What to lubricate the gearbox of angle grinder angle grinder. Domestic lubricants for bearings and gearboxes of angle grinders

What to lubricate the gearbox of an angle grinder angle grinder

At factories, I am often asked about the temperature at which bearings should work. It is an undeniable fact that bearings that operate at high speeds have a higher temperature. Let me give you an example: During my last visit to the factory, I was examining a suspended fan equipped with a direct belt drive from a large electric motor. Engine speed is 1750 revolutions per minute (rpm). Since the sheave size was neither decreased nor increased, it’s safe to say the speed of the bearings was virtually the same. These bearings were treated with grease of too thick a consistency, which resulted in overheating and, consequently, a shortened service life. It is possible to extend the service life of a bearing by selecting a lubricant whose properties are best suited to the task at hand.

This is an example of a machine that is used in most factories (fans), but high-speed components are used in other machines. For example, some direct motor-driven pumps with grease-lubricated bearings can operate at speeds greater than 2,000 rpm. The same is true for some mixers, agitators and blowers. These components will fail if their bearings are lubricated with general purpose grease without regard to their characteristics. In order to determine which grease is right for your bearing you need to know the bearing’s speed factor.

Type of Grease Base oil viscosity (40°C), cSt Speed Factor (NDM)
Low speed, high pressure, industrial grease 1000-1500 50000
Medium speed, high pressure, industrial bearing grease 400-500 200000
EP, NLGI #2, universal grease 100-220 600000
High speed, high temperature, long lasting lubricant 600000
High speed, long-life grease 15-32 1000000

Main characteristics of angle grinder grease

The main node in angle grinders, which is exposed to the highest loads during operation, is the gearbox consisting of helical gears.

The rotational torque created by the rotor of the angle grinder is transmitted from the rotor to the working tool through a small helical gear to a large helical gear. Correct gearbox lubrication reduces friction forces and heat temperatures considerably.

The grinder uses bearings that also require periodic lubrication. This is particularly true of the spindle thrust bearing for large helical gears.

A grease that not only fulfils the above requirements, but is also environmentally compatible is highly suitable.

Lubricants for angle grinders must have certain characteristics and must be of the required consistency in properties.

Gearbox lubricant for angle grinders must have the following properties

Lubricant for angle grinder must not have mechanical impurities, be resistant to corrosion, firmly adhere to the lubricated parts, do not melt at high temperatures, prevent the formation of scuffs in places of contact parts and of course have water repellent properties.

In an angle grinder of any company there are two types of friction bearings: bearings for the electric motor and support bearings for the gearbox.

Selection of grease for electric motor bearings is different from selection of grease for a gearbox bearing. It’s all about different working conditions.

What kind of grease to choose

There are several ways to reduce frictional effects on the interacting elements of the angle grinder gearbox. The choice of what to lubricate friction units is made from the following options:

  • the use of expensive special greases for gearboxes from well-known brands;
  • use of universal compounds suitable for any power tool
  • Greasing the gearbox with lithol or solidol;
  • The use of self-made lubricant.

Application of special materials. the best solution. When choosing grease for the reducer, it is recommended to give preference to compositions produced under the same brand as the angle grinder itself. For example, if the machine brand AEG, then the lubricant should buy the same brand.

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When using specialized products service life angular grinder increases significantly, as the manufacturer takes into account all the features and peculiarities of their own technique. The disadvantage of using brand materials is their high cost, which can affect the family budget.

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Specialists and service technicians recommend to buy any budget non-branded compound designed specifically for gearboxes. You can also use the grease used for CV joints in cars with front-wheel drive, which are operated under considerable loads.

It can be easily purchased at any auto shop. This option is much worse than using branded materials. It is connected with the fact that the specifics of friction units of two different mechanisms are not taken into account.

The most unfavorable solution. the use of lithol or solidol, as both of these materials are not designed for the lubrication of friction units heated to high temperatures.

Some grinder owners use only these compounds, so their grinders can’t last through the manufacturer’s stated service life. In an effort to get a profit here and now, they do not consider the future costs of buying a new tool or replacing expensive parts.

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Is it possible to make grease for the gearbox by yourself?

