What to do with an old electric screwdriver. grass trimmer

What can be made of an electric screwdriver

In addition to the standard use of an electric screwdriver in repair and construction work, many craftsmen make it into home appliances, equipment for various purposes. Often remodeling and tool usage tips make life a lot easier for users. The pluses also include a significantly lower cost and a long service life of created devices in comparison with their factory analogs. Below it will be told what can be made of an electric screwdriver at home.

You can use the machine to start a small PVC boat. In this case, the swimmer will not be able to develop a high speed, but such a solution will be suitable for leisurely walks on the water or fishing during a calm period. The device, derived from an electric screwdriver, many call an “electric oar”.

To install the motor from a cordless tool on the boat, you need to take or cut out a metal impeller, in which a hole is drilled to the diameter of a one-meter metal stud. The latter is clamped with nuts and inserted into an electric screwdriver, ensuring the movement of the screw.

The resulting boat motor is fixed on the watercraft with improvised materials (clamps, homemade stands). The easiest option is to hold the machine by hand.

With a propeller diameter of 100 mm, the boat in 3 minutes. swims about 100 meters.

Machine for rolling pipe

This home-made device will be useful in those cases where you need to quickly bend from a profile tube arc or ring.

You can make a rolling mill from improvised materials.

Electric screwdriver in this design, as you have probably already guessed, acts as a drive.

Assembling a camping electric generator or wind generator

If you have a battery-powered model of the tool, you can easily make a homemade generator out of it. And it will be able to produce electricity when you rotate the hand attached handle. If you go camping, you can take such a device with you. It will come in handy.

To make a dynamo there is no need to radically modify the product. After all, everything you need to make a camping generator, the design of the device already has. You will need only minor modifications.

With equipment created with your own hands, you can charge 6 or 12 V batteries. For alterations will suit an electric tool, which has a working voltage of 18 V and above.

The modification is done as follows. First disassemble the electric screwdriver. Then the electronic board is unsoldered. Instead of batteries it is necessary to put a diode bridge, suitable in size and technical characteristics, inside the battery case. Also make a handle with a handle that is comfortable for you. The end without the handle must be secured in the chuck.

IMPORTANT! The diode bridge is needed for making the hand crank of the generator rotate in any direction. To get a simple wind turbine, instead of the handle, you can insert the nozzle with blades.

The electric generator, which runs on wind power, can be done differently. Then it looks like a weather vane. What is to be done with the battery device? First of all you need to disassemble the screwdriver. Then we take out the electric motor, disconnect its contacts.

Remove the chuck with gearbox, that is, the rotor part. Insert the shaft of the electric motor into the chuck. Bolt a round plate of metal, about 1 mm thick, to the gear wheel. It will become the basis for fixing the blades, which can be made from, say, plastic pipes. Then put a clamp with a clamp on the shaft, which is located between the cartridge and the gear.

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Cut out the rectangle-shaped base from plywood. You can also use thin metal for this. Use a clip and a clamp to attach the motor and the cartridge to it. To do this you will need to drill in advance in the right places for mounting.

In order to protect the wind turbine, for example, from dust and precipitation, make a cover out of an ordinary coffee can. Insert the base with the motor and the cartridge inside. Take glue and fasten elements. Sealant is needed to secure the cover.

Make paddles attach to the round plate of the unit. Make a weather vane, at one end of which we mount the assembled generator. Connect the wires to the motor outputs. And now it remains only to check the output voltage. This is done using a multimeter, while rotating the blades.

IMPORTANT! There are many variations of wind turbines. Attach even the entire electric screwdriver, equipped with a nozzle with blades, to the support.

Garden shredder

An uncomplicated device that works on the principle of a blender. We need an iron or plastic container, a metal shaft and two blades.

  • Determine the center of the bottom of the container and make a small depression in it, where the shaft will be fixed.
  • Now you need to weld the blades to the base of the shredder. You can use cold welding, but the usual way with a welder is more efficient. Leave a distance from the end of the shaft to the blade plane.
  • Put the resulting construction into the screwdriver chuck and fix it in the hole at the bottom of the container.

