What to do if I fill up my STIHL chain saw

The risks of using substandard fuel

Various low-octane gasolines and fuel surrogates contain alcohol components, which take longer to burn completely. The economics of using such fuel is questionable, because there are a number of factors that confirm the inefficient operation and forced engine wear.

The use of heat-resistant engine oils for 4-stroke engines, high wear of compression rings or the entire piston group contributes to the greasing of the spark plug.

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Diagnostics and Troubleshooting in the Fuel System

STIHL chain saw fails to start even when the spark is still present. If this is the case, you need to look for a fault in the fuel system. For this purpose it is necessary to examine a spark plug on a wet covering. The presence of an ignition spark is an indication that the fuel system is giving off too much fuel. When the fuel mixture starts to flood the spark plug, it is unable to ignite.

Chapter 7: Fueling Your STIHL Chainsaw

What to do if the plug is wet

Plugging can be caused by the carburetor or improperly starting a cold engine. You need to “purge” the engine before getting into the carburetor. This operation will require a certain sequence of actions:

Gasoline spark plug failures

  • unscrew the spark plug;
  • Reverse the STIHL chain saw and drain the fuel;
  • in the same condition, pull the starter handle several times, removing any fuel residue;
  • Re-insert the spark plug;
  • turn the throttle trigger to the hot start position;
  • pull the starter handle several times.

You should do all this with the ignition off and away from open flames as much as possible.

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If the problem is that you have started the engine incorrectly when it is cold, blowing the engine off helps make your STIHL chain saw work again. If the STIHL STIHL 180 chain saw will not start even after a “blow off”, you need to look for a solution to the carburetor.

Step-by-step instructions

When the brake is activated, the assembly process is much slower, so it is also safe and convenient, you can activate the mechanism without using brake equipment.

1 scheme of the standard mechanism

  • Before starting the benzoyl, the choke, which serves as a control lever, must be lowered from its optimal position. First you need to press the button responsible for the gas supply. Only if this condition is met can the bolt move normally to the extreme stop at the bottom. You need to move the valve and hold the throttle button at the same time. The gas is set to the standard position and the choke closes the carburetor, preparing the unit for proper operation.

Our other article will also help you make a choice in favor of a particular chainsaw brand.

Chainsaws made in Russia. Low price and high quality.

2 schematic of the standard mechanism. How to start the saw

  • Ignition on. To do this, slide the switch or move the switch to the desired location.
  • The replacement primer usually needs to be pressed more than twice. It is filled with gas, after which you will need to push the device more than three times. Sometimes the chainsaw is not equipped with a primer, then you can skip this step.

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Running in the STIHL chain saw

A new STIHL chain saw needs a proper running-in period. During its implementation details of the engine and other moving parts of the garden tool will be filled with lubricant and have time to rub against each other.

Run-in the STIHL chain saw in this order:

  • You first prepare the fuel mix and fill it into the correct tank before starting. The separate oil tank for chain lubrication should be filled with fresh oil;
  • Then with the parking brake off you must run the STIHL chain saw off and let it run idle for approx. 15. 20 minutes. You must accelerate every 30-40 seconds. A piece of paper should be placed under the guide bar when the throttle trigger is pulled. If the chain chain starts to run and drip oil appears on the chain, it means that the bar and chain lubrication system is working properly;
  • Then you can cut finer wood. Twigs and branches, not more than 1 cm thick, will be suitable for this;
  • After half an hour, the thickness of the wood should be increased, and move on to sawing larger branches;
  • As soon as the fuel in the saw’s tank is depleted, you need to add a fresh mix and start sawing large logs.
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The German manufacturer recommends that chain saws should not only be run-in after the first purchase, but also after any lengthy idle time, for example, after the winter. This procedure will help reduce the load on the main components of the garden tool and prevent them from breaking down prematurely.

How much diluted gasoline and oil can be stored

The first thing to remember is that gasoline mixed with oil to run a chainsaw or grass trimmer does not last long. If you have already prepared a sufficient amount of fuel mixture, you should try to use it as quickly as possible. Diluted gasoline and oil can be stored for up to one month.

The oil itself for chainsaws and trimmers is stored for quite a long time. After opening the canister oil for two-stroke engines can be used for several years and nothing bad will happen to gasoline equipment.

But mixed gasoline and oil is a short-lived mixture, with a shelf life of only a few weeks. It is worth noting that the shelf life of the fuel mixture for a chainsaw depends largely on the quality of the two-stroke oil and AI 92 gasoline used.

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Risks of using low-quality fuel

Various low-octane gasoline and fuel surrogates contain alcohol components, which require more time for complete combustion. The economics of using such fuel is questionable, as there are a number of factors that confirm the inefficient operation and forced engine wear.

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Contributing to the greasing of the plug is the use of heat-resistant engine oil for 4-stroke engines, high wear of compression rings or the entire piston group.

Adjusting the STIHL 180 carburetor

STIHL 180 carburettor, without removing it, can only be adjusted for the amount of rpm at idle speed. It is not possible to increase or decrease the fuel supply in various modes by means of special screws. The manufacturer restricts access to adjustments and does not install these screws. How to adjust the carburettor to the correct idle speed is described in detail in the manufacturer’s instruction manual.

In the event of certain malfunctions, and if you have experience, you can increase or decrease the fuel flow by increasing the clearance at the opening of the needle valve.

Increase the feed rate by bending up the needle valve barrel in the crankcase and reduce it by bending down. This adjusts the needle stroke and therefore the valve’s throughput.

Do not adjust the carburettor yourself because. к. It must be done very precisely, and if a mistake is made, it is nearly impossible to return the bevel to its original position.

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STIHL 180 Spark Plug Fills Cause

The key reason for a primed plug on a chainsaw is an excessive amount of fuel and this can be caused by various reasons, in particular:

  • Poor gasoline quality.
  • Incorrect algorithm for starting a chainsaw, which is often “sinned” by inexperienced owners.
  • A clogged air filter that is no longer able to perform its function.
  • Failure of the ignition system.
  • Carburetor malfunctions.