which consists of waste natural wood mixed with a polymer adhesive composition, and is laminated as a monolithic film consisting of several layers of paper impregnated with resin. The lamination process is carried out under production conditions at a pressure of 28 MPa and a high temperature of up to 220°C. The result is a very durable, glossy carpet, which can be in many colors and is highly resistant to mechanical damage and moisture.

How to cut

Laminated chipboard is made from hardwood and softwood lumber waste and is very lightweight, so it can be used for furniture. Most home furniture makers give preference to laminated chipboard when choosing raw materials for furniture. This material is relatively inexpensive, and there is always a large variety of colors and patterns to choose from at the retail outlets. The difficulty in working with laminated chipboard is that it is very difficult to saw off part of the sheet to the right size, because the fragile laminated layer creates cracks and chips in the place of sawing. Knowing some of the techniques used in the work helps to cope with this task.

chipboard, home

To cut laminated chipboard you need a saw with fine teeth.

And the shallower and more frequent they are on the tool blade, the cleaner and smoother the finished cut of the laminated material will be.

In order to saw accurately and efficiently we need to proceed in a certain sequence.

  • On a sheet of Laminated Particle Board it is necessary to mark out a sawing line, where a paper adhesive strip should be tightly glued. The band will prevent the teeth of the saw from splitting the laminate during the sawing process.
  • Using an awl or a knife blade along the mowing line of the saw a groove with a recess. In this way we cut through a thin layer of lamination in advance, making it easier for ourselves while sawing. Moving along this groove, the saw blade will move on a tangential plane, cutting through deep layers of chipboard material.
  • When sawing, it is recommended to hold the saw blade at an acute angle relative to the working plane of the board.
  • If the work of sawing will be carried out using an electric tool, the feed rate of the cutting blade should be minimal, so that the saw can not vibrate and bend.
  • After sawing is done, the cut of the workpiece must be processed first with a file, and then with the use of sandpaper. The cut should be processed with movements from the center to the edge of the workpiece.

To protect the place of the cut on the workpiece from further appearance of chips or cracks, it is closed by applying adhesive tape of melamine, or fix the end edges, which may have a T-shaped or C-shaped appearance.

After such a decorative masking not only improves the appearance of the board, but also increases the service life of the material.

Materials and tools

In the woodworking industry, a special piece of equipment, called a panel saw, is used for sawing Laminated chipboard. Some private furniture workshops purchase such a machine, but it is hardly advisable to install it at home due to its high cost. Such equipment can be replaced by home power tools. sawing chipboard can be done with a circular saw or a hacksaw. The sawing process takes a lot of time and effort, but it is well worth it economically.

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Electric jigsaw

In order to make an even cut without damaging the laminate layer, it is necessary to take a jigsaw blade with the smallest tooth size. It is advisable to use an electric jigsaw for cutting small areas of laminate Particle board. Jerking or excessive pressure must be avoided. The cutting blade feed speed of the tool should be chosen as minimal as possible.

This tool is quite capable of making even and quality cuts without chipping the laminated surface.

Manual hacksaw

This manual tool is used in combination with a metal blade, as it has the finest teeth. Before working on the cut it is necessary to put a piece of paper adhesive tape on the place where the cut is made in order to protect the laminate from damage. Hand saw blade should be held at an angle of 30-35 °, such a position reduces the likelihood of splintering on the material. The movements of the hacksaw blade should be smooth, with no pressure on the blade.

After the cut is made, the edges of the cut should be cleaned with a file and fine abrasive paper.

Circular saw

This power tool consists of a small work table and a rotating toothed blade. A circular saw makes a faster and better cut on a chipboard panel than an electric jigsaw. During the sawing process the saw should be run at low rpm. Chips may appear on the opposite side of the saw teeth.

To prevent this situation a paper adhesive tape is glued to the kerf before sawing.

Electric milling machine

This is a hand-held type of power tool that is used to cut and drill wood panel. Before starting work in Laminated chipboard with a hand jigsaw makes a small cut, departing from the contour of the marking at 3-4 mm. Several cutter blades and its bearing device are used in the sawing process, which regulates the cutting depth. It is not easy to use a router, so you need to have some skill with this tool to cut the board. The movement of the cutter is quite fast, and it is possible to make an uneven cut.

But with the help of a router you can get a perfectly smooth cut of the material. the appearance of chips and cracks in the application of this device is very rare.

It makes sense to use hand tools when making single pieces of laminated chipboard. For the mass production it is reasonable to buy the format-cutting equipment.

How to cut properly?

Sawing laminated chipboard without chipping at home is quite possible with your own hands. Making a groove in the kerf with a sharp object beforehand greatly simplifies the task. Once there, the cutting tool blade follows a pre-determined path and cuts much more easily. Rectilinear cuts on laminated chipboard is much easier to do than to cut the sheet shaped.