Now you can put the necessary materials, such as herbs, inside and press the button. The machine will quickly and efficiently turn everything into fine trimmings.

We need

Now it’s necessary to make a cover for the battery compartment. We take the sealing conduit and the scrap of the angle grinder disk, everything fits in diameter. We cut under the hole in the electric screwdriver with the pliers.

The process of making a circular saw

It is necessary to remove the motor with the ratchet and the chuck from the electric screwdriver case. You have to measure the diameter of the electric motor and find the size of the bit.

About 15×20 mm is sawn out of the board and a hole is drilled in the center with a drill bit.

The motor housing is inserted into this board, together with the ratchet and the chuck.

The motor needs to be fixed to the base plate of the machine, made of plywood or particle board. You’ll need an extra prop for this. This, too, is made from one-inch board. The backing board is a board with a half-circle cut out, in which the motor will be placed.

A board with a motor is screwed on a plywood base. Under the engine is substituted prop, and also secured with screws.

Opposite, on the sole is screwed a similar-sized plank, which is used to mount the engine. Then the adapter with the saw blade is clamped into the chuck.

How to make a lawn mover/grass cutter from a drill machine.

It is necessary to check that the saw blade is at right angles to the sole of the machine. After that, the motor is clamped to the support with a metal strip clamp. If the disk is skewed, you can put a spacer on the support to raise it, or fillet it when you want to lower it.

Connector for power supply is connected to the motor terminals. It can be glued with hot melt glue to keep it from wobbling.

Connect the power supply to the plug to start the motor.

Then a thin plywood tabletop is placed on the machine. The disk will make a cut in it under itself. After that the table top is screwed down with self-tapping screws.

Main steps of the work

In the chuck of an electric screwdriver screw a threaded sleeve, and connect it with a washer, as shown in the photo below.

After that we put the washer inside the round tube and weld it. We grind the seams after welding with an angle grinder.

A piece of round tube serves as a handle. To hold it comfortably, we wrap some masking tape around it.

As a result, we got a self-made holder for a tool. file, a bit for an electric screwdriver, etc.

So if you have a broken electric screwdriver lying around without work, you can make such a contraption from it.

This article was prepared on the basis of author’s video from YouTube Channel IGOR ANDREYCHUK.

Assembling a bicycle powered by an old screwdriver

When all the parts are ready, you can proceed directly to the assembly. But first you should prepare the bike itself.

Some parts are removed from it, namely:

Now the bicycle is ready and we can proceed. Fixing of the bracket is carried out on “ears” on which the rack was fixed. In doing so, the foot must rest against the frame.

Mounting the motor to the bracket

Here everything is simple. Through the slot, use a suitable bolt to attach the electric motor to the platform. There is no need to tighten the connection at this stage.

Fitting the chain to the length

The chain removed from the bike will have to be adjusted in length by removing excess links. It should end up with a little slack for possible modifications.

Adjusting the chain tension

The bracket is movable, so you need to lift it up, move the thrust leg and fix all connections in position.

Mounting electrical equipment

The switch on the motor must be installed on the handlebar, which means that you have to lengthen the cables. You can use an ordinary soldering iron for this. The wires themselves should be routed in a protective sleeve.

The power wire, which will go to the battery, is also led out at the same time.

Installing and connecting the battery

Now it’s time to mount the trunk. It is necessary to place the battery. To place it over the front wheel is not difficult, just screw in 4 fixing screws. Almost all bikes have this resetting.

On the installed trunk placed a car battery, to which the wires from the button are connected. Securely fasten the battery with brackets, so it won’t slip while driving.

How to make an awl from an old bat

Similarly, you can also make a small awl, which will come in handy for making holes in plastic and other materials.

  • First you need to sharpen the screwdriver bit on a sharpening machine;
  • Then you will need to take a piece of bar and make it into a handle for the awl;
  • Using a piece of metal, you need to make a square hole in it for installing the washed bit.

You can also simply drill a hole in the handlebar and glue a homemade awl into it. Use this homemade device can be used both for its intended purpose and as a scriber.