What To Lubricate In The Trimmer

A well-groomed person, regardless of gender and age, attracts the views of others. A woman with an original manicure, silky skin, lack of unaesthetic vegetation on the body causes increased interest from the male half of humanity. A man with well-groomed hair, adequate facial hair makes a good impression on women. To look great, you need to make a lot of effort and desire. A fashionable haircut, eyebrow fishing line, male beard or mustache require adjustment within a couple of weeks after leaving. In order not to visit the hairdresser or beauty salon for modeling facial hair, correcting the mowing line of the haircut, get a useful tool. A trimmer. With it, without leaving your home, you will provide yourself with free expensive salon services. Let’s try to figure out what a hair trimmer is.

A trimmer is a device for removing hair on any part of the body.

Instrument Specifications

The device works on batteries, mains or battery. To manage it is simple, it is not necessary to visit special institutions so that the master evens his mustache or eyebrows. Purchase a device and use it successfully at home. A large set of nozzles complete with the machine allows you to shorten the vegetation to a length suitable for you.

Variety, functionality, differences

According to the type of operation of the electric motor, there are two types of machines. Trimmers are:

  • Rotary. Such devices are considered more durable and powerful, able to work without interruptions and breakdowns for a long period of time. Often the rotary type of trimmer is used by professional craftsmen;
  • Vibrating. The operation of the vibration motor is not much different from the rotary engine, but it is weaker in power and requires a break in operation every 30 minutes.
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Devices differ among themselves by the manufacturer, design and numerous functions. Some models work in several modes. Intense and delicate. A sufficiently functional model with a vacuum function that absorbs trimmed vegetation.

According to the type of operation of the electric motor, there are two types of machines

If we consider the type of power trimmer, then allocate:

  • Rechargeable;
  • Network;
  • Combined.

For those who like to travel or often travel on long business trips and do not want to be left without appropriate care, there are battery-powered devices. It is portable, easy to use and always at hand even in the absence of electricity. But such a device will not work for a long period of time, the charge will last for 60 minutes. The speed of its operation also depends on the power of the battery charge, the weaker the charge, the slower the operation of the device. It takes 6-10 hours to charge the battery. Therefore, before use, it is advisable to check the charge strength and recharge as needed.

Trimmers with a network type of power. A budget option. They are powerful and durable. The only minus in it is that there is a constant dependence on the network.

For those who would like to combine the advantages of each device individually, it is preferable to choose a combined model with a battery-power supply option. It will be convenient at any moment of life.

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Selection rules, tips for use

We figured out what a hair trimmer is. Consider which device is suitable for home use. To purchase an inexpensive, but high-quality device, consider the following points:

Trimmers with a network type of power. A budget option

  • The number of nozzles. The optimal number of nozzles is 3-4 pieces. Well, if in addition to the kit includes nozzles for correcting the shape of the male mustache, beard and whiskers.
  • Blade material. The quality of the steel of which the blades are made affects the price of the product. The better the blade, the more expensive the cost. There are models with an additional coating of cutting elements. This can be ceramic, diamond spraying and titanium, which increase the service life of parts. The functionality of the device is added by self-sharpening blades, or not requiring lubrication.
  • The length of a possible hair cut. Different models of trimmers allow you to adjust the length of the shortened hair. This is achieved by changing nozzles, or by changing the position of the adjustable nozzle. For different models, the maximum length varies from 20-40 mm, and the minimum. From 0.5 to 4 mm.
  • The presence of a charging indicator. The indicator light after a full charge will inform you of a color change.
  • Voltage adapter. It is necessary for trips and travels in order to recharge the device safely under the correct voltage and current.
  • Weight of the machine. Too heavy appliances will tire your hand, and your lungs will vibrate.
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There are special kits for men. They are equipped with the necessary nozzles for shortening, thinning out the beard and mustache. With it, you can adjust the length of the hair cut, change the design of the beard, using different nozzles. Men trimmer will facilitate personal care. After all, cutting hair in the nose and ears requires special accuracy. Careless use of scissors in this area can cause personal injury. It is important to master the skills of using the device, because such a hair trimmer, removing vegetation in the nose and ears will help to carry out the procedure painlessly, with accuracy and quickly. Made sets in the men’s style.

Men trimmer will facilitate personal care. After all, cutting hair in the nose and ears requires special accuracy

Manufacturers produce separate models for the care and cutting of hair in the nose and ears. To successfully remove vegetation in this area, it is recommended to dry the nose from the inside, clean it from mucous secretions. Before removing hairs, disinfect the nozzle of the device so as not to infect the nose.

Using the device for its intended purpose, you can constantly maintain good looks.