It is not uncommon when you need to urgently lubricate parts of the angle grinder, but suitable material is not at hand. In this case, it is necessary to urgently obtain a suitable oil, which can be made by the owner of the tool with his own hands. When making such materials, it is necessary to take into account all the requirements described above.

To ensure high adhesion of the oil for the angle grinder, it is necessary to take automotive grease for C.V. joints as a basis for its manufacture. In addition to good adhesion, it is also characterized by the ability to work in conditions of heavy dirt and high loads, can withstand high humidity and strong temperature changes.

Grease can be made based on automotive grease for CV joints

It is necessary to add liquid oil MS-20 to this base, so as the resulting mixture would have a suitable consistency. MS-20 should be gradually added to the base, preferably in droplets, and mixed thoroughly with a mixer. Homemade mix made of Ciatim-221 with addition of TAD-17 shows excellent results. From these you get a very good and functional self-made lubricant for the gearbox.

Homemade mixes

If the required lubricant is not available for sale or if the user considers the price of the product to be unreasonably high, one can try to make a lubricating mixture by oneself. There are several formulations using different bases. One of them is the widespread Tsiatim-221.

Add TAD-17 gear oil to a container with Tsiatim. Add oil, stirring continuously, one drop at a time until desired consistency is reached. The mixture should adhere well to the parts, not be too thick and not leak like liquid oil.

Another basis can be grease for CV joints in combination with liquid oil MS-20.

Domestic lubricants

Considering what to grease the gear reducer of a domestic-made angle grinder, you should pay attention to locally made compounds. Today Russian companies offer a wide range of such means. They are reasonably priced.

Modern domestic materials for gear lubrication of angle grinder are of high quality. They meet high foreign standards. They are used not only in grinders, but also in other varieties of power tools.

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The most popular products are those of the company “Nanotech Metal Plak Elektra”. However, there are other varieties of maintenance compositions for any node of the angle grinder, including the gearbox.

lubricate, gearbox, angle, grinder

Recommendations of specialists

Experienced experts give recommendations, than it is better to lubricate the gearbox of the angle grinder. They argue that if it is impossible to serve the tool with branded grease, you can choose another composition. The second most popular in our country is grease for CV joints. It is most often used for the tool of domestic production. Some craftsmen choose a grease for the C.V. joints and foreign angle grinder. However, the quality of the original compositions will be much higher.

Worse, if the master has given preference to such compositions as lithol or solidol. These are universal means. They are not able to properly maintain the system gearbox angle grinder. When using them, the tool can not be fully functional. At the beginning of operation the difference will not be noticeable. But over time, serious problems can occur with the machine.

That’s why experienced craftsmen don’t recommend economizing on gearbox grease. The cost of purchasing original or other premium quality products is paid off over a long service life of the equipment.

With the right lubricant, you can service your gears yourself without having to pay a service technician. An exception is when the tool is under warranty.

Boom and screed drive

The rod has two very important functions: the first one is that it forms a rigid framework for the entire structure; the second one is that a shaft passes inside the hollow metal rod and connects the working body with the engine. You can tell by the shape of the boom if it is curved, which is convenient for operation, but it is driven by a flexible shaft, which cannot transmit much torque. If the rod is straight, a rigid metal rod runs inside, much more reliable and the torque it can transmit more. That is why professional tools always have straight rods.

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homemade mixes

Situations where there was an urgent need to lubricate the elements of an angle grinder are not uncommon. And at the same time, as bad luck would have it, there is no way to get a suitable lubricant for this purpose. Then the owner can try to make a remedy with his own hands from available materials.

To ensure the required level of adhesion, a grease for automotive CV joints is taken as the basis. In addition to its excellent penetrating properties, it is allowed for use in conditions:

  • significant loads;
  • high humidity;
  • temperature fluctuations in a wide range;
  • considerable heating;
  • Exposure to solid contaminating particles.

To liquefy the material and get the right consistency for the reducer, it is recommended to add oil MS-20. The liquid is added to the base gradually, preferably in drops, with a constant stirring of the resulting composition with a mixer.

No less effective is the use of homemade material based on “Citiam-221” with the addition of TAD-17.

What kind of gear lubricant do you use? Have you ever made your own lubricant? Share your experience with us, please.