Cutting curved shapes with home tools is extremely difficult, and can only be done with a power cutter. This tool performs a quality cut and has a lot of additional functions.

The price of the power tiller depends on the firm-manufacturer, so you can choose a budget model with good technical parameters.

To cut a sheet of laminated chipboard with an electric cutter the following steps must be performed:

  • on the surface of an ordinary chipboard, mark all the contours of the future workpiece;
  • Using an electric jigsaw, the workpiece is sawn out 1-2 mm from the outlined contour;
  • the finished sawed template is cleaned with a file or emery paper;
  • the prepared stencil is put on the sheet of laminated chipboard and fixed with the joinery clamps so that it is in a stationary position;
  • the contour of the stencil is sawed by an electric milling machine equipped with a bearing mechanism, cutting the contours of the workpiece, cutting the edge evenly along the planned mowing line;
  • after the work is completed, the end sides are cleaned and processed with a decorative edge.

The use of an electric cutter makes it possible to make a shaped cut Laminated chipboard without chipping and cracking the material.

Blades of an electric cutter must fully capture the entire thickness of the material of the workpiece. this is the only way to get a quality product.

You can learn about the four methods of sawing laminated chipboard without chipping with an electric jigsaw from the video below.

How to saw Laminated chipboard without splitting: proper sawing

Find out how much it costs to cut laminated chipboard here!

Making furniture with their own hands a rational and practical solution. Especially when the in stores and furniture showrooms are not happy at all, and the furniture items presented in them do not quite fit into the interior of your home. At the same time, the Internet is replete with materials about self-made furniture, which promise that it is not so difficult. Indeed, with sufficient theoretical training with the manufacture of furniture quite possible to cope at home. And if you make furniture with your own hands, you can significantly save the family budget.

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And one of the most important steps in home furniture making is sawing. What affects the quality of the cut, how it can be made and under what conditions? And is it possible to do without chipping, not turning to professionals, but taking the entire process on your own? Let’s look at all the questions about sawing in order in our instructions. And as the laminated chipboard is one of the most popular and budget solutions for home furniture manufacturing, we choose this material.

Programs for nesting

Execute a cutting map Laminated chipboard from the sheet can be in a special program on your computer. Among the most famous of these are: “Astra Nesting”

In the program file of the order, which can contain several products, having their own set of details, the parameters for which are set by the user. Based on the information about the edge trimming of the plate, the type of cutting, the width of the cut, through cuts, etc. п. The program will generate a cutting map. Then automatically generate a bill of materials, a sketch and other production documents. Program includes reference information about materials, operations, edges and parts.

Suitable for those who are constantly engaged in nesting work Chipboard. This program:

  • Supports multi-user mode;
  • organizes and sorts the information;
  • sorts orders into archived, scheduled, and active orders;
  • saves information about materials, etc;
  • Keeps track of leftover material.

The editor shows which parts are placed correctly and which are not, as well as the difference between good and not so good leftovers. User can change settings for ease of use.

Cutting chipboard Particleboard

With the right tools and proper markings you won’t have any problem cutting chipboard. The most important thing is that the movements are done very slowly. Even when using a fine toothed saw, chipping may occur during sharp actions. Cut the chipboard straight through without attempting to partially cut through it. It is impossible to break the material without cracking it.

How fast to cut Particleboard, Laminated Particleboard with a jigsaw

To be able to evenly cut chipboard with a jigsaw, the electric or hand-held tool must be run at slow speed while pressing the blade firmly against the workpiece. If you move the jigsaw quickly, the cut is not very accurate, there is a higher chance of splintering.

Users say that when cutting with the jigsaw head in a straight line and at low speed, the jigsaw moves about 50 cm per minute. If you increase the intensity of movement and set the maximum angle, it is possible to cut up to 2 m in the same amount of time. But the cut will be rough, with large chips.

Tip! If you need to saw the material carefully, it is worth turning off the pendulum motion in the tool.

How smoothly the jigsaw will cut chipboard also depends on the sharpness of the blade. New blades let you cut material cleanly along the marked mowing line and at a constant speed. But after about 3 m the tooling begins to blunt, resulting in slower progression and a rougher cut.

Sawing with a panel saw

For sawing with the machine the workpiece is set on the left stationary table to the adjustable stop. Required length is measured. The saw unit starts up. When the disc reaches the necessary revolutions, the table moves forward.

The workpiece with the table is fed to the disk for sawing the desired piece.

The construction

The most popular models are Mj 45kb-2, JTS-315SP SM, Woodtec ps 45, Altendorf F 45. Despite the different features, they have a common design.

Mandatory components of the nesting machine:

  • The frame. the basis on which all the mechanisms are fastened. The heavy bars eliminate vibrations and oscillations that are crucial for a precise cut.
  • A saw unit with two circular sawblades. The first disk is on the front of the unit and is used for pre-sawing the workpiece. The second one. for complete sawing of the plate.
  • Three working tables. The first is stationary and accommodates the. The second, formatted. moving, on it occurs feeding of the plate on the disc. The third supports parts to be sawn off.
  • The carriage is the part that allows the formatting table to move.
  • Stops and rulers that secure the workpiece in the desired position.

Depending on the model, price and features of the cutting machines may have different nuances of design.

  • swarf and chips outlet and connection for dust extraction;
  • Clamps for securely fastening the workpiece on the table;
  • Swivel ruler and angle stops to make the cut at the right angle and without marking;
  • frame with a thrust leg for sawing long workpieces;
  • ball and roller carriages.
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The first format machine with movable carriage was built in 1906 by the German carpenter Wilhelm Altendohm.

Manufacturers and prices

The name and reputation of the manufacturer have a direct impact on consumer confidence in the products they offer. Often devices with the same technical characteristics and even a very similar appearance can differ in price by several times, because they are made by different companies.

In human consciousness every brand is associated with some level of quality, own experience, opinion of friends and acquaintances and even the degree of influence of commercials. That is why “promoted” brands are more expensive and unknown brands are cheaper. These obvious statements are also completely true for the sawing tool market.

chipboard, home

Bosh company is one of the leaders in wood processing equipment production. There are three models in the class of circular saws, one of which belongs to the household, and the other two. to the professional saws.

This division, however, is very relative. Even the simplest saw in the Bosch PPS 7S has all the parameters you need for volume production: Depth control, broach, high RPM, sufficient for longitudinal and cross cutting The chipboard with perfect face quality, the laser unit.

Working surface of the Bosch PPS 7S sawmill

The only disadvantage of Bosch products is the high price. Users give these machines a solid 4 because of this. the PPS 7S costs around 23,000 and its older counterparts 30,000 and 40,000 respectively.


Well-known German company that supplies professional tools for almost all types of work produces more than a dozen reliable and high-quality sawing machines. Its are not as “biting” as in Bosch. a machine similar to Bosch PPS 7S costs in the region of 15 000, and for less than 30 thousand you can buy a professional three-kilowatt installation of German assembly with the possibility of extending the table and trimming wood chipboard of any size.

BKH 450 Plus-5 machine.5

Metabo also has superperformance models that can be used for cutting the toughest and most solid materials. For example, the construction saw BKH 450 Plus-5.5 develops power up to 5500 watts and provides a cutting depth of up to 14 cm. This machine costs about 60,000


Machines under this brand are made in China and, judging by user reviews, not of high quality. However, you should clearly understand that these machines are intended exclusively for household use and apply as a working tool in the furniture shop, probably, makes no sense. Maybe that’s why there are so many complaints about burned-out motors and cracked gears. Many of those who use Hittachi saws in the countryside in a sparing mode are quite happy with their tool.

chipboard, home

The main difference of this equipment is its low


Let’s talk a little about Russian manufacturers. One of the leaders among domestic suppliers is the company Enkor, which produces sawing machines under the brand name Korvet.

The range includes both relatively cheap machines, designed for individual use, and professional models. Not bad machine for a summer cottage or your own workshop can be purchased in the price range from 5 to 20 thousand. The price range for professional equipment. from 30 000 (circular sawing machines) to 200 000 and above (format-cutting machines).


Not bad quality household machines for woodworking. Initial models 900 and 1000 watts are unlikely to be suitable for sawing wood chipboard, but the machines EPN-1700 and EPN-2000 on the technical parameters are quite suitable for such work. Their price does not exceed 10 thousand

From the pluses of “Kalibr” products it is worth noting good service, availability of inexpensive spare parts and fairly high reliability of the equipment.

Zubr table saws are designed for home use. The lineup is very similar to the Kalibr product line.

It should be noted that on many Internet forums you can meet rather harsh negative reviews about the products and warranty service of this brand. So before buying Zubr machines, it is better to get acquainted with this issue in detail beforehand.

We hope that the above review will allow you to choose a reliable and high-quality sawing machine to facilitate and automate the processing of wood chipboard.

Safety Technology

Do not forget about safety precautions! When cutting plastic panels, especially with an electric tool (jigsaw or angle grinder), there is a high probability that sawdust and splinters will fly off the material. Therefore it is worth to buy protective goggles and gloves in advance, which will protect the eyes from injury, and it is recommended not to take them off until the end of work.

Regardless of which tool you decide to use, the above tips will help you avoid the mistakes of most inexperienced finishers and create a cozy interior that will please for years to